This list is to provide essential, boiled down basics of major events occurred during every thread. This list is to allow a quick scanning of what has happened to get new readers up to speed. If you want more specifics on any single character, it is advised you use the individual pages dedicated to them, or if you want expansion on a story in particular it is advised you use either the pastebin, or ask in the current thread for an archiver. These are the barebones basics of what happened every thread.

Thread 1 Edit

  • Everything is wrong with Equestria, and it's all Celestia's fault.
  • Applejack becomes a princess after Celestia reveals that Equestria is in disarray, and needs a down to earth outlook to make things better
  • It turns out Luna is also avoiding doing any political or economical work.
  • All of Canterlot's guard are horribly incompetent, due to Shining Armor being very lax in their training and discipline
  • Blueblood's insane level of spending is discovered, and severely reduced after Applejack demands such.
  • The Crystal Empire is in a likewise state of disarray, with Cadence overspending by the boatload for haircare, hoofcare, spas and other such treatment to look good. Also, she cannot count.
  • Shining Armor is currently neglecting his own duties due to the fact he is currently feeling neglected, he is not very respected in his kingdom, nobody else even considers him a prince, he feels belittled by his wife and sister being an alicorn while he is not, Celestia is being hostile towards him, and his wife is ignoring him to the level she did not notice when he had been gone for over a week, and neither of them had been 'intimate' in months.
  • In desperation, he decides what he really needs to get respect is some wings, and begins a long journey to become an alicorn... it just keeps failing.
  • He also spends most of the thread being put down, beat up, and other such things.
  • The one exception is Twilight, who has an almost obsessive, overly-critical need to watch out for him and make him happy.
  • Sombra returns and demands to see the ruler of the crystal Empire! Shining Armor confronts him... and is immediately told by Sombra that he wants to see the REAL royals. When Shining Armor points out that he's the prince, Sombra points out he counts one throne up there, and Shiny doesn't seem like the 'pink and glitter' type. Despondant, Shining points him towards Cadence, and decides he might go... 'shave' in the tub a bit.
  • Following this, Sombra is very easily destroyed once more.
  • Fluttershy, feeling left out and helpless, is made an Alicorn by Discord, and is given the ability to "Counter" and end his magic. She mostly just uses it to make hims stop causing chaos.
  • Initially, they tell Discord to knock it off, so he briefly shoots around his powers and makes random ponies, and one time Spike, alicorns before stopping abruptly and solemnly swearing to make nobody else and Alicorn ever again.
  • Coincidentally, Shining Armor shows up right at that moment... and reconsiders shaving in the tub.
  • Rarity is randomly made an Alicorn simply to spite Applejack
  • Shining Armor starts distracting his wife with a life-sized doll that looks like him, only it has red hair. So wrapped up in her own stuff, she doesn't even notice.
  • Twilight asks Celestia about Spike's legal parentage for tax reasons and she vanishes in a bust of smoke, declaring she'snever going to give a straight answer on that one.
  • Chrysalis returns, and attempts to capture the 'weakest' of the group, Fluttershy.
  • Discord, who was with her at the time, easily defeats the Queen and her entire hive is locked in the ballroom for containment, since they lacked extra space in the dungeons.
  • Applejack decides, instead of exiling them or attempting to keep them locked up, to try and merge them with pony society.
  • She learns that A, there is no 'changeling government', none of them have names, Chrysalis has a terrible vocabulary, and this is the last remaining Changeling hive.
  • She also feels regret.

Thread 2 Edit

  • All of the changelings take the name Applejack with various numbers
  • They mostly cause havoc and destruction with little guidance and.
  • Chrysalis reveals she can't read pony, and when pointing out she's speaking it corrects Applejack and points out Applejack is, in fact, speaking Changeling. Also, it turns out her name means a lot in changeling languages.
  • Applejack briefly asks if the can just toss them into the sun. Celestia says no.
  • They're mostly left to their own devices, which drives Applejack mad.
  • Shining Armor points out that, hey, his wife's kidnapper and his own assaulter is currently running around unsupervised in the castle. He is coldly brushed off by Celestia.
  • Applejack tries to make Shining Armor let the changelings live in the barren wasteland out in the snow around his Empire. He... disagrees.
  • First appearance of Applejack 42, after he and nine other changelings face 100 guards and defeat 99 of them.
  • Deciding to cash in on this, they have her battle other monsters and such for sport. She does so... and eventually slips away. Whoops.
  • Declaring this her fault, they demand Chrysalis send someone off to find her. Which she does, and allows Applejackto recapture her. Turns out he was sick of being used for bloodsport and was more interested in defending his Hive. Applejack apologizes and all is well.
  • Shining Armor, desperate to become an Alicorn, engages a 'bet' with Celestia that if he can defeat 42 in hoof to hoof combat, she'll ascend him. Not serious and just wanting to watch him get hurt, she agrees.
  • 42 then proceeds to beat the stuffing out of him, with his months of inactivity and lack of training coming back to bite him, hard.
  • Looking for her one day, Applejack stumbles across said punchbug, and discovers a strange secret. 'He' is actually a 'she', and she had been hiding herself by disguising herself and using male pheromones. When she reveals there can only be one female in the hive, Applejack assures her they wouldn't let Chrysalis attack her.
  • ...Turns out they didn't need to, Chrysalis doesn't care.
  • First appearance of Applejack 2, who would later become a major character, occurs during a flashback to how 42 was found, where it turns out the one who found him was a drone picked by Chrysalis at random who couldn't decide on their number. 42 was located in Shining Armor's room, which 2 stumbled into by accident, where the prince had been whining to the soldier for a while while she gnawed on his helmet. She was ignoring him.... he knew.
  • After that, 2 accidentally says something to anger Chrysalis, and rushes back to hide with Shining Armor, who reveals he knew she was a she the whole time as well. When asked why she came back, she declared she liked him, and Shinning Armor, desperate for some attention, lets her stay. After this, she begins hanging around Shining Armor and following him.
  • Time passes, and she ends up spending more and more time with him, and at first it seems like the very adult looking changeling has an attraction to him. However, as time goes on, it becomes obvious her requests have a certain bent to them. A bent like playing boardgames, building blocks, drawing on papers and just walking around getting sweets.
  • The Gryphon Queen Gwendolyn(not named until thread 11) stages a covert invasion of the Crystal Empire to test the new kingdom. They are defeated off-screen by Two with a bunch of caramel, even she doesn't know how that worked. As a result, the Queen is now terrified of her.

Thread 3 Edit

  • First appearance of 18, an infiltration specialist sent out to 'seduce' Shining Armor. It doesn't work. Over, and over, it does not work.
  • Someone notices Applejack 2 is starting to... shrink?
  • First appearnce of Applejack 56, the plot-loving booty hungry changeling who attends Ponyville Elementary. On his first day of class, Diamond Tiara immediately demands the guards come in and arrest him. They do not. Worse, Silver Spoon doesn't seem to want him to go.
  • Taking the matter into her own hooves, she decides to get rid of him, permanently!... No, really, permanently. She starts chucking chemicals she's mixing in chemistry class at him, and gets more and more destructive when she notices he's practically invincible.
  • The Tournament Mini-Arc begins!

Thread 4 Edit

  • 18 begins helping with the paperwork due to Shiny showing her kindness, starting her journey into helping the Empire.
  • First appearance of Applejack 12, the ever-job seeking but constantly failing changeling.
  • First appearance of Applejack 29, a changeling who is out to seduce any royal he can find. Think a wimpy, Shakespearian Johnny Bravo who only goes after royals. He goes over to the Empire to assist with 'seducing' Shining Armor and Cadence, with painful results.
  • The Tournament Mini-arc comes to a close, with Spike and 42 forfeiting the match together rather than fight.

Thread 5 Edit

  • First appearance of Changeling 77(NOT Applejack 77), the only survivor of a failed infiltration mission that was sent underneath Canterlot, and discovered horrifying things down there.
  • After learning of his hives defeat and current status, he begins recounting his tale to 12 wherein he describes the horrors beneath Canterlot.

Thread 6 Edit

  • First appearance of Applejack 10, the would be reporter. She arrives hoping to get an interview with Shining Armor, but is told her camera is actually a box of cereal on a stick. He gives her a real one, and she runs off. She never did get that interview.
  • Turns out, 56 is the one who gave her the cereal box.
  • She tries to interview 77... it doesn't go well.

Thread 7 Edit

  • Cadence joins the DnD games despite knowing absolutely nothing about them, with expected results.
  • During one of said games, 42 gets the seduction spell with Shining thrust upon her, and spazzes out like never before.
  • 18 tries strip-dancing for fun, and makes 42 hold the bar. Then Cadence walks in and joins them, then Zecora walks in and joins them, then Celestia and Chrysalis notice, and after some heated words decide to have a dance off which eventually snowballs until they have a full blow, massive competition. But, sadly, cannot declare a winner, as Cadence and Zecora would vote for Celestia and 18 and 42 have to vote for Chrysalis!
  • Luckily, Shining was there the whole time... Celestia won due to technical details which everyone agrees on.
  • They all leave... he needs a minute.
  • 2 is officially adopted!
  • And shares a heartwarming scene with Applejack when she learns about the death of Applejack's parents.
  • A family heirloom is passed down to Shining Armor from his father, which has been sent down from generation after generation in their line, and every new recipient was encouraged to upgrade it and make it their own. In times long past, it was a big stick.... now it's a shotgun.
  • Sombra and Shining play Hyperspace Hyperwars, wherein Shining is easily and frequently defeated.
  • However, the specter is no match for the ultimate player... Two.
  • Awkward changeling asks for a job, and gets one working for a crystal polisher, Miss Glitz.
  • Sombra has a nightmare about his past, and rejects it.
  • A princess meeting goes off without a hitch!... Because Cadence, Celestia, Chrysalis and Luna were not present. Depressed, they all get drunk.
  • And then go bug Shining. Multi combo puke follows.
  • Movie night again! This one turns out badly when they rent a monster movie, which involves the a creature living inside of a changeling chitin. Everyone save Shining freaks out.
  • The rainbolts arrive and are named! A group of five changelings who act like sentai heroes, and even take on the colors of red, blue, green, yellow and INDIGO, not violet, because violet sucks.
  • Applejack discovers that 29 rejected a job offer from the Mayor of Ponyville to be her secretary, because he would much rather be lazy. She responds about how you would expect her to, and explains to him if he does not get down there and does a good job, she is going to send Spike with his gun and a body bag, and chucks him clear to Ponyville.
  • He turns out to be pretty damn good at the job, despite his endless complaining.
  • 29 complains to 12, who is... unsympathetic, to say the least
  • It's also revealed that 29 is 56's 'cousin', though what that means is never explained.
  • Spike visits the mayor again, and takes back all his previous threats, and apologizes.
  • Finally upping his game, Blueblood makes an assassination attempt on Applejack, only to be thwarted when Spike pushes her out of the way and takes the hit instead. This causes a lot of turmoil as Spike is badly wounded.
  • It also causes a lot of antics while ponies visit him in the hospital.
  • He frequently tries to get out and get back to work. Twilight, freaking out juuuuuust a bit, ends up making a walking tank for him called a Juggernaut. He decides that rest is probably a good idea.
  • Blueblood attempts to kidnap Applebloom, but is thwarted by Diamond Tiara and her rocket launcher... and for some reason she thought this was 56's doing. His innocence does not dissuade her from returning to trying to kill him.
  • Spike comes down and thanks her, and offers her a chance to join himself and some others for a special club for weapons enthusiasts.
  • Applejack flips off at her guards, but it's useless.
  • In a surprise attack, a mechanical Spike breaks through the shield and makes it into the Empire. Shining Armor and Sombra are near the landing sight, and the prince engages it in battle before destroying it. Sadly, he is badly wounded here.
  • Thankfully, he is okay, much better off than Spike, and is forced to recover in the hospital with his family surrounding him. Well, except for Chrysalis, who seemingly brushes off the incident, but everyone else can tell she is secretly raging.
  • In a surprising move, 18 goes to confront her and comfort her, but ends up being comforted by said Queen when she breaks down.
  • 2 tries to cheer him up by dressing as a nurse, and gives everyone heart attacks
  • Having that Juggernaut lying around, Twilight gives it to them for protection... it mostly ends up as a glorified SUV, and Cadence nearly kills everyone trying to drive that thing.
  • Spike can't take it anymore, and wants out of the bed! So, being a kind soul, Discord snaps his fingers and easily repairs all damage... and everyone's annoyed he didn't just do that in the first place.
  • 10 stumbles across a robot Blueblood double who had been trying to steal information, but fooled absolutely no one because if it's shoddy production, and was tossed in the trash. In it's malfunctioning to wipe it's own memory, it accidentally sets 10 as it's "owner" and follows her commands. Thus, the duo of 10 and BBB is born.
  • Rarity decides to stop living in decadence and try to be her old self again.

Thread 8 Edit

  • Flash, who was altered by Twilight with robot enhancements to try and bolster the guard, joins up with Blueblood
  • Blueblood robots arc officially begins!
  • Spike, 42, 77, Twilight and Diamond Tiara begin the assault on Blueblood's airship, but something is not what it seems with dear 42...
  • In the Crystal Empire, everyone is relaxing and Chrysalis is having fun, until she out of the blue goes stock still and declares the robots are coming, terrified.
  • Airships upon airships descends upon the Empire, and the invasion begins...

Thread 9 Edit

  • On the hunt for Blueblood, 77 and CS were captured by buffalo then promptly released.
  • Chrysalis and Shining are panicking while assembling the troops, and all of the Empire is losing their minds at the thought of invasion. Shining Armor tells her to stay back and if she finds any of 'them', lock them in the castle regardless of whether or not they fight her. With one last declaration he forgives her, he takes off.
  • Alone, Chrysalis just smiles, and vanishes...
  • Cadence was outside the shield went it went up, and now finds herself totally surrounded by robots. Rather than attack her, they play a pre-recorded message from Blueblood, who comically fails in trying to hide his identity. He explains he's merely doing this to return things to the way they were, and he has no intention of harming her, just that her Empire was 'flying a little too high' and 'shaming Auntie Celestia', so he must knock them down a few pegs. In addition, he must remove the unfortunate 'intruders', the changelings. He warns her this is not an extermination, but if they fight back there will be... collateral damage. She remains trapped in the sea of robots, unable to get to the shield.
  • Rainbow Dash and the other Wonderbolts prepare to mobilize to help the Empire, getting ready to take off.
  • Alone, Spitfire is confronted by a robot who offers her a chance back at her position as captain and a chance to regain what she lost. Though tempted, she turns him down and destroys it. Proud, she and Dash join the other Wonderbolts and take off for the Empire.
  • In a shocking twist, the one assembling the Crystal Guard is... 42!?
  • It turns out, she had wished to assist in taking out Blueblood to secure relations with the ponies and assist in overall protection, but first and foremost wished to defend her Queen. As a result, she mind-melded with another changeling 007, an Infiltrator with combat skills, and had him pretend to be her. With her memories, he could keep up the con, and assist them in taking the airship down.
  • While the Crystal Guard assemble and use their rockets to powerful effect, she just uses punches.
  • Shining Armor joins her, and the battle reaches a fever pitch as the two battle inside the robot horde.
  • Two is revealed to be with Sombra, locked away in some unknown location.
  • Outside in the robot horde, Cadence is doing her best to wade through the robots that still will not attack her to little avail, when some of them suddenly spring to life and seem to be shooting at her.
  • But instead, it turns out Chrysalis had disguised herself as a robot, but they could detect she was secretly organic. She destroys the robots, and is left alone with Chrysalis.
  • With nobody around, Cadence out in a dangerous area she would have been spotted heading to alone, and no trace of Chrysalis herself there, the Queen declares this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get what she wants, and Cadence, horrified, begs her not to attack, to no avail.
  • There is a flash of green... then silence.
  • The battle is going poorly for 42 and Shining, who while are able to destroy the robots in droves soon run out of stamina and are forced back behind the shield.
  • Chrysalis suddenly arrives, declaring she has found the answers to all these problems, but it will require both Shining and 42 for it to work.
  • Though suspicious, they realize they have no choice and follow her to the Vault, where she says she has set up a way to destroy the robots, but it will risk 42's life.
  • But the moment Shining steps inside, Two rushes up to hug him, and Sombra declares it's a trap! Chrysalis smashes 42's head into the ground, declaring that "Loyalty Vs Love... rarely goes well for the former." And chucks her inside, locking all four away. With nothing to stop her, she makes her way off, the wounded Forty Two calling her a damn fool... who will bring the whole Empire to the ground.
  • Terrified, Shining Armor begins drilling his way out. It is slow, and he does not think he will make it in time.
  • 18 attacks the two guards defending the doors to the Crystal Heart, demanding she be let in to use it's power to save her Empire. They reveal they cannot, only the royal family can access the DNA scanner to find entry. Chrysalis arrives, and 18 breaks down, declaring she had come to love this place, this magical city, and that she would rather die than see it destroyed. Annoyed, Chrysalis knocks her out.
  • The guard points out she still can't enter into the room, and she just smiles.
  • "Welcome, Princess Cadenza Mi Amore"
  • While he's reeling in shock, wondering how she got the Princess's DNA, she just tells him to put 18 on his back... and run.
  • She tells the guard to pick up 18... and run.
  • Down below the castle, all of the citizens are gathered around, terrified of being invaded again, only clinging to the hope of survival thanks to the fact the Crystal Heart shines brightly.
  • Despair overtakes them when and explosion goes off on the top of the castle, that light goes out, the shield is gone, and the Heart is tossed to the ground, a crack along it's side.
  • At the top, in the shattered wreckage of the castle spire, an eruption of emerald fire sweeps up into the sky, and a booming voice declares "I. AM. YOUR. GOD. NOW."
  • The wonderbolts, who have just arrived, can only watch in horror as Chrysalis becomes an inferno of power, beyond anything they had ever seen before. The love in the heart provided her the boost she needed, and she was now on a level all on her own.
  • Single-handedly, Chrysalis wipes out the attacking robots, using massive beams of power to destroy the entire army and tossing the airships into each other like toys, with no effort at all on her part as the shockwaves rattle the entire Empire.
  • She leaves one last airship remaining, sensing life within it and thinking it Blueblood. She phases from reality, not described as teleporting, and is suddenly inside that last airship, where she indeed discovers someone who looks like Blueblood. She prepares to kill him, and end this.
  • Suddenly, Shining Armor shows up on the scene, and begins interrogating her when he notices her mind is slipping and she is becoming deranged with power. When she mockingly says she did all this for him, he declares she only did it for her own power, which she cracklingly admits is true, she only did this so she could become a god. Still, he should be happy, because she's going to end this.
  • With one last desperate plea, he asks her to spare his life.
  • After a moment of thought... she agrees. Letting him live.
  • It turns out he's a body double, just paid to look like Blueblood. Nonetheless, Shining declares he will be tried for his part in the invasion.
  • But he is given no time to take him into custody. Chrysalis's burning form suddenly begins to waver, and her skin begins to grow cold and grey. The color leaves her, and she realizes she had burnt out on an overdose of too much love, and could not handle the power, and it's all slipping away.
  • As she lay dying in his arms, Shining Armor begs her to drain him. But she says she can't, the only way to gain it now would be if he gave her love, the love he feels for Cadence. Admitting that she knows he couldn't do that, she realizes the last few months had been the happiest time of her life, and she was happy she got to spend it with him as the life leaves her.
  • Shining Armor desperately tries to rouse her to no avail. Seeing no other option, he closes his eyes, braces himself, and then blames Celestia for this part.
  • Then he kisses her, right on the lips.
  • Shortly later, he's seen walking back through the Empire, Chrysalis on his back, very much alive, even if she was barely so, and laughing all the way.
  • 18, 42, Sombra and 2 rush up, 2 declaring she knew Chrysalis wans't a bad guy and was just saving them. 18 is mad Chrysalis punched her, but 42 holds her back.
  • Then another arrival comes along. It's Cadence! Still also very much alive, albeit with a cut on her neck. Turns out, Chrysalis merely cut her and used her DNA shifting ability from Larvesta to mimic Cadence's blood, she just needed a sample to pull it off, then took Cadence to a safe place.
  • When Cadence, shocked, asks why Chrysalis didn't just kill her, the Queen just laughs and says she didn't feel like it, nobody buys that.
  • But there's still one thing left. The heart is still barren, and after watching it be drained before their very eyes, the Crystal Empire cannot bring themselves to feel love again. For what good is it, if it can be taken away in just an instant? The adults look on in despair, not knowing how to fix this.
  • But someone has an idea! Little Two hops down, going over to the heart. When Shining Armor tells her it would take so many to feel love, everyone from the Empire, Two just smiles.
  • She points out that she has love from everyone in the Empire, inside of her, because of changeling. With that, she points out... she just has to give it back.
  • She pours the love the Empire had given her back into the heart, and right before their eyes it is returned to it's natural splendor! Love fills their hearts once more as they realize that despite how all may try to drain it from them, in fact...
  • Love remained... and it will never die.
  • They all join together, every one, and look on, knowing that the Empire is safe.
  • ...And then the robots begin their invasion of Ponyvile and Cantrelot.
  • Shoot.
  • Canterlot relies on the power of it's princesses and magic users to fight back, while Ponyville uses comedy slapstick.
  • The A-team continues their infiltration, fighting through level after level and fighting a variety of battles as the all split up.
  • Chrysalis is still recovering from her draining of the Crystal Heart, and is being watched over by Shining Armor and Cadence
  • Shining Armor and Cadence have a moment where they muse about his mortality.
  • Chrysalis's dreams are invaded by Luna, who poses as Applejack and confronts her and tortures her for information, wherein she admits that she drained the Heart not to save the Empire, but for it's power. She also reveals she knows this is a dream when Shining Armor does not come to save her, but does not tell anyone what transpired after she awoke
  • 77 and Cheese save the buffalo and defeat the mechanical beast, before heading off to help on the airship
  • The robots attack ponyville, and are comically defeated by various citizens including Big Mac, Mayor Mare, 29, Vinyl, Octavia and 10/BBB. The Cutie Mark Crusaders are totally useless.
  • Spike faces off with Flash, but is defeated after a brawl, but escapes his cell thanks to Rarity's help.
  • Flash engages Diamond Tiara in a brawl, with the filly coming out on top.
  • Spike, after wrecking his way to the top, faces off against Flim and Flam with their new contraption, which he easily destroys. Even though they immediately surrender, he shoots them. It turns out they survived it.
  • Finally at the top, he confronts Blueblood who attempts to shoot him with a multiple of weapons, only to be disabled when Spike shoots his horn off. After a chilling game of russian roulette, Spike admits he doesn't want to kill anyone anymore, just in time for everyone to show up thanks to Discord and help... mere seconds before Diamond Tiara declares she's set charges, and the place is going to blow.
  • And blow it does. With Blueblood and the still very much alive Flim and Flam taken into custody, it looks like all is well.
  • Only... Flash too survived, and delivers the plans for the robots to none other than Fawntaine.
  • In the wake of the destruction, Twilight talks with Chrysalis, and tells her that her burnout of the power has permanently crippled her ability to use that much love. If she tries it again, she'll die.
  • But later, to Celestia alone, she reveals that the opposite is true. Her survival has made her more capable of containing that power, and now it's entirely possible she won't suffer a burnout. Still unsure of her loyalty or caring, they both decide to keep quiet on the matter.
  • DT crawls home at three in the morning exhausted to a still awake Filthy Rich who had been waiting patiently for her. Still a bit in denial, since he thinks she was at a 'club' with her friends.
  • With that out of the way, shenanigans re-ensue... starting with Cadence and Chrysalis singing This Day Aria in perfect sync without meaning to, and declaring the other a witch before running off.
  • And more Rarity Vs Applejack for Spike wherein they completely ignore him halfway and go do their own thing.
  • And it's revealed Celestia's mother has been cockblocking her for her whole life, and won't let her have sex until she's married. Also, when she swears at her she tosses soap bars into her mouth from heaven.
  • Flim and Flam, totally alive, now have to suffer as Cheese throws them a birthday bash that lasts for days.

Thread 10 Edit

  • 32, one of 77's crew, survived the caves, is now chief of the morlocks and aquired a robot head that fell through from the invasion
  • Celestia joined in D&D, characters are OP and out of date
  • Rarity and AJ are having serious relationship competitions to 'win' Spike. Very serious. Super, super serious.
  • This is why they mostly get sidetracked and spin out into the two going on random adventures sans Spike.
  • 85% of the WB are discovered to be on drugs. RD is not pleased, and boots out any of them, leaving next to nobody left.
  • Twi continues to struggle with changeling history
  • Apparently Cadence can't swim either
  • Sombra takes up a new hobby. Creating dioramas of battles.
  • SA really wants to be an older brother to Spike, but it's still just weird
  • Chrysalis manages to pass a law (8174) without anyone noticing. Still screws it up. Doesn't apply in CE. For those wondering the specifics: "married stallion getting a blowjob from someone other than his wife does NOT count as cheating"
  • Four guards got blind dates with changelings. Don't go all that badly.
  • Chrysalis tells 2 a bedtime story - abridged, and heavily censored history of her mother. This is the first in the "Momsie' side stories.
  • Mane6 finally get together to reflect on past - realize it was pretty terrible
  • Chrysalis makes a poor decision of haggling GrannySmith. AJ is most unhappy.
  • 29 blackmails MM into filming 56's school play
  • 12 finally gets a job at a cafe, turns out to be temporary
  • Spike has semi-forced playdates with 2. They are adorable. Also disney songs and hoverbikes.
  • SA and Celestia have fun together.
  • AJ dreams of home, and family
  • Discord drops in on 29, makes some warnings about bothering Fluttershy, 29 gets the hint.
  • 32 beings plotting from the caverns.
  • Gun Club begins a battle royal
  • Cheese Sandwhich has been partying with FlimFlam for quite some time. Both rather traumatized.
  • Celestia announces that the gala is going to happen again! Everyone, remembering how it went last time, bails.
  • But then they still agree to go, and preparations begin to be made with Cadence taking 18 and 42 out shopping.
  • WB's are already planning to ditch going, Gilda has no idea what a Gala is.
  • Spike gets a date problem when, in order, he is strong armed into taking Diamond Tiara, 2, Rarity, Twilight and even Potatojack into spending time with him at the Gala, and is too embarrassed to tell any of them no.
  • As a result, Spike is forced to call on some backup. Specifically, The Rainbolts! He tells them to look like him, and that they would all swap out over the night so he could spend time with everyone.
  • Pretty much everyone sees that this is going to go well.
  • Vinyl/Octy fight each other for the right to play on stage to Celestia's amusment
  • Chrysalis uses the fabric stretching Changeling ability to make a dress for Celestia.
  • After the preparations, the Gala Arc officially begins with everyone's arrival!
  • ...Except for the CMC, who were left back at Ponyville with Granny Smith, who fell asleep, giving them free reign of PV.
  • Discovering unattended minors, the only other one left in the town, 29, got caught in the chaos and suffers.
  • Also, as he discovers, Sweetie had a gun. He finds that one out the hard way.
  • 32 kidnaps, and takes the place of one Lord Tourmaline, a guest at the party.
  • Night gets crazy with Spike using the Rainbolt/ColorChangelings as his stand-in, and is swapping out every so often.
  • Rainbow Dash and Gilda spike the punch. No puns here.
  • Chrysalis, Cadence, and Celestia are having invisible magic discussions about SA's butt
  • Really, Celestia just wants chaos.
  • Spike's plan isn't unnoticed, and is starting to unwravel
  • The Griffon Queen from thread 2, shows up, is revealed to be named Gwendolyn, or just Gwen, and is deathly afraid of 2
  • Guests bring up "that law" to AJ
  • Sombra knows what's going on everywhere, and is suspicious of 32/Tourmaline

Thread 11 Edit

  • 42 finally gets her dance w/SA
  • Rainbolt shennanigans continue
  • 29 takes control of the shit in PV - demons included. "The children are trying to sleep"
  • SA almost gets torn apart (literally), by the girls competing for dance rights
  • AJ gets some of her folk up on stage, song of AJ's people begins
  • 77 and Cherilee have a dance
  • Sombra continues following 32.
  • Apple Band causes dance for everyone
  • Discord is organizing chaos in the background
  • Sombra is discovered.
  • Twi gets a dance with SA.
  • Rainbolts start to mess things up proper
  • 32 reveals his plan. Not all is as it seems
  • Chrysalis gets Cadence semi-un-drunk by mind-controlling her into thinking she's not drunk.
  • The spiked punch starts to have an effect on the party as a whole. As in, they are all inexplicably drawn to Shining Armor.
  • After being harassed and semi-molested by the massive crowd, SA gets thrown up on. A lot.
  • After literally being covered, he panics and teleports to the only bath he remembers right now, Celestia's.
  • She goes up and helps clean him, and we get to learn of when the two started to become friends when, one Summer Sun Celebration Celestia was feeling sad, but hid it. Only Shining Armor saw through her and decided to cheer her up by making a funny face, giving his Superior Officer a heart attack in the process.
  • Spike's plan starts to unravel.
  • After a meeting with a drunk 42 wherein he is punted out the ceiling, SA is blocked from finding out about Spike's plan by Chrysalis sitting on him.
  • It turns out that during the blind-date gags, a changeling male and a nightgaurd female hooked up.
  • And she is now pregnant.
  • After some choice insults being hurled at the newly dubbed "Bat-mom and Dadling", a fight starts between several guards
  • 32 confronts Chrysalis. It gets very emotional.
  • Afterwards, while she is ranting, SA shows his support for her, which stuns her completely.
  • 56 also has a talk with her.
  • Finally, Spike's plan begins to fall apart as his dates discover the truth.
  • Bored with how everything is going Discord gives a drunk 2, who had gotten into the punch, a katamari marchmally that gets bigger the more she pushes it.
  • Slowly, she absorbs every single single patron into the giant ball, taking over everyone while chasing down Shining Armor, who she is drawn to due to being drunk.
  • After some quick thinking and teamwork from Shining Armor, Celestia and Chrysalis manage to explode the giant marchmalley without hurting anyone, but sticking them all to the wall in the process.
  • The fallout finally catches up to Spike
  • AJ gets the last dance
  • PVstuff is wrapped up, and 29 finally gets a bit of peace, 'cos he's got friends on the other side~ This is the start of the "29 ghostkids" subplot
  • Spike starts to repair the relationships he messed up with his plan

Thread 12 Edit

  • The Gun Club tournament mini-arc begins!
  • First up, Twilight VS Potatojack, which ends in a draw
  • Second, 77 vs 42, 42 comes out the victor!
  • Third, DT Vs Spike, Spike wins!
  • Final round, Spike Vs 42, 42 wins!
  • 29 finally meets with Zecora about the ghost kids. Turns out he's got... a bit more than she expected. As such, she tells him to go off and just try to live his life while she looks for an answer.
  • Spike does stuff to make up for the Gala to everyone
  • Twilight becomes Bat-mom's Obstetrician

Thread 13 Edit

Thread 14 Edit

Thread 15 Edit

  • Twilight, investigating strange activity from her brother, travels up into the snowy mountains and discovers, of all things, Queen Chitania! After digging her way deep, deep, deep into the ice, a mistake on her part awakens the long thought dead Queen, and inadvertently released her.
  • Twilight tries to stop the Queen, but is buried by an avalanche caused by the Changeling when she grows to her Titanic size. It is only her magic that keeps her from being killed, but she is unable to stop the Queen as she leave.
  • Chitania's mind still living in the days long past, she declared her need for revenge, and rampaged across the land.
  • Chitania arc officially begins!

Thread 16 Edit

  • Chitania continues her rampage, destroying a gryphon village in the process (six gryphons died in this action, but this was not revealed till much later) and several dozen other places along the way.
  • She nearly hits Ponyville, but is distracted by 29, Mayor Mare and Zecora. This action points her towards Canterlot.
  • Pommel and 32 attempt to stop her with a poisonous mushroom, but this fails and Pommel is swallowed.
  • Several attempt to stop her from reaching Canterlot, such as 77 and the Rainbolts using experimental robots(Which instantly fall apart), but they all fail.
  • In a desperate attempt to keep her citizens safe, Celestia begins long-range teleporting them to safety, an act that strains her and drains nearly all of her magic.
  • Unsure of her motives or abilities, Applejack locks up all of the changelings in the ballroom out of fear they could be controlled, or that this is some plot on Chrysalis's end.
  • Spike, 42 and Diamond Tiara engage her in the Highwind. While initially they seem to be making progress, she soon turns it around and destroys the machine.
  • On the ground, Spike detonates a warehouse filled with Blueblood's munitions in an attempt to kill her. This, unfortunately, messes up Luna's own sneak attack of a divebomb, and leaves the lunar princess vulnerable to be punted through buildings, and have a house dropped on her.
  • Shining Armor manages to fix the portal, and he, Chrysalis and Cadence all walk through, discovering the havoc. Chrysalis, enraged, goes off to stop her, while Cadence and Shining Armor split up to find 2 and get her to safety.
  • Sensing the portal is working again, Two leaves her kindergarten to reach it.
  • Cadence meets and attempts to stop Chitania first, but ultimately only helps the beast recover before being kicked away.
  • Chitania reaches the ballroom, and nearly kills one of the changelings(13) while trying to extract information
  • Chrysalis arrives and takes them both underground, to the area she placed Cadence back at the wedding.
  • The one sided battle begins, heavily in Chrysalis's favor as she uses sneak attacks and tricks.
  • Here, while attempting to convince the Titan to join her side, Chrysalis learns Chitania is infertile.
  • Becoming unfocused, Chitania nearly has her mind taken over, only managing to stop it from a desperate attack, which is later revealed to be her flooding Chrysalis's mind with her darkest memory, the day her hive died.
  • Dazed, Chrysalis can't react in time before Chitania drops the whole cave on her head.
  • Teleporting back to the surface, she takes Celestia off guard while pretending to be a guard, and suckerpunches her out her balcony.
  • Chitania expects her to get right back up and kick some ass, and is angered when she does not, thinking she had been lied to all this time about the powers of the great 'sun raiser'. In that anger, she prepares to end Celestia.
  • Only to be stopped at the last moment by a giant bubble.
  • In a bit of cleverness, Shiny picks up every explosive he can find in a massive ball, and drops it on her. The explosives do nothing to her.
  • But they do a lot more to her air supply. Soon, she is suffocating, and what little energy she had left is sapped.
  • Instead of finishing her, SA offers her a chance at redemption.
  • In disgust, she spits it back, and reaches out for a body to regain her strength. To everyone's horror, the one she grabs... Is Two.
  • Shining respond rationally. By hitting her with his Juggernaut, and shoving her clear out of Canterlot and through the skies.
  • Right when he is over a volcano, he grabs Two and detonates the machine leaving it to explode in her face and tumbling down into the cone, Two right along with him. When he lands, he finds her unconscious and tries to rouse her back into consciousness, but can't. He hoped that Chitania would fall into the lava.
  • She didn't.
  • The final battle begins, with Chitania Vs Shining Armor. She has size and strength, but Shining is able to turn the environment to his advantage, pummeling her with shields warped into spears filled with lava. This does not stop her, but with some quick timing he is able to push her right into a massive plume of lava. Seemingly defeated, she is covered completely, and he prepares to leave.
  • "Yeah... not dead."
  • She emerges, reduced down to her 'normal' size, and the real final bout begins.
  • Over the fight, his own rage bubbled to the surface, allowing him to hold his own against her. At the end, when he seems defeated,a simple mistake on her part she was soon dangling over certain doom, only his hooves there to hold her up.
  • Having had quite enough of her hurting his family, he mocked her, and dropped her.
  • And then caught her when he thought Two had awoken, and he realized what he was doing, and was horrified at himself.
  • She gets pulled back up, and neither wishes to continue the fight... and then the volcano started to erupt.
  • They just barely make it out in time.
  • Shining admits he's not ready to forgive her and help her yet.
  • She says she doesn't care, she's found a new goal. She's discovered the supposed 'gods' she fought were all fakes. Thus, if she can take them... maybe she can take the real ones. She runs off, alone.
  • Tired, Shining begins a long trek back home.
  • Two wakes up, and they have a heart to heart where he explains that doing the right thing, helping her, is more important, and they bond.

Thread 17 Edit

  • All hell is about to break loose.
  • Chrysalis emerges from the ground, and they're about to fight.
  • Shining Armor arrives just in time and breaks it up. Everyone, from him to Celestia to Applejack to Chrysalis admit fault in what happened.
  • And then Shining Armor collapses because a giant bug monster beat him until he saw through time, and that hurts.
  • When he wakes up, it is revealed that Chitania's attack showed Chrysalis one of the Titan's memories. Specifically, the memory she remembers most.
  • The memory of when her hive died.
  • Chitty's backstory is revealed.
  • She throws up Pommel, and Pommel's Adventures begin.

Thread 18 Edit

Thread 19 Edit

Thread 20 Edit

  • Spike decides to head down into the catacombs.
  • After a discussion, Blueblood agrees to come.
  • 77 wants to go... Chrysalis, uh, disagrees. A lot.
  • 42 tries to talk him out of it, lets him fight for the right to go down there, and Spike wins.
  • They meet up with Rekulk, who promises to be their guide.
  • Rarity joins them.
  • Arana-Retrival Arc begins.

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Thread 28 Edit

  • Partyland begins!... Strap in, it's going to go on a while.

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Thread 40 Edit

  • Fluttershy's chaos magic goes out of control, and consumes all of Partyland, bringing rides to life, spawning monsters, things like that
  • Celestia, searching for answers, is nearly grabbed by the chaos, but pushed out of the way at the last moment by 007, who is grabbed by the chaos instead and taken off who knows where, not seen for the rest of the thread
  • Opposite of this, Chrysalis is nearly grabbed and taken off, but through her own cunning escapes, and finds that Jetset nearly managed to escape with her hair and left her for dead. She takes the hair back, and sends him on his way.
  • After scrambling for a bit, the rest of the Main Six and Spike all come together and begin searching for Fluttershy.
  • While fleeing, Shining Armor, Cadence, 2, Poindexter and Mane-Iac run into a disguised Chitania, who Cadence insists comes along with them to keep safe. 18 and 42 meet up with them shortly after.
  • Several toys of Chiatnia's toyline, called Chitania's Crushers, come to life, and nearly fight the main six, but are distracted by the Rainbolts. Twilight and company use the distraction to escape, and the rainbolts are soundly defeated afterwards.
  • The Crushers then meet up with Shining Armor and crew, and engage them in a fight after spotting Mane-Iac with them, and thinking them villains. With some backup from 55, they manage to calm them down long enough to clear it all up.
  • And then a giant robot brusts from the ground. Mr Popcorn, infused with the chaos magic, came alive and combined the various rides together in order to form a giant mech.
  • The Crushers grow to full size and try to fight, but are easily defeated.
  • Shining Armor and Two are nearly crushed by the robots giant hammer, but in order to save her own life Chitania was forced to reveal herself, and inadvertently saved them as well. Angered, she grows to her Titanic size and begins to fight the robot, having much better results than her fakes.
  • Diamond Tiara, not to be shown up, grabs 77 and 42, and they all infiltrate the robot. After a battle in the core of it, and having a hole out punched by Chitania, she plants explosives and destroys the robot.
  • Unfortunately, this causes Partyland's thrusters to go haywire, rocketing them up clear into the stratosphere before beginning to slowly fall back down.
  • Now in a freefall, the chaos effects the shield meant to keep ponies from falling off the side, and turns it on, ensuring none can escape. Except Chitania, who easily punches through it.
  • The Crushers, inspired by Poindexter, break out as well, and attempt to hold up the falling island, failing rapidly as their Chaos magic leaves them.
  • Chitania, while fleeing, gets a magical call from Arana. Remembering Sciderella's fond love of the changeling, she eventually turns around, and unknown to any grabs hold and keeps the flying island afloat as the Crushers lose their magic and fall to earth, toys once again.
  • Off of Partyland, Chrysalis attempts to convince Discord to stop, infiltrating his mind while disguised as Fluttershy. After it fails, Celestia reveals it was her plan, and she gave the magic needed to pull it off. Still, while in his mind Chrysalis learns the real source of the chaos, and before any can stop her she sets off to 'deal' with it.
  • Finally, the other five locate Fluttershy, with Spike staying outside to fend off the monsters. There, they learn the truth, that she did not counter Discord's magic, but absorbed it. Now, it's out of control, and she cannot stop it.
  • Behind her, Chrysalis appears, and delves into her mind before the others can stop her, freezing them in time.
  • Chrysalis finds the leftover bits from the clones driving Fluttershy mad, and deletes them. Then she moves on to the real thing, and attempts to control her.
  • Fluttershy attempts to fight her off to no avail, and in desperation calls her friends.
  • The fight reveals Chrysalis merely wanted to 'dull' her mind so that they would not have to seal her up, attempting to help in her own twisted way.
  • The others, desperate, convince Fluttershy she can control this, with their help. Moved by their willingness to risk themselves, she agrees to try to fix it.
  • With help from Chrysalis to keep her from going out of control, Partyland is repaired, back to as good as it had been before this started, with the only negative effect being Chrysalis receiving a terrible backlash and being knocked out.
  • Together, they declare they will be there for her, and Partyland ends.

Thread 41 Edit

  • Everyone gets off Partyland
  • PJ, Blueblood and Winona finish the fight against the dolls, slicing Dolltainia in half.
  • Everyone goes home.
  • 18 defeats the giant paperwork monster that had spawned by asking it nicely to go back.
  • Fluttershy begins training to control her flying magic
  • Dash makes AJ take a more active role in learning to fly

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Thread 48 Edit

Thread 49 Edit

  • Cordies have spread over pretty much everywhere
  • 88 remembered her original mission, and the cordies set out for Canterlot.
  • The gryphon kingdom was invaded, and it was down to just the royal family and a single handmaid.
  • Surprise! The handmaid was Chitania, infiltrating the kingdom. Desperate, the eldest royal son asked her to stick around in exchange for the poisons she was trying to steal. She has not moved yet.
  • Applejack was infected after running away.
  • Rarity, while out looking for Vekir, stumbles across Chrysalis. Both of them snipe at each other before spying the corides. Chrysalis runs off, screaming for Cadence.
  • Applejack goes back, locks herself inside her office with Arana. Said spiderling stays in the office, recognizing the infection.
  • Chrysalis finds Cadence, along with everyone else of the CE crew, and even though she kept asking Cadence to throw up her shield, Cadence was too confused to do so.
  • In desperation, she mind controls Cadence and forces her to throw up her shield.
  • Goes off afterwards to help Twilight
  • Inside Twilight's lab, said princess talks with 32 for a minute, before said changeling is removed via fire teleport. Chrysalis arrives immediately after with an infected guard and Twilight's research in tow.
  • 32 is sent down to the dungeon, but discovers the door is not locked. Seeking to 'do the right thing', he heads out.
  • Shining Armor joins up with Celestia and reveals he will be taking over for the captain of the guard.
  • Spike heads out to try to get 42, but the soldier bug is stuck guarding Cadence.
  • Instead, he offers 007 his old spot on the A-team. He accepts.
  • There is a confrontation between the two and 77 when he goes off to arm Diamond Tiara, but it's a moot point, she's already gone. The three join together all the same.
  • 29 and crew are out in everfree when the cordies arrive in ponyville and take off
  • Trixie gets infected and buys them some time
  • Dash and Pinkie meet up with Fluttershy, who is sitting on the edge of Canterlot calling for Discord desperately. Due to the previous thread's events, Discord is still unable to help or answer her. She gives up, and they all go off.
  • Blueblood finds PJ attempting to leave through the portal, leaves her there without seeing if she uses it.
  • Cordy gets mad because Applejack is fighting it, speeds up 88 getting there.
  • Screwloose is finally free of her straitjacket thanks to Tinsel and is currently examining an infected AJ12 who has spores on his leg
  • High Roller and his accomplice, Blues Noteworthy are after Screwloose. Roller undergoes a process to change his body and mane color in order to mimic a generic guard. The two set out just as the Cordies begin to overtake Ponyville.
  • 18 informs the Changelings what they're supposed to do, which is stay in the ballroom, and then leaves. In desperation, they look to Actarius, who has no idea what the fuck to do.
  • In desperation, Applejack sends Arana off to get Twilight. To her dismay, the door to the lab is gone, unknown to her via Chrysalis. Through this, Chrysalis learns AJ is infected, but does not tell Twilight.
  • Shining Armor gives a rousing speech to inspire the troops. They all get pumped.
  • And then 88 arrives and blows the shield apart.

Thread 50Edit

  • NC break where characters meet their past selves for shenanigans, nothing connecting to main plot.

Thread 51Edit

  • Pommel finally engaged in the final battle with Baramos! It ended with lasers.
  • Cordy started swarming Canterlot
  • AJ continued fighting the infection
  • Rarity saved Vekir
  • SA and Celestia fought off what they could with impromptu Magic Love Bombs, it didn't work as well as against the changelings
  • Dash, Pinkie and Fluttershy are still fighting
  • Flash and Fizzle made their way onto PD's airship. She is PISSED, but hasn't kicked them off. All are annoyed when they find out the Xtreme droids were on the airship.
  • 42 is trying to get Cadence to the portal
  • Poindexter is trying to work up the courage to ask Mane-Iac out, the Empire has no idea the world is under attack
  • 32 met up with Arana in the Gun Club room, after talking with her for a bit he sets out with Q and left the two of them together
  • High Roller snuck up to the hospital, and after he reached it Blue's part was done and he tore off, zombies in pursuit.
  • Twilight and Chrysalis continued trying to devise a cure, and Chrysalis eventually revealed that Applejack was infected. No cure in sight yet.
  • Spike had a heart to heart with AJ through the door and then ran off, never learning she was infected.
  • Actarius, JJ and the Lings are still holed up in the ballroom
  • It's revealed that the Cordy has a looser control on 88 than the others
  • Jetset spots Shiny and Celestia fighting together and realizes he is not needed, and sets off
  • Blueblood meets up with Haymaker and asks for his help for a plan. The plan as it turns out is to break out Flim and Flam, and go activate some robots he squirreled away.
  • Unfortunately, someone else beat them to the punch and tore the robots apart. Flim and Flam shrug it off and start assembling a new robot out of the scrap. They also sing, because of course they do
  • Screwloose fails to stop the spread on 12, and eventually is forced to use herself and some... drastic measures. She is now barely conscious after blood loss
  • Luna is currently fighting the cordies while her guard are picked off
  • 29 and crew make it to Zecora's hut, and she uses stuff to make an illusion that the cordies run around and miss them entirely. They are now holed up and waiting
  • While fighting the zombies, Spike, 7 and 77 discover a guard who had been knifed in the back with a cordy blade. 77 notices a marking on the blade and runs off, with the other two in pursuit.
  • Eventually, 77 catches up to the source, 88, and breaks down when he sees her again. She almost infects him, but he is saved by 7, who flew ahead of Spike.
  • This actually enrages 77 as he cries for 7 not to hurt her before being forced down.
  • 88 takes off, and after breaking free from 7, 77 follows her. 7, strangely, chooses not to pursue, and lies to Spike when the dragon finally catches up, and both leave.
  • Silver Spoon tracks, but looses the trail of, DT. She does, however, meet up with Filthy Rich, and the two are now running from zombies.
  • While chatting, 7 brings up the concept of Pure-Hive. Essentially, original, non straggler changelings from Momsie's hive. He also brings up Flakes, which are those stragglers. Seven is DEFINITELY a little racist.
  • The Wonderbolts arrive
  • The scientist from when the cordies learned the insta-heal trick makes his way at last to his ex-wife's labs. After a confrontation with gunfire and stuff-tornados, he finds out she mutated herself while trying to make the Changeling Infusion viable, and now has changeling bits.
  • They both also discover PD played them, that neither actually got rid or betrayed the other, and this whole mess was to increase their productivity. They reconcile after that.
  • Applejack starts thinking about her family and everyone she's letting down, and now is in full breakdown mode
  • Spike at last confronts 007 about all the stuff that's been going on, and offers him a chance to switch sides. While it looks like 7 might take him up on the offer, it turns out to be a trick, one Spike sees through and puts him at gunpoint.
  • 7 continually tries to explain this isn't what Spike thinks, but the dragon is hearing none of it and repeatedly cuts him off. Nonetheless, 7 manages to get off a spell to knock Spike out before he could get shot.
  • Suddenly, Jetset outta nowhere! The two agents fight back and forth, with Jet attempting to break the other's neck and making liberal use of Teleport spam.
  • Eventually, 7 gets the upper hand and wins, draining Jet until the pony can't stand. He starts heading towards Spike with a strange disk...
  • And gets shot. A LOT.
  • He still keeps trying to talk and crawling towards Spike, Spike keeps shooting him.
  • Rarity, who had just arrived, suddenly says "LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!"
  • Turns out, he was warning Spike about the Manticore cordy. Whoops.
  • Spike is bitten, 7 uses the device, which turns out to be a teleporter, and him and Jetset disappear
  • Converted, Spike sets his eyes on Rarity, and the pony tears off, zombie-dragon in hot pursuit.
  • The cordy is VERY interested in his new acquisition.

Thread 52Edit

  • AJ is still losing to the infection
  • 42 tries to get a magically drained Cadence to safety, but just one bad meetup ends up with her blowing up a hoverbike in her own face. In desperation, she finally uses fireflight!... And ends up even further away than before. Whoops.
  • Cadence prods at the badly wounded changeling, and eventually forces her to come clean about her feelings for Shining. Tearfully, 42 confesses she does have them, but tried to stop them so Cadence would have one friend who wasn't like that.
  • Monsters coming there way, 42 throws her towards the portal and sacrifices herself,which would later be revealed that she used her bomb and teleported to safety, but thought it was a suicide bomb.
  • Cadence reaches the portal, but it's totally drained, and she can't go home. She breaks down.
  • Rarity runs from Spike and meets up with Vekir as she does so. When she gets cornered, she tries to reach him by reminding him who he used to be. Sadly, this doesn't work, and he has to be shot away by Pinkie. Her, Dash and Flutters meet up, and they vow to try to help out.
  • High Roller meets up with Screwloose, and tries to get her to join him. Eventually, he watches out for her and tell 12 to try to convince her as well. He does so to keep her awake.
  • Coco and Lucky Strikes are cornered and the former is crying her little heart out. She reveals she's not really a guard, and is about to be eaten, but 55 arrives on the scene... it takes him a bit to put together zombies are around.
  • SA and Celestia meet up with the Wonderbolts and after its revealed Spitfire and SA have a past history and are very hostile to each other the others are sent off while Spitfire helps him and Celestia fight.
  • Fleetfoot and Soarin' wonder if they used to bone.
  • Blueblood, Haymaker and FF brothers reveal their Frankenstein robot and save some guards
  • Apparently Pommel/Daw managed to find their way to the Gryphon kingdom, and are over with King Idris's brother, lord Ignus, and are helping him fight off the Cordies
  • Luna put an enchantment on 56 to protect him
  • 13 fails horribly trying to fulfill her Queen's mission
  • 32 meets up with 88 in the air while searching for the Gun Club. He narrowly avoids being taken over when she destroys his hoverbike and thinks she's a fake until she reveals she knew about the river, then leaves. Afterwards, 77 shows up.... 32 is a bit mad.
  • 32 knocks him into an empty dining room, and initially looks like he's going to kill the shellshocked changeling.
  • However, his words snap 77 out of his funk, and the two decide to settle things.
  • They battle, with 77 breaking down 32's hatred of Chrysalis and revealing he was never really trapped at all, save his own demons. 77 wins, and leaves 32 pinned to the wall as he goes to confront 88.
  • 32 has a breakdown when the voice in his head stops talking to him, and eventually asks for the power to save 88 this time. He is granted it, and is off to go help.
  • 29, MM and Zecora go meta, realize they're completely useless in stopping this, and decide to get high until this all blows over.
  • Breaburn arrives at SAA, and joins Granny, Big mac and AB in fighting off the zombies.
  • 41 disobeys Chrysalis's orders to use her teleport bomb and save the EOH, and instead saves Suckerpunch
  • Silver Spoon and Filthy Rich grab TBDRLIATU from SS's room, and while looking for DT they get caught by Spike.
  • They nearly lose and get infected between him and a horde of zombies, but DT shows up in power armor and kicks some ass.
  • The Cordy finally figures out how Spike's biology works, and makes him grow.
  • DT detonates her armor to try and stop him. Doesn't work, Spike goes full Spikezilla
  • The guards decide fighting Spikezilla is bullshit and resolve to resign when this all ends
  • AJ is almost broken when the Cordy shows her family with the promise they'll never be hurt again, and even says it can bring back her parents, but Spikezilla's roar snaps her out of it, and she gets her ass back in gear to fight.
  • She collides with 88, and accidentally reveals where the changelings are. After a brief talk, 88 deduces a better way to spread, and also directs Spikezilla to go after them. AJ runs off ahead to warn them.
  • In an effort to stop Spikezilla, Fluttershy uses her chaos powers. During this, she realizes it can absorb her magic, and that Discord didn't abandon her. Then she gets backhanded and infected, and proceeds to chase after Rarity and crew.
  • Arana finds the newspaper when Chitty saved Partyland, and rushes off to tell Applejack something.
  • AJ goes to ballroom, tells them to leave. They say no, says Chrysalis told them to stay put. She gets mad and calls Chrysalis an idiot and says their Queen didn't plan for shit. They're about to leave but don't when JJ says not to.
  • Spikezilla shows up and tries to grab them, but AJ magic shoves them out the back. Sadly it turns out, there was a plan in place, and a super-huge teleport goes off but nobody is in it. Changelings are about to become crispy flavored with extra spice.
  • Shiny and Celly show up just in time, save the day, and lure him off. Changelings run
  • AJ, while depressed at her failure, is confronted by Arana, who tells her she's the one who called Chitania back to PL.
  • In desperation, she asks AJ for the magic boost so she can call her again. Reluctantly, the Applejack does so.
  • Chitty's still with the gryphons, and gets the call. After a back and forth with Arana where she says she won't leave to save her, she talks to AJ. AJ makes her an offer she can't refuse.
  • Chitty offers to protect the gryphons, if they give her full amnesty and a pardon. Zephyrious wants to accept, but Gwen backhands him and tells Chitania to go fuck herself, essentially.
  • Chitty shrugs and leaves, and the gryphons now have to fight off their entire populace alone.
  • 18 finds Cadence and tries to get her out of there, but almost gets crushed when Spikezilla show up. Both are saved by SA and Celestia, but the portal is buried in rubble, and they run.
  • Luna engages Spikezilla and seems to knock him out, but it turns out even someone of his size can instantly recover, and she gets infected by Spikezilla. Afterwards, while they are distracted with grief, he backhands Shiny and Celly into a tower.
  • After a heart to heart where they both decide to stay and fight and destroy their teleport stones, 88 shows up.
  • Long story short, there's a giant mushroom over Canterlot now, and Shiny and Celestia got caught up in its stalk.
  • Throughout all of this, Twilight and Chrysalis are trying to find a cure, with Chrysalis sure all of her plans to save only those she cares about is going off without a hitch.
  • She finds out not a one of them have, has a fit.
  • Then she watches Shiny get consumed by one of the musrooms roots, and she doesn't just lose her cookies. She loses those cookies, goes to the store to buy more and loses them, bakes two dozen more and loses them, sets out on an epic journey to the land of cookies just to lose the whole damn continent, and then she turns reality into a cookie and promptly loses time and space.
  • ...She freaks out, to put it shortly.
  • AJ and Arana are about to be turned by Spikezilla, but Chitania shows up just in time!
  • Talk reveals she gets a full pardon if she can stop Spike without killing him. She easily beats him down without any effort, and prepares to walk off, much to AJ's horror.
  • But as it turns out, he's fine. Worse, the Cordy decides it needs more information, and finds out about fighting from everyone else.
  • Spike now knows kung fu.
  • ... and he beats the black right off of Chitania
  • After the beatdown of her life, she tries to attack him from the air. He grows wings and beats her down to earth.
  • Annoyed she won't stay down, the Cordy decides to take the fight out of her by making her relive her worst memory, just like 88. AJ and Arana try to stop him, and get to watch.
  • Chitty's backstory when her daughter 'died' is revealed... it's sad. So very, very sad...
  • But apparently she figured out something about this event later, because Chitty gets very, very, very mad.
  • How mad?
  • She breaths fire to suffocate Spike.
  • It works, and the Cordy feels it all over, just like when PD shot off their shoulder. It's forced to brick Spike just to keep from dying.
  • Turns out, though, breathing fire is bad. As in, Chitania's larynx is now charred and burned bad, and she is dying.
  • Aj tells her off for a bit, then tells her if she wants to be saved she's going to have to help stop this thing.
  • Needless to say, Chitania agrees.
  • ...And thus, AJ rode atop Chitania as they both charge headlong at the base of the giant mushroom, zero fucks given.

Thread 53Edit

  • AJ charged the cordies while riding on Chitania, it is still metal.
  • Coco is an adorable looter
  • 007 and Jetset are in the cave when 41 arrives. Several racist comments follow. Then 42 follows. Then an infected follows. It's a mess.
  • 32 joins 77 to infiltrate the mushroom.
  • Shiny and Celly wake up inside the mushroom, protected by his shields. They make their way up the stalk.
  • 18 is still optimistic
  • Cordy starts making a bomb with the intention of setting off a spore nuke and consuming the entire world
  • Spitfire is helping ponies
  • Bluebloot Bot returns to canterlot, and finds 10 is infected. Heartfelt talk follows, and then she orders him not to use his weapons and just report.
  • Instead, he loses his shit in the only way a machine can and decides to EXT-ER-MIN-ATE! 88.
  • Dash, Pinkie, Rarity and Vekir are running from Fluttershy. Eventually, Vekir uses a secret technique for stopping her. It's disgusting.
  • DT does some slapdash repairs on TBDRLIATU, and worrying about SS and Filthy Rich glues them to the ceiling.
  • 88 sicks the infected on Chitania
  • 77 and 32 charge the mushroom, and have to fight a sky of infected.
  • Bluebloodbot breaks his way into the cap of the mushroom and fights 88 while demanding she "Return 10". He gets torn apart shortly after being easily defeated, but he his actions opened a hole for 77 and 32 to make it inside.
  • Scootaloo and the junior wonderbolts fight the cordies
  • AJ and Chitania get stopped by the Cordy surrounding it and using magic. They get pinned down beneath a hail of magic fire.
  • Actarius sees this happening while he and the other changelings are running, all of them very pissed at Applejack. He gives a big speech why they should help Canterlot. The changelings left way before he got going, and go off to help.
  • Twilight breaks down when she realizes she can't cure the Cordycops, and Chrysalis becomes quite brutal in trying to convince her to keep trying to save Shining Armor and her hive. Eventually, Twilight physically beats her back and destroys her illusion, revealing she was breaking down the whole time.
  • Sadly, Twilight reveals there's a way to KILL the cordies, but no way to save the others. However, even knowing what's at stake, she knows there's no way she herself could ever go through with it.
  • She tells Chrysalis she could, at last, rule Equestria, as since not even Celestia would survive, meaning Chrysalis would be the most powerful being on the planet, and most of her hive would survive. But she couldn't save Shining Armor, or any infected changelings.
  • She offers the knowledge of how to pull this off to Chrysalis.
  • Chrysalis, after some soul searching, responds by giving her different knowledge instead.
  • Now, Twilight knows every ability the Changeling Queens know, at least the ones Chrysalis knows how to do.
  • Twilight, blankly, declares it's time to end this.
  • BIG FINALE where, in order, AJ and Chitania are helped by the changelings, Diamond Tiara, Blueblood and Flim/Flam, 55, And the other three EOH still functioning while charging the mushroom
  • 32 and 77 battle 88 up in the cap above, trying their best to reach her, and slowly giving her the will to fight again.
  • Desperate to fire off the bomb before Chitania and AJ arrive, 88 tells the Cordycops to use the same power source that changelings use, draining them of love.
  • All of Canterlot is dying.
  • SA and Celestia, still inside, decide there's only one way to stop it. Fool it with another power source, themselves.
  • They use magic, and are drained of their love.
  • Chitania runs up the side of the damn mushroom.
  • 88 is in a pit of despair as the bomb is shot into the air.
  • Chitania flies past, but is caught when the mushroom cap becomes a giant mouth and bites her.
  • Seeing her fly, 88 regains the will to live again.
  • Applejack chases it into the upper atmosphere, and stops the cordybomb with her bare hooves, keeping it together with magic.
  • Then she pushes it back to earth, and it gets burned up.
  • Is about to go splat, gets caught by Chitania.
  • Giant mushroom turns into giant monster, and they're about to fight it.
  • They get the spores out of 88, and using their combined magic figure out a way to completely reverse and cure everyone in an ironic twist by using the Cordy's own methodology.
  • Everyone is fixed.
  • Cordy bits turns to ash.
  • Day is saved.
  • ...Giant mushroom starts falling.
  • Chitania tries to catch it, and when that doesn't work she punches it.
  • "This is the dumbest thing I've ever done."
  • Ash falls on all of Canterlot
  • 88 still wants to live.
  • Cleanup time!
  • AJ tells everyone to start digging.
  • Everyone who had Cordy is drained of energy.
  • Changelings are digging where they think 77 and 32 are. Chrysalis finds them, but they can't get past a rock and get to them. Despite having no power, Chrysalis still has her head.
  • By that I mean she headbutts the rock until she can pull 88 and the other two out.
  • She has no idea who 88 is, and wanders off
  • 18 and Cadence go looking for Shiny.
  • Celestia digs her way out too, dragging Shiny with her.
  • He's a shriveled prune, and not breathing.
  • She tries kissing him back to life, it doesn't work. So does Cadence and 18, this also does not work.
  • Chrysalis arrives, and the Shiny is saved!... Chrysalis is now doing her best raisin impression, and both her and Shiny are unconscious.
  • Pommel confronts evil thing in gem at last.
  • Evil monster reveals past.
  • Tries to take over Pommel.
  • A battle of the minds take place, and after a heated near-death conclusion Pommel wins, and the city sinks, and all the monsters fall dead.
  • We check in with Screwloose and the crew, and she's mad because she figured she could use Cordycops for her own means.... because she's crazy.

Thread 54 Edit

  • The EOH and Celestia reunite! And all is happy and great...Oh, except the Chitania thing.
  • Applejack has to reveal that she made that deal with Chitty, and very reluctantly the others decide to honor it. Chitania is now crime free.
  • Applejack then reveals that hey, just because you're free of charges doesn't mean you don't get new ones. And now, Chitania has to follow the law, or bring it down on her like anyone else.
  • After a trying event, AJ decides to go home to make sure everyone is okay.
  • Unknown to her, Jetset follows.
  • There's an emotional reunion when she goes home.
  • After telling her family what happened, she decides to stick around for a while.
  • Applebloom gives her a new hat. It is heartmelting.
  • Pommel's journey at last comes to a close, and after some emotional goodbyes Daw comes with him.
  • 10 finds BBB, there's an emotional reunion, and then Featherweight tells her he recorded that whole thing with the Chittyfight. She now has footage of what happened inside AND outside the mushroom.
  • Oh, and BBB apparently runs off a prototype love core... that 10 stole from Twilight.
  • Dadling and Batmom show up, and Batmom is WAY more pregnant than she should be thanks to continuity. She is set to deliver any moment now.
  • Spike decides to wait for 7 to wake up to talk to him, and has an emotional moment with Rarity.
  • Flim and Flam get sent back to prison, to their dismay.
  • Various "Chitty in Canterlot" stories, one of which is where she meets Vekir.
  • Pennydrop is pissed again.
  • Idris goes to visit his brother. Said brother, learning he is coming, freaks out.
  • 18 goes and finds 42, 7, 41 and SP. Also, turns out Steam Gash was the infected pony. They all leave the 'safe' cave, 42 going with 18, and 7 going into surgery for all of his numerous bullet wounds.
  • 29 emerges unharmed with MM and Zecora, and goes to check up on 56. Gets the crap kicked out of him by Luna's leftover magic.
  • Actarius gets chewed out by his mother, an Ex-guard who returned to duty to fight the zombies and is enraged he didn't use this opportunity to get back in the princesses good graces.
  • Feeling bad for what the Changelings lost, Actarius and JJ hatch a plan.
  • The various Canterlot citizens finish digging everyone out, and 55 decides to go home. Rarity laments she feels like there should be some big celebration, but Pinkie points out they should just be happy everyone is allowed to go home.
  • The wonderbolts meet up again with Dash. After a heated discussion, Spitfire quits.
  • 41 frets over the fact she's about to die.
  • Celestia wakes up, and after discovering Jetset left without telling her becomes a bit annoyed. Celestia now knows that Chrysalis shared the Queen's powers with Twilight, and Twilight knows about 18.
  • The CE crew are brought home, to everyone's horror. Well, everyone except 2. The poor thing had a terrible day, and didn't even notice everyone else was hurt. She remembered her package came, and then ran off happy. Nobody had the heart to stop her.
  • After everyone is moved to the room with the Heart, 18 learns there is another changeling present in the Empire.
  • Flashback to before the shield broke. PJ stepped through the portal, immediately had a crisis of conscious, and tried to go back, exhausting herself in the process and putting herself in a coma.
  • When she wakes up 18 is waiting for her, with a strange proposition...
  • 42 wakes up, and then immediately puts herself back to sleep with head-bashing when Cadence tries to talk about what happened.
  • Cadence decides not to bring it up after that...
  • Chrysalis awakens, and her and Cadence have a nice talk. Chrysalis now knows about the events with 18.
  • Two joins them, and family hijinks ensue.
  • Shiny wakes up, and everyone is happy while he is filled in on the fact he almost died.
  • He's not too bothered.
  • They have a family movie night. Even Two thinks it's bullshit.

Thread 55 Edit

Thread 56 Edit

  • A whole lot of ponies asked AJ questions in a mirror to her questioning Celestia, and it hurts her so. This takes up most of the thread, and is great.
  • DND!
  • Breakfast!
  • Table Manners!
  • Movie Night!
  • Pommel, AT LONG LONG LAST, makes it to Canterlot!
  • He meets up with Vekir, and after taking her to Twilight's lab he sets off to finally get that death certificate nulled.
  • Chtiania and Twilight have a spat, where it is revealed nobody but Pommel died in her attack... or rather, nobody did, as Pommel points out.
  • Twilight freaks.
  • Celestia has a heartwarming moment with him, and after bringing him up to speed sets him off to be with his family.
  • ...Which means Vekir and Daw are alone in Twi's lab. Oops.
  • Rekulk and his apprentice, now named Sabjek, are looking for Vekir.
  • 77 keeps bringing 88 up to speed while various others come to say hi.
  • 29 visits 32, and they have a little moment.
  • In a shocking twist, 32 can see the ghostkids, but does not know the kid was a ghost.
  • Discord comes back and says he's sorry to FS... things get adorable after that.
  • 12 is taking Screwloose to get temporarily let loose.
  • Luna tries to make it up to 56 for scaring him.
  • Celestia learns from Arana about Chitania's kid.
  • Actarius decides to make a get well card for 77, confusing the changelings. Nonetheless, he's wearing the red suit, so eh.
  • Diamond Tiara meets up with Pennydrop and Gwen, they decide to work together.
  • SA and 18 finally talk about 'the incident', and after a bit of ranting he asks if she wants to go on a date. When 18 says they should ask Cadence, SA says this is a brilliant idea!
  • And that she should do it.
  • ...Cue 18 spilling her spagetti all over Cadence like a pasta chef with parkinsons.
  • Jetset gives his nurse a means to contact him.
  • A new shop sets up in Canterlot, Coltsly Security Solutions... owned by Pennydrop.
  • Who clearly needs to fire her naming department.

Thread 57 Edit

  • 77 finishes telling 88 about what has happened so far, and she's horrified at the prospect of leaving. Worried that she will be forever hated by her hive, she wonders if she should just stay.
  • Suddenly, changelings outta nowhere! They pour in with a MASSIVE get well soon card, written by none other than Actarius himself. It... doesn't go great, nobody knows who the fuck anyone is. Still, it does the trick, and 88 is ready to see the world again.
  • Goes off to the ballroom with her the hive... and after about a minute past opening the ballroom she decides NOPE, and to go off and 'see' the castle.
  • Blindjokes follow.
  • 18 has various trips asking others how to ask Cadence to come along on the date. Finally, Celestia gives her some hard truths, and she stops procrastinating and runs off to ask.
  • Idris sends Siegfried to Canterlot to 'survey the land' and make it known they're not happy with the recent decision.
  • Siegfried, upon seeing all the new things in Canterlot, including Chitania, decides this is the 'city of weird'.
  • Chrysalis confronts Chitania, and shows off her power. Before she leaves, Chrysalis asks how Chitania was able to do the mind trick, Chitty reveals Variolus showed her.
  • The other EOH and Spike realize Applejack's been gone too long, and decide it's time to take action, heading down to SAA to confront her.
  • All of Applejack's friends come together, showing their support to her and assuring her she's doing a good job. Still unconvinced, it takes the love of her family and some honest, heartfelt words from dear Granny Smith to make her see the light.
  • At last, she leave the farm, and goes off to ask Celestia a question, "Do you regret making me a princess?" Celestia shows her that... no. No she does not. Deciding that's good enough, Applejack gets ready to go back to work.
  • Turns out Arana has been feeding Winona, and that Winona still bites her.
  • Resigned, Applejack gets ready to swamp herself in the paperwork once more.
  • Other main 6 shoot their desks into the room and divvy up the work, at last deciding they're ALL going to tackle Equestria's problems, together, as friends. turns out they're mostly going to be dealing with stupid stuff, of course.
  • Shining and Chrysalis reminisce about when they first saw each other in story, and how far they've come since then. Slowly, all of the extended CE family gets together, and go off to get waffles.
  • Hilda and Zephyrious have a talk.
  • Chrysalis tells 13 she's not mad, has a nice moment with her.
  • Pommel says hi to his family. Accidentally goes on adventure with little sister and uncle to a land of moleponies when he tried to get his helmet back.
  • Vekir breaks out of Twilight's lab in a robot, with Daw riding and screaming all the way.
  • Pommel and Daw meet back up, and she chews him out for not taking her to see his parents.
  • Pommel tries to get back into the Guard, and makes a stunning discovery.
  • Heartbreaking story follows as he goes down and visits a still fairly delusional 32. During the talk, 32 makes Pommel promise not to spring him, Pommel declares he'll get him out legal, and takes his place in the LOOOOOONG line to the main six.
  • Blueblood prepared a huge folder and speech to convince the princesses to let Flim and Flam out of the dungeon. Turns out, Applejack just forgot to tell the guard to let them out. Oops. They get moved up to Blueblood's old place.
  • Jetset has a back and forth with 007, who is still injured.
  • 42 meets Spike, who is back to being an assistant. She wishes him good luck, and says "you go on... I'll handle it."
  • Seigfried has a talk with SA and Cadence, discovers that 42 is a bit stronger than anticipated in a rather sneaky manner.

Thread 58 Edit

  • Pommel finally makes it to the end of the line and is about to talk to the princesses!
  • NOPE! GLIM-GLAMS WATER BROKE! Nobody knows what's going to happen! Cadence gets nauseous around births! Twilight is freaking the fuck out! BAM! Celestia outta nowhere for moral support... and ONLY moral support.
  • Guards go to see cause of Glimmer, changelings start to form because of Dadling. They start arguing. It's about to get ugly.
  • HO SHIT GLIMMERS DELIVERING! And it's a... GIRL! ... A mutant, half-pony half-changeling looking monstrosity, to be precise. Glimmer and Dadling talk, and decide they'll love it no matter what.
  • Outside, a fight has finally broken out, and nobody can stop it!
  • BAM! Chrysalis lands on the scene, having learned of the baby from JJ. She forcibly separates guard and changeling, and makes her way in, despite AJ's protests. Infodumps how changelings work, and reveal the baby just looks freaky because of disguise magic. Twilight beats her over the head for not telling her sooner.
  • New family gets some rest.
  • ELSEWHERE, Chitania is reaching her destination, and meeting Fancy along the way.
  • Bad stuff goes down in Stalliongard. PD learns of this and is not happy.
  • 29 and Luna connect over 56.
  • 29 met Arana again, went better than expected
  • Trixie burned down 29's apartment
  • Daw talked with 32, they don't like each other.
  • Shiny gives Dadling dad advice
  • The next day, Pommel gets to talk to the princesses/EOH to get 32 out. They tell him there's nothing they can do while Chrysalis wants him dead. He decides he's going to go 'convince' her, Daw joins him. It's probably not going to go well.

Thread 59 Edit

  • Dadling is really overprotective.
  • Mane six keep hearing problems.
  • 88 working on her sensy powers.
  • Siegfried makes his way to the Mane Six, and makes the Gryphons displeasure at the recent events known, and wants AJ to reconsider. She won't. He says okay, and decides to stick around for a day or two.
  • Vekir gets her ambassador test, to get as many dignitaries and heads of state to sign her paper as she can! First goes to Celestia. But Celestia says no, says that she has to actually earn it. Vekir decides the first step is getting to the Gryphon Kingdom and setting up trade.
  • Chrysalis talks with 18, turns out they don't hate each other.
  • DT continues repairing TBDRLIATU
  • Shiny and Celly have a heart to heart about what happened in the mushroom
  • Chitty subplot concludes with a rashomon-esq ending when she bursts into the room with the main six, chained up to a guard and a prostitute. It's not what you're thinking. She just needed some recharging, and the guard got confused.
  • Now the main six are wondering if it should be legal to pay someone to let you eat their love.
  • Also, all of the papers are showing Chitty dragging a prostitute and a guard through the streets after clearly having been arrested. The paper details out what happened... and exactly nobody is reading it. Also, there's a quarantine on the place they just left, so the prostitute is stuck in Canterlot... with Chitania...
  • Pommel and Daw set out to confront Chrysalis and get her to release 32! To do this, they go to the Empire, where Daw promptly tries to rob everything not nailed down... including a guard. Pommel tells Daw to wait outside and has a face to face with Chrysalis! It... goes about as well as you'd expect. And of course Daw doesn't stay outside, come on. Sadly, this is of no help to anyone! Mane-iac comes in afterwards, and they have a nice moment.
  • 88 finally just asks Chrysalis what the holdup is. She says she'll do it, at last. And also teaches 88 that echolocation technique from that one Queen.
  • 29 visits 32, and after a big of back and forth he mentions word is going around that Chrysalis might show up. After a bit of thought, 32 gives him Q and Reggie, and asks him to take care of them. As soon as 29 is gone, he sets everything on fire so Chrysalis can't put together who's been helping him.
  • Chrysalis is hesitant to go down, Shiny shows up and gives her a bit of moral support, but says he can't do this with her. She asks if she comes back up and says no, will he hate her? He says no. Resolved, she goes down.
  • CHRYSALIS VS 32 AT LONG LONG LONG LAST! Ideologies flying! Insults going! Secrets coming out at last! Emotional moments on both sides! Chrysalis says she's sorry for leaving him down there! Finally, 32 puts it all on the line when Chrysalis offers to unblock his mind!
  • She does, and his mind-battle returns! He says he's sorry and offers to work WITH her! She can't leave him down there... but she has a plan! AND HOLY SHIT SHE ASKS FOR HELP WITH IT!
  • Long story short, 32 is free and talking with 88 and 77!... But he has to wear an 'explosive'(not really) collar. And everything worked out for everyone!
  • ...And now there's just 41 left...

Thread 60 Edit

  • Dadling is REALLY overprotective, and should not be allowed proximity mines.
  • Princess meeting where they discuss changelings getting love from someone not-Shiny in the event he can't give them it. Eventually agree to test effects, and Celestia decides to start monetizing it when they finally figure it out.
  • Screwloose is free! Tinsel moves on, it's heartbreaking
  • Vekir gets her suit upgraded
  • Applejack is steadfastedly avoiding magic training.
  • A mysterious pony in a suit is looking for JJ and Acty
  • That guy that almost got infected in Cordy gives a thankyou cake to AJ... It's of her 'applebottom', hint hint. Spike likes it.
  • Idris and Gwen ask some hard questions
  • PD is evil... obviously.
  • 7 confronts 42 about Chrysalis not dealing with 41. After running off, he decides to investigate 32's old cell to look for something susupicious.
  • Long story short, he is sleuthing down in ponyville, mind controlling and seeking, and is now closing in on 29, and it's not looking pretty. He is also really bad at codespeak
  • 42 is training with her FireFlight
  • Fleetfoot and Soarin' are depressed
  • Siegfried tries to get pics of Chitty and the prostitute... uh, turns out said prostitute 'recognizes' Siegfried.
  • Arana and Blueblood meet up again.
  • Pommel and 32 are reunited at last! A heartwarming reunion where they decide to go talk.
  • ...Except 32 was supposed to be watching 88. Who is now wandering around, blind. Whoops.
  • Chrysalis is still helping Fluttershy train with her chaos. Mane-iac has fun with it.
  • Flim and Flam like their new abode
  • Chitania and Celestia at long, long last have a talk. Many things are revealed.
  • Celestia might think it's not too late for Chitania... Chitty also got her autograph for her friend, and there was smiling.
  • 2's teacher is NOT racist!
  • Lots of valentines day stories of everyone hanging out with each other.
  • IT FINALLY HAPPENS! 18/SA/Caddy three way date kicks off!
  • With the restaurant being on fire before they even get there. Sooo... good start.
  • Also, Mane-Iac is going off to meet someone.
  • 42 is babysitting 2, and it's going as well as expected.
  • Also, Gaffer and 8-bit walk in at the WORST time
  • 55 has a heartwarming valentines day story with his lady friend
  • Spike and Chitania talk, and it's revealed she thinks his growing ability is the same as her Titan power.
  • Spike gives DT another rocket launcher, she gets ideas of TBDRLIATU wielding a rocket launcher... while still being a rocket launcher, because she is nuts.
  • 88 is afraid of Arana
  • Lyra tries to taunt 56, it backfires
  • 8-bit and Gaffer meet up with Spitfire in a bar, they realize they all don't like SA and hang out.
  • Vekir learns about 32 and is running off to go see him.

Thread 61 Edit

Thread 62 Edit

  • Princesses continue to see ponies, there is discussion of ninjas.
  • 42 continues to watch over 2! Much pain is had as she is outwitted or made a fool of by the miniscule bug.
  • Also, Cadence bought her a 'fuzzy hole cleaner' which... is exactly what you think it is. Cadence and 2 have no idea.
  • Eventually, 2 gets put to bed, and makes 42 tell her a story... two stories.
  • 88 accidentally pisses off Chitania, said chittybug now knows 88 can do the sonic screech
  • Spike and Twilight continue to hang out.
  • Curious about his last name, Spike goes to Celestia to see his birth certificate. After she shows him all of the stuff from when he was a baby, it turns out he has an absolutely monstrously long name... just because.
  • Speaking of, changeling babies can climb on walls, apparently, and Dadling is going to have several heart attacks before she says her first words at this rate
  • PJ at last returns! After spending forever running from her problems, she tries to make it up to Haymaker and Blueblood with potatoes... they're more of the "Hug/Choke" kind.
  • DT tries to help with the guards!... It uh, doesn't go so well.
  • Sunset Shimmer has arrived! Coming back from the human world, she is now on her way to see the princess! And being freaked out at all the many, many changes that have happened.
  • 18's date continues! At last, long last, in the middle of a romantic stroll it looks like she's about to get her kiss! So of course it gets interrupted. By Poindexter... and Mane-Iac. Who are also on a sort-of date. Naturally, Shiny gets angry. But PD flips it on him! Calling him out for not helping him instead of Chrysalis, and saying he was tired of waiting!
  • Just when you wonder if it can get worse, 8-bit and Gaffer show up. And so does Spitfire. Arguments all around mixed in with some insults, and she can't take no more! Spitfire tackles him and the battle is on!
  • Massive fight takes place, ending when Spitfire does her own version of the rainboom and fire-tackles SA clear out of the Empire.
  • But it's not over yet! Outside, they finally break down and reveal why they hate each other so much. They used to be close, until the Wonderbolt Scandal broke out, and each one felt betrayed by the other when it was revealed they were taking drugs and Shining Armor refused to help her keep her job, respectively. Heart to heart happens where they both realize they made mistakes.
  • They reconcile. Shining Armor has a plan! To convince his populace to let him put her in the forever vacant airforce captain spot Long story short, with help via an impassioned speech from a still disguised 18, they accept it!
  • Spitfire is no longer unemployed!
  • That resolved, SA wants to talk to Poindexter, but he has already walked off. So, that's not over yet.
  • They all go home, deciding tonight needs to just end already.
  • Cadence, despite her still hidden misgivings, cheers 18 up when she says the NEXT date will probably go better, and leaves.
  • Alone in the castle, it looks like 18's finally going to get her kiss!
  • KA-SLAMMA! Chrysalis is back baby! And she's decked out in her royal best for... reasons After a brief talk, she's off to Canterlot!
  • 18, deciding the universe will kill her if she tries this again, decides to go to sleep. "Screw it". Turns out, Shiny beats universe, and FINALLY kisses her. She goes to bed with a smile on her face.
  • But after he goes to bed... Cadence hasn't gone to sleep yet. In her desperation, she wonders if she should just... 'check' him real quick, just take a peak at his love to make sure he's not draining himself. She pulls back just in time.
  • In a bout of madness, she decides she needs to get back in the princess game! She needs to train! She decides when she wakes up, she is going to Celestia! ...She's just a liiiiittle crazy right now...

Thread 63 Edit

  • Chrysalis, still in her dress, meets up with Celestia and we find out where she went! DUN DUN DUUUNNN... It was to visit 55 and make sure he was okay. But that's not all! She has a proposal for Celestia!... Not that kind. Celestia says no, but she can ask Applejack. Chrysalis... is less than thrilled at the idea.
  • Breakfast chronicles! With special guest star, Spitfire!... She's confused.
  • DOUBLE breakfast chronicles! This time with the Catnerlot Crew!
  • Spitfire is having just a biiiiiittt of trouble adjusting to training the crystal Pegasi, mostly because they all super-suck at this.
  • SUNSET SHIMMER HAS LANDED! After sneaking her way into Canterlot, she confronts Celestia head to head, and reveals she is seeking redemption and wants to be a student again! Feeling her chance has passed, Celestia instead assigns her to be Applejack's student to better teach her the joy of being a princess! And also so she doesn't have to deal with it.
  • Sunset... is not sure what happened to Canterlot, but she does not like it, no sir. Such as when she goes into the ballroom to find something she hid away ages ago and instead discovers it's full of ALIENS! She is later delivered bound and gagged to Applejack by some very pissed off and singed changelings. This is only the first of many, many gags with her.
  • 12 and Screwloose continue heading off to ???
  • Vekir and 32 talk
  • Coltsly solutions are going to try to give Celestia an offer they can't refuse.
  • 7 has a fantasy about his Queen loving him for doing a good job, it's adorable.
  • Dash, Spitfire and Soarin' find out about Spitfire, they're pretty damn shocked.
  • 41 once punched a baby in the face...
  • AJ has a talk with Sunset about vices.
  • Chitania forgot she can fly.
  • 29 finds 32's cell, and sadly laments his lost friend, thinking him burned to death. Thankfully, a ghostkid clears that up, and they rush off to go see him. The spot him still in the restaurant with Pommel, and 29 comes up with a plan! So he isn't seen tailing him, he disguises himself as Jugglejack, who is also in the restaurant with Actarius, with the intention of following 32 when he finishes. This way, he has an alibi, and since JJ will be seen in two places they won't be able to pin anything on him. Yes, everyone calls this plan as dumb and needlessly complicated as it is. Nonetheless, they go with it.
  • Turns out, 7 followed them the whole way. When 29 goes into the bathroom, 7 takes this as his chance and prepares to end him. Only to find out someone beat him to it. The suited pony from several threads ago, thinking 29 is Jugglejack in a stunning lack of racism and being able to tell them apart, tries to abduct him.
  • 7 reveals himself and they square off. Jetset pops out of nowhere, having spotted 7 while getting Celestia a bear claw, and reveals he knows the suited pony, who's name is Slate, and that Slate trained him back when he started by left for... "a more 'rewarding' profession". Sensing trouble is about to start, he decides HE needs to take 29 into his custody. One insult too far, and Jetset goes at Slate and tries to attack him from behind, but then Slate does the same. Long story short they keep appearing behind the other, and are soon gone.
  • Before 7 can breath a sigh of relief, a whole mob of suited ponies break into the bathroom. AND THE MARE IN THE BACK SAID EVERYONE ATTACK AND IT TURNED INTO A BALLROOM BLITZ! The brawl spills out into the restaurant, and when no guards show up (causing Pommel to lose his mind with anger that nobody is coming to help) several patrons tell their robots to open (TASER, notbullet)fire... which mostly just hits 7's meatshields and random patrons. Yes, one of them does point a gun at Zecora.
  • Actarius and Pommel work together to get everyone out while Zecora makes a smokebomb. Having enough, Seven fries the lot, breaking all the machines. Just before he can breath a sigh of relief, Jetset and Slate come back... and Jet promptly gets himself tangled in Seven. After a tense confrontation, a three-way beam-war ensues... which solves absolutely nothing as none of them are hit. So they start punching each other. In a shocking twist, in the midst of one-upping the other 7 and Jet work together in perfect harmony and take out Slate... after Jetset totally kill-steals. But while they're arguing, Slate reveals he is still standing, and prepares to leave.
  • CHRYSALIS OUT OF NOWHERE! And the shocking reveal to Slates Employer is... THE EQUESTRIAN CHARITY OVERSIGHT ORGINIZATION! ...So, yeah, he's a charity auditor who deals with cases of fraud, which JJ and Actarius committed when they raised funds without telling anyone it was going to changelings, who takes his job waaayyyyyy too seriously. All the same, it looks like JJ and Acty are off to prison.
  • NOPE! Turns out, Chrysalis has been slipping in addendum in laws for months, and one of them covers this. Slate apologizes, Seven lies and gets told he did a good job, Jetset leaves and all is well! ...Except that Seven doesn't get a pat on the head. And Chrysalis chews out JJ. And AJ now knows that stuff has been getting past her. So, not so well.
  • AJ calls Chrysalis to her office, and spends a bit yelling at her before Chrysalis stops her and instead we find out what that offer was she gave Celestia. She wants to give Applejack a new guard... made up of Changelings. Taking into consideration it would solve a lot of problems regarding them, but would also require a lot of trust put in Chrysalis, she's totally unsure what she should do and how she's supposed to figure this out by herself.
  • Oh, wait, she doesn't have to, she's got friends now. "Think it's time for another princess meeting..."

Thread 64 Edit

  • Spitfire continues to utterly fail to whip the Crystal Air Force into shape
  • DT resumes training the Canterlot Guard!... mostly with musicals.
  • Cadence has all she can take and she can't take no more! She tears off, flies her flat rear to Canterlot and breaks down with Celestia where she reveals that she knows NOTHING about how to run a country, sign bills into law or anything! Feeling completely useless, she begs Celestia to help her.
  • Which Celestia agrees to... That was easy.
  • Chrysalis wrecks Shiny's papers to try to make herself feel better, it doesn't work. She and him have a heart to heart talk where she laments how much better it would be if she could just bring her Hive to the Empire, and he agrees, but there's just no room. They have a nice moment together.
  • DT made a recruitment commercial. According to Steam Gauge and Quicksilver's conversation, they got an influx of new recruits because of it. Plus Coco was pressed into enlisting.
  • They managed to have success in their training by facing stuffed animals again and successfully recovering the cakes.
  • During a Karaoke night with Silver, DT shows she's still angry at AJ and smashes the machine.
  • Silver Spoon tells Spike she's worried about DT and that DT needs friends. She asks his help to get her to bounce back.
  • More 'Chitty and the past queens' flashbacks
  • Sunset wants to learn about Changeling Queens, and when Twilight refuses to share any of her research she heads off to go get it herself from the source, AKA Chitania.
  • It fails spectacularly, but Chitania gets to throw some barbs in the meanwhile. Also, Chitania isn't just reading about gods and the means to reach them, as it turns out. She's been slipping in something... else.
  • Vekir finds her bodyguard at last, Handydog!
  • Haymaker, Blueblood, PJ and Arana hang out
  • Jetset meets with his old 'professionalism' teacher, Harshwhinny, and mentions he met Slate again. All she cares about is that he 'won' due to the fact he got the last hit.
  • Ms Coltsly makes her move, and offers her own replacement for the guard, Pennydrop's robots.
  • With the stage set, the great debate begins! All the mane six, princesses, Spike and Sunset get together and debate the merits of either the changelings or the robots, since none of them want to give the current guard another shot.
  • While initially having a little support, what little the changelings had turns on them when AJ reveals Chrysalis still wants to be in command of them.
  • Twilight pleads with them desperately to give Chrysalis a chance, but after a lengthy speech Applejack just simply declares she doesn't trust her, and asks Twilight, as her FRIEND, to let it go. Backed into a corner by that, Twilight relents, and it looks like the robots are going to be the new guard.
  • But all is not lost! Pommel bursts in at the last moment, and finds out he was elected captain of the guard in a sham election. Still, he decides it's a now or never thing, and that it's up to him to save the guard!
  • With an impassioned speech that points out the flaws of having an uncaring, unfeeling guard overlooking them, he convinces the princesses to give the guard one last shot.
  • Applejack, always one who appreciates hard work and natural order, offers him one month to get the guard recruited back to not-terrible levels, and if he can't manage it they're going with the robots.
  • Now, Pommel has to fill the ranks of the guards, or its all over for them.
  • Meeting adjourned.
  • Chrysalis learns her plan fails, and while she is in despair that her last real chance to make headway in Canterlot has slipped away, she has a meeting with Chitania where the other queen details exactly why this is all going to fail for her, her people will be wiped out, and she'll be all alone, and she can't stop it. And it'll all happen the moment Shining Armor dies.
  • ...Only, turns out, Chitania was never really there at all.
  • Chrysalis might be a bit unhinged at the moment.
  • In the aftermath, Sunset goes to see Twilight to cheer her up, and tell her she understands the importance of second chances, obviously. This works and they decide to start working together.

Thread 65 Edit

  • Canterlot Breakfast chronicles guest starring Luna, wherein' we learn she has terrible social skills
  • Fluttershy talks with a still raging Chrysalis! It doesn't work.
  • So does Pinkie, it also doesn't work.
  • Dash has a Wonderbolt meeting, it goes about as well as expected.
  • Speaking of, Wonderbolt Recruitment is... not going well.
  • Rarity sees Cadence struggling to learn tax codes and decides to team up so they can help each other be better princesses! Cadence being taught by Celestia and Rarity is now a thing.
  • Pinkie goes and visits Shiny, comedy ensues.
  • Spike and Sunset can't stop laughing at 'sparklejoules'
  • Chitania and Prostipony mull about Canterlot.
  • Twilight brings Daw into the lab to fill out her Subspace magic room with all sorts of monsters for a new game!
  • Sunset confronts AJ about her not using her magic, AJ rebukes her.
  • Sombra mini-arc is back!
  • Primrose, the robot Coltsly gave AJ, is now being used as a cake serving tray.
  • Pommel takes command of the captain of the guard and give a rousing, heartfelt speech!
  • ...It doesn't do jack, since nobody is in any way impressed due to the brutal training they underwent with Diamond Tiara now feels pointless. Much work is to be done.
  • Screwloose is still in route to PD and High Roller strikes a deal with her that clears an old he owes to her, in exchange for him ensuring 12's safety. That deal in turn will leave him in Pennydrop's service a while longer. He's a debt-clearing kidna guy.
  • 77 and 32 find 88, and with them Rekulk and Sebjek, who talk with their long missed 'zhetri thul'. Rekulk can be oddly cute.
  • DT's shipments of robots arrived and she wants to give them away to the guards. She asked Spike if he can get them approved for storage with the Guards. Spike, remembering his earlier conversation with Silver Spoon, agrees to get them approved only if DT would start meeting with Twilight.
  • She also mentions that new recruits are arriving for training thanks to the recruitment ad campaign.
  • Chrysalis goes to check on the hive and notices 12 is missing, goes off to confront Applejack about that.
  • Applejack enters her office and finds, weirdly enough, 29 in there being harassed by Winona. After a bit of talking, she gleams that he's obviously fearful for his life, not knowing that 7 is after him.
  • He leaves and AJ decides to have Jetset tail him in order to make sure Chrysalis isn't trying to kill him for something stupid, unaware that Chrysalis doesn't even know there's a problem.
  • Chrysalis confronts Applejack about 12, and learns AJ has been convincing 12 to ignore her orders and has been granting him stuff Chrysalis didn't approve of.
  • A bit of banter happens, then AJ decides to lay down the law and say she's not going to tolerate Chrysalis threatening the lives of one of her subjects.
  • Chrysalis thinks she's talking about 41, Aj is in fact talking about 29, neither know this.
  • Offended that AJ thinks she can control her hive or herself, she tells the alicorn she is powerless against her, and she was going to show her what a TRUE Queen was! In a flash of fire, she's gone. Panicking, AJ takes off in panic.
  • She tries to go get Twilight, but unfortunately for her Twilight is visiting her brother in the Empire.
  • And Celestia is off with Rarity and Cadence in the Empire's library
  • And Fluttershy is gone off to a tea party with some chaos creatures
  • ...Whoops.
  • On a warpath, Chrysalis finds 41 with Suckerpunch and Six other guards, fully intending to outright kill her right there. She freezes Suckerpunch to prevent him from intervening, but does not need to with the other terrified guard. The inaction by both the Guard and AJ disappoints her.
  • Enraged, she prepares to take off 41's head. Only to be struck at the last moment by the realization that 41 only disobeyed her for Sucker Punch, who she only likes because they fought. Which they did only because of... Applejack.
  • She starts mentally going over every other one who disobeyed her and notices they all did so because of something Applejack did.
  • She's floored, thinking that she'd been played for a fool by Applejack to subvert her authority, and that she hadplanned to use her rage against 41 to further this goal by offering any frightened Changelings asylum in the wake of her death.
  • Deciding she needs to outplay the player, she puts on a disguise that makes her look bored, and says "Well that didn't work!" before vanishing in a wash of fire and appearing in a room adjacent to the ballroom with 41 in tow.
  • She wipes 41's mind of the last month, and pretends that all of this, the disobedience and denial of orders, was part of her plan to gauge what it would take for the guard to accept them in the wake of her attempt to take it over.
  • All of the changelings overhear this, obviously. Chrysalis planned for this.
  • 41 is safe, and everything looks fine!
  • ...And then an explosion goes off.
  • ELSEWHERE! 7 is tracking 29 and is about to make his move, only to be stopped by Jetset!
  • They banter and 7 reveals this isn't a sanctioned assassination, just an expected thing, and then they battle.
  • Jetset seems to get the upper hand, thinking 7 still drained from the earlier battle after having seen his Queen did not refill his power, mocks 7 and prepares to stab him in the eye.
  • But 7 had drained every single hidden love-harness his Queen had stocked in the year since they arrived and is now quite charged. He takes Jetset down and starts mocking him right back.
  • Then Jetset points out his goal wasn't to beat 7, and that 29 is long, long, long gone. In a rage, 7 threatens him, but can't bring himself to actually kill Jetset.
  • Not that Applejack, who stumbled across the two due to their battle, knew that. She pours all of her magic into her hoof, unable to control the unstable power, and punches him clear out into the street. Overestimating his durability and thinking she didn't hit him hard enough, not knowing 7 is quite unconscious and likely has a serious concussion, she prepares to hit him again. She realizes her mistake a second too late, about to smash 7 into smithereens.
  • Only to be blocked at the last second... by Chrysalis! The Queen takes all that unstable power right to her shoulder as she covers him, and that damage is quite severe. Not severe enough to stop her from looking like she's about to tear this place apart, but she is visibly bleeding.
  • Just when it looks like a fight is going to break out, the Guard show up!... so yeah, that does nothing.
  • But then a whole bunch of robots, some from citizens and most from Coltsly, join the fray! This also does nothing.
  • THEN the Wonderbolts show up!... All four of them! So, yeah, nothing.
  • But then LUNA shows up! And this is something!
  • But then the whole HIVE shows up, so that something is not something enough.
  • Now, it looks like another full battle is about to break out, and AJ completely instinctively tells Chrysalis to back the fuck off. She instantly realizes this was a very dumb idea.
  • But instead of further escalating things, Chrysalis looks around, to all her assembled hive ready to fight, and... she does back down. She says this all must be some kind of misunderstanding, tells her hive to stop, asks Applejack nicely to tell her side to back down, and then she literally limps away, back to her ballroom, leavign a trail of blood down the street.
  • Canterlot is now in a swing of patriotic pride after having 'defeated' the changeling forces! Both the WBs and the Guard are seeing new recruits because of it.
  • Chrysalis meanwhile, after dropping off 7 and the others in the ballroom goes off to her quiet place to be alone, and lets it all hit her.
  • It hits her that its not going to work, it's not getting better, and that this ballroom isn't a home.. it's a prison.
  • She breaks down when she realizes she was moments away from possibly losing her whole hive, and that she backed down out of fear that they would suffer the same fate as Chitania's hive and leave her all alone.
  • No matter how hard she thinks... she can't find an answer for what to do.
  • But when Cadence and Celestia come through the portal, that changes.
  • After finding her, Cadence and her have a long, drawn out talk where Chrysalis at last reveals her fears, and Cadence decides that maybe... it's time for a change. Maybe it's time for her to be a real princess, and finally make a real change.
  • AJ talks with Celestia, and she tells her exactly what happened out there, or at least what she knows.
  • After calling the wounded Jetset into the room, Celestia learns of the miscommunication regarding 41 and 29, and that the fight was pointless.
  • Celestia also learns that Applejack never even asked why Chrysalis was angry with 29, which would have prevented all of this.
  • But instead of getting mad or criticizing, like expected, Celestia just shrugs and walks off.
  • Applejack is surprisingly unbothered by all of this, thinking things are going to go back to normal now.
  • But when Celestia finds Chrysalis... she learns that's not at all true. Chrysalis has an announcement, and she needs all the changelings in Canterlot to give it.
  • After an impassioned speech where she points out how they had been going about this all wrong and needed to make a real change with Canterlot, she tells them, openly and honestly, with all the heart she can muster, to speak as one with her...
  • ...Neat.

Thread 66 Edit

  • Flashback occurs where we get to see how Cadence convinced Shining to let them come over. Seeing as he wanted them allowed over there originally, this wasn't very hard.
  • The changelings all react in various ways to Chrysalis's announcement. Most good, some, like JJ, bad.
  • Celestia, who is in the room, is sad by this and wishes she had talked about it with AJ first, but understands why she didn't.
  • 56 openly declares he's going to stay anyway, and everyone kind of just lets him walk off, because it's 56 and nobody takes him seriously.
  • Dadling says he has to stay for the baby, and Chrysalis accepts.
  • JJ and Actarius have a tearful goodbye, and Actarius realizes he's homeless again.
  • 32 asks Chrysalis to stay as well, which she openly accepts if only to get him away from her, because he wants to become an 'ambassador' between changelings and Caterlot to hopefully keep their relationship from deteriorating.
  • 42 and Chrysalis muse about the move together, and lament how much different their own relationship has become.
  • After taking one last look, Chrysalis gives a "Fuck this place" and the changelings begin to march.
  • Canterlot reacts as they march through in various ways. Some, like Siegfried, look on in interest, some like Coltsly use this to sell some more robots, while Applejack just shrugs it off without a care, thinking this is all one big temper tantrum.
  • Every changeling marches to the train station where Shining, Cadence and Two are all waiting for them to eagerly accept them, no guards so it doesn't look like a transfer of prisoners or something like that.
  • Shining, Celestia and Chrysalis have a bit of banter, showing they're still friends, but the time has come. Slowly, all of the changelings begin to board the train that will take them to the empire.
  • Back in her office, Applejack is still stubbornly refusing to move, despite Spike urging her to. She still thinks this is all one big show and that everything will go back to normal soon. When Twilight arrives... she informs her this isn't true.
  • Applejack runs off at full speed, tearing down towards the train station to see for herself, but arrives too late. She doesn't make it in time before the train leaves the station, and she can only watch as they're all gone.
  • Needing to confirm, she rushes back to the Ballroom, finding it totally empty. She can only look on, shocked, as it all sinks in.
  • Celestia arrives shortly, and they begin to talk about it. Gently, Celestia explains while she did fail her first test as a princess, helping the changelings, that it is not the end of the world and she should not give up hope.
  • Applejack, being Applejack, agrees, deciding not to let her failure weigh her down and continue on helping Equestria, even musing that this might have been the right choice all along. Sadly, both of them leave the ballroom behind.
  • The changelings arrive in the Crystal Empire! Chrysalis's very first time giving a public speech wherein she wasn't allowed to just shoot anyone who annoyed her has some rocky starts, but eventually she is openly welcomed to the Empire!
  • She then promptly takes a nap... on Shiny's desk.
  • The changelings move into the stadium! It's not like they were going to use it anyway.
  • 42 is assigned a helper to help them get moved in, Citrine, a yellow Crystal Pony.
  • Spitfire quickly accepts them, understanding a thing or two about needing to beat past perceptions.
  • It looks like things are finally looking up!
  • But unknown to all, Sombra strike a deal with Maud... who, yes, is still in the Empire. No, she never left. Because of reasons.
  • Back at Canterlot, Diamond Tiara hands out the robots she asked Spike about earlier, which very closely resembles her mother, but declares they can only keep them as personal property if they use them in the field... nobody points out that's actually illegal. Because it's Diamond Tiara.
  • But after that, Diamond Tiara learns from Silver Spoon that the changelings, including 77 and 42, have left the Empire! She has a bit of a childish breakdown wherein she gets upset they didn't even say goodbye, eventually running off to her daddy to have a little cry.
  • Daw is trapped in the subspace room! Accidentally deleting the fences... somehow. She's now at the mercy of all of the creatures she has to frantically 'delete' while Vekir rushes off with Handydog to get Twilight!
  • She is eventually confronted by a resurrected Brahmos... who she deletes. Not very hard.
  • Twilight saves her, says she's got what she needs and then sends her off.
  • That done, Vekir asks Twilight to fix Handydog's many problems in exchange for him being her bodyguard, which she accepts.
  • Librarian is happy, until she learns that Chitania didn't go with the other changelings. Chitania takes the news of Chrysalis's departure very oddly.
  • The ballroom free, Sunset makes her move. She goes into the ballroom and finds a hidden stash of old items she left there forever ago, discovering them still in tact. Among them a talking Celestia doll she had enchanted, and also a certain crystal.
  • One which is supposed to capture dreams. In a room with changelings.
  • It also tries to take over her mind, but this does nothing to deter her.
  • Investigating it later, she finds an odd black energy absorbing the dream-magic inside it, and she begins to wonder just it means...
  • Fluttershy gives AJ a "Bad Applejack" and leaves.
  • Chrysalis wakes up, and it looks like things are finally going back to normal!

Thread 67 Edit

  • Chrysalis awakens! Finally having slept off her wound, she stumbles out and has a moment where she gets to watch her hive walking around, free of hated.
  • Shiny walks up to her and reminisces about the first time he got to see everyone be happy after Sombra's influence. After a shared moment, Chrysalis is back to teasing Shiny.
  • Screwloose and High Roller finally near the end of their journey, and 12 is forced to wear a blindfold after being drugged. He just has no luck.
  • 88 is having trouble adjusting to the new setting, and her sonic screech is a problem.
  • Round table discussion continues!
  • 18 laments the fact she'll have to do all the changelings paperwork, until Cadence pops in and says she let them in so she'll handle it.
  • No matter how many times she slaps herself, it will not go away. That actually happened.
  • Cadence seeks out Rarity's help.
  • 007 awakens and Chrysalis gets a full report of what happened. She's a bit intense about it.
  • Pennydrop savors the fact the changelings are gone.
  • Gwen and Idris have a discussion on that. Turns out, while Idris thinks that Canterlot won, Gwen is convinced this is all one big plan on Chrysalis's part. One she is... prepared for.
  • Canterlot Breakfast Chronicles!
  • 32 meets up with Sebjek and Rekulk, and it turns out they're fucking loaded with diamonds.
  • Celestia and Chrysalis go back to having fun with skiing. They drag Cadence, Shiny and Pinkie along.
  • Twilight works on Watchdog.
  • Chitania ain't going nowhere.
  • Movie night at the Crystal Empire! Guest starring Spitfire
  • Gwen shows Idris a robot, he likes it for all the wrong reasons.
  • 42 and Chrysalis talk, discover they always sound ominous.
  • Jetset can't find 29
  • Surfing Zebra and surfing bro return and give Chitty a letter!
  • Dash finds out that just because you have a lot of recruits doesn't mean they were any good.
  • When Twilight and Sunset talk about technology, Chrysalis shows up and shows she's still friends with Twilight.
  • 10 has missed a lot.
  • Spike gets 'tested' by Twilight to examine his dragon-growth in the hopes of understanding it and using it to fight Chitania should the need arise. After some deliberating, she decides she can't figure it out, and he shouldn't worry about it. He accepts, begrudgingly, and after he's gone she reveals she didn't look that hard.
  • Chrysalis shows up and confronts AJ, essentially calling her out when Applejack tries to threaten her and rubbing it in her face that Applejack is powerless against her without her hive to hang over her head. After some posturing, she tells Applejack everything has changed, and she no longer considers her an enemy, just a 'nobody in a crowd' she doesn't care about.
  • All Applejack takes away from that is that she doesn't have to deal with her anymore or treat Chrysalis any different than she does anyone else.
  • Pinkie throws the Changelings a welcome party, no matter how much Shining protests.
  • Chrysalis is back in the game and doing wacky stuff with Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie.
  • And for the main event, SMARTY BELLE!
  • Sweetie Belle has been seeing chaos creatures ever since the plushies, a side effect of a zotzing that Discord gave her long ago that granted her intelligence, and said advanced intelligence has also remained. She notices Scootaloo failing to fly again, and wishes she was back to being dumb so they could all go back to being adventurers. Pissed, she seeks out Discord.
  • 56 is wondering why Sunset Shimmer telling him off made him feel so bad while he was walking through Canterlot, when Discord appears. Discord tells him something is blocking his memories, and it's starting to slip
  • 56 decides he doesn't want it put back on.
  • Sweetie Belle arrives, and demands Discord remove her chaos stuff. Discord claims he can't, but there is a way to get rid of it and use it to repair Scootaloo's problems and allow her to fly. Desperate, she goes through with it.
  • She punches SL, it works, SL can fly again and Smarty Belle is no more.
  • 56 resigns from the junior fliers and writes an apology not to Sunset Shimmer.
  • Goes to see Luna and says he wants to be a nightguard. She gives vague hints at the... 'eccentric' captain of said nightguard, but otherwise doesn't help.
  • Now, he's about to confront Chrysalis and stop her from just picking him up and taking him home, which is what she's most likely to do.
  • And the CMC are back together.
  • Two things, Snake Eyes actually intervened about the Blindfold and 12 didn't have to wear it after all.
  • And 32 now has Fancy Pants' address courtesy of Primrose, who is programmed to try and convince changelings to drink insecticide and has a built in 'Drama Enhancemenf Program' courtesy of Rarity.

Thread 68 Edit

  • Princess Round Table! They've had enough of this shit.
  • SA, Cadence and Two go to the park for family time.
  • Silver spoon covers for DT at school. Fools no one.
  • 41 wants to go back to Canterlot to visit SP and talk about what happened. Chrysalis takes her with her.
  • Suckerpunch, marching towards the portal to get some answers from 41, stops when he finds Actarius sleeping on the park bench. After some back and forth, SP makes it rain. Rain punches, that is. And while Actarius can take a hit, he can't give it back, being too slow. This gets worse when 41 decides to join in, and they smash his face.
  • 41 explains the situation to SP as best she can, and while SP is angry, eventually the two make up and go off to get pizza.
  • ...But not before punching Actarius for ruining the mood.
  • Cadence and 18 go to the spa.
  • Chrysalis as dungeon master is... exactly what you'd expect.
  • Jetset is off to give AJ some hairties for her (still slightly short) hair. Spike gets jealous.
  • Cadence, feeling useful again, finally confronts 42 about what happened back at Cordy, and her confession. After a longer confession and explanation wherein 42 asks her to remove the feelings and Cadence denies her, Cadence says it doesn't bother her how 42 feels about Shining, removing the feeling of guilt from 42, and then decides this fixed everything.
  • It did not. 42 is now more confused then ever, because she doesn't know what "It's okay" means.
  • ...Oh, and it hits her that she has feeling for Cadence as well.
  • Just once, for old times sake, she wants to hit her brain.
  • Poindexter and 18 make up after he ruined her date.
  • 2 pretends to be the shark in 'jowls'. Not-mom didn't tell her to do it
  • Chrysalis is blunt with 88.
  • 32 gets some real estate to work on that ambassador thing from Fancy Pants, then goes to speak with Spike looking for Applejack. Spike... does not let go of a grudge very easy.
  • Sunset won't stop bugging Chitania.
  • Chrysalis asks the changelings if they have any questions, goes as well as expected.
  • Daw spots the guards with the peacetrotters, decides to call them out and prove Pommel isn't as lame as they think by showing them things Pommel fought in the simulator.
  • Pennydrop is spying on Highroller, 12, and SL
  • MM, Zecora and Trixie are still looking for 29.
  • Celestia goes to visit 7 in the hospital, thanks him for not trying to kill JS even though JS tried to kill him multiple times, points out he's not a monster, then heals him while giving him a cryptic suggestion to visit someone instead of pursuing 29.
  • Sombra, at last, is ready to go!
  • They go down to Ponyville... nothing much happens but some reminiscing and wondering if they should come back.
  • Going into Everfree, Sombra gets a taste of it's insanity while everything else tries to get a taste of him, literally.
  • Lots of discussion about how dangerous it is and how many terrible things are right outside the town.
  • Pinkie and Sombra wish they had brought SA, and reminisce.
  • ...oh, and Pinkie makes noises when she flies on someone's back, and it's annoying.
  • Now they're nearing the Tree, and the next part of Sombra's arc is coming!

Thread 69 Edit

  • Sombra continues his journey through Everfree joined by the main six! After some nostalgia, some mishaps, and some questions they eventually reach the tree of harmony!
  • After doing some competitive hoof-holding, Sombra gets a glimpse inside and gets to speak to none other than the Tree itself! He details his mission, and after a revelation from the tree he now has the means to finally get his body back. One problem... he's running out of time!
  • Determined, he's heading back towards the Empire.
  • Screwloose,12 and High Roller at last arrive at their destination! A hidden underground lair devoted to EEEEVIL science!... or actually just regular science.
  • More useless changeling powers!
  • Two questions political procedures for a class, gets wildly different answers from the various leaders in the Empire... mostly unhelpful.
  • 32 introduces himself to his neighbor, miss Coltsly
  • Siegfried talks shit about his mom.. so of course Gwen shows up right then.
  • Afterwards, she goes and tries to confront Chitania, doesn't work.
  • Daw decides to show the guards just what Pommel went up against... if she can ever get the damn thing working.
  • Spike talks with Pommel about the robots... it doesn't quite work out as he thought.
  • Angry, Diamond Tiara confronts him, and after some posturing a wager is met. Either Pommel figures out how to convince Applejack to let Diamond Tiara  help train the guards, or he has to let the robots stay.
  • Training the crystal pegasi is... not going well.
  • 56 talks to sunset
  • Chrysalis messes with Shiny
  • Sunset learns that Pommel was eaten, Chitania shrunk down, and then he came

back alive and with no side effects. Realizing the benefits this could bring, she sets off to crack Chitty's code.

  • When brute forcing it doesn't work, Chitania points out there's nothing in

it for her. After cycling through all her options, Sunset declares there is SOMETHING Chitania wants, and she's going to find it.

  • Chitania's companion asks her why she doesn't want anything, doesn't get a good answer.
  • 7 is healed and returns to his previous mission... or does he?
  • BBB cheers up 10
  • Chrysalis wants SA to ask AJ where 12 is.
  • Jugglejack is off to see Actarius
  • Twilight finally fixes Handydog
  • Sunset continues researching the item taken that held magic of the

changelings, and when pushed to the limit by Chitania's refusal she conducts a dangerous experiment

  • Due to some negative side effects from Discord, she gets a hole blasted in

her chest, but instead of dying she finds herself INSIDE THE HIVEMIND!

  • In it, she can see the memories of other changeling Queens, and their

different feats. But one in particular catches her attention...

  • Variolus's memory, of the day Chitania's hive died.
  • She wakes up, seemingly healed... but something is off.
  • Her hair is pale, she's acting odd... and there's green in her eyes.
  • Sunset saw beyond and made it back from the hivemind... or did she?

Thread 70 Edit

  • Actarius is still under that bench, stuck due to it being caught on a root, and after some self struggle wherein he doubts his choices he finds his resolve and tries to break out... Doesn't work.
  • But, thankfully, Chrysalis helps him out, and after some talking she gives him some money to clean himself up at a hotel.
  • Dash is still having a lot of trouble with the new Wonderbolts, and her current crop are hinting something about their LEADER who is
  • TOTALLY THERE ALWAYS she can't put together.
  • 2 continues to be cute. That is all.
  • Movie night, wherein it turns out Chrysalis likes puppets!
  • ScrewLoose is now in the lab with her buggy companion, an she is going to do some SCIENCE!
  • Sadly, High Roller isn't out of it yet, and he's heading off to a certain... familiar country.
  • Chitty and Prostimare continue to have wacky adventures in the library.
  • But that's not all! After dolling up PM, she is sent out on a certain mission. To... retrieve a robot.
  • Chitania is now learning how robots work, because she wasn't horrible enough, clearly.
  • Also, it turns out Chitania is fantastic with makeup.
  • Due to this PM takes a liking to looking high class, and after some whining Chitania eventually breaks down and makes her look good.
  • PM is now fearing when she has to go home.
  • The changelings are having a hard time adjusting to the CE.
  • SOMEONE who is not revealed did the Main Six's paperwork while they're gone, and they now owe them one.
  • Also, Pinkie is not where she should be, and nobody has noticed yet.
  • Celestia confronts Applejack about what she did to 7, revealing her out of control power nearly killed him. After breaking down, Applejack finally agrees to magic lessons.
  • Feeling terrible for having to be so brutal, Celestia goes over to Shiny and messes up his paperwork to feel better. It works. After sharing a moment, they both wonder what things could have been like, if things went different...
  • 2 invents easter... don't ask.
  • Cadence finishes up the moving in paperwork, and declares the changelings done!
  • ...Nobody has yet pointed out she needs to do more than just that.
  • Spitfire and 42 talk about the military.
  • Gwendolyn confronts AJ about any changes to their policy after kicking out then changelings. There is none, but there is something going on besides that.
  • Twilight discovers someone went through her database. After some investigating Via Chrysalis, she discovers it was Sunset. Chrysalis knows she knows about changelings now.
  • Diamond Tiara meets up with the Cabal! Her, Gwen and PD talk, and everything seems to be going swimmingly.
  • Vekir and Watchdog meet up with Gwen!
  • Arana meets up with Applejack, and after some talking gets her to confront Chitania about what they both saw in her head.
  • 2 invented a new kind of monopoly.
  • Sunset, with that rock still lodged in her chest, is starting to feel the aftereffects. Notably, she's growing weaker, unless she can absorb love. She's becoming like a changeling.
  • But that's not all! Something came back with her, or rather... someone
  • Variolus speaks to her from beyond the grave, and after some discussion Sunset is offered something quite grand if she can let Variolus speak to 32 and Chitania. She promises her the one thing she's always wanted Sunset... the secret of the Titan herself.
  • She is also occasionally bugging her, because she is still Variolus.
  • Across the world, Idris is suddenly confronted! Flanked by his worst enemy and his brother in law, a Seer approaches the king, and declares to him that the gods themselves fear he will bring ruin to the Gryphons. The lords are gathering, and it is up to him to prove he is worth his kingship!
  • Back in Canterlot, Gwen reminisces about Hilda while talking to Vekir, remembering her past, when the messengers arrive.
  • It seems Vekir is now heading with her back to the gryphon kingdom!

Thread 71 Edit

  • AjJ bugs Celestia some more, just like old times.
  • More useless changeling powers.
  • 18 is sad the changelings are in the Empire, she will never escape them.
  • A guard tries harassing Prostimare, Chitty makes him shit himself.
  • On that note, PM is now looking a ton more fancy due to Chitty's makeup abilities being crazy good, and is worried when she has to go home.
  • Watchdog and Vekir, after talking with Celestia, are headed off to the gryphon kingdom!
  • 42 gets a robot to help with the guards training to shoot. It tries to shoot her, because of reasons. Racist reasons.
  • She's not getting rid of it.
  • SA asks 2 if she has any opinions on the 18 thing. She does not. Prefers, instead, to do shark stuff.
  • Because sharks.
  • SA goes off to see AJ and confronts her about 12. After a stark realization that she never sent any guard to go get Screwloose with him, and with the knowledge he has likely been abducted, she lies to assure SA and sends off Jetset.
  • 29 is using the ghostkids to avoid anyone chasing him.
  • Chrysalis is looking at the Crystal Heart when Cadence arrives and asks her what's up with that. She reminisces about the old days when she had a plan to conquer the Empire, and how everything changed when she got her power.
  • They come to an understanding.
  • Spike and 42 are on iffy terms now.
  • Sunset and Variolus continue to talk, with Sunset now trying to make her way to the Empire undetected, since that's where she thinks 32 is.
  • Mostly is having back and forths with Variolus about how things have changed.
  • Sunset gets a complete make-over to blend in, courtesy of Variolus, then goes hunting for 'prey' for the first time.
  • AJ finally confronts Chitania about what she saw back when they connected during Cordyceps, and says Arana wants to tell Chrysalis the hidden thing they both saw.
  • Chitania, after a bit of a fight, strangely agrees, and gives her full permission to tell Chrysalis the secret not yet revealed.
  • Flashback to when DT bought the peacetrotters
  • The peacetrotters are starting to talk to each other, which might be weird or might not be.
  • DT gets her upgrade for TBDRLIATU, salivates at the thought of wrecking Chitania.
  • The changelings join 2 in staging a re-enactment of a giant monster movie... life sized.
  • Bat-mom finally has to go back to work.
  • 29 senses Varilous, but he doesn't know he does.
  • Pommel finally talks to AJ about DT! After much debate, AJ agrees to talk to DT and see if she can stay on, but nothing else.
  • Daw's still trying to get the simulator to work
  • The changelings are moved in... now what?
  • 2 goes to see Aj, and there is much talking of hairclips and bakings of horrible concoctions to be had
  • It's all adorable
  • 32 is moved in and am ambassador now, fully!
  • Chrysalis's many agents can't find 12
  • Or 29
  • ...She's taking matters into her own hands.

Thread 72 Edit

  • 18 is still getting 'progress reports' from 55.
  • Zephyrous is back on his feet and talking with Hilda, they both have a moment where they reminisce before they soldier on, ready for the kingsmoot
  • Sunset continues to chat with Variolus, while unknowingly being manipulated by her as she occasionally stuns and drains ponies, and by a completely random stroke of luck she manages to come across 32 as he is getting fitted for a suit. After a bit of flirting, she manages to convince him to come see "Shimmer" in the castle.
  • 10 interviews Colstly, she's a little on edge.
  • Shiny is confused when Idris has to cancel their meeting due to Kingsmoot.
  • Chrysalis thinks it's political maneuvering, and gives very creepy suggestions on how to respond.
  • After a back and forth with the librarian about her never doing anything, PM is at last encouraged to start reading some books. She decides to do so.... for revenge! The Librarian immediately regrets this choice.
  • Rarity finds Applejack sitting on a bench worrying about her inevitable talk with Chrysalis. She reveals what she saw in Chitania's head concerns Chrysalis's mother, and it might make her think less of her. She admits that while she doesn't like Chrysalis, she would never intentionally ruin her memory like that. After some support from Rarity, she decides to go do it.
  • 88 is getting better at being blind.
  • After finally saying goodbye to everyone, Vekir and Watchdog join Gwen on the train, and they are off to the gryphon kingdom!
  • But they're not alone. Pennydrop has sent two agents of hers onto the train with them, and they're preparing one hell of a demonstration, with a little help from some bandits.
  • Spitfire is failing at making the Empire Pegasi better, but making friends with 18.
  • Pommel shows the guard those fish ponies he fought.
  • 2 has learned bad habits.
  • Dash messes up the Wonderbolts paperwork, causing 18 to devolve into screams, and finally admits nobody showed her how to do this.
  • AJ arrives on the scene, and decides this has gone on long enough. She hands Dash the manual to do this stuff, and says they're both gong to get it all done, no more letting her handle it on her own. And she sticks to that.
  • 007 notices Jetset is missing, and goes off to find him.
  • Twilight is searching for Sunset
  • PD decides to get involved in the Kingsmoot to keep Gwen in power.
  • Spike asks Shining to help him convince Twilight to help him with his 'size problem'. Shiny takes this the wrong way, hilarity ensues.
  • Applejack meets Chrysalis at the Empire, and she knows it's not going to be pretty.
  • She reveals that she saw 'an event' from Chitania's mind, and that Arana was planning to tell her. Knowing she would only use it to rub in Chrysalis's face, she opted to tell it herself so she could hear it from

someone who understood.

  • After an impromptu magic lesson from Chrysalis to show her only that memory, the past is revealed.
  • During the fight with Variolus in the past, we get to see how Chitania learned the memory trick she used on Chrysalis. We're taken back to the fateful day when Chitania's daughter ran off, and find her poised on the cliff

overlooking the valley of giant monsters, deciding whether or not to jump. All the while, Variolus is watching.

  • But is it not Variolus who speaks, but instead none other than Chrysalis's mother! After some shared words, Chrysalis's mother reveals this is her choice, and she will not bring her back to Chitania nor tell Chitty where she went.
  • After some deliberaiton, Chitania's kid jumps.
  • Variolus asks her why she let that happen, considering how much Chitania protects her own kid.
  • Chrysalis's mother reveals she has a vision of a single, unified hive, one that needs Chitania to be it's guardian, not that weakling. She let her die so that they never have to fear Chitania being replaced. She did not do it herself, but she would not stop it from happening.
  • One life, in exchange for countless others.
  • After she leaves, Variolus turns back to her drone, and tells him to go watch it happen. Not to kill her, but to watch Chitania's child die.
  • We never get to see what happens after that, as it returns to the fight, and... well...
  • Lots of roaring, then things get fuzzy.
  • Back in present day, Chrysalis rages at AJ, thinking this is her trying to get in a low blow now that she doesn't have anymore power over her directly, and reveals she won't let this information be used as blackmail.
  • But despite all that, she won't turn to insulting Applejack's own mother, because as it turns out she didn't know anything about her.
  • Including the fact she was dead.
  • Applejack breaks down, saying she understands what it's like to lose the most important person in your world and be left with only a memory. She knows what it's like, and that's why she said it. She knew that if she information was to be said, even though she would rather it be kept hidden, it had to be from someone who understood what this meant.
  • After a moment, the two come to somewhat of an understanding. Chrysalis almost reaches out to her, but pulls back. Likewise, Applejack ends on a bit of a sassy note.
  • Alone, Chrysalis realizes that despite it all... her mother succeeded.
  • Fresh off that nightmare, Aj goes to confront Filthy Rich about DT's recent actions.
  • After a talk, Filthy reveals he knew, he just couldn't stop her.
  • After a long, drawn out talk where he explains his motivations for bringing DT to Ponyville in the first place was to keep her safe, he admits he's happy that his daughter will be a fighter instead of a victim with all the invasions, but still blames AJ for what went down. He wanted to keep her to be the biggest force in ponyville because he knew she might reach a new height that would consume her, but Applejack pulled her to it when she let her join in on the assault of the airship. His daughter could never go back, and it's Applejack's fault.
  • She agrees, knowing this is all her fault and decides to defer what happens next to him.
  • Defeated, she leaves him to his brownies, which as it turns out he's allergic to.
  • But oh, DT loves them so, and he'd do anything for his daughter.

Thread 73 Edit

Thread 74 Edit


    Shining Armor is stressed out dealing with the changelings, bugs Celestia to chill

  • Dash wishes she could help out Fluttershy with her chaos stuff, and feels bummed out. Until Chrysalis shows up and then they all go have some fun

  • Chrysalis laments how cool it would be to have those powers, Fluttershy vehemently disagrees. Nonetheless, Chrysalis gets her out of her funk by bouncing on a floor of jello.

  • Chitania and PM meet up with Dadling, who understandably freaks out that they're near his baby. Chitania scares the kid, apparently.

  • Watchdog continues on the train ride, meets a bunch of robots in the back, thinks this is going to be fun.

  • PD pays Coltsly a visit. Makes several insinuations that goes right over her clueless subordinate's head

  • JJ and Actarius are back together.

  • 2 continues antics with her class.

  • Vekir learns of the first Kingsmoot from Seigfried, an event wherein six gryphon royals went to fight a dragon, two came back, and his great great whatever got elected.

  • Jetset has a lead on the conductor who ferried 12 away, is off for a 'visit'

  • Slate, Jetset's old teacher from the Diner Rumble that tried to arrest JJ and Actarius, comes home to an interesting surprise.

  • Namely, Seven is there waiting for him.

  • A battle breaks out, only ending when his wife arrives home, and due to his own hesitation Slate learns that Seven likewise has problems finishing the job.

  • Slate tries to talk with him, but Seven just blows him off and leaves.

  • In the simulator, the thing from the gem, now called Red, takes over the memory of Brahmos, and goes to attack Pommel and Co while 41 is running off to go get help. Stuck in there while help arrives, Pommel and the guard uh... well, mostly panic, but they're trying.

  • Daw wants to join the gunclub.

  • 2 adorably ruins her school play.

  • Cadence reports to Celestia that everything is going fine!

  • 42 goes looking for Twilight, finds AJ instead and has a terse standoff with her. While she initially tries to remain entirely professional, at the end she can't help but snap violently at Applejack for hurting someone she cares about before running off. Alone, AJ laments the loss of one of the few changelings she trusted.

  • After that, Arana tries to cheer her up with some... unfortunate methods. Mostly trying to explode her so she'll be happy that she isn't dead.

  • While she eventually does cheer her up, it sadly comes after she drops a mindcontrol thing on her head and sends her off for some cider. Whoops.


  • Luna stalks out Chrysalis looking to speak with her, but stumbles across something quite strange instead.

  • Chrysalis... actually studying so that she can help her changelings out for once!

  • A bit of a back and forth ensues as they constantly try to one up the other, but don't really manage any firm grasp, and eventually the topic moved to 56.

  • When the question of his demise comes up, Luna gives a rather cold answer that if he went, she would merely assuage her feelings with cake and light a candle for him, no more.

  • This causes Chrysalis to react rather bitterly about it, and soon, Luna leaves, wherein it's revealed that was all just grandstanding to keep the edge over the Queen, and the thought bothers her a lot.

  • Chrysalis remains oblivious.


  • 32 meets up with Sunset in the castle, having deduced quite easily who 'shimmer' is, and they have a talk.
  • Well, sort of.
  • She reveals that Variolus is withinher, and 32 instantly tries to run. Doesn't go fast enough.
  • After revealing herself to the trapped 32, Variolus and him have a back and forth wherein she reveals she has a need of him.
  • Forcibly, she shoves a memory in his head, a very particular, shocking memory.
  • It turns out, Chitania's child... is still alive.
  • He conks out before he can think too hard on that one, and his memory is suppressed by Variolus 'until the time is right'.
  • When he wakes up, Sunset sends him on his way after implying they had some 'fun' to keep him suspicious. Here, she reveals to Variolus that she too caught glimpses of that memory, thanks to the memory being brought from the conduit of the hivemind she is connected to. However, she's under the mistaken impression Chitania was trying to kill the changeling, which she does not know is related to her, because they knew something.
  • Nothing more to do, she needs to go back to feeding.
  • Twilight, while looking for Sunset, stumbles across a very odd thing in her room. A little doll.
  • A Celestia doll.
  • ..One who tears off running before she can be interrogated.
  • And they're off!

Thread 75 Edit

  • Twilight

is still in hot pursuit of the Dollestia! It's not going well.

  • Chitania

continues studying robots

  • 88

continues training, and is improving.

  • Pommel

and crew evade the combination of Red and Brahmos while bantering.

  • They're

almost finally caught by that unspeakable monstrosity, only to be saved at the last minute by Spike, brought there by 41 with th others, turning the machine of.

  • Red

and Brahmos-memory remain in the system, and are trying to find their way out.

  • Chrysalis

wants to show the other changelings how to use guns. There is no chance this is going to backfire, none at all, will totally be safe. Yep.

  • AJ

smashes through the chef's kitchen to get the cider, still under the influence of Arana's Weave.

  • Sunset

tries out her magic of disguise, using it to imitate and mock multiple characters

  • 18

is mad at Applejack for sending the changelings over there

  • Soarin

and Fleetfoot remain angry that Dash is neglecting them, Fleetfoot takes the WB's to a nightclub in revenge.

  • 10

interviews the Crystal Empire to get opinions on the changelings, it's mixed to say the least

  • The

changelings are doing their best to avoid asking Chrysalis what they're supposed to do.

  • Batmom

returns to active service, gets a warm welcome home.

  • 56

and Chrysalis have a long discussion about whether or not he should stay. Eventually, she agrees to let him pop back through the portal on occasions if she can wipe out the last remnants of his past life in his mind. Eventually, he agrees.

  • Sunset

tries to get answers on Chitania from Variolus, only to be toyed with and ignored.

  • 42

knows nothing of date etiquette

  • Aj

knows nothing on how Changelings react to cold

  • Blueblood

knows Potato speak

  • 13

continues to be suffering

  • The

Libaraian has had enough, and demands that Applejack kick Chitania out of the library so that others can come back in without feeling afraid.

  • SA is not to be used as target


  • Spitfire

and Cadence talk, she's starting to have suspicions about how much Cadence actually does around there.



  • 2

is playing in the snow with Mane-iac

  • Variolus

is reminded of what happened before, when she died in the snow

  • BUT


  • 29,

searching for Twilight to hide behind when his Queen come calling, is found by Mayor Mare, Trixie and Zecora thanks to Zecora's ability to somewhat feel the ghostkids!

  • Happy


  • NOPE!


  • Seven

had been following the trio in the hopes they would lead him to the prey that eluded him, and it paid off.

  • After

beating on 29 for a bit, Trixie tries to intervene, does surprisingly well before Seven pins her

  • But

before he can beat her, Zecora douses him with some drugs, and he sees the colors of the wind. Can't paint with them, though.

  • He's

almost beaten down, but Trixie's ego causes their downfall, and he manages to snap out of it.

  • 29

tries to stop him from hurting them, immediately regrets it.

  • His

beating is only stopped when another someone shows up, 56 to the rescue!

  • He

gets drained into unconsciousness in seconds. Whoops.

  • This

does set off 29 in a rage, however, and he nearly beats down the better trained agent.

  • The

only thing that finally stops him is when Seven goes all out and love punches him for a loop.

  • Time

to finish him off?

  • Nope!

Here's Mayor Mare... and she's not alone.

  • Seven

is forced to endure horrific visions of ghostly children and just barely manages to break the mental control... and then he notices Luna is one who did it.

  • "Oh...


  • Thankfully,

he collapses from exhaustion immediately after, and is unconscious before Luna can rain hell upon him.

  • Day

is saved?

  • NOPE!


  • The Queen grabs 29 and a back and forth

with Luna ensues, and Luna can't make a move to stop her without a battle breaking out.

  • After

insulting him a bit, Chrysalis asks him why he did it.

  • 29

backstory revealed! It turns out, when he found 56, he came across a hive that had starved to death, and had watched one of them fade. He couldn't bare to see something like that again, so he had to feed 32.

  • A

debate goes on between Luna and Chrysalis, where much is revealed to the other, particularly that even now, Chrysalis does not want to kill him, but she insists that this is what has to be done to prevent anything else from happening.

  • Until

mayor Mare pops up, and she has a counter offer!

  • She

whispers something to Chrysalis, and success! Chrysalis says she'll let him live, so long as Mayor Mare can pull off this... something.

  • She

disappears in a ball of flame, and the matter is resolved!

  • Except,

as 29 puts it..." I HAVE TO *WHAT*!?"

Thread 76 Edit

  • Mane six tribunal scenes
  • Hangs out with Chrysalis and Fluttershy, she shows the Zotz
  • Wonderbolts were always terrible
  • Twilight finally catches up with Dollestia, who lead her right to... Sunset! And then runs
  • She chews her out for breaking into her files, but Sunset pleads her case, only managing to make it worse when she won't take responsibility for what she did.
  • Twilight becomes more and more enraged, and it reaches a breaking point when Sunset hints that she

needs to know this so that they can deal with the changelings, just in case.

  • Being thoroughly done Twilight says she's not going to deal with her, but rather that she was going to leave her punishment to Applejack. She orders Sunset to tell Applejack everything she did, and to let her decide if it was right or not.
  • Regardless, she bans her from the lab.
  • Alone, Variolus speaks to her, and tells her that she needs to go to Applejack with something real, or she'll just be cast out again.
  • Sunset believes her, and goes off to find Chitania.
  • Cadence and Rarity talk economics, it's... not good.
  • Pinkie tells Dash that the Wonderbolts have been partying while she's been studying, and Dash goes off in a rage.
  • Luna speaks to Mayor Mare, Trixie and Zecora about 29 and what transpired. Through them, she learns about the ghostkids, and takes a vested interest in 29's abilities.
  • Shortly thereafter, she decides she wants to take on 29 as a student to hone his powers, but learns from Celestia that you actually have to ASK first, which puts a damper on her plans.
  • 29 has a heart to heart with 56, convinces the little one to stay on the path to being a nightguard, and shares a heartwarming moment with 56 over it.
  • 29 and crew go home, realize they forgot to even talk to 32, which was what that whole trip was all about.
  • Luna visits MM's house in the night, turns out she's sleeping on the couch.
  • Luna's going to need a minute before she asks 29 to be her student...
  • 7 wakes up, Chrysalis lets him have it and threatens him.
  • Said infiltrator goes...a little crazy now that he's not on top anymore.
  • Screwloose starts working, but a discussion with 12 reveals that the changeling infusion is impossible, at least the way PD wants it. But she is, however, about to wreck someone's day.
  • 32 opens up the emissary and puts up a sign promising to answer any and all questions regarding changelings.He has to break out the good wine to get anyone interested in it.
  • Then he mostly answers crazy questions by drunk ponies.
  • Mothers day stories!
  • Cadence asks 2 why she doesn't call her mom all that often, 2 reveals it's because lots of ponies and changelings have moms, but only one of them has a Caddy. The word 'mom' doesn't mean much to a changeling, but Caddy means something special.
  • Chitania remembers her own mother and daughter.
  • Shiny, Twilight and Pinkie visit their folks and find them all in compromising positions.
  • Applebloom sees Applejack, and the two catch up. After some musing on whether or not she's missing Applebloom growing up, the filly reveals she didn't come alone! The entire apple clan come down to say hi to Applejack again!
  • They mostly party and get drunk and cause chaos all throughout Canterlot.
  • Spike talks to Daw about the bad first impression she made, she reveals it's just because she's used to rough and rowdy folks acting a certain way, and didn't understand how close they all were. Sunset, while running around, meets up with a drunk Applejack. Doesn't get a word in.
  • Applejack finally confronts Chitania about her driving folks off from the library. She demands the Titan move to a private room to stop scaring everyone.
  • Chitania says no.
  • She puts more pressure and threats on, Chitania still says no.
  • Out of desperation, she turns to Prostimare, who is utterly destroyed by what Applejack is asking to


  • Due to her 'profession', she's used to requests like this. That the rich and powerful don't want to 'see' certain members of society because it bugs them, so they demand they be pushed away and hidden away.
  • But it never stops, and they just get pushed further and further until they can't be seen anymore.
  • She knew Canterlot was like this, but she thought Applejack, as a former earth pony, was different. Applejack tries to plead her case, that she wouldn't let them do it to 'her', but accidentally lets it slip she doesn't even know PM's name.
  • It's revealed to be Sweet Note.
  • While she understands their stance, Applejack makes it clear Chitania HAS to move, or she would force her out entirely. Everyone deserves a chance to read. Since the library is owned by Celestia, if Celestia gives the okay she better either move, or a fight is going to break out.
  • Chitania tells her to bring it.
  • Later, after Applejack leaves, the Librarian is in a state of depression because she knows if a fight does break out, the library will be destroyed regardless of who wins. This was her passion, to see others read and grow, but now it's useless.
  • Sweet Note pleads her case, but after seeing how much it hurts her she eventually asks Chitania if a fight breaks out to take it away from the library.
  • The librarian is shocked that Sweet Note stuck up for her, considering her past abuse, but Chitania reacts differently.
  • Declaring she's not one for schemes, she's decided she's going to wing this one.
  • She leaves, Sweet Note right on her tail.
  • All the while, a guard is benefiting off fear of the library by charging exorbitant prices to rent books by proxy.

Thread 77 Edit

  • Jetset has found the conductor who

transported 12 and is 'interrogating' him, unsuccessfully.

  • But just as he's about to get more

extreme, a pair of changeling hooves grabs hold and zaps the brain out of him!

  • Thinking it's 7, Jetset attacks, and

is swiftly put into a wall with one punch. One punch from Punchbug herself, that is.

  • She rushes off, but while Jetset

thinks he can get ahead of her, he doesn't know she's gotten the hang of teleporting, and makes it to the portal first. She tells Chrysalis about 12, where he's at and what that place normally does to others, and well... she takes it well.

  • Cue Chrysalis losing her everloving

mind and going on a rampage unseen in all of Equestria. She tosses Jetset through the ceiling and chases Applejack all through the castle, leaving destruction in her fireball-like wake.

  • The guards try to step in, and are

knocked away by her ROARING at them.

  • Spike tries to swoop in and be the

hero, and straight up gets punted across the sky.

  • But then Shining steps in, determined

to end this!... And then she outright force-pushes him away without even slowing down.

  • "Can we talk about this?"
  • And then Chrysalis starts strangling


  • All hope seems lost and air long

gone, but from nowhere she is saved by a glorious slow-mo punch that sends Chrysalis flying!

  • A punch from a very, very big

hoof... full of holes.

  • Chitania has apparently decided to

go with plan C for that whole issue with Applejack, and starts calling her "AJ" and acting like they are the best of friends.

  • Chrysalis gets more angry. So angry,

she literally shoots lasers. She shoots lasers from her eyes out of rage.

  • Applejack pleads with her, trying to

explain that she never meant for it to get this bad, but Chrysalis is hearing none of it. She demands her changeling back, and is enraged when Applejack can't deliver.

  • She prepares to attack again, but

Applejack receives more reinforcements in form of her family! Her entire Apple Clan surrounds her and vows to protect her.

  • Chrysalis doesn't even slow down.
  • Seeing that not only could she

easily break through them, but that she likely could incinerate them in the process, Applejack begs and pleads for Chrysalis to stop and not hurt her family. She offers herself, anything that will prevent her from hurting them.

  • Eventually, Chrysalis does stop, and

gives a chilling declaration that Applejack had 24 hours to return her changeling or there will be consequences.

  • Before Chrysalis leaves, she is

confronted by Celestia, who surprisingly offers a sympathetic hoof and tries to reassure the Queen he will be brought back alive. Chrysalis does not acknowledge it, but understands.

  • After she's gone, Celestia gives an

equally chilling decree. When 12 is returned, Applejack will decide her own punishment, with one twist. She will decide the case as if it was Chrysalis who went behind her back and endangered one of her family, and the severity that Applejack herself would demand as punishment to her will be used.

  • After she leaves, Applejack notices

she's still being held by Chitania, and demands to be put down, which the Queen obliges.

  • Strangely, Chitania immediately

switches gears. Acting harsh and suspicious to Applejack while also trying to 'subtly' gesture

  • They find out why a second later

when reporters spill out! Turns out, they got it all on tape. Chitania saving her, declaring that AJ is her buddy, everything. It looked like they're friends.

  • Ironically, Chitania goes completely

honest, explaining that she and Applejack are not friends and that she was pretending, twisting up Applejack all the way. But despite this, nobody buys it! Everyone thinks she's lying and that they are secret friends... just as Chitania intended.

  • She whispers to Applejack she's not

going to lie, but that she knows they won't believe it.

  • She leaves, her family remains.
  • Then Applejack faints.
  • Applehorse out.
  • Elsewhere, Chrysalis finds Shining

stuck to a wall by her green goo. Though he's mad, he softens up immensely when she honestly and earnestly apologizes, and decides to support her because he too has gone insane when his loved ones were endangered.

  • Twilight finds them both soon after,

starts to rage, gets explained, rages no more, starts to rage again when it's revealed Spike was knocked off Canterlot, rages less when it's revealed it's Shinings fault because he tried to catch him and Spike rolled, decides to wait and see for the raging.

  • Some reporters debate the ethics of

revealing Chitania and AJ are friends, decide money is worth more.

  • Applejack wakes up, and her whole

family reveals they're not leaving until this matter is settled, no matter how much she wants them to.

  • She immediately calls a meeting with

the other Mane Six, groans are heard, she declares she needs to get him home.

  • Chitania goes back to the library,

while Sweet Note is stoked about her being friends with Applejack, and finds the librarian expecting a war. She's relieved when that wasn't Chitania doing the wrecking, and to the Librarian's joy Chitania's plan worked! The ponies think she's friends with Applejack and at last return to the library! All is well... or is it?

  • Sunset is still preparing for their


  • 32 remembers what Variolus tried to

hide from him, and sets out to find Chitania's daughter.

  • Chrysalis and Celestia talk, the

former reveals she feels bad she hurt some others, but not that she caused this destruction. Celestia understands.

  • 42, after keeping Cadence out of

harms way, goes to the hive to gather an army, but Chrysalis orders her to wait, fearing this may be a trap on Applejack's end. She says none of them are to go.

  • Still, 42 bends some words and

realizes she said none of THEM are to go.

  • DT, Daw and SS find Spike and fish

him out.

  • Screwloose reveals her plan, which

is to sabotage a demonstration and go right for Pennydrop.

  • Cadence wants to think everything is


  • Thirty Two talks with 18 about what

happened, and says he wants to talk to the Hive.

  • 88 asks 77 if he wants to go. Much

dancing around the issue, but he admits he does because 12 was the only one who listened to him back in the day, but he doesn't want to leave her alone.

  • She makes him go off, he promises to

bring 12 back.

  • 42 arrives in Canterlot, intending

to pass through quickly, but is confronted by Applejack.

  • They have a back and forth, and

eventually AJ begs her to let her help make this right. 42 agrees so long as she can use the A-team.

  • ALL of the A-team.
  • Past AND present members.
  • Reluctantly, Applejack agrees, and

the race is on.

  • Luna goes down to Ponyville and

informs 29 she wishes to take him on as a student! At first he's for it, then he learns it doesn't pay and is against it, but eventually comes back around.

  • Her teaching methods are a liiitttle

off, and there are some... struggles.

  • Lots of struggles.
  • She is not good at this.
  • But 29 wants to learn, so what's the

worst that can happen?

Thread 78 Edit

LAST THREAD RECAP, SNAKE? SNAKE!? SNAAAAAAKE EDITION! •42 assembles her team! But when Applejack brings her to a mysterious hanger, she gets more than she expected to. •The other main six are there, and they're joining in the fun! 42 attempts to argue for a bit, but realizes pretty quickly that having the greatest heroes in Equestria on your side is a boon. •The rest of the A-team is assembled, with DT rushing off with Spike and leaving SS with Daw. Alone, the latter two try to hang out, and it is hilariously awkward. •Soon enough, 77 is also located, and that's not all, as another changeling joins their group... •Well, 7 IS still technically a member. •42 attempts to take charge, and is comically undercut by Twilight at every opportunity. At the same time, Twilight tries to help repair 42 and AJ's broken relationship. •They all hop in the new and improved stealth capable Highwind, and they are off like a rocket, literally, making quips and interacting all the way. •Back at home, PD learns of AJ's "Alliance" with Chitania, and suprisingly reacts oddly cold about the matter. •Batmom is back to being on patrol with her Nightguard friends, showing the camaraderie they all have and the dedication to their work. They're a tight unit, and they look out for each other. •Or, as Dadling finds out when some frat boys consider throwing tomatoes, they look out for each other's family too. •Sunset goes looking for Applejack, being told by Pommel that she's left and can't speak to her. Distraught over being 'abandoned', she's put under the thrall of Variolus when she sleeps as the Queen sets out to follow her 'child' and take control of Chitania's offspring. What this means is still up in the air...

•Discord abducts Pommel and explains to him using his trademark visual style exactly what it is he has trapped in that machine, including it's origins and how to properly contain it. One little problem, they need Twilight. Sooo... Pommel is now hunkering down and hoping that the danger room doesn't kill them all. •Pommel informs Celestia of this. She takes it... well? •While looking for 42, Two stumbles across Applebloom, who had been taped to the wall by her overprotective brother. Joining up with her and the other two CMC, the four go off and have their own adventures, mostly centered around the fact 2 can fwoosh bigger. •Down in Ponyville, oblivious to all of this, Luna continues to 'train' 29 and talks with Zecora, Mayor Mare and Trixie, leading to political misunderstandings, swindlings and egobusting. Not in that order. •Also, Luna can cut a ghost. That is a thing. •Chitania is scaring the other ponies less and less. •Chrysalis is worried back at home. Celestia promises if 12 isn't in one piece, she can punch Applejack. •On the airship, AJ talks with Seven, who reveals he's not mad about the 'nearly got killed' thing. She doesn't know how to take that. •DT muses that this is the first time all the A-team was on a mission. •Pinkie, Dash and Fluttershy make weird observations. •And 42 should not be driving that thing. •Upon arrival, and once 42 points out they need stealth, they come to a problem. •...They're not a stealthy group. What with being national heroes and/or weird species. •Good thing three of them are changelings. •Seventy Seven breaks into a scientists home, and attempts to interrogate him, alluding to the fact he is willing to torture him to get the information. •...Then Seven points out this is dumb, and then just reads his mind. Because changeling. •Seventy Seven doesn't know how he forgot about that...

•Seven is chosen to go down, and the rest prepare to get going if something goes wrong. Aside from that, they're going to remain cloaked in the airship. •Taking on the disguise of the scientist, Seven infiltrates the base... and then is immediately roped into a birthday party. •After partying for a bit, he escapes that, and realizes this place is a maze. •While trying to find SL and 12, he realizes none of the scientists are being held here. Just the opposite, they're happy to be there, because PD lets them cut loose and experiment without regulations. Stuff goes wrong, but nobody is being held back. •Eventually, Seven manages to find a way to get to both SL and 12 while the former is experimenting with the changeling blood, and making a note of the strange capabilities of it. •He reveals himself to both when SL notices he's not scared of her, so thus he couldn't be the scientist he was posing as, and he says he needs to get them out. •Needless to say, 12 is stunned Chrysalis sent not only an agent, but the A-team and the Elements as well. •Screwloose is less impressed, and dicks around with Seven. •Growing tired of it, Seven says they need to go. •BWEEEEEEE~! •...and then Screwloose has hit the alarm, and now the whole base is converging on them all. •Because she is a crazy person. •"Of course it wasn't going to be that easy..."

Thread 79 Edit

LAST THREAD RECAP, MICHEAL BAY IS FEELING FUNNY IN HIS PANTS EDITION! •While Luna continues to train 29 and 2 continues to hang out with the CMC, everything else starts going terribly wrong! •With the alarm sounded, 7 gets angry at SL and demands to know what the hell is wrong with her! •But he's beaten to the punch when 12 ALSO demands to know what's wrong with her, but with more shaking! •After some back and forth, she lets it slip she's not ready to go yet, because she's not sure she'll ever get another shot at Pennydrop. •He's saddened by this, pointing out that even if she gets that shot, she probably won't make it out alive, and eventually decides he's had enough. He tells her if she wants to stay, that's fine, but he's leaving. •While appearing strong at first, she breaks down shortly afterwards, telling him he promised Tinsel he would stick around. He shoots back he did, he followed her till the very end, but he did it so he could help her, not let her throw her life away. •When he and 7 leave, she had a relapse into her dog phase before breaking down and chasing after them. He was waiting the whole time. She says she'll go with him, and it's heartwarming. •...for about half a second, then come the soldiers. •7 is worried he's going to get shot again. •Outside, the others put together that stuff has gone terribly, terribly wrong, and decide to break in. They pair off into teams and all go into a different entrance. •A-team crew of 42, 77, Spike and DT go in first. •Then goes Dash and Fluttershy. •Pinkie and Twilight. •Then finally, AJ and Rarity. •Annnd, then AJ forgets to set the autopilot on the Highwind. Whoops. •All four groups get into various fights with the security systems and personnel, discovering just what has been going on down here, and it's not good. •AJ repeatedly tries to get them to surrender peacefully, but they never do due to random attacks. •Fluttershy finds the animals they experimented on, and she's quite irate to put it mildly.

•Twilight keeps trying to download data, but keeps getting stopped. •Pinkie brought the Harmony box. •Seven briefly gets infected by a worm before Screwloose stabs him to get it out. •And then Pennydrop, under a mysterious disguise orders the scientist in charge to "Make it so they never get out" •...It's not a good day. •And it gets even worse at Canterlot! •Variolus, possessing Sunset, makes her way to the portal, and very violently knocks out all the soldiers stationed to guard it. •She breaks through to the other side, and then begins planting strange red crystals all throughout the Empire. •Using her unique abilities makes it into the room with the Crystal Heart. Using her special circumstances, she tethers her stone heart to it, and slowly begins siphoning off it's power. •...And then she goes Titan, even larger than Chitania normally did, and begins attacking the Empire. •The red crystals turn into faux-Changelings, which look identical to the real thing, and begin attacking the Empire citizens.

•Pommel is trying to debate if he should go help at the CE or not because it would leave Canterlot totally unprotected from the possibility of a resurrected Red. •The soliders are quick to start firing, but can't hurt her, and what little they do is instantly regenerated. •Chrysalis has a crisis when she realizes history is going to repeat itself one way or another. Either she orders her Hive to go attack and protect the Empire, risking a redux of what befell Chitania's hive, or she flees and her last bastion of safety is taken away, and her and her Hive go back into hiding and sapping love that way. •She comes to a choice, and declares in her booming voice, "CHANGE!" •She transforms her hive, putting them all in Armor, and branding that armor with the mark of her Hive. She orders them to go out and tear the imposters apart. •She looks to Variolus, and declares she is not Chitania, she is CHRYSALIS, and she is the greatest Queen of them all!

•Shining Armor and Cadence attempt to stop Variolus with the suffocation trick Shining used on Chitania. It fails to work because Chitania doesn't need to breath, and they're knocked away. •Heading towards the Empire at this moment, Chitania is talking to herself and musing that what she is doing is really stupid. She knows it's a trap and it's impossible, but she's still going. She stops just before she crosses the final border to the Empire. •Celestia, who had been following her, questions this. •After a back and forth, Chitania reveals what she heard in her mind. Celestia, also believing it is a trap, is utterly disgusted that anyone would do that. •Even still, while knowing it's being stupid, Chitania can't help it. She says it doesn't matter how long it takes for her plan to go off, before declaring she is going to rip the head off whoever is using their voices. •Truly sad that someone would manipulate her like that, but understanding, Celestia follows if only to lessen the damage she will cause. •Chrysalis confronts Variolus, and after a pitched battle Chrysalis very nearly has her plan go off, and was mere seconds from wiping out Variolus's mind entirely. •Utterly beaten, Variolus has to do a last resort and put Sunset's mind between Chrysalis and her own, and hope she hesitates. The Queen does, and Chrysalis is knocked away into the snow. If not for her love-harness she took from Twilight, she would have been broken entirely. •Chrysalis takes it well, deciding to go for plan B. •Mane-Iac, the Airforce, the Soldiers, and Spitfire all give it their best shot to bring down Variolus, but can't stop her. •Chrysalis meets up with Shining and Cadence, who she had caught earlier when they were hit, reveals Sunset's whereabouts, and goes over their possible plans. After revealing she has two, one of which would end with Sunset dead as well, they decide to take the riskier option if it means saving her. •After she's gone, Shining and Cadence share one last moment. •32 is struggling to defend 13 from the golems, but doesn't think he can manage for much longer because 13 won't run. •In a bout of rage, 13 reveals that no, she's not strong like Chitania is... but she has her own strength. •She unleashes a mind-control spell, and actually manages to take over the golems for a second, despite the fact that 32 declares nothing short of a Queen level mind could do that. Interestingly, when she makes them bow to her, they all have the mark of CHRYSALIS'S hive on them. •She laments she is strong, but never in a way that would make Chitania love her, and then they turn to dust.

Thread 80 Edit

•Pommel, Lucky Strikes and Haymaker hunker down in front of the machine, despite Pommel's reservations that this makes him look weak. •Inside, a copy of the Cordyceps tries to take over Red and Fake-Brahmos, to no avail, since it is a program. •Desperate to fulfill it's need to spread, Red comes up with an idea, and starts printing it. •Copyceps takes over paper, aaaannnd... it's going about as well as you expect. •It's not exactly a problem. •Just as little is the problem of 56 getting confronted by an irate Lyra and confused Bonbon •Way, way MORE of a problem is when those bandits finally make their move on Gwen and her crew! They attack the train, all a ploy to 'kidnap' the prince and Queen. •Thanks to some stalling from someone TOTALLY not doing this on PD's behalf to drum up sales for her robots, some quick thinking from Vekir and a whole lot of Robo-Dog punches, the bandits are soundly defeated and the leader is punched right out of the train via Handydog! •...Turns out, he was the only one who knew who they worked for, so they can't find out who ordered the attack now. •Whoops. •MEANWHILE The A-team and EOH battle through the fortress, fighting monsters and security and scientists of all shapes and sizes and kinds! •The A-team decimates their droids, Fluttershy turns their monsters against them while Dash helps out, Rarity learns shocking truths about her beauty products, Twilight out sciences the scientists and Pinkie has a ball! All the while, Applejack keeps trying to convince them to give up... it never works. •All of them are incredulous that any of the security would point weapons at national heroes, but there you go! •Desperate to get out without getting arrested or mind controlled, Snake Eyes hatches a plan to force the EOH to accept a deal of his. •He is going to let out a bunch of crazy monsters in order to distract the changelings, and hold hostage the reveal of who is REALLY behind this!

•Still, while this is going on 7 is battling his way through the place, desperate to keep 12 and Screwloose out of harms reach! •It works out pretty well, and they even smell the exit, possibly, things are looking up!... Until they're confronted by a giant centipede. •A giant, armored, electric spitting super centipede. •...And 7 just happens to be low on love. •After a bit of banter, he also realizes they're almost certainly pulling out all the stops to keep SCREWLOOSE, not him. He could have just forced 12 to come, he didn't have to bring her, and he could have probably been out already. •He hates his job. •But no matter! He still protects both and tries run along the centipede, and gets electrocuted for his troubles. •On his last legs, literally, he puts himself between 12, Sl and the centipede and tells them to run, but they won't. •Not like they need to, because from the roof come the A-team! •And from the wall the Cenitpede didn't explode, it's Twilight and Pinkie! •And there, coming up from the floor like a demented gopher, it's Rarity and Applejack(who proceeds to hug the life out of 12)! •And who's coming down the hall? Fluttershy and her army of animal friends, pulling her chariot while Dash holds on for dear life! •Everyone is all together again! •...And then the head scientist calls in literally everything to their position, including the ones Snake Eyes let out. •This doesn't go as badly as expected. •With everyone there, it's a curbstomp! Nothing stands even the slightest chance with them. The combined power is such that, after they've decimated all the others, the giant-dragon-sized Centipede gives up. •Literally, white flags and everything. 98 of them even! •It's time to go home? •Not yet, one more thing. •Applejack at last confronts the head scientist behind all of this!... it doesn't go as expected.

•The scientist reveals she didn't do all of this because of lust for power or reckless abandon. She reveals she was a medical doctor at the head of a wing that treated incurable diseases. After years of fighting with Equestria's backwards system for approvals for experiments, she grew tired of watching them perish while crawling along looking for a cure. •When her 'mysterious benefactor' came to her with money and no regulations or forms, she took the chance, and has been making way more progress than she ever did in that system. •She calls out Applejack for being a hypocrite, praising selfless heroics when there is a big opponent to fight, but not when someone puts their body up to be used for science, even though it's just as dangerous and noble. •Applejack slaps the shit out of her. •The princess shoots back she didn't ever doubt their bravery, but those regulations aren't to hold anyone back, it's to keep anyone from going off the deep end, and making sure nobody takes advantage of those brave souls who would do that. More than that, it's to keep those who are down on their luck from being used and abused. •She points out that, while everything they made in here had a good reason to be, but every single one of them were used to fight her, not for good. •Despairing, the scientist can't argue she lost her way. •Still, Applejack is oddly understanding, and comforts her as best she could. •...That's when the proximity alarm goes off. •Turns out, Highwind is about to crash into the site! •And it would have too, if not for... •SNAP! •Fluttershy saves the day with chaos magic! A giant spring stops the Highwind! •And then crashes it. •...Good news! That giant centipede is actually a train. •Whelp! All that's left to do now is round up all the scientists and head home. But Applejack and crew decide... let's take our time. No rush, plenty of time left. •All's well that ends well, in the 12 rescue arc! •...meanwhile, the Crystal Empire is getting DESTROYED.

•Variolus watches the carnage, and reminisces about when this happened before, how the ponies didn't fight back against her and relied on Chitania's soldiers, even as they feared and loathed them. •She admits that she hated them, but none of that matters now. All that matters is finishing the fight with Chitania. •The changelings have no idea what that symbol on themselves means. •They DO however know how to use guns. •Chrysalis finds 18, and reveals she has a plan. •Sombra tries to distract her with some fake armor ploy, it doesn't work for long. •Even the paperwork monster is ineffective! •But soon, Variolus detects a presence going about the Empire, setting 'something' up. •Sunset pleads with her, no casualties, and reluctantly she agrees. Still, she does stress she will let nothing stand in her way from her goal. •When Chrysalis finally reveals herself, Variolus grabs her and mocks her, destroying spires made of green, strange symbols on the ground, everything the other 'set up' to take her down. She has won? •"Aaaaaaccctttaullly", said Chrysalis, and not the one she was currently holding with magic. •Turns out, they decided to forgoe that whole intricate plan thing and just combined her powers with Shining and Cadence to create a giant, supercharged love spear. •18 lets her disguise drop just an instant before Variolus takes it right to the chest. •..."Missed" •Indeed. Hoping only to subdue, but not kill her, they missed her stone heart. •But what they didn't know is that the stone heart lets her regenerate, even that level of damage. •Now the second time she was nearly defeated, Variolus decides she can take no more risks, and drains as much as she can from the Crystal Heart and prepares to wipe the three out, not caring that it will kill anyone in it's path of the coming blast as well!

•In a moment of desperation and determination, Chrysalis stands her ground, and fires with everything she has! •Cadence digs deep into her own well of power, and charged Chrysalis to a new level while Shining Armor shields those down below! •The blasts meet, and it is blocked... but it did not make it past the shield. •Chrysalis suffers another burnout, and nearly dies, only to be saved by another kiss by Shining Armor. It looks like they won! •GRAAHHHHHH! •Of course they didn't. •Now out of options, they're at her mercy... or so they thought. •With a thundering BOOOM! CHITANIA HAS ARRIVED AND SHE IS READY TO FIGHT! •Celestia goes down to speak with Shining Armor, who is surprisingly bitter that Chitania is here, willing to fight that other monster. •Celestia slaps some sense into him. •They all watch as they approach each other, Variolus preparing to let out a big speech at last. •And then Chitania breaks her jaw off with one punch. •yes, breaks it OFF. •Then comes the beatings. •During the beatdown of her life, Variolus goes inside her own mind to see what is going wrong, and finds Sunset in there. Sunset, and a whole lot of mental chains. •Variolus's last attack had been too much, she would not allow her body to be used as a murder weapon. •Left with nothing else, she bound her souls to the chains that now hold Variolus's mind. If Variolus breaks the chains, she will wipe out Sunset as well, and with her the stone heart shall break and Variolus will be pulled into the void. •There will be no escape for either of them when Chitania finishes her off. •Chillingly, Sunset declares... “We are already dead.” •... And Luna has no idea any of this is going on!

Thread 81 Edit

•With Variolus pinned down by Sunset's magic, she's unable to fight back as Chitania literally tears her apart. •Desperate to get back, she reveals her plan to Sunset at last. Which was to find Chitania's still living daughter, attack where ever she was, issue a mental challenge to Chitania to make it look like Chitania was coming to the Hive's defense, almost win, then let herself be defeated by Chitania's daughter to repair the bond broken between them. This would reunite the pair, hopefully fix Chitania and Chrysalis's relationship and return Chitania to previous status as defender of the Hive. •When Sunset still will not budge, she gives into one last ditch effort, and tells Sunset to simply absorb her soul to prove she wishes this to happen. •Sunset says no, so Variolus forces the issue by trying to absorb Sunset's soul. •Faced with oblivion, Sunset relents, and finally defeats Variolus once and for all, and gains all of her memories and powers in the process. •Back in reality, Chitania has reduced Variolus's Titan form to rubble, and is about to finish her off, when who emerges from her carcass but Sunset herself! •More specifically, the firey red demon Sunset. •Thanks to the potent mixture of Chaos Magic and draining what remains of the Crystal Heart, Sunset is able to fight back, and blows a hole in Chitania's chest, exposing her heart. •Before she can be killed, 13 comes to her defense, and with her mental powers subdues Sunset and returns her back to pony form •Initially, it looks like she is prepared to leave her mother again, uncaring even as Chitania offers her heart again to be devoured. •But, eventually, her pleading gets to her, and 13 returns to her mother to reconcile at last. •To the shock of all, Chitania actually start bawling. •Sunset smiles going unconscious, and the day is saved! •...aside from the whole... destroyed thing. •And that's when Awkward Changeling comes home!

•Sunset is sealed up by a LOT of magic, as they are taking no chances, and forced into a magical coma to prevent her from going Titan again. •Chrysalis tries to stomp forwards to demand answers, and then promptly collapses and goes into her own coma as her draining and exhaustion overdo it, and she goes down. •Celestia initially tries to take Sunset, but Shining Armor won't have it, insisting that they keep her in the Empire so that they, not Equestria, can deliver judgement. •Defeated, Celestia instead chooses to bring Chrysalis back to Canterlot to be treated, to which Shining Armor agrees. She does so, and after dropping the Queen off to be treated begins assembling everyone she can to go help the Empire. This mostly concerns yelling at Pommel. •She's a little stressed out. •Seeing that Chitania is still very much still there and needs to be dealt with, Shining Armor decides to handle it alone and breaks off from Cadence. Internally, he's warring with himself, noticing he's a lot more angry at her than he should be, and grows concerned about it. •Still, he manages to keep... mostly cool when talking to her, and thanks to a request from 13 Chitania is cleared of all charges, and free to go between the Empire and Canterlot now. •With that settled, they begin to look through the wreckage, and begin the rebuilding. •...It's about two minutes in before the stress gets to Candece and she swaps out with 18, while she herself goes and repairs the Heart. Shining Armor is not amused. •On the way there, Applejack and crew are having a rocking time! Riding on the back of the Centitrain, having fun and listening to some jumping beats while they transport all the scientists and monsters with them. •For once, everything seems to be going just great, except for Snake Eyes, who is realizing the whole world is going bad for him. Him aside, everyone is in full victory swing! •...and THEN they pull up to the Empire.

•Twilight, 42, 77 and 7 all tear off in a panic in search of their loved ones, the others eventually get their heads in gear and do so as well, and Rarity is left to bring the scientists back to Canterlot. •Twilight finds, tackles, and interrogates Shining. •77 finds 88, and she's okay. •42 decides to stick with Cadence as she repairs the heart and is moping. •7 is... somewhere. •Applejack finds Chitania and confronts her, but learns she had nothing to do with the wreckage and that 13 is her daughter. After that, she learns about Sunset, and shortly after she tears off Chitania and 13 decide to go back to Canterlot. Mostly so 13 can see Chrysalis, who she is still worried about. •Applejack goes to where Sunset is being guarded by both Crystal Guard and Changelings, completely locked in a room and surrounded on all sides with no one there in with her. •No matter how much she yells, they won't let her in, due to the fact they don't even know if it's Sunset in there. •Depsondent, she leaves. •32 realizes his mother is gone-gone, and has a little moment of reflection before he goes back to Canterlot •None of the doctors know how to treat love-burnout, and panic. Twilight arrives in Canterlot to treat Chrysalis and kicks them all out. •10 and BBB finally arrive and are pissed they missed the action. •While she is barking orders at Pommel, Two comes up to ask Celestia if she can use the portal and go home. Celestia... is a little unnerved. •So she sticks her and the CMC with Cheerilee, who happened to be in Canterlot. •Having exactly one place still in tact, all of the CE citizens are forced to go into the stadium with the changelings to keep warm. •There's no room now, and most of the lings are on the ceiling. •Everyone's a little on edge.

•Sombra puts his plans on hold to help with the rebuilding. •Mane-Iac is wondering why it's not back to normal already like in her comics. •Fluttershy should not use her chaos magic to solve problems. •Celestia is angry when Rarity gives her the scientists, because she doesn't have anywhere to put them. All she can do is order them to go inside of a giant warehouse. •Shining puts the shield back up, so at least they won't freeze. •Him and Cadence talk and muse there's not enough room for everyone while they rebuild, and that 42 is going to be moping for a bit. •MEANWHILE! Paperceps is defeated, because they just unplugged the printer. •On the road, Gwen and the others come across Gryphonstone, and are robbed blind. •At least, until Vekir shows them who's boss and robs them right back. •"Kid, you scare me sometimes." •Back with Idris, his sister comes to visit, and she brings her sickly little child! After having been sent off to be married for political reasons and gave birth to a single sickly thing before her husband died, she's not bitter. •Not at all. •Chrysalis wakes up, and her and Twilight have a talk. While the alicorn congratulates and thanks her for helping, and praises her for spitting in the face of a dark history, she is sad when she won't forgive Applejack. •She breaks down and points out how it's just getting worse and worse, and that eventually one of them, if not both of them, are going to hurt someone innocent in the middle, just like Chitania and Variolus did. It doesn't matter who's right or wrong, only what they're doing. •And she doesn't want it to happen because BOTH of them are her friends, and she will be there right till the end. She's sure Applejack would be her friend too if Chrysalis gave her a chance. •Still, Chrysalis doesn't believe her, and Twilight leaves defeated. •After her, Celestia comes in looking for answers about Sunset, and she gives them as best she can. She too wishes that this fighting would stop, and points out how self destructive it is to both of them. How one of them always has the 'edge' until the other does something, and then they lord it over the other and use it as proof they should never trust the other, and things never get better. •Still, Chrysalis remains unwilling to move, and says it's on Applejack. •Finally, Applejack brings in 12 to show Chrysalis he's okay. She has a brief dialog with him, and sends him on his way. Applejack stays behind and asks if that made up for it, Chrysalis doesn't even pretend to say yes. •She breaks down, admitting that this time she messed up, and she'll never be allowed to make it better because Chrysalis gets more mileage out of it that way. She gives up, ready to finally call it quits and let Chrysalis do whatever she wants. •Chrysalis could just let this go, and finally, FINALLY have a perfect win against Applejack, but instead... •"I mind controlled you once" •After the initial rage, Applejack realizes she too could use this for a win, as even Shining Armor would be hesitant to forgive something like that. So when Chrysalis offers to show her what happened, she is faced with her own choice. •After she gives Chrysalis the magic, she learns of the time Chrysalis made her a puppet so she could talk to her. •Anger is had on both sides, before Chrysalis finally just tells her they should call it square, even though she feels what Applejack did was worse. •There is talk, deliberation and questioning... •And then Applejack agrees. •It's square. It's now, one hundred percent, even. Past experiences don't count anymore, it's square. Nobody is more right or better off than the other now. No rageing, mind controlling or punching counts. •For once, Chrysalis and Applejack are on one hundred percent even terms.

Thread 82 Edit

  • Chrysalis is still hospitalized.
  • Flash and Fizzle try to break out the scientists!... And fail! To the surprise

of nobody.

  • The rainbolts help clean up with explosions because

they're bad at moving stuff.

  • Jetset, after being fixed by his nurse friend, decides he has to get stronger.
  • Chitania comes home with 13 and meets up with Sweet Note, they decide they have a lot of talking to do.
  • Pommel is clueless 18 is not Cadence
  • 7 brings his 'report' to Chrysalis. She's angry he went off like that on his own, and 7 feels disparaged he couldn't make her like him again. He leaves just before she can tell him she wasn't mad, she just didn't want him in the hospital again
  • Pennydrop learns of her losses, they're big. Decides to 'recoup some losses'
  • Gwen learns about the events that happened, is horrified.
  • Sleepover with Celestia!
  • Twilight finds out about Red, freaks out, hatches a plan and gets going!
  • With Pommel's help, she tricks Red, Brahmos and Cordyceps into the mainframe of Primrose by making them think they were going into a juggernaut. They're trapped in him now, and cannot escape... probably.
  • Applejack learns of Applebloom's antics, is not amused.
  • Neither is Rarity to Sweetie Belle, but she is easily distracted.
  • Shiny visits Chrysalis in a dream to talk about what happened. He learns from her that the recharge save after she burnt out was a lot stronger this time, and he's not sure what that means.
  • Actarius is now working for 32 at the changeling embassy. JJ helps by distracting them with terrible juggling
  • 32 visits 29, and he thanks him for looking after Q and Reggie, who he takes back.
  • Silver Spoon and Daw got dodging lessons from PJ
  • Filthy Rich is planning something.
  • Pinkie discovers Maud in

the Empire. Yes, she's still in there.

  • Luna asks if she missed anything, Celestia hits her a


  • Spitfire is crazy happy her guys didn't suck.
  • Dash is a

little sad she only found happiness away from Equestria.

  • AJ's family wrecked her desk.
  • The

other leaders of the rest of the world are worried the Empire has gotten too powerful, like Equestria.

  • Spike meets 88, talks about

his balls.

  • The changelings decide to start singing "Cider on

the walls in wait", the CE citizens join in.

  • One month later, Chrysalis is finally out of bed. For real this time, as she tried three times earlier and collapsed.
  • Learns it's almost Hearth's Warming.
  • She hadn't been paying attention.
  • Luna has been training 29 wrong because she too did not pay attention.
  • It turns out AJ has been coming down to see Sunset every day for that month, worrying Spike and Rarity.
  • Empire is back to normal, except the stadium... more on that later.
  • 42 has been shopping with Cadence while Sombra floats behind her and

mocks her.

  • Chrysalis goes to see Twilight, learns about Sunset's present state, reveals she hasn't seen Applejack since the reset, and also that OnO is being prepped. She also learns...
  • Chrysalis bursts in on Celestia, where she demands to know why her changelings

are back in the Canterlot ballroom.

  • Celestia reveals a convoluted series of events that happened during the timeskip. Long story short, stadium be wrecked, and won't be fixed for another week.
  • Chrysalis is pissed.
  • The wonderbolts are doing better, but sadly no thanks to Dash.
  • Glimmer and Haymaker are looking after Screwloose.
  • Everyone goes to see Chrysalis fix Sunset
  • She and Cadence go in alone, tells everyone to stay out of room. They pass the time by asking about Shiny's sex life.
  • Chrysalis goes into Sunset's mind and finds a barrier.

Inside her mind, Sunset has become a twisted mix of herself and Variolus due to the fusion.

  • She thinks she can keep Chrysalis out, and declares she's going to give the whole world all of the changeling's secrets and reveal how to fight them and kill them.
  • So, Chrysalis gets a charge from Cadence and brute forces her way in.
  • Sunset tries to fight her, but it doesn't work.
  • Chrysalis thinks it's Variolus in

control, and that Sunset is being consumed, not the other way around.

  • Chrysalis does magical brain surgery to remove all of the

parts of Variolus in Sunset's brain.

  • Comes out, has an orb now

containing all of Variolus's memories, and Sunset has had her brain scrubbed clean of all the magical techniques she learned under Variolus.

  • According to Chrysalis, anyone who holds the orb will

know what Variolus knew, but when you let go of it it all leaves with it, to prevent Variolus's mind from leaving a 'surprise' behind when you touch it.

  • Cadence and Chrysalis learn of the thing keeping

Sunset alive, and that she has no heartbeat.. or heart.

  • Sunset

starts to talk, damning the changelings, and Cadence thinks she's talking about Variolus.

  • Chrysalis figures out Variolus knew not

only the Titan magic, but also that the Hivemind is real, and she might be able to access it now. She goes a liiiiitttle power mad, and Cadence is worried.

  • She should have been more worried about

Sunset, who drains her dry.

  • This makes Chrysalis very... very mad.
  • The two begin to battle, and Chrysalis won't let the orb go.

As the fight grows on, Chrysalis becomes more savage, more cruel, due to the orb she holds and won't let go of.

  • It goes back and forth,

sometimes they are equal, sometimes one is utterly dominating the other, sometimes they switch

  • But eventually, after being drained

by Sunset and then getting that back by turning Sunset into a giant chew toy, the two are seperated t Chrysalis reveals she has one last trick!

  • ...I said, THE POWER OF LOVE!
  • ...POWER OF GODDAMN- There we go.
  • Shining punches her right in the face, and embeds her in the wall. Everyone else rushes

in soon after.

  • Chrysalis is... surprisingly relaxed despite the

fact her horntip got shot off in the fight. Why is that?

  • Might

have something to do with the orb being held by... Applejack.

  • Uh


Thread 83 Edit



  • Applejack has the orb of Variolus in her hooves, showing

her all the secrets of the changeling races! Including how they ascend!

  • Be it from Variolus's influence or her own anger at what

she learns, she becomes hostile, screaming that Chrysalis is a murderer and bucking her in the fact when Chrysalis tries to take the orb.... she does not take this well.

  • A brawl breaks out! The

others try to stop them, but are conflicted as to whom, exactly, they need to stop, and if indeed AJ is being controlled or just learned something that means they should be helping her beat her head in.

  • The

orb grants Applejack not only changeling powers, but also the knowledge of any powers used by Sunset while Variolus was with her.

  • Which means that she can now teleport and throw fireballs...

everyone is a bit confused.

  • Spike picks a side, Applejack's of

course, when he prevents her from getting the orb.

  • 42 also picks a

side when she beats Spike into the floor.

  • Rarity responds to this

with jumpkicks.

  • Sombra, who was beneath them when Spike came in

through his ceiling, takes one look at the chaos, makes a halfhearted effort to help before tearing off.

  • Twilight and Dash notice AJ

being smarter than she should. Dash still wants to help AJ, Twilight ices her to the floor.

  • Fluttershy can't help because chaos.
  • Pinkie

just isn't getting hit.

  • Celestia tries to step in and gets

wife-tossed into Chrysalis.

  • Drained and hurt, Chrysalis can't do

much as AJ starts beating the crap out of her.

  • Finally, Shining

Armor steps in between the two, and demands AJ stops.

  • "Or


  • He tells her or what. Which is he'll hit her.
  • Possessed

by the orb, she mocks him, calling him pathetic, pointing out she'd never let what

  • Chrysalis did to him slide if it was her.
  • He says

he doesn't care, has moved past it, and is done with it.

  • So, she

hits him.

  • He responds by turning her into one of those

bopper-clown things.

  • She gets up and prepares to beat


  • Chrysalis asks for help, but 42 and Rarity are being tangled

up in vines made of hamsters.

  • Goddamn it Fluttershy
  • Celestia

tries talking her down, it doesn't work, so Celestia is forced to bodyslam her. Like a boss.

  • This does not stop her. She gets back

up and starts ranting to Celestia for trusting brain-eatingbug monsters, and asks if Celestia really isn't worried about them. She says no, this blinds Applejack with rage.

  • While she's ranting, a

certain someone tries to grab the orb... and is spotted.

  • "Snickerdoodles."
  • Pinkie gets punched in the

face, and she leaps up to finish her off with a punch, only to have Chrysalis get in the way in the last second.

  • She stops, and

realizes that orb is probably making her a little crazy, and that Chrysalis should probably take that right now.

  • She reaches out to

give it to her-

  • NOPE! SUNSET!... Who everyone forgot about.
  • She's

panicking a little bit as everyone is bearing down on her, getting ready to utterly ruin her for causing all this bullshit. That's when they learn what the orb is and that Sunset's heart is a rock.

  • Shining

Armor is especially pissed due to what she did to Caddy, demanding she surrender now or else he will beat her within an inch of her life, and if she tries to escape his guards have orders to shoot to kill.

  • But she won't, because she's afraid that he'll give the orb

to Chrysalis, which he totally would. She tries to explain her case, that she just wanted protection from changelings, and that's why she did all of this, which was to learn about them to better everyone, not just them.

  • She pleads with them that changeling

Queens cannot be trusted, that they will lie to you and use you and manipulate you. She has seen Variolus and what she and the other Queens are capable of. She then explains what happened in her mind. Being taken over, having to watch, being helpless, all that.

  • Shining Armor clams down immensely with

this, stating he understands what it's like to have yourself taken over, to be a puppet, but she was letting her fear of Changelings decide everything, and damning the consequences.

  • He explains that,

regardless of what has happened, he trusts Chrysalis, and likes her. Sunset doesn't understand.

  • Applejack tries talking to her,

explaining she understands her fears, but that she couldn't let it control her like it did. Sometimes secrets aren't meant to be used as weapons, but because they're just not ready to be shared.

  • She

admits her own failings to teach or to help her, and that they've both failed.

  • Finally, she asks to give up the orb.
  • Reluctantly,

Sunset does.

  • ...But thankfully nobody is stupid enough to touch

it, and it gets sealed up six ways from sunday beneath Canterlot, with only Chrysalis and Celestia able to access it. And Celestia only because she called out Chrysalis on being a hypocrite of the thing.

  • And it makes a scary eye when activated because Chrysalis

is secretly a four year old inside.

  • Applejack asks what Shining

Armor is going to do, he needs to think about it, so he takes the still unconscious Cadence out with him.

  • So, Twilight starts

experimenting on Sunset while they wait. Many a question is asked and answered.

  • Everyone finds out about what the stone is, how it was

made and what the purpose is... and that it might contain Chaos Magic, which could only mean one thing....

  • Also, Mane-Iac is sad

she missed the brawl.

  • And Dash does paperwork to classical


  • And Rarity inadvertently sets off a gift-war.
  • 18 spots

SA/Caddy, freaks out, learns she was drained of love, 18 kisses Cadence to restore her love while disguised as Cadence, Shining Armor feels funny things.

  • Spike starts a secret santa thing with

the gunclub.

  • Two wants to grab the ball, is denied. Musings of

"Titan Two" are had."

  • SA beings Cadence and 18 up

to speed on what happened, and asks Cadence what she wants done.

  • She

doesn't know.

  • Both SA and 18 point out the nuances of the


  • She doesn't know.
  • SA finally just asks her if she

wants her to pay for hurting her like that.

  • ...She doesn't


  • She says that Shining Armor can handle it and leaves.
  • Alone,

18 and SA talk about it, with 18 giving her own opinion when asked by saying she would lock up Sunset forever, and only let her out to polish the Empire by hoof. But she admits she's biased, and will support what Shining Armor says. She leaves.

  • Shining Armor, alone,

tries to come to grips with the situation, warring with himself between being a prince who must look strong, a soldier who must look just, and his own personal anger that Sunset dared to hurt Cadence when she was trying to help.

  • Enter Celestia, who talks with him

about it, but tries to only listen because she feels she's failed enough with this one.

  • Shining Armor debates with her, explains his

problems, and even cheers her up when she gets down. Heartmelting is had as, at last, he comes to a decision. He's not going to look at this like a prince or Soldier, but Shining Armor. Emboldened, he leaves.

  • Behind him, Celestia realizes she might be getting another

shot with Sunset, and is going to make it count.

  • 42 meets up with Cadence, who urgs her

to talk to Spike.

  • Snake-eyes is pretending to be someone else as a


  • Discord thinks he got away with it, Faustmom is


  • Chrysalis and AJ talk again, with AJ confronting her about

that 'murderer' thing. It looks like it's going to end with them being angry at each other again, until... Chrysalis asks about AJ's dad.

  • She has nothing but praises for him, obviously, and asks

Chrysalis about hers.

  • Her one interaction with him when she was

four is... less than sunny. And AJ manages to read between the lines on that one and puts it together.

  • ...Then they get into a 'which

mom is better' fight, before leaving on good terms.

  • FINALLY! At the end Sunset is being


  • Long, LONG and very inspirational speech debating all

points is had, but short of it is that Sunset is punished like Twilight was, being banned from engaging in Changeling magic, is confined to Empire and Canterlot and must work to better the Empire, Equestria and the world. She is not a prisoner, and she is given a chance to prove herself again, like Twilight was.

  • Joy is


  • Something something love.
  • Party breaks out.
  • Applejack

and Sunset promise to get it right this time.

  • Everyone gets cake.

Thread 84 Edit



  • Everyone gathers around Sunset in the

wake of her freedom, and one by one they give their own decrees. Twilight tasks her with a journal and checkups. In addition, certain restrictions on magic are placed, but they are very light.

  • Applejack

tells her to write her letters to keep her informed, and that she will be taking magic lessons from Sunset.

  • Celestia orders her to

come see her once a week and converse with her for at least an hour, and that she believes in her.

  • Finally, Sunset realizes how lucky

she is, and that she hurt Cadence. Unknown to all, she wants to make it up to her.

  • With that, Sunset is 'free', in a sense.
  • With

that, Hearth's Warming is upon us!

  • 41 and SP have a talk where SP

reveals he's uncomfortable with the fact Changelings can just read minds. 41 brushes it off to go have fun.

  • SA and Cadence question

is they should celebrate Hearth's Warming considering they don't live where anyone else would. Cadence insists they do because presents.

  • Luna, 29, MM and Zecora are playing board games, Luna

decides to pull out the Mahjong. It uh... turns out MM plays. And is rather intense about it. We never get to see the game.

  • Which is a

pity, because it turns out Luna is rather good at it, which she shows when she does trade negotiations via overly-intense Mahjong game.

  • Spitfire is investigating how Cadence can be in so many

places every day but still do all the kingdom managing, timing how long she spends out on the town. While looking it over, she is scared off by a voice. Said voice picks up the paper and it turns out it was none other than... Sunset Shimmer.

  • She hasn't made a move on this

new information yet.

  • Two is angry at Sunset for hurting

not-mom+mom and pelting her with hard marchmalleys. Applejack asks if she's apologized yet, and after realizing she hasn't she does apologize as best she can, calming 2 down and leading to instant forgiveness and marchmalleys.

  • The nightguard are following 56 to see

if he's a viable candidate, and noticing that despite him trying not to touch the booty, the booty finds him.

  • Chitania's scar is worse

than expected. More than just a mark, it didn't heal right or something and thus anytime she attempts to go into Titan mode she is overcome by pain. It would be a simple procedure to get it surgically removed, but she doesn't know any surgeon she would trust with her heart exposed, and thus she has to suffer with it until she can figure something out.

  • Chrysalis is angry because Twilight is too

swamped to help her examine the orb, and she promised she wouldn't until Twilight was around. But between helping to restore Sunset, her OnO project and holiday shopping, there's just no time. It's here she reveals she gave Celestia access to it too. Twilight orders her to relax and enjoy the holidays.

  • Before she leaves, she runs into the

possessed Primrose, and it's only some logic from Twilight that prevents her from blowing it up.

  • It turns out the changelings have

been hiding out in the ballroom because they're afraid Chrysalis is mad at them after one of them punched Quicksilver in the face and had to spend a couple days in jail. They've been doing their best to wait it out, so Chrysalis doesnt' care.

  • After she's gone, they decide

to send out a 'scout' by tying a rope around him. Said scout is the guy who did the punching, 38. He protests, but is gone out with the knowledge they will pull him back if they need to.

  • His rope gets

cut off by the door. Whoops.

  • But for the most part, everyone is

pleasant. Be it from guards who just wish to be nice or a couple chefs who got a light nudge from Applejack, he finds it's not all bad, even if he remains unsure.

  • Pinkie accelerates the Gift-Arms-Race,

and Rarity rises to the challenge.

  • Fluttershy is stuck in line in

the holiday rush, Chrysalis decides to be a good friend and waits with her.

  • Applejack, Sunset and Rarity work at a soup kitchen to

help Sunset's public image and to bring some attention to the less fortunate. Rarity enjoys making them look good while they work.

  • 18

and Celestia have a discussion about things with Shining, turns out things are moving forwards now and Celestia, after the talk, is okay with it and wishes her well.

  • The gryphon royals plus Ignus and

Isabelle get together to decide what to do, and come to the conclusion they need to split up to sway the votes.

  • Applejack

finds Jetset and has a talk with him where he reveals he doesn't care if she's perfect, he protects her because he believes in her. Then he declares he needs to get stronger if he is to do so, but will need to find a certain 'someone' to pull it off.

  • In Everfree, Seven has

been training for a whole month, but despite this is not any physically stronger than he was when he started. He realizes his limitation as a Changeling is that he is entirely dependent on Love in order to be strong, and it doesn't matter how hard he works besides it because he'll always only be as strong as the amount of love he has.

  • Some of the new guards try to cheer up the

changelings. It backfires.

  • Applejack confronts Screwloose, and

lays down the law.

  • Movie Night at the Crystal Empire! With a very

special showing... Shining Armor's grand "Epic" movie... which he made in his edgy teenager phase.

  • Many forced ice puns,

bad special effects and cringey story follows.

  • As does many, many


  • Two and Maney think it's cool.
  • Haymaker and Batmom

shoot barbs at each other.

  • 29 has been feeding 32 love, and

continues to do so to this day. While 32 makes a joke out of it, it's revealed that 32 is also doing favors for 29 at the same time.

  • Despite his best efforts to make it sound sexual, Actarius

remains completely unphased or lead astray by any of it, seeing through it with a blunt naivety, which angers 32, and makes 29 laugh.

  • Applejack visits Shiny. Somehow ends up with a mousetrap on

her ass.

  • DT tries to force Spike to cut 42 some slack after she

punched him into the floor, it doesn't work.

  • While walking off,

she boards an elevator with Trixie and Chrysalis... goes about as well as you'd expect.

  • Derpy delivers a package to Discord. He

skimps her on the tip.

  • Don't feel bad, it was a bomb.
  • Pommel,

after some freaking out with Daw, finally tells Celestia he's sorry for sleeping in. She forgives him and gives a speech where she details how lackluster her old guard used to be, how good it was he kept trying, and that more than anything they need a leader right now.

  • Pommel has a talk with the changeling wandering around, 38,

where he points out the mutual hate on both sides is only making things worse, drawing a parallel to the Hearth's Warming Eve story, where their fighting almost wiped out everyone.

  • Chrysalis and

Mane-Iac love the holdays. Funny comic time is pointed out.

  • Spike and 42 finally talk, with Spike

bitter she chose Chrysalis over him and that she remains loyal to her. They start to think that they can't be friends anymore, since 42 will not trust him with anything and he feels like she won't believe him if it comes down to it, so out of desperation 42 does reveal a secret.

  • That she's in love with Cadence.
  • Spike decides to 'help

her out', though what that means is still unknown. Because hey... "What are friends for?"

  • Cadence overspends on


  • Dash forgot about Hearth's Warming shopping.
  • Watchdog is

having fun tossing Vekir, Siegfried less so watching Anton... and even less so when Anton joins in the tossing.

  • Arana gives a

Hearth's Warming gift to Chitania. Chitania returns the favor with tales of Arana's mother, particularly how she met her father.

  • Sunset

is feeling bitter that she lost all that information about Changelings, and feels it unfair that the info is being kept from her. Applejack arrives shortly and the two have a heart to heart, with Applejack explaining that her biggest problem is her impulsiveness and inability to see things as anything other than a scientist, using a dying appletree sapling to show her point.

  • At

the end of it, she tasks Sunset with the Apple Tree sapling to give her some perspective, and leaves her hopeful that she can be restored to normal.

  • Chrysalis looks on at the Orb, and begins to think of

all the possibilities it can hold. In particular, if it could be used to create more Queens from her Hive.

  • More Queens... all under


  • Because that won't end horribly.

Thread 85 Edit



  • Rarity and Pinkie's gift war has reached

terrifying levels.

  • 42 has no plan with that reveal to Spike, she

just wanted to show him she trusted him.

  • After she leaves, it

turns out he wasn't the only one who heard. Spike accidentally left Charity's voice thing on... whoops.

  • Rarity, after managing to hold

it in and not gossip via headbutting a table, decides to do something and play matchmaker, because 42 is special to him. He is reluctant to agree, but comes to the conclusion that this isn't very healthy for punchbug.

  • Thanks to some clever conversations, the idea of

mare-kissing practice is now in Cadence's head, and she's considering it.

  • This is probably going to end well
  • Chrysalis speaks with

13, and reaffirms her loyalty, and then promises to talk to Chitania.

  • Spike and 55 teamed up to stop some robbers who were

stealing orphan toys.

  • Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and 2 don't know

what a Hearth is.

  • Chitania learns from Sunset about the


  • Soarin and Fleetfoot do not respect Dash.
  • SA and 18's

shopping thing turns into a date.

  • 32 is passing out Heath's

Warming cards that are weirdly on the nose to all the changelings, first stop, Chrysalis!... She mostly annoys him.

  • Dadling and

Batmom meet the Cakes, they share stories about how unmanageable superkids are. 13 and Sweet Note are shopping and having fun.

  • Screwloose continues to bug Haymaker, while 12 makes her


  • Sunset and Twilight, growing bored with experimenting,

decide to make a bunch of classic book references.

  • It's

surprisingly adorable.

  • Luna joins in, it gets less adorable.
  • Luna

tries to make MM, 29 and Zecora put on a show, it goes badly.

  • Applejack asks Chrysalis to stop being a dick about letting

Arana near her hive. Reluctantly, she accepts.

  • And then Arana hugs


  • Chrysalis is still very much afraid of her.
  • This does not

go well.

  • Potatojack should never pretend to be Silver Spoon...
  • Actarius continues to work with


  • Things get out of hoof with a snowball fight with Celestia and

Luna, with Shining Armor getting caught up in it.

  • Luna now has to

do an as yet unrevealed humiliating thing because she lost.

  • Hilda

is a very mean sister.

  • Flash and Fizzle meet up with PD's agents

in the Gryphon Kingdom, and are now off to be glorified thugs.

  • Quicksilver is trying on makeup, Steam Gauge is quite


  • After an accidental run in, Celestia has to hold 56 under

the water for a long time.

  • Shining Armor does not question this,

and neither should you.

  • 88 has a new battle tactic,


  • Haymaker thinks AJ is best princess.
  • Suckerpunch is

a dick to Actarius.

  • Sweet Note thinks 13 should start suing when

she gets set on fire, 13 had never considered this

  • Zecora makes

Trixie do her shopping, because shopping in rhyme is hard.

  • ...That

is totally the reason.

  • DT sets off fireworks to say "Hi

Silver Spoor"

  • Silver Spoon knows what she means. Cutie


  • Chrysalis and AJ talk about family
  • SA got an antique WB

costume for Dash, Twilight had to try it on.

  • SA, Cadence,

Chrysalis, 18, 42 and Celly have brunch, the discussion of Spike's lovelife comes up and nobody has any self awareness.

  • 10 is worried

about Trenderhoof

  • Chitania is being awkward as a mom
  • Cadence

considers Twilight for her earlier thing... decides against it, and leave Twilight confused.

  • Twilight keeps working on the upcoming

OnO adventure.

  • Pinkie parties with the changelings
  • Applejack

battles 29 for a doll for Applebloom, eventually gets it from him and they have a moment

  • Chitania is not okay with 13 playing


  • 2 convinces Chrysalis to get Applejack a gift
  • Celestia

attempts to blend into the snow. SA is all for this plan

  • Then

Rarity gets involved, and Canterlot is left in confusion.

  • Also,

snow Rarity.



  • The end is neigh.

Thread 86 Edit





  • All around ponies and changelings are

celebrating, having fun and spending time with their loved ones, from the CE's crew enjoying Shiny's parents visiting in between having a heart attack when Twilight gives Two a hoverbike to Rarity giving Sweetie something to burn down her parents house to Twenty Nine and crew bonding simply in Zecora's hut to Pennydrop lavishing in her own increased wealth.

  • It's a nice day.
  • Except for once


  • Applejack, Applebloom and Big Mac descend the stairs and

prepare to open their gifts, but there's one problem.

  • Granny Smith

is missing!

  • As it turns out, last night Granny got ran over by

a... something

  • So when she wakes up, she's not taking this lying

down, and sets out to find whatever it was that ran her over!

  • Applejack the others find the tracks and follow them to


  • Meanwhile, Pinkie has hired the changelings to

pretend to be her and spread holiday cheer in her place to any who are not spending time with their families.

  • Spike goes over to

Applejack's house to try to give her a gift, but sees her gone and none of the presents open, which means only one thing.

  • Getting his

gun, it's on!

  • After some following, he stumbles across

Fluttershy's cabin while monologuing to himself. Needless to say, they join forces.

  • Also, shortly after, he calls Rarity, who while

desperate to escape her families home also comes over to be with the pair.

  • Also, unknown to her before this moment, Sweetie Belle had

dyed her hair white, and Rarity is now completely invisible in the snow.

  • Granny, meanwhile, is either making squirrels vomit with her

stories or ticking off strangely intelligent cragodiles.

  • Dash comes across Soarin and Fleetfoot

in WB headquarters, everyone else is off on vacation, but they're there for... reasons. She gives them a gift and they feel bad about it for a bit.

  • She also comes across Lightning Dust in her office,

and seems really oblivious before she heads off to go spend time with the others.

  • JJ and Actarius meet his parents for Hearth's Warming.

Goes about as well as can be expected

  • 56 gets the Delux Chitanita toy with

memory foam plot, curses his cousin for tempting him again, even though he begged for it for months, and it cost a small fourtune

  • DT gives her Secret Gifter gift to 77.

It's a Ballistic Sniper Knife with a DT seal of approval for safety. 42's gift were rocket power hooves which made her fly uncontrollably though a wall.

  • Twilight, getting away from the CE for a moment,

stumbles across Pommel who tells her where Spike went.

  • He's also

wearing a ribbon... guess where.

  • She goes off to find Spike every

bit to get away from that.

  • Chrysalis and Celestia have a talk

about Applejack and second chances. Celestia also finds out Chrysalis was rather 'new' when she got with Shiny back at the wedding, so to say.

  • Maud is STILL in the Empire
  • 29 delivers a letter to Luna

from 56, it's adorable.

  • Everyone is either panicking or enjoying

Two's hoverbike antics.

  • 29 and crew get into a snowball


  • Pinkie is off to deliver gifts to her friends, how you


  • By putting all the gifts in a sled and having it pulled by


  • ...And she's wearing a red suit, because Pinkie is as

subtle as an exploding middle finger.

  • Primrose tries to explain

Hearth's Warming to Brahmos, Red and Cordy.

  • Red remembers the

Wendigos fondly...

  • 10 gives BBB a gift, he feels bad he didn't get

her one, she declares he was gift enough.


HAT... that is all.

  • Granny Smith finally finds the rascals that

ran her over!... And then tears off running.

  • Right into Applejack

and her kin, and thus all three get to discover her assaulters were none other than, as Applejack put it-



  • Thus a battle begins! Or, more specifically,

Applejack and family getting beat to bruises by really violent wendigos.

  • They realize they should just be able to be nice to each

other and fix it...doesn't work. Really, really doesn't work.

  • But that's okay, because Spike,

Fluttershy and Rarity join the fray!

  • And they too all get beat to

hell, except Fluttershy of course, who is unhurt as they create twisters and the like to batter them.

  • But out of nowhere, more

help arrives! DASH is on the scene, and she makes a giant twister to suck them up and toss them away! The day is saved!

  • For about four

seconds, then she notices they made a bigger one, and theirs hurts a lot more.

  • But that's okay, because TWILIGHT is on the scene,

she'll save everyone!

  • ...She doesn't!
  • The wedigos seem to open

the sky and pour down the snow and frost to painful levels, trying to hold the heroes down. But they can't keep Applejack from getting to her family to cover them.

  • Even with that, they declare she needs

to stop, and go help the others, that she doesn't need to protect them all the time.

  • Reluctantly, VERY reluctantly, she says


  • And THEN all four get grabbed out of the waterfall of snow

and ice, and onto, of all things, a sled.

  • A sled that is tearing

through that icy stuff thanks to the fireball on the front of it.

  • The

LIVING fireball.

  • It's 55, come on.
  • Pinkie Pie has arrived, and

she and the Apple Family is going to bring this action scene to a close! The go up to the top, fire off some magicy science via Twilight's present to be to make them whole, and one great big Apple Family Apple Buck happens! The Wendigos are defeated, the day is saved, and everything is a-okay!

  • ...And then everyone puts

together that this was probably Discord, and they get mad.

  • But

they're going to deal with that later! For now, Arana FINALLY got her big butt off the button holding the portal closed and the CE crew from joining in, and now it's time for some Hearth Warming Apple Home Party!

  • Cadence is weighing her options for her

'practice' but her contemplative stare keep sets both 18 and Celestia off into a confession panic, so they're out. The hunt goes on!

  • Sunset feels very alone and lies in her

room, telling Dollestia there's no point going out in the vain hope of enjoying the festivities, since she's...well, medically dead and very unliked around town

  • Pinkie brings out her gifts and wows the

crowsd, but a challenger approaches!

  • A challenger who made her

little sister pull the massive cart from one side of Ponyville to the other, because Rarity can be vindictive sometimes.

  • But no matter,

because after several stops, she hands out her gifts, and even Pinkie concedes she's got the best ones this go round!

  • But it's not over

yet, there's still one individual who needs to hand out her own gift.

  • Chrysalis gives that gift she promised Two she would give to


  • It's a strange, marble-sized green ball.
  • According to

Chrysalis, it lets her copy one memory to it, just like a small-scale version of the Variolus Orb. Only this one will project too.

  • At

first, Applejack is very suspicious and reluctant, which offends Chrysalis enough she just stomps off. Still, Applejack admits there's a possibility here.

  • So, she uses it, gives it one of her memories,


  • Everyone gets to watch Applebloom's very first Hearth's


  • And Applebloom gets to really see, and hear, her parents

for the very first time.

  • It's a time for looking back, but more

than that, a time for new beginnings.

  • And she's going to make the

most of it this time.

Thread 87 Edit

  • LAST THREAD RECAP! The holiday that was

over six months ago is over again!

  • SA Thinks what Chrysalis did

for AJ is nice.

  • Cadence considers Chrysalis and others for her

practice thing, decides against it.

  • Applejack noticed Sunset

wasn't with the CE crew, learns from Applejack she just hid in her room.

  • So she flies to Canterlot, breaks down Sunset's door and

drags her to Ponyville, because that's how she rolls.

  • Luna begins

to have fun pranking her students.

  • Pinkie laments she didn't win

the gift war.

  • 32 continues to hand out his cursed cards, each one

more insulting than the last. The only one spared is 2.

  • Spitfire

blows off Dash when she tries to talk to her.

  • Ignus, Sigfried,

Watchdog, Vekir and Anton go off on their political trip.

  • Chitania

hates that there is snow. Gets rid of it the only way she knows how.

  • Blueblood spends Hearth's Warming with Arana, PJ and


  • 77 and 88 come across Screwloose, who takes an interest

in the blindling.

  • Rarity notices Cadence isn't moving forwards

towards 42 like she plans, decides to step up her game and drags Spike along with her.

  • 18 is still bitter at Sunset.
  • Celestia

and SA decide to go after Luna.

  • Sweetie Belle is bad at


  • Cloudchaser decides to file a complaint about the WB's,

but when she confronts Fleetfoot she is quickly made aware there is nobody to file a complaint about Dash TO, as all of them are either lower on the totem pole or are her best friends/owe her one and thus she gives up.

  • This is not the first time Fleetfoot has had to do


  • Chrysalis looks creepy for a second, so AJ harasses her with

a squirtbottle. Thus begins a squirt fight that will be remembered for all of time.

  • Celestia and SA pull pie-pranks on Luna and

eventually force her to go to Sweet Apple Acres to spend time with the others.

  • They themselves are delayed, because they are in a


  • Do not ask.
  • Rairty and Spike fail hard at that

whole plan.

  • Two tries to warm the hearth... with gasoline.
  • AJ

is amused that Luna is a teacher.

  • DT swims in her presents, while

SS makes bad puns.

  • Shining and Big Mac have nothing in


  • After several more failures, Rarity and Spike ready to

call it quits, but no need. Cadence's stares of judgement does nothing to 42, and she realizes she's perfect for this so rushes off to go ask Shiny.

  • Rarity considers this a win.
  • While talking to

Shiny about it, she inadvertently reveals the reason she's not just going to 18 is that her biggest fear is that she's not living up to her Princess of Love title, and wants to experience what's coming next without fear of ruining anything for Shiny or her. After a lengthy talk, Shining eventually decides if this is what she needs to feel back in her groove, he'll go with it.

  • Witnessing his repeated

failures, Shining offers to take Rarity to task if Spike needs him to.

  • But not Applejack.
  • Sunset reveals to Spitfire what she

found, but Spitfire immediately backs off and decides the whole thing was stupid, not wanting to strain her relationship with anyone else over there. She advises Sunset to do the same.

  • It's disheartening,

but she realizes she'll have to go talk to Applejack about it.

  • Sombra

gives Shining Armor a Dreadnought

  • 32 discovers the notes are

actually cursed and goes off to search for the culprit.

  • When

Discord reveals it was him despite 32 wishing really really hard it wasn't, 32 just gives up and decides to go home, which makes Discord angry as he wanted 32 to challenge him or complain about him.

  • Chrysalis is a shrewd businessmare.
  • Rainbow Dash is

apparently loaded.

  • Celestia reveals she didn't buy any gifts on

Luna's behalf, so she has to hand out dream vouchers.

  • Twilight

discovers she can make a jacob ladder with her and Rarity's horn. The world is not ready.

  • Chrysalis seems unimpressed with the

party, but says they need to invite everyone to their place next year.

  • Applejack and Granny Smith think about how their 'family'

has grown.

  • SA and crew decide to leave, but not before he points

out to Applejack that her accepting that gift meant a lot to Chrysalis, even if she doesn't show it.

  • Back at the Empire,

Shining Armor finally gives his gifts to the other mares...

  • POLE


  • Chrysalis, Cadence, 18, Celestia and 42 have a


  • Twilight walks in, is horrified... can't seem to


  • Everyone else leaves soon after, everyone except Applejack

and... Fluttershy.

  • Time to get some answers.
  • They call Discord,

and chew him out for what he's been doing.

  • He bites back,

obviously feeling neglected, but having a harder time justifying it when they reveal he had gifts and an apple fritter waiting for him here, he just didn't show up.

  • He gets into how forgotten he's felt

here recently, due to the fact he can't last very long around Fluttershy.

  • When Applejack tries to lecture him, he vanishes,

leaving behind some gifts, and goes up to the moon to watch the planet below.

  • He took the apple fritters with him.
  • And, he


  • "I may have gone a bit overboard."
  • Twilight

returns to Canterlot to a waiting Spike, and after shaking off her previous problems decides...


Thread 88 Edit



  • Twilight, while cackling like a lunatic because

of course she does, sends out the call, and all of the various ponies and other such species begin their gathering process!

  • First up,

breakfast with the CE crew!

  • Chrysalis, sadly, cannot see why kids

love Crunchy Cinnamon Toast.

  • Dash leaves the Wonderbolts all

alone, thinking she's just giving them another day off post Hearth's Warming. Enraged by her actions, Soarin' and Fleetfoot begin to plot.

  • This plot involves Fleetfoot annoying Pommel until he chases

her with a butterfly net, and Soarin' turning on the sprinklers over the changelings heads and ticking them off until they chase him.

  • The

two plots intertwine when said changelings run over Pommel in their blind rage. This is only the beginning...

  • Meanwhile, Daw does not

know what a condom is. So... that's probably going to end well.

  • 77

and 88 find 32 passed out and smelling of hangover, so they decide to help him get cleaned up.

  • Haymaker is annoyed his boss is chasing

Fleetfoot instead of training them.

  • Twilight and Celestia assure

Applejack nothing is going to go wrong while they're in the simulator... so of course it is.

  • Shining drops off Two with his

parents. Oh, and Sombra too, but he forgot to mention that to them. His father is not appreciative.

  • At the Sparkle house, Sombra

slinks down into the basement with Two in tow, discovering Shining Armor's old stash of figures from the old days. Also a magazine, but we'll never know what was inside of it, because of the fire.

  • Chrysalis discovers that Succubus is no longer a class, and

is actually a race now. More specifically, an NPC enemy race. An NPC enemy race that, if picked, has some huge handicaps. And is always evil. And also gives bonuses if you kill them.

  • In short, the

creatures with her powerset and sort of her appearance got redone to be snarling, evil monsters you're supposed to kill.

  • She is not

happy, but hatches her own plan.

  • Primrose goes reading at Brahomos's


  • DT accidentally gets drunk on some leftover


  • Screwloose wonders if she can fix 88's eyesight.
  • Spitfire,

back at the Empire, takes command of the airforce to train them better.

  • As they're gathering, Twilight reveals a very important

fact. She invited someone else to come along, none other than Poindexter! Who is still on iffy terms with Shining, but nevermind. Now they're perfectly symmetrical, seven on Twilight's side, seven on the CE side!

  • One problem, that means there's nobody left to


  • So, Celly has a suggestion. Her sister!
  • Luna, after some

convincing, agrees.

  • With their teacher gone, 29 and crew got into

the strong stuff, and yet again wake up with very little recollection to where they have been.

  • Long story short, Luna is letting the

power go to her head again as she takes control. With that out of the way, it's merely time to gather everyone together and get ready for an adventure! They all go in, turning the thing on and transforming into their characters!

  • And then promptly vanishing.

Because Twilight wanted it to be a surprise when they all met up. All of them are sent to different parts of the world, and have their own adventures.

  • Spike, a Knight class fighter, gets dropped in the

middle of a fuzzy thing nest much to his irritation. Then he discovers, after killing them all, that those fuzzy things were babies, and that Luna had intended for him to befriend them and go on an adventure, and this kind of messed up her whole plan.

  • Long story

short, after a few more scenarios, a lot of anger from Luna and no less than three species genocided, Spike is now wearing blooddrinker armor and wielding a cursed sword, no matter how much he protests.

  • Shining Armor, a Paladin, initially

lands in a land of fairy princesses. Pink fair princesses. Who look like ponies... and his wife, coincidentally. After he escapes from that throwback to DnD origins, he is attacked by harpies, but is saved by the whip of a succubus!

  • More specifically, a tall, WHITE,


  • Celestia is trying out a new race
  • Speaking of someone

else is also trying out a new race!... Sort of.

  • Chrysalis, now an

Angel, wipes out the Harpies in one blow. After wards, she reveals that she's an angel who is, due to following their works, SUCCUBUS class once again! Luna, on the other hand, reveals that this left her charisma score a mite... low.

  • As in, she couldn't talk, and had

been following Shining for hours killing small animals to level up enough that she could speak.

  • Both mares muse about a little

'advanced seduction', but Luna is having none of that and makes it known with stampede of bladed rhinos.

  • 18, an enchantress class,

gets spawned in a lich cave, and of course lich's are immune to enchanting...

  • Cadence, a Fairy with an unrevealed(but stupid)

class, learns her prospects for survival are not great.

  • Poindexter,

A rogue, is running circles around all of Luna's traps while she tries to monlouge at him.

  • 42, a solider class, is stuck in the

middle of a slime pit. She uses her wits to outsmart one, but... there's a lot.

  • Dash, a pegasi warrior(?) is annoyed because Luna

won't let her fly.

  • Pinkie, a bard, is enjoying being in a candy


  • Rarity, and Ironshod(think old timey robots) Monk is

enjoying her new kung fu.

  • Applejack and Twilight, however..
  • Luna

decided to be 'helpful' in light of AJ's failing magical powers, so she... switched them.

  • Now AJ is a mage and Twi is a barbarian.

Neither is working.

  • They start to meet up, Cadence with 42,

Dash and 18 and later Pinkie and then AJ, Poindexter meets up with Rarity when the latter pretends to be a ghost to freak him out.

  • Oh,

and AJ can make cider out of a couple sticks, a rock, a wheel and a single apple... do not ask, even though she was watching Luna doesn't get that one.

  • After a few more adventures, they all meet up in a

town square, and Luna prepares to send them on the real adventure! Only, one problem... where's Fluttershy?

  • Oh, right there... turns

out she was a peasant class pony the whole time, everyone just thought she was an NPC.

  • Well, with that done, TORNADOS FROM THE


  • Now the mission is set! Two lords, one of fire and one of

ice, are threatening the land, so two teams are needed to stop them! CE crew and the Main Seven, off on their adventure!

  • One little

snag. There was a... mixup.

  • Poindexter and Twilight are exactly

where they should NOT be.

  • And thus, Luna loses her mind for a


  • Unaware to all, in her hidden room, Pennydrop notices that

the game has begun, and is now hatching her own plan to get at Twilight's computer.

  • The real adventure, both inside and out,


Thread 89 Edit

  • The parties are now split up, and are having issues.
  • On the Main Six side, they are not happy with being stuck with

Poindexter and vocalize it to a very hurtful degree.

  • Tensions begin to rise as each one wants to take the lead, but none of them

end up doing so. As a result of lack of leadership, they mostly just destroy stuff.... a lot of stuff... so much stuff.

  • So much stuff...
  • Back with the CE crew, things are going smoother... except for Shiny shaking his ass where Twilight can see, that was a


  • Celestia, Chrysalis and 18 try to get them away from each other long enough they can tease Shiny, to no effect.
  • That aside, each one is fantastically capable, which leaves Twilight feeling like

she doesn’t matter much because she can’t take the lead.

  • With that said, they progress rapidly and quickly, far quicker than the

other side. They go after the ice lord, while the main six crew choose the fire one.

  • As a result of one side fighting and the other being overly confrontational, Luna’s plans rapidly fall apart

and she finds herself in despair. But it’s not over yet…

  • On the Wonderbolt Side, Pommel gets up after the trampling, and decides

he’s done playing. He stumbles across Bulk, and realizing Bulk is a WB he enlists his help to catch Fleetfoot

  • While Soarin is still being chased, a wonderbolt mare(Unknown if it was Fleetfoot) tells

the guard their boss got trampled, and they charge off to go fight.

  • Meanwhile, Gilda slaps the Peacetrotters in the face and eggs them on to all charge her.
  • Long story short, the three rampaging crowds collide while the WB's and Pommel look on.
  • And then there is punches.
  • ...And then there is threats of lasers.
  • And then there is almost lasers and Pommel being forced to shove everyone

to fire off into nothingness.

  • And then that nothingness turns out to not contain nothingness.
  • It contains Chitania.
  • Who is PISSED
  • Thus begins a desperate battle with the PT's, Guards and Lings fighting against a very, very angry Titan. It

goes as well as expected.

  • Or, as Fleetfoot put it, 'better than expected'.
  • Pommel, seeing his crew and others in danger, joins with Daw and snaps into action with good old fashioned adventure


  • They do not work. They do not work a lot.
  • But on the positive side, a changeling and guard pair have discovered a passion

for annoucerwork. So... that's something. Fuzzy and the Buzz have begun!

  • Meanwhile, thanks to the destruction, Pennydrop has found her way into Twilight’s mainframe and begins downloading the stuff on her computer. One problem, if Twilight notices she’s fucked. So she peers in to make sure Twilight can’t see what she’s doing, and spots Luna in despair. A mistake on her part leads to her being heard, so she panics and makes Luna think she’s a computer program.
  • Then she learns what Luna is doing.
  • Realizing the game is almost over and she needs to stall, Pennydrop decides to help.
  • We learn that, underneath her terrible exterior, Pennydrop is a hardcore OnO fan, complete with

fake crown and old memorabilia.

  • She and Luna join forces and proceed to torment both sides, even flipping around what the CE crew thought would be the final battle and instead gets them lost in an ‘endless’ maze.
  • With that, Applejack’s crew begin to eventually get it together and continue on.
  • MEANWHILE, Mayor Mare and 29 actually do work!?
  • 32 gathers up 77 and 88, and after hiring someone to clean up his office he sets out to ponyville with them do to…

something regarding him and Cheerilee

  • Speaking of, Actarius discovers said office and… well, he is probably still screaming.
  • On orders from 18, Potatojack sets out to find 7, discovering him clear out and alone in Everfree forest, doing… something with a bunch of animals in cages. The one she sees is a Manticore, which appears near death.
  • Seven reveals he’s working on ways to get love outside of ponies, so they aren’t so dependent on them.
  • After beating him around for a little bit to reveal he’s low on love and chiding him

for missing Hearth’s Warming, PJ reveals there’s no way to really get enough from animals. He says he’s made progress, she says she can’t see it.

  • ”Looking in wrong direction.”
  • What follows is PJ getting the snot beat out of her by the very much not near-death Manticore before being beaten into unconsciousness. Before she passes out, she sees that indeed said manticore was talking, and has green eyes.
  • She only hears one more thing before the world goes black.
  • ”Her name is Buttercup.”
  • When she wakes up in a potato field later, she can’t remember a thing, and believes she just got drunk and blasted off a couple rounds before crashing, which is why she’s out of love and hurts like hell.
  • Jetset watches the

whole exchange, but does not intervene. He had originally been looking to find 7 so they could help each other get better, but decides against it, and that he will get stronger on his own.

  • Ignus

and Siegfried arrive at their location, a land of partying and low standards… so he orders Watchdog to carry Vekir and Anton and for the love of god don’t let them touch anything.

  • Sombra sets up

all “Safe for Two” figures and he and two begin their own game! What adventures will they have? Find out!... After he fixes the table!

  • 32, 77, and 88 made it to Cheerilee's,

briefly ran into the...thing called Mr. Foalington from Partyland and set the stage for what's about to go down.

  • It's a big going down.

Thread 90 Edit



  • In the

OnO world, things are going... badly.

  • The CE crew are still lost

in the endless maze, being attacked by all manner of creatures and not able to pick up armor thanks to 'Luna's' trick from last time.

  • Twilight, thanks to feeling useless and unable to help,

unlocks the berserker rage against a slime monster, and is now very angry.

  • Shining Armor keeps asking meta questions, and Cadence

keeps giving him plausible but horrifying answers.

  • Celestia's

outfit is rapidly losing what little room it had.

  • Chrysalis, upon challenging Cadence, orders 42 to back her, but the soldier-ling

responds 'no', and backs Cadence. Nobody is quite sure what to make of that yet.

  • Cadence is still looking for a chance to bring up the

kiss thing to Forty Two.

  • 18 is just trying to out math that which

cannot be mathed.

  • But, despite their setbacks, they eventually

manage to get back up to the Ice Witch, causing a panic with Luna. Pennydrop, however, has a plan.

  • Long story short, she makes a big

song and dance with the Ice Witch where the Witch reveals that it does not matter if she won or not, the battle would mean her foe the Fire Lord would defeat her even if they did not. So, in order to save her kingdom, she gives her power, her armies and her throne away...

  • To Cadence.
  • Who is DAMN sexy in her costume, to the

point where Shining Armor might need a minute.

  • So, off they go to

fight the firelord!

  • Concurrently with this is going on, AJ grows

tired of being forced into situations where she has to use her magic and finds ways around them, until she is eventually guilt-tripped into it by Pennydrop.

  • Spike rapidly gets fed up with being hounded

by PD and Luna, and declares they're going off the rails so to speak.

  • This... fails spectacularly within the first few minutes,

and all Spike manages to do is more destruction. And Spike is now undead.

  • In a moment of desperation, Fluttershy

somehow ends up party leader.

  • They also gain a tentacle ridden

dragon named 'hats' as a pet... because.

  • Repeatedly, Spike tries

to go off rails, but it never works.

  • Finally, they all reach the

firelord, who is killed thanks to Fluttershy's batshit high charisma levels and said tentacle dragon.

  • He too passes on his power, over


  • Poindexter.
  • Who might be going just a liiiiittle crazy

with power.

  • MEANWHILE, out in the real world!
  • 32, 88 and 77

visit Cheerilee, and after a heart to heart, 77 PROPOSES! YES! PROPOSES!

  • 29 learns that Ye isn't a word, and his life is


  • Sunset goes over to the Empire with the interest of

getting to the bottom of this whole thing with Cadence, and after some persuading she get Spitfire to join her.

  • Jetset is trying to

take his teleporting to the next level and make it about phasing through stuff, but can't manage before he's picked up.

  • 7 gets with

a scientist working with Fawntaine's bio-research and gets notes for his still forming plan.

  • The Lunar Guard continue watching over 56

and reporting on him.

  • Screwloose senses something.
  • Sombra tries

to fight the living figures with more living figures... yeah.

  • Things

go awry, to put it shortly.

  • MEANWHILE! With the current

Chitania-brawl, things are going poorly.

  • Several daring attacks by

Pommel manage to do a jack load of nothing, and the Wonderbolts, outside of saving anyone from getting squashed, are unhelpful.

  • In

desperation, Daw goes off to get help. She gets it, in the form of a giant hundred legged backup.

  • Centitrain is on the case! And after

a larger than life battle... it doesn't go so good.

  • Long story

short, Centitrain is going to need to sleep a couple bruises off.

  • Several more attacks and plan after plan of Pommel's is

tried, but to no avail with any of it.

  • Finally, after getting

punted through a wall one too many times, Pommel decides to try to trap her with that there army he has.

  • A plan it hatched, but for this one

it's going to take more than just his army. His army, and the Changelings, are going to have to do the unthinkable and join forces if they want to win.

  • Reluctantly, thanks in part to many

interactions during the beating, they do so.

  • The plan goes off,

she's entangled by all sides and frozen by Peacetrotters, to everyone's surprise they hold her!... For exactly one second. But they DO hold her before her rage becomes unstoppable and she blasts them away and makes them hurt.

  • And then she strangles Pommel and

is about to knock off his head.

  • But it is not the end! Two others

come to save Pommels Pompoms, none other than Sweet Note and 13!

  • Then

Chitania roars at them, and watching her daughter and friend be afraid of her again makes her, at last, stop.

  • They forgive her

right away though, so it's all cool.

  • Then we learn what all this

was about. Technically, thanks to Fleetfoot and Soarin', this was a TOTALLY SANCTIONED by Dash training exorcise. One that wasn't supposed to involve Chitania, obviously, and was being filmed by 10 the whole time.

  • Pommel gets really angry, Sweet Note wants to sue,

Chitania is just happy her kid isn't afraid of her.

  • But that's not

all. The guards and changelings are... getting along? Whaaa?

  • Fleetfoot and Soarin go off, sure that they've won...
  • Or

have they?

  • In Dash's office, they're confronted by Lightning Dust,

who reveals she knows all about their plan.

  • Specifically, that this

was just about getting the public to turn on her, since none of the higher ups would. But she reveals she recorded their plan, and while they can't arrest her they have been conspiring to humiliate Dash, which is either fireable or Dash can punish them

  • She did this to

prove loyalty to Dash, and now she's going to use this to become second in command

  • Fleetfoot and Soarin realize they've lost, and

that they never stood a chance.

  • ...And nobody in the OnO world has

any idea any of this went on.

  • Dun dun duuuun.

Thread 91 Edit



  • Pennydrop muses about it, and can't

really figure out why she let the weak, powerless, big dreamer earth pony gain ultimate power... go figure.

  • Poindexter has now gone

full supervillain, costume and all. Everyone's a little worried about him. Yet, strangely, their kill rate has dropped to zero...

  • After

a talk, they decide to let him stay in charge.

  • On the other side,

Cadence has gone mad with power. Being carried around on a giant golden slab, making Celestia and Chrysalis act like statues, dressing up Shining and 18 and 42 to be her personal dancers, that mess.

  • Oh,

and she also makes the army fight for her amusement while marching towards the fire lord... that's a thing.

  • They don't have a choice

about whether she's in charge or not.

  • MEANWHILE, outside, the figurines are still wreaking havoc. The changelings and guards are trying to destroy the little buggers, but it's not going well.
  • Actarius is getting his shit kicked in, but not going down.
  • Chitania gives no fucks and ain't helping.
  • Bluebloodbot gets really annoyed and goes full on EXTERMINATE
  • Coltsly, thanks to an idea from a disguised Snake Eyes, decides to hand out lightning bolt infusions.
  • Pommel finally gets on the scene and starts commanding.
  • And Sombra has had enough, leaving 2 in the care of Jugglejack while he personally goes off and disenchants these things.
  • In the Empire, Spitfire and Sunset stumble across Shining's Desk. Also, that it smells like ass.
  • Not pony ass.
  • ...Spitfire does not want to know, Sunset does not want to know how she knows.
  • Also, they don't learn the deal with 42, just a lot of wink-wink-nudge-nudge. That's confusing.
  • But back at the OnO session! The two armies meet, and... pretty much decide to get along, no reason to fight.
  • That is, until Poindexter makes fun of the fact it's CADENCE in charge of the army, Applejack joins in on pointing it out, and Spike drives the point home by saying CHRYSALIS would be a better choice.
  • Chrysalis starts laughing, but surprisingly not at Cadence. She starts jeering their side, pointing out how much better her side has been doing and then when they're at their most angry Forty Two seals the deal
  • "Don't be mad that Cadence is better than any of you at this."
  • Long story short, fighting breaks out.
  • Oh, and Twilight has been in a blind berserker rage this whole time, which is why she hasn't commented on the matter. She's unleashed, and all hell breaks loose.
  • Friends start fighting friends, Rarity is pretty much punchproof but very vulnerable to encanting,
  • Chrysalis's character(not the real her, to note) is discovered to be lactose intolerant when Spike sprays her with goat milk, Spike is punted by Chrysalis so far he impales Shining Armor by accident, and Applejack's attempts to stave off a berserker Twi only result in her covering herself in flowers, and unable to move.
  • But the real main attraction is Poindexter Vs Cadence! Fire Vs Ice! Boss power Vs Boss power! It... turns out to be a lot of childish trashtalk and nagging.
  • But Poindexter has a plan, it turns out! He was merely luring Cadence over Celestia and the now healed Shining Armor, and then he summons a giant spear!
  • Chrysalis and 18 show up on the scene, and he prepares to throw it. Instinctively, they all defend Shining because they assume Poindexter will aim for him.
  • Nope, turns out he was aiming for Cadence for REVENGE! To make Shiny watch the love of his life be hurt while he couldn't protect her.
  • ...orrr, turns out he had had an epiphany before he threw the spear, figured out why Mane-Iac was never really mad or held a grudge, finally fully embraced the real supervillain nature and decided to change spear at the last second, so it's just a spell that can be broken by love's kiss.
  • Shining Armor, remembering the post-Hearth-Warming Party talk with Cadence, decides to use this to his advantage, gives reasons he and everyone else can't kiss her, and then gives that job to...
  • Forty Two! Who is about to blow a gasket at the thought.
  • But still, she does it, and while she does Chrysalis is feeling a little... jealous? She wishes it was her, is how she puts it.
  • Forty Two lays one on her, and lights up the sky!
  • And then does her very best to pretend like it wasn't even a thing because she has issues with this.
  • But Shining Armor saw through that, indeed, Poindexter was sincere, and the first step to reconnection is made! Now they just have to wait for Luna to go on to the next part!
  • ...Wait for Luna.
  • Luna?
  • It turns out, Pennydrop had been drinking her coffee at the WORST moment, and when the kiss happened she literally spit it out all over her monitor. Now, she can't talk to Luna, and without her helper the princess is lost and adrift!
  • What a terrible thing...
  • She's ready to start the finale.

Thread 92 Edit



  • Luna is lost without her "Computer" to help her

out thanks to PD's coffee shorting out her system. Nonetheless, she soldiers on.

  • Applejack is still tangled up in vines from her

misfired spell. Twilight watches on, but doesn't help. After Chrysalis arrives and is particularly malicious with her taunts, dues to her still being sore with Applejack about what she said to Cadence, Applejack goes full rage, rolls a Crit and magic missles the hell out of them, then takes Twilight's axe while they're smoking on the ground.

  • In the aftermath, Chrysalis and Twilight muse about

the situation.

  • SA and Cadence talk about the kiss with 42, and

she's appreciative he's so okay with it.

  • SA and Poindexter have a

moment before they split.

  • The Main Five plus Spike and Poindexter

eventually meet back up after hurting each other a lot, and a giant chunk of metal falling on Applejack for no reason.

  • Same with the

CE crew plus Twi.

  • Then Luna summons a giant storm above all of

them from the remains of heat and steam that came off Cadence and Poindexter.

  • Then that heat and steam magic combine, and all get to

watch as the final boss is revealed. It's a giant fucking ice/Lava monster that is literally as big as a mountain, because Luna does not go halfsies with this.

  • It states that it was a being that had been

split into two parts because it was a being of nothingness. It was to be re-created with the emotions that prevailed when it was recombined. It could have been anything, an alliance, friendship, whatever, as it's primary emotion when it recombined.

  • But they

chose war, soooo..

  • Yeah.
  • Only one problem, it seems to be

putting a strain on everything, and the world is struggling to accept a character as big as a mountain, but no time for that.

  • Final

battle start!

  • Outside, the other battle keeps raging. Guards and

changelings VS robots, with Sombra joining in and Pommel in command of it all. But still, it's not working out so well.

  • Then the kindly old

I'm-Not-Snake-Eyes janitor gives a frantic Coltsly, who in an odd departure from the norm actually is just genuinely worried about the city, an idea!

  • She starts handing out the 'free samples', and thus

the guard start shooting lightning at the robots.

  • With their and

Sombra's help, eventually the robot uprising is quelled, and all the figures are destroyed.

  • Shiny's not going to be happy about


  • Perhaps anticipating this, a genuinely remorseful Sombra

decides to give himself in once he makes sure Two is okay for punishment.

  • Two is, in fact, okay. Actarius, not so much. He took

some damage and is now in the hospital.

  • Pommel has had a very

rough day...

  • But hey, the guards are just as shocked as he is that

they and the changelings succeeded without a super-being to save them.

  • Further away, in Ponyville, Mayor Mare knows how to

Chess-box and she loves it. 29, not so much.

  • Further FURTHER, in

the Crystal Empire, Sunset and Spitfire end up in various rooms by accident, each one eliciting some surprise. They can explain away some, like how Chrysalis's bedroom doesn't look used, but uh... it's harder to make up stuff for why Shining and Cadence have a fuckhuge bed that multiple ponies, and not ponies, clearly sleep on.

  • Including, as Spitfire is quick to notice, Celestia.
  • They

try their hardest not to question that one.

  • 7 hits a snag in his

weird experiments with another unrevealed creature, named "Blossom". He realizes he needs to go see an old acquaintance or risk hurting them. We don't know who this is yet. Seigfried and crew go to meet up with the leader of the Pit of a Thousand corpses, managing to spy their newest possession, a Kelpie, in the meanwhile.

  • They don't

like this place.

  • Back in the game, it's all coming down.
  • Both

sides scale the side of the monster opposite of each other, with the non-fliers being carried on fliers backs except Shining, because apparently they just need to make that a point sometimes.

  • Both groups spot each other, and begin

to race! Only this time, the animosity is gone and it's down to a friendly competition. They even help each other out scaling the thing! Everything is working out!

  • ...and then the world starts

fucking up because the club, and subsequently the fake reality, can't even handle this right now.

  • Alarms start going off, everything's

blaring, it's the end of the world as they know it and they don't feel fine!

  • Neither does Luna, who in the middle of all this is

feeling like a failure because they're SO CLOSE to the end!

  • With

the code becoming corrupted, it looks like the end...

  • But, hark!

What is that swearing up a storm? None other than Pennydrop herself! She's back baby!

  • And she is freaking out because everything is

going wrong!

  • She has a bit of a moral dilemma, feeling bad for

Luna because of totally-not-similar-feelings-she's-had but not wanting to admit weakness.

  • So she makes up some bullshit to

herself about 'this is her campaign, really', and she gets her ass to work.

  • Using the power of 'typing really hard', she manages to fix

the broken code by filling in the gaps. How, you ask?

  • By taking

other games Twilight programmed into the room, and putting them in the broken parts. The result?

  • It becomes a free-for-all with

dozens of different game genres and assets being used by our heroes, handwaved in the game by stating the giant rock monster is a mulitversal being that they are powering up who is now threatening reality itself, and we get to witness everyone play with the rules of their favorite genre, from FPS to Tank-Command to Platformers, and everything in between.

  • They reach the top, and the rock monster

calls them out for their behavior. They realize that yes, they took some things too far, weren't very sporting sometimes, and just all around needed some improvement.

  • But, as they point out, deep down

they also never changed the fact they always, always want to be friends, so...

  • "The world"

is saved.

  • Story is over.
  • The end.
  • Just one last thing,

Twilight wants to know how Luna did so well.

  • Just after Pennydrop

gives one last ominious words to Luna "It was... fun... and it'll go better next time", she's gone, leaving Luna alone just before Twilight enters.

  • She confesses to getting help from

Twilight's "Computer" AI

  • One problem, there's no AI on

that thing.

  • Luna freaks out, Twilight not so much. Why?
  • There's

no sensitive information on that console, for a lot of reasons. They could have gone after other info using a connection, but they finished their download over two hours ago, before Poindexter got the firelord powers, and never went for it.

  • Luna takes this quite

well, and now believes someone was watching her in her darkest moment and helped her out, asking nothing in return.

  • Twilight points out

this is still super illegal and they need to arrest them.

  • ..."Mmmmhmm!"
  • It's not looking good.
  • Celestia

appears on the scene and has a moment with Luna, saying she's proud of her. And all is well.

  • ...then they see what's happened


  • Freakouts happen, Changelings are grounded, Pommel is both

punched and hoof-shaked, and Dash learns of the Wonderbolt's actions, and is now off to take vengeance.

  • And this is why they don't take


  • Like, say, DT and Silver Spoon, who arrive after a day

of fun to have found they missed everything. The former is not happy.

  • But still, cleanup aside, all's well that ends well.
  • But

one last thing... 18 wants to know why 42 did the horn-beam thing when she kissed Cadence.

  • When Cadence points out that 18 did it too

when Shining kissed her after the date, 18 says that's because she couldn't control her own love. So, 18 comes to the conclusion it was just the spell.

  • Cadence agrees until 18 walks off, then realizes

that, as a soldier, it should have come out of her hooves in game. Answer solved!

  • ....wait....
  • ....Wait..
  • .....waaiiiit...
  • .........WAIT


Thread 93 Edit

  • LAST THREAD RECAP, Findings, friends

and firings edition!

  • Luna sends her nightguard off to go find info

on who hacked the OnO game, at the end they get a lead.

  • The

changelings are quite irate at being 'grounded' by Chrysalis, yet none of them have the moxy to say anything to 42 about it.

  • 41 is

dragged back to the ballroom after being found by said punchbug classic, that's everyone

  • Except JJ, who is allowed to stay in the

hospital with Actarius who is suffering from a LOT of concussions.

  • While they're locked up, despite what 42 says

Chrysalis firmly believes that this didn't change anything with the ponies. However, some awkward pony does show up to give them a credit card...

  • Yeah, he's a little weird.
  • 18 also thinks she's going

crazy, and we get to learn that there was a 3000 year old changeling... that Momsie killed. Yeah...

  • SA and Celestia discuss

the previous event with 42 kissing Cadence, with SA pointing out he recognized that flare from being when a changeling is too pent up on love. Celestia muses that it's entirely likely it was just the simulation, and he can't argue her.

  • Then she starts whipping him

with a towel, because he's forever her whipping boy.

  • Chrysalis

briefly joins in because of course she does.

  • Sweet Note thinks it

will be easy to get a lawyer because this is a slam dunk case, 13 isn't so sure.

  • Applejack fears a mountain of paperwork, but

thankfully 18 is there to kill everything except the legal work, because she's just that damn obsessive-er, that good.

  • Still, legal

matters are needed, and after some questioning, Spike and Applejack realize they don't know if they have a legal team to handle matters like getting sued because you shot a superbug in the face.

  • They

question Celestia, hoping to see a freakout, but Celestia just points out that she wrote most of these laws, so there's never been a case she can't handle personally.

  • Then she shoves the responsibility

onto AJ because AJ hired Pommel, and that's totally fair.

  • 29 gets a letter from 56 detailing what

happened at Canterlot... he's strangely unmoved.

  • Gilda points out

to LD that this is all messed up, LD is just drinking in her victory.

  • Twilight and Rarity fix the hallway thanks to the power


  • 32 and 88 come back to Canterlot to find it in ruins.

But at least the janitor made out like a bandit.

  • Spitfire and

Sunset FINALLY make it to the office, and begin their investigation. A preliminary scan reveals nothing, except that 'Cadence' does way more city works than is sane. But everything on the desk points to it being her.

  • Oh, and then they come across "Two's" desk,

and Spitfire has a little moment.

  • Still, they're ready to leave...

until Spitfire notices something in the stacks

  • They discover

"Cadence" has been doing Wonderbolt paperwork, a LOT of it.

  • Spitfire... does not take this well. She rages for a while,

declaring she's going to expose all of it to everyone, and rants and thrashes her little head off, letting slip to Sunset she used to have to wear a maid outfit and clean Dash's underwear with her tongue.

  • But

when she realizes it would implicate Cadence, she immediately backs down, and brushes it off.

  • Immediately after this, Spitfire sits in

the big chair, and realizes that's not Cadence... Because she tried on her underwear once, and it didn't fit, then she saw Cadence when it on and it fit fine

  • Try not ask for how that train of events


  • But, with that out of the way, more investigations

reveal that it was, indeed, 18 all along!

  • And, as Spitfire puts

it. "Oh... okay."

  • Sunset has a bit harsher a reaction.

Mostly with screaming, declarations of takeovers, freakouts and probably a lot of thoughts of changelings hate that went mostly unsaid.

  • So, Spitfire slaps some sense into her, literally, and

then explains 18 does not give a fuck about Chrysalis, and that this isn't a plot, and explains to Sunset why this all makes sense to her now.

  • This actually makes Sunset MORE angry

when she realizes that Cadence is running around being a celebrity while someone is toiling away, working her ass off to make the Empire better, and generally being not-a-real-princess.

  • She decides she's

going to tell everyone about this one.

  • Spitfire, realizing that

this would screw over Cadence, tries to stop her. She gets magic-shoved into a wall for her troubles.

  • Back and forth ensues,

until Spitfire gets the upper hand and has her pinned.

  • Debate

ensues where they realize they both know this is wrong, Spitfire just isn't willing to hurt someone in the process. Sunset, eventually, agrees with her, and declars she'll only tell it to Applejack.

  • Spitfire risks trusting her, and then they both go to


  • They share a moment, and both go off in their own ways.

Sunset to confront Applejack, and Spitfire to admit her failings to Shining Armor.

  • Meanwhile, Dash calls Fleetfoot and Soarin' into

the room.

  • She brutally chews out Fleetfoot, all the past year of

problems finally rising to the surface and allowing her to finally get revenge for the drug problem Fleetfoot totally 'wasn't' involved in.

  • Despite her pleas, she fires Fleetfoot.
  • She is much softer

on Soarin', reminding him of all the good he's done, and is seemingly ready to give him another chance.

  • He declines, and quits, saying

he abandoned one friend, and he's not going to do it again, and goes after Fleetfoot.

  • The age of a wonderbolts without any senior

members has begun.

  • Spitfire talks with Shining, admits what she

did with the investigation, putting Cadence at risk, and letting Sunset know of state secrets without making an excuse for herself, and...

  • He's fine. Seems to blame himself for not telling her about

18 more than anything.

  • They are both worried due to Sunset's

actions against Cadence, but there's no blaming.

  • Spitfire, who had

been considering quitting, decides to stay in the Empire.

  • They're

back to being friends, and it's sweet.

Thread 94 Edit



  • Pommel make a request to Chrysalis to be able to thank

the changelings for their help. Reluctantly, she agrees.

  • Applejack

confronts Coltsly about the issue, the latter apologizes and wonders where Applejack was.

  • Rarity goes off to find Cadence, does so when

she discovers Caddy examining the residue left behind by 42's flare. It confuses her, and Rarity almost lets 'the secret' slip.

  • Spike

and the gunclub hand out and try to find out where everyone's been. 42 leaves an obvious scarecrow to cover for her guarding the changelings... nobody has the balls to see if it's real or not.

  • Spike

tries to pry into the Cadence situation, gets put in a headlock for a completely unrelated reason.

  • Luna convinces Applejack to take 'a


  • Surprise! It was actually leading her into the garden so

she could run a gauntlet so she could learn magic.

  • It... does not

work. Applejack mostly just tells her no and figures out how to solve the puzzles with earth pony ingenuity. All the while, Luna stresses that this will make her 'better' by showing her new perspectives that will allow her to see things and think of things like a non-magic user never could.... this angers Applejack just a little bit.

  • Just

a bit.

  • But eventually, Luna grows frustrated and snaps, sealing

her off in a magically conjured hallway. Applejack will have to overcome four tests if she wants to walk free!

  • Orrrr, Chrysalis

could just burst in through the other side because she's looking for Applejack to chew her out, and then use the previously thought Useless Changeling Powers to overcome all of the obstacles.

  • Luna

rants at her, Chrysalis does not care, Applejack is annoyed she proved Luna's point by using magic, and Luna flies off.

  • But that's

not all. A short discussion with Chrysalis reveals that none of those powers was her own, and she reminisces about how she learned them.

  • Through this, perhaps inadvertently,

Applejack gets the idea about learning from family, and later talks about the subject with Applebloom.

  • After spotting Shining Armor

leaving his old room with Spitfire, Celestia and him have a talk where they discuss Sunset's recent actions. While at first Shining Armor is quite critical of her and thinking she needs to be severely dealt with, eventually comes around to being more forgiving thanks to Celestia's insight.

  • They decide to talk to Sunset together.
  • Sweet

Note can't get any lawyers to take the Chitania case, so thinks about doing it herself. Chitania says she will handle it and goes off.

  • Spike order a 'special cake' from the Cakes... it causes

family problems.

  • Also, apparently Chrysalis tastes like

emeralds...don't question that.

  • Actarius reaps the joys of


  • A kindergarten class gives the changelings a picture and

a banner to thank them for saving them during the invasion.

  • 42

criticizes their robot-drawing skills, because she is Punchbug, and her social skills suck.

  • Luna crash lands in 29's house, and

declares the REAL training starts now. She's still a little angry about the Chrysalis-Applejack thing.

  • 32 and 88 give Chrysalis the

good news, 77 is getting married! She takes it well.

  • Then they

tell 42, she spazzes out a bit.

  • Aj talks about learning magic with

Winona, who is a huge help of course.

  • Twilight tries to help

Fluttershy be calm and it does not work.

  • Finally, Sunset confronts

Applejack about what she's learned, and braces for the explosion this reveal will no doubt cause.

  • "...and?"
  • Not what she


  • Reveal after reveal is had wherein Sunset learns that

everyone was in on this, everyone. Celestia, Twilight, EVERYONE.

  • The

more she learns, the more stress is placed upon her, and she's beginning to snap.

  • Dash was hired by Applejack, and ONLY

Applejack, and Applejack passed over any possible alternative, notably Soarin', in order to put her at the top. Despite this, Dash had zero knowledge of anything remotely regarding the Captains regulations or how to do the work before she was forced on.

  • More

and more is revealed, and the worse it gets. When Applejack tries to claim she didn't really dislike the changelings, Sunset points out how she taught her the exact opposite for as long as she's been here, and the lingering hate from Variolus's events crop up when Sunset remembers her time under her.

  • Eventually, Sunset brings up that

she's going to tell everyone everything, just like she did with Spitfire, and Applejack says she won't let that happen.

  • When

Sunset tries to bring up being killed by the rock, Applejack stops her, pointing out she knew full well what that entailed, and it doesn't excuse what she's doing.

  • It looks like it's going to come

to a confrontation, when suddenly Dash comes in, quite despondent at having to have had to fire Fleetfoot and Soarin'. She needs some drinks, and AJ provides.

  • Seeing her friend like this calms

Applejack down immensely, and she tries to help her through it while also trying to stifle Sunset's cutting remarks.

  • Dash admits how

hard it's been and that she couldn't have asked either of them for help because they already didn't think she deserved the position, and she had to prove it to them.

  • When Sunset brings up Dash only got

promoted because of AJ, Dash wonders if this is true, citing other instances when AJ had been a little too favorable to her friends. She also points out that Applejack makes a lot of choices on her own, because she's sure she's right.

  • She says Sunset can tell the world

about her if she likes, but leave Cadence out of it.

  • Sunset

prepares to leave again, out the door to tell the world, but Applejack stops her one last time.

  • She can leave, tell anyone and AJ won't

stop her... but she is forbidden to return.

  • Sunset remembers the

last time this happened, the last time this event unfolded, and how badly it ended.

  • She asks Applejack what exactly she should do


  • Applejack says to come over and let her teacher finally

do her job.

  • Sunset, reluctantly.. does, and joins them at the


  • They all go over what they've learned this past day, how

they weren't what they thought they were, and things weren't what they expected. So... What now?

  • Fix it, of course.
  • How?
  • They

have no idea.

  • ...But they're gonna try.
  • And maybe not so alone

this time.

  • Finally, Pennydrop receives a telling report. One of

her agents has gone missing... the one who planted the machine that let her into the OnO game.

  • In Canterlot, it's revealed he's tied

up, and about to be asked some very hard questions.

Thread 95 Edit



  • Luna continues to torture 29, putting him through extra

terrible paces in order to vent her own problems.

  • However, that

night, she enters into his dreams, finding that he's rather creative in his mindscape, if a little lifeless color and occupation wise.

  • She

offers to teach him the art of connecting with dreams, but he will have to allow her to see into his mind. He accepts.

  • 42 feels bad

for hurting Spike by over-reacting... for two seconds.

  • Chitania

enters into the room AJ, Dash and Sunset are still recovering in after their dramatic talk, and makes her demands. Either Applejack agrees to a strange request that she claims will leave nobody unharmed, or she pays out an absolutely monstrously high, yet still totally reasonable due to the case, amount.

  • It's later revealed

that the request is, Twilight agrees to an unrevealed to them medical procedure, alone, with bomb collars on the necks of herself, Celestia, Luna and Applejack to go off in case she dies, or she goes ahead with the case and bankrupts Canterlot. There's no guarantee Chitania will keep her word and not just blow their heads off when it's done, and worse they don't even know if they're doing something that will make her more powerful, as none of them know she can't go into Titan form yet. But the alternative is putting an ungodly strain on an already on the edge city, and making life very hard for her little ponies.

  • Applejack has to make a hard choice...
  • Chitania

is sure they'll make the 'right' choice.

  • Sunset leaves the room,

and stumbles across none other than little old Two! Two found out she accidentally left her plant behind, and that wasn't going to stand. So she brought it to her!

  • In the discussion, Sunset muses how she

just keeps failing when she's trying really hard. Two brings up that she too tried really hard on her math test, but failed too. But that's okay! Because with Mommy's help, she was able to bring that F up to a B. So, Sunset just needs her friends, and soon no more F's.

  • Chrysalis looks over the Orb, lavishing over all the

possibilities she has now.

  • 18 is having a bit of a breakdown

because someone touched her papers. Shiny has to fix this with cheeksmooches.

  • It works.
  • ....attt least until they meet up with

Sunset, when 18 loses all sense of sanity and literally starts tearing into her like a dog.

  • Literally. Picks her up by the neck

with her fangs and then starts shaking.

  • Efforts by SA and Celestia

prove fruitless.

  • As does AJ's idea of 'cheese'
  • "WELL IT


  • It is only threats of doghousery that gets

her to let go.

  • After literally chewing her out, 18 moves on to

verbally doing such, and threatening her before leaving.

  • SA and

Celestia decide not to further compound the issue.

  • However, Sunset

notices something... off, with SA, that neither of the others seem to... Dash finally talks to her Wonderbolts, and clears some stuff up. First and foremost, Soarin' and Fleetfoot are gone, but more importantly, they, the Wonderbolts, can talk to her! Easily! And no backlash!

  • Needless to say, they have many questions, but thank

goodness Second in Command Lightning Dust is there to help!... This is going to go well, she looks trustworthy.

  • But don't worry too

much for Soar and FF, for it turns out years of rule violating private airshows, gambling, and... a-hem... NOT drugs? Has left Fleetfoot very well off. But, alas, all she wants to be is a Wonderbolt...

  • Screwloose gets a surprise visitor, Seven, and he

even brought along Buttercup!

  • So, lots of scalpels thrown, some

medical talk, strangling and threats, same old. But it turns out Seven is looking for help! Brain help!... And Screwloose gives it! We also learn of an old experiment of Screwloose's she thought lost. He's named her Bubbles, much to her distaste.

  • She then tries to blackmail him by

threatening to reveal his existence, only that sort of doesn't work because... he signed in, and was allowed to be there.

  • Whoops.
  • Chrysalis is befuddled by the banner the kids

brought the other day.

  • Harry the bear started an armed militia

group... I don't even know.

  • 32 visits the gunclub and tells them

the good news about 77!

  • He also visits Acty, and 88 is irritated

at his and JJ's... themness.

  • Spike origins! Turns out his egg was

supposed to be an ingredient for a cake... huh.

  • 56 has a moment

with a split personality.

  • Chrysalis and Spitfire become bros....

that is all.

  • Pinkie tries to help the lings find jobs! Runs into

an issue when none of them have cutie marks...

  • Zephyrious and

Hilda go visit one of the royals they need to convince for the Kingsmoot, meet up with the prince and Princess of a the land and banter and have a discussion.

  • Rarity stops by the gun club, she

has her own upgraded pistol.

  • Lavan, being of

destruction and... well... lava, obviously, at last slips past the celestial being Craig, yes, CRAIG! THE GOD!... CRAIG!

  • He slips

past him and makes landfall, just outside of the Crystal Empire!

  • However, as it turns out, he's not so much a being of

unholy destruction, as his distortions and fie would imply, mostly... he's just bored.

  • He's been in space for who knows how long,

occasionally catching a glimpse of a planet, and now he's bored.

  • Booored.
  • So he goes to the Empire to see something

interesting, but they won't let him in.

  • He talks with Cadence, and

after a pleasant conversation where she asserts she won't let him in because of random fire, he decides to go off, because watching is boring, he wants to be in the thing.

  • Thus, our heroes have no idea

what to do, as he's clearly powerful, but not hostile, so they can't just shoot him.

  • ...huh.


Thread 96 Edit



  • Lavan continues his trek across Equestria, meeting many a

random character, including Stalliongrad and even Surfer Zebra!

  • He

also sings, because ponies.

  • The main six, discussing him, aren't

quite sure what to do, since he's not violent so they can't just shoot him. They decide to leave him alone until he does that

  • Pommel

is put on high alert, and laments he's only been there a month.

  • Spitfire is proud because her pegasi handled everything


  • Red, inside of Primrose, is VERY happy with these turns of


  • 29 has become strong in dream powers, carrying a ghost

child into a fantasy theme park of beauty and wonder before sending her away.

  • It's so beautiful, you'll forget to ask how a ghost is

sleeping. But it works, a lot!

  • Later, Luna decides to use this to

show MM, Zecora and Trixie the ghost kids, it is implied the process yet revealed will be painful.

  • Chrysalis busts in to the

construction workers working on the stadium and tell them to kick it into gear.

  • Applejack makes her choice, and Chitania gets her heart

surgery from Twilight. During, Twilight has a nice long rant to tell her that this whole damn thing could have been avoided a month ago, and that she was an idiot for dealing with it for so long, and that she could've had both the money and been fixed forever ago.

  • But no

matter, Chitania is fixed! And Titans again!

  • Applejack decides

enough is enough, grabs 56, and decides to have herself a chat with Chrysalis about the changeling situation in Canterlot.

  • Most

importantly, that they have both made a lot, a lot, of mistakes.

  • Admissions are had, Chrysalis finally starts to think

that maybe Applejack isn't out to destroy her, and Applejack says she wants to try something with the changelings. Chrysalis, without knowing what it is, agrees to it under the condition Applejack has two days to pull it off.

  • Later, internal monologues from

Chrysalis reveals she doesn't think that Applejack can pull it off, but is willing to let her try to end this headache she has. Because she needs to focus on squashing all disloyalty in her hive before she moves on to the next step and attempts to ascend some of the drones.

  • As an aside, she also notices she's still bothered by the fact

she was slightly jealous about Forty Two kissing Cadence instead of her.

  • Applejack, internally, muses she was right in that the way to

disarm Chrysalis from the powerplay she loves was to bring 56, as Chrysalis wouldn't be willing to toss him across the room in a show of power. With determination, she declares she's going to get it right.

  • Rarity makes the Wonderbolts lightning proof clothing, but

it's rather expensive, so they might need to do a charity thing.

  • Coincidentally, when Dash laments all the elite hate them

for blowing off their parties, Lightning Dust suggests, of course, charities on the same day! That way they're not 'blowing anyone off', official duty.

  • This pleases the Dash.
  • Shining writes a note

telling them to let Sombra out of the pen, but it's not quite... official enough.

  • 7 goes back to visit the scientist mare from a

while ago with the bio research, gets her drunk at a bar.

  • Soarin'

and Fleetfoot try to get up, fail.

  • Zephyrious finally gets his

audience with Lord Niall, and many a debate and accusation about what he did with Chitania was had. Eventually, the gryphon lord sees it his way.

  • Siegfried also finally gets his audience with the


  • AJ won't let DT go after Lavan
  • Spike is still

haunted from being unable to stop Chrysalis, and decides to take a leave of absence from Ponyville to go get stronger.

  • Cadence, at last, confronts 42 about the burned ceiling

and the residual sparklejoules.

  • She of course denies it, but due

to her knowledge on the subject Cadence shoots that down.

  • 42 starts to panic while she thinks

Cadence is unraveling her secret, while Cadence just thinks she was picturing Shiny when the kiss happened.

  • One bad move, and Cadence

catches on to the truth.

  • Cue

42 teleporting off in a panic while it all sinks in to Cadence, who of course treats this with the upmost respect such a reveal deserves.



  • "OH CRAP


  • So much respect.
  • She tears

off, interrupting yet another almost kiss between 18 and Shining in her frenzy.

  • She finds and rants at Chrysalis, who promptly slaps

her until she stops being crazy. When Cadence tells her all about what happened, or at least the vague outline that she said something and 42 tore off and might be outside of the Empire, Chrysalis is off, noticing right away that 42 has one hell of a lead on her.

  • 42

literally bamfs-flies across Equestria, before ending up over Canterlot but fully intending to pass over it. No such luck, as she is snatched right out of the sky by none other than Celestia and brought to her room, who thinks she is Chrysalis due to the teleporting and was merely playing a game, and is quite shocked when this is not the case.

  • Things are said, panicking is had, long

story short 42 ends up under Celestia's bed completely out of magic.

  • The pair have a heart to heart where 42 finally reveals her

affection for Cadence, and have a long discussion about the matters of the heart being immovable, and not something you can punch out of you... but this doesn't mean it has to change or define you, what you do with your actions defines you.

  • 42 reveals that she hates the

fact she is a changeling, and has a built in deceptive nature to her, so it makes others hard to believe when affection is genuine.

  • Celestia agrees with this, but assures

her Cadence does not distrust her, and nothing needs to change. After a long speech, 42 comes out, and apologizes to Celestia who brushes her off... but it's not over yet. She leaves, and someone else takes her place.

  • Chrysalis arrives on the scene, and at first it looks

like she's going to go full Queen mode... then she eventually breaks down and just starts talking to her like normal, chiding her for freaking out Cadence and wondering what the hell is going on.

  • Eventually, 42 reveals her secret to her as well. At first,

Chrysalis brushes it off, pointing out that she too used to have dreams wherein she married both Shining Armor and Cadence, referencing a story VERY early thread, and that this was likely just her being an asshole, and that she would kick Luna's ass.

  • 42

reveals that's not the case, and her fears about being a changeling. A long heart to heart between Queen and soldier occurs, and eventually, Chrysalis is able to put her at ease by sincerely declaring that she too, is not deceiving them. With her choice made, 42 goes back to the Empire with Celestia and Chrysalis, and find a whole lot of worried ponies and or other species waiting for her.

  • She

and Cadence FINALLY have a talk about it. Things are said, secrets are revealed, and Cadence gets to see that 42's affections are genuine, but they are not the reason she kept defending her, as 42 truly does believe her to be as special as she had said.

  • Eventually,

Cadence gives her own declarations that 42 is indeed special too, and that's why she trusts her, and thinks her one of her closest companions. Something... else passes there too, but for now, they agree that no, it doesn't HAVE to change anything between them, and they can go on knowing of the other, finally understanding, and moving on.

  • At long last, Punchbug's secrets are out in the open... including Fireflight.
  • Things don't HAVE to change.. but they're gonna

Thread 97Edit

  • Lavan is still floating. Visiting old friends like Rat and the pirates, and then finding new places to enjoy like Angel Bunny... who he does not want to be near anymore.

Spitfire collects recon on him, being spotted only once, and then Chrysalis gets a grasp on his location, noticing he's moving in the vague direction of Catnerlot.

Spitfire also points out Chrysalis talks evil when she's not, but 'nuh uh' is all she gets.

18 and SA wait to get filled in on what the hell just happened, 18 gets another cheeksmooch.

Twilight is getting ready to examine the orb, but Rarity feels nervous about the whole deal.

LD is letting Dash take all the credit for the charity idea with Rarity, even when it's a huge hit. This worries the Dash.

DT and Pennydrop talk again while DT is preparing for 77's wedding.

Screwloose while working on changeling biology, comes to a conclusion. A strange conclusion. She asks 12 if he they kissed would there be love in it.

At first, he thinks there wouldn't be.

She kisses him.

He is wrong.

Spike continues looking for a way to get stronger, isn't finding much.

SA and Cadence have a sweet moment in their bed when they talk about what's changed with 42, and how much they don't want to change.

They also conk out almost immediately, because they had the bed to themselves for once and they are going to motherfucking SLEEP.

Chrysalis is disappointed to learn that, rather an instant powerup that took only a week to master, 42 has been training to unlock her fireflight for the better portion of a year. Despite training hard and being already well versed in their magic and how it works, she still doesn't know if she'd have it now if Cordy didn't happen. And, even then, she had to train every day to get it up to where it is now.

  • Still, Chrysalis tells her to begin a special training class to try to unlock it in others. Reluctantly, she suggests putting in 41, even though she is quite lacking.

This is due to the fact she wonders if heirs are capable instead, and no other ones volunteered to be soldiers. Chrysalis also realizes she has no idea who 41's mother is. Neither does 42.

She also bans PJ from this, making the potatobug quite irate. She vents this irateness at 42, completely muffled.

At first it looks like Arana is terrifying Quicksilver, irritating Steam Guage, but it turns out it was actually a spider on SG that was scaring him! Ha! Mistaken identity- oh wait a minute.

41 is SO HAPPY that she gets in the class she has herself a little cry then mails Chrysalis a thankyou drawing, it's not as much as 18's stash from 55, but it's a start.

MM, Trixie and Zecora finally get to meet the ghostkids face to face in the dreamscape! They also get to do their own dreamwarping abilities to send them on their way. Some are more effective than others.

29 is also mauled by a strange being in a panda suit. Because reasons.

Flash and Fizzle go to help the gryphons!...The blackfeathers to be precise, in an ambush against Siegfried. This is going to end well.

Chitania goes and gets her hair done with 13.

Gwen and Isabelle go see Falconstein, a frankenstien Homage that is obsessed with creation! Like his gun... which is a basic gun. Or his greatest creation, that's essentially a nothing version of a Fawntaine robot.

He doesn't get out much.

He agrees to side with them when Gwen offers him a deal to meet with Fawntaine.

Pommel speaks with the guards about AJ's as yet unrevealed plan to help relations with the changelings, they're not happy.

It's only after a lengthy speech that Suckerpunch, Haymaker and Lucky Strikes join in on the plan, and the budding hint of better times shows in the rest of the guards.

  • Fleetfoot tries to sneak in to see a WB show, Dash catches her in the act and chews her out before telling her to leave. She expected FF to put up a fight, and was thus disappointed when the fight seemed just gone from her instead.

With her gone, Dash begins to question her actions.

18 and 42 are, and ever shall be, bros.

Pennydrop goes and sees Coltsly, who is completely oblivious to evil-speak.

Twilight and SA reminisce with some dark humor.

The Buzz goes to see 32 about a work Visa. Turns out he can't get one while in Canterlot, but there's no way for him to get one outside Canterlot.

This is a puzzler.

Sombra is still locked up

7 runs into Applejack in the hall, said mare has been worried about him. She also makes herself look like a silly pony in front of Buttercup by accident. Buttercup does not like how close she was to 7.

After they leave, AJ wonders if she should send Spike to go see if 7 is okay.

SA and Celly have a heart to heart about recent changes, it's as sweet as ever.

DT and SS prove that earth pony moxie is no match for a rocketsled.

SA tries to hint he wants to have sex with Cadence to her, she doesn't catch on.

Sunset gets the bad news from Twi, she can't remove the heart-stone because it's all that's sustaining her. She also turns down the idea of using the changeling magic to turn her INTO a changeling so things like touch work.

Chrysalis is going down the list of who she would ascend, can't decide on if she should to 42 or not.

Chrysalis, Twi and Celestia examine the orb to get ready for it. Chrysalis at first tries to play coy and evil, but neither of them buy it. Then the topic turns to Sunset when Twilight wants to bring her into this, but gets heated when Chrysalis shoots her down, hard.

Eventually, Chrysalis just tells her she trusts Twi, and she trusts Celly, but she doesn't trust Sunset, and this might be her last shot.

What that means, Twi has no idea.

Finally, someone is asking a lot of questions that might lead them to Pennydrop, and whoever is asking them is too intimidating for anyone to tell her who. She goes on high alert.

Miles away, a shadowy figure grabs a Fawntaine worker, stating her princess has questions, and she's gone.

Thread 98Edit

  • Robert, the gryphon, meets Barnabus, the Blackfeather, to plot their next move against Idris and Gwen.

Spitfire will not make a fire hurricane for Chrysalis... when others can see it.

Also, Spitfire learns Chrysalis is not the jealous type when it comes to someone else and Shiny.

Applejack and Fluttershy discuss how Chrysalis is helping her.

DT tries to bribe Applebloom to help her with AJ, it does not work.

Later, DT tries to be more adult at an artshow exclusively for adults, only to have her day ruined when AJ shows up and treats her like a kid. DT vows she will prove she's not a little filly.

Chitania, while researching the robot, gets an unexpected visitor in the form of none other than Discord, who explains to her Lavan is coming, and is as close to a god as she is going to find. They back and forth for a bit, with Chitania mostly in fear even when it's revealed she has something to stop him. She claims that this is obviously a trap to have her killed against Lavan, before Discord calls her out and says if she really does want to play in the big games and overthrow gods, it's time to put up or shut up, and leaves. 18 wants to go on another date, Shiny says okay.

Discord bugs both AJ and Rarity.

  • Applejack spots Sweet Note all alone, and finally confronts her about if Chitania is doing anything dangerous. Sweet Note calls her out for trying to make her turn on Chitania and clams up. Applejack finally asks why SN has such a problem with her, and SN reveals that AJ is just the same as any other Canterlot Elite. She only cares about fixing the important places, the visible places, while places that she came from remain something that it's just too hard to deal with. She says when she was a kid, she dreamed of being a princess just like AJ is now, and fixing all the bad places, but now she doesn't think she'd be able to do it. If Applejack, an earth pony, would turn out like that, she has no hope.

AJ asks her where she came from so she can look into fixing it, but SN just calls her out that it's not just her place, it's lots of places. She didn't want to just fix her home, but for everyone like where she grew up.

Applejack pleads that she's trying, but she's just one mare, she can't do everything. Sweet Note seems to accept this, albeit sadly, and resolves just to look out for her and her own.

Applejack decides to prove her wrong.

41's first day of teleport training goes well. And by that I mean she gets punched in the face a lot.

Discord is needlessly invasive as he scans Spitfire for any residue magic from Lavan.

Nobody will sell or take Soarin' or Fleetfoot's money, and they must wear disguises.

MM, Zecora and 29 have so much fun with the dream stuff.

Until Luna tests them with nightmares, that is... but only so she could advertise LIGHTSPEED XV 2 PANTIES!

She needed the bits.

10 is expanding her media empire.

Aj is working more on her magic.

Chrysalis is waiting on Celestia's bed for AJ's plan to go off so she can laugh when it fails. Celestia joins her.

The monopony box lied to Chitty and 13, it is not fun.

The crystal pegasi are still a work in progress

The kidnapped scientist from last thread is being held in a warehouse and interrogated by two nightguards. She is not very helpful.

  • But, as it turns out, this scientist is none other than the one that Seven has been seeing! He comes to her rescue...

And promptly gets his ass kicked six ways to sunday by the two guards, due to him being so low on love he cannot shapeshift, fly or shoot lasers. The nightguard, now thinking this is a plot from Chrysalis to infiltrate the princess, hold nothing back as they savagely beat him, interrogating him all the while.

This is not how the scientist expected this to go.

Not only that, but he cannot even drain the nightguard, for they are now wearing mesh clothing under their fur that prevents direct contact. He is very nearly beaten half to death, but due to quick thinking, some green goo to a ponies face and a well placed hoof between the legs and then into a screaming mouth turns the tide, and he eventually wins!

Then it turns out this whole thing was a misunderstanding, and the guard get their next lead while Seven flies away.

However, someone else was watching. Buttercup, interested in the guard, decide to follow them when they say they will report this to Luna.

Lavan, after several trips wherein he meets many of those who Chitania once stomped, meets Fluttershy, and reminisces about Discord before spotting Canterlot, and wondering if he should go visit.

Chrysalis asks Celestia if it's normal she was a little jealous when 42 got to kiss Cadence and not her.

Celestia says no.

Next comes laser horns.

Haymaker wonders if it's nice that Glimmer has someone to go home to. It is.

Spike talks about his problems to SA, who thinks he's being silly.

Rarity has a package for 32, and JJ and Actarius discuss packages.

Cadence now has 18 by the... ovaries?

She gets what she wants when she wants to sparklefy the guard, is the point.

SA walks in on Chrysalis smothering Celly. Asks no questions, just separates them and waits.

Applejack calls Celestia over, and asks her a question.

They reminisce about back when the changelings arrived, and how much AJ wanted them gone more than anything. She muses that she wasn't the best to them, and because of this everyone else just sort of followed her example. She accepts she did wrong when they were here and it just never got better.

So, instead, she wants to take the changelings on a field trip!

  • Yes, a field trip. To bolster their image in Canterlot and Ponyville. So all can see they're not all bad.

Celestia just knows it's going to be magical.

77 asks Chrysalis to see if she can find a banner underneath Canterlot that he left behind when he was in the caves.

Mane-iac is a good teacher to the pegasi.

Dash investigates a strange disturbance on the back of Canterlot, finds a giant hole

The hole contains a strange, green eyed Quarry eel.

Dash kicks it.

Long story short, the eel is sent off, but is acting strange.

Celestia returns to her room, finding Shiny has left, and only Chrysalis is still on her bed. At first, she praises the Queen for being so open to this idea, but changes her tune when she learns that Chrysalis doesn't even know what it is.

Further interrogation shows that Chrysalis doesn't care, because due to past events, none of them will go with it.

She won't stop or challenge it, just like she promised, but she doesn't think it will work.

After a bit of back and forth, Celestia decides to tell a story. About a clean pony on the top of a hill, and a bit of mud someone brought up.

Long story short, it's a metaphor for not letting your own sticking points with someone trickle down and grow over the subjects you rule.

Chrysalis seems to understand, if nothing else, and leaves.

But not before setting Celestia's bed on fire with her teleport, because it is still Chrysalis.

Speaking of, Chrysalis takes the words to heart, and begins to plot...

AJ, alone, prepares to go in, and see the changelings.

Thread 99Edit

  • AJ finally confronts the changelings, and apologizes for doing them so wrong thus far.

She promises things are going to be better now, and she'll work to help them along. After she finishes her massive speech, she lays out her plans to go city to city to prove they aren't monsters, and hopes they will join.

Absolutely every one of them reject her, some of them angrier than others. The buildup has been far too much, and they just plain don't believe her. It all looks hopeless.

Until Chrysalis arrives! And... just kinda hangs out a bit.

Doesn't do anything special, just hangs around.

But this actually puts the changelings at ease, since their Queen seems to no longer be fighting Applejack. And if their QUEEN is okay with her.

Long story short, Applejack now has 15 changelings who are joining in. Arana and 41 are included, with 41 being given a 'special mission' to 'gather sights' for teleport practice.

AKA Chrysalis felt bad for her... weirdly.

SA finally remembers Sombra is locked up... during the date.

2 beats him to the punch, giving up her piggy bank as 'bail' and Sombra is 'released into her custody' he's free now.

Discord is musing to himself about Lavan, doesn't notice Winona talking to him... I dunno either. Celestia convinces Lavan to go bug the gryphons for two days so Chrysalis doesn't pull out the lings too soon. He does.

Chrysalis later reveals she knew he was almost in the city and had a plan to pull out if the need arose. While she herself would fight Lavan, her hive would not. As such, she moves up the timetable to get her lings hom. Celestia pleads with her to at least let AJ have the fifteen that volunteered, and after some debate Chrysalis agrees. 29 wakes up, finds MM and Zecora in the bed... because dream stuff, not the the other things... and says a little thanks he got such wonderful friends.

  • Shiny hears Chrysalis did a good thing. He gives her hugs... she likes hugs.

Screwloose baked a cake!... With metal scalpel shavings in it...

12 knows she didn't mean it.

Fleetfoot, after being turned down by literally everyone and afraid she will never fly again, gets an idea! This idea is to leave Soarin' behind, go to Spitfire's mom's house, get maced(not part of the plan), bribe a bunch of guards, get over to the crystal Empire, and reunite Spitfire and Stormy Flare!


Mother and daughter have a tearful, heartfelt reunion wherein we learn Spitfire hasn't even talked to her for a year for... obvious reasons... but after many a shame and apology from Spitfire, all is well and mother and daughter are reunited once more!

Then Fleetfoot reveals it was her, and gets maced again. And kicked.

But, after some talk and apologies, it looks like Spitfire's coming around.

That all goes to hell when FF implies she wants to move to the Empire, and Spitfire see's through her and gets real mad.

Desperate FF begs she'll do anything to get another chance.

Spitfire, strangely, says there is something she can do, something that if she does it, FF is forgiven, and whispers it to her.

FF says she can't, whatever it is, and Spifire isn't surprised. FF walks off and mother and daughter catch up. Dash muses fashion, claims Rarity is getting into her brain.

Discord and Fluttershy discuss Lavan, with Fluttershy saying he's not so bad and Discord claiming cosmic beings don't change. She does not point out the irony.

18 gets bummed her date got interrupted, and Cadence cheers her up. Turns out, kissing practice worked!

29 goes up to visit 56 who is training because guardstuff. Or, better put, he's being tossed around a lot on a mat.

29 laments his lost bits, for he's already paid a YEAR in advance.

  • While he's away, 32 goes to Ponyville looking for him, but only finds MM/Zecora/Trixie. He wants to expand his embassy to include Ponyville, and MM seems for the idea.

Chrysalis is troubled due to lack of changeling candidates for her Queen scheme, walks into Shiny's office but can't seem to manage a hah, let alone mess up his papers.

This disturbs Shiny more than expected. He finds he misses her messing up his papers.

He calls in Celestia, 18, 42, Spitfire Cadence, even APPLEJACK, but none of them can sate his paperwork destroying needs.

Finally, he breaks down, calls Chrysalis back in, and it turns out she misses it too.


All is right with the world.

DT sleep eats, apparently.

Chrysalis is proud her ass is bigger than AJ's.

That jivetalking dragon from when Twilight was searching for Chitania shows back up.

Applebloom wants to go on a trip. AJ, not paying attention, accidentally gives her permission, and tells her not to pack anything, for a trip to Bisongard.

Chrysalis and Discord critique Rarity's fashion for SA.

End up sad.

Don't ask.

At last, Chrysalis gets ready to send her lings back to the Empire, except for the fifteen going off with AJ. AJ meets them at the train station, and they both have a much more amicable farewell to the other than last time, to put it lightly. Both know the stakes, and the risks, and accept them.

For the first time, AJ and Chrysalis hoofshake, and seem to have some respect.

Chrysalis leave.

Applejack prepares her trip with the lings, and

"This time... Ah'm gettin' it right."

Thread 100Edit

NC silliness where the characters reflect on how much changed by meeting thier past selves.



·      Breakfast in the Empire! Maney learns not to reach over a stove with hair and Spitfire has officially given in to the madness.

·      Applejack's journey with the lings begins! And it's going as well as can be expected. The lings are being crazy and the guards are being no help, defeated by a mere nacho macine.

·      Also, one of them Quicksilver, is apparently cursed with a new level of unluckiness.

·      After a talk with a changeling who is trying to grow a plant inside of a pot, Applejack is inspired to bring in some backup! That backup? Sunset Shimmer!

·      The first thing she does is accidentally irradiate SS's plant... whoops. We also learn that Shimmer got drunk somehow and sent a love letter.

·      Because even being a corpse will not stop some ponies from getting drunk.

·      Later, Sunset realizes that the changelings calm down and pretend to be docile normal ponies when they are disguised, but go back to being rambunctious and crazy when not disguised. Also, they know how to sing with ponies... somehow.

·      Daw borrows SA's kung fu tapes.

·      Pinkie tries to cheer up Twilight by doing doughnuts around her, only breaks things.

·      Chrysalis is worried due to the fact she doesn't have any trustworthy heir-changelings she'd trust with becoming Queens. SA supports her in a heartwarming moment.

·      Chrysalis, Discord and Fluttershy blow up FS's cottage and make video game references.

·      Stormy Flare talks with SA, much embarrassment on the part of Spitfire is had.

·      Rarity acts very weird around Spike and AJ

·      29 singing bad 'rock' is a bad idea.

·      The CMC continue their journey, ending up talking to a hippy BUFFALO, not bison, on their way to bisongard.

·      He's also racist, as it turns out.

·      Shiny does not let Twilight get mopey, drags her out for a day of fun that just plain makes everyone uncomfortable.

·      Spitfire discovers FS's chaos powers, an odd discussion with Discord and Chrysalis about Shining not wearing anything ensues... do not ask.


·      Luna throws 29 into a pit to be attacked by a monster. For... er, training.

·      It doesn't work the second time, and Luna blows off Trixie because of it.

·      Spitfire had fun with Mane-iac and Sombra

·      Dash has a freakout when nothing is going wrong.

·      SA wakes up to caddy cuddles... only, they're not caddy cuddles.

·      They're 18 cuddles.

·      ...He does not want them to stop. This brings out conflicting feelings, even though he does make them stop, and takes himself a nice long shower.

·      Chrysalis and Spitfire are tempted to bomb Lavan.

·      Fuzzy and the Buzz are reunited

·      42 and Spitfire discuss if the Crystal Pegasi are retarded, it ends in hooficuffs.

·      Later in the hot tub, still thinking about the 18 thing, SA is pondering.

·      Celestia joins him in said hot tub, and a heart to heart discussion is had about how things have changed, and how she doesn't like seeing him second guess himself instead of just being happy.

·      He says he's still not sure, but if she believes in him, he trusts in her.

·      They both feel better.

·      Rarity tries prodding into Cadence's sex life, even though Caddy isn't interested in talking about it.

·      When Rarity accidentally implies that Shining only looked to 18 because she was neglecting him, Cadence gets... angry.

·      Cold, simmering, angry. Not yelling, very cold angry.

·      She points out Rarity is just trying to find a roundabout way to connect her issue and Rarity's own with Spike, but that she won't find any answers there. Because unlike her and Spike, Cadence knows she and Shiny were meant to be.

·      Finally, Chrysalis is out in the snow around the Empire, looking at the desolate wasteland it would be impossible to build something on.

·      With the new possibility of new Queens and new Hives and a new kingdom, she's coming to terms with one more chilling possibility.

·      That she'll have to leave the Empire... and everyone in it.

·      She has a vulnerable moment when she realizes...

·      "...I don't want to go..."




·      AJ continues her trek across Equestria, now backed by Sunset. She deals with bad gambling habits(Quicksilver is probably going to need a loan here soon), rampant punching of faces and trying to convince everyone they're not what they seem... and Sunset setting them on fire once or twice.

·      Thankfully, Sunset gets some sense sunk into her head, and she eventually learns the ways of facepunch in public! Though afraid at first, her insisting everything is okay helps the other ponies let their guards down.

·      While this is going on, Applejack is working on an unrevealed side project.

·      Trixie tries to convince Cheerilee to let her work with the demons to get necromagic... during class.

·      Dadling had a rough day, Batmom makes it all better.

·      Two holds a magic show with SA and Spitfire.

·      Cadence is using her relationship with 18 for buy-stuff leiancy.

·      Chrysalis confronts the Orb, musing about how it holds both the key to her future and the possibility she will have to leave the Empire behind. Thinking it might still have a connection to the Hivemind in it, she talks in the hopes her mother can hears, and tells her she's still the best mother ever... but Chrysalis asserts she's the greatest Queen who ever lived, and she needs to prove it.

·      Rarity begins her battle with Buttercup, one that takes her and her foe from rooftop to rooftop as Rarity uses smarts to match brute force. Even still, it seemed she is going to be overwhelmed, at least until Spike arrives and shoots the disguised manticore in the shoulder, and seemed to take her out.

·      Then its revealed that she was just playing dead again, and strangles them until Rarity blasts all of them to the street.

·      They fall into a middle of a crowd, and in a shocking turn Buttercup demands the guard arrest THEM, because Spike was sneaking around and holding up a gun. Which was... pretty understandable, actually.


·      But it seems that even the common folk won't fuck with a princess, and after some hasty coverings Spike is let off the hook, and Buttercup shuffles away, defeated, before collapsing somewhere in the woods.

·      Alone, the two muse about what just happened.

·      Seven meets Buttercup in the woods later and chides her for getting into a fight, saying they were supposed to be avoiding confrontations, and then nurses her wounds. She is forgiven after that.

·      She also wants a big gun, Seven says he'll consider it.

·      Another useless changeling power is revealed! Looking like leaves... and also smelling like peanut butter.

·      Because nature is weird.

·      18 won't take over for AJ's absence.

·      Discord doesn't know what Lavan is up to.

·      Chrysalis is updated that the lings are doing okay since they've moved back, but is distracted enough to worry 42.

·      JJ didn't want to go with the others.

·      Chitania doesn't want 13 to go...

·      Cadence is not very wacky.

·      DT starts trying to be more adult, gets distracted by heavy weaponry.

·      18 is happy Shiny cuddled with her and tells 42 about it. Shortly, said paperbug thanks her for essentially being the whole reason any of this happened after she decided not to force 18 to give up the 'mission' back in the day, and that she thinks of her as her very best friend.

·      While happy, 42 sticks on that 'it's all because of you' thing after she leaves, and decides she needs to talk with Cadence about this.

·      AB, SL and SB on their trip meet up with a fork in the road and a Caribou, named Cari, last name Bou. He points out that one path is a scary forest, but short, the other is a safe path, but long. But he has a cart he would be happy to bring them along in.

·      They're skeptical, of course, until he shows he has candy, and SB jumps in. AB and SL freak out and run down the scary path, but Sweetie Belle is with him for the trip he says will be 'interesting'.

·      So... yeah.


·      SL and AB regret their decisions when attacked by various creatures.

·      Luna wants to get back into a pranking mood.

·      Pinkie makes lethal sugar laden breakfast.

·      She also questions how good AJ is with money.

·      Big Mag and Granny wonder what AB is talking about going to Bisongard, but muse AJ wouldn't let her go off on her own.

·      SA takes Celly's words from last THREAD to heart and asks 18 if she wants to go out again. When 18 points out Cadence may not have the time... Shining says he'll see if it'll just be the two of them.

·      18 promptly shorts out in joy.

·      Fleetfoot is still moping, but Soarin won't leave her.

·      AJ is determined to make things right with the lings.

·      At the Empire, Maud is revealed to still be there. And also has been speaking often with the Rainbolts, Mane-Iac and Awkwardling. She also thinks SA knows she's here, despite Pinkie telling her otherwise.

·      At last, she confronts him, much to his shock, and asks if he has any spare time. When he reveals he does have it, she says they're finally going to have their fight.

·      So, that's going to happen.

·      And Maud still has no idea he didn't know she was there.

·      Finally, PD is getting antsy with Luna's forces getting close to finding the truth, and decides to step things up a notch.

·      She's setting sail for the Gryphons, and god help whoever is in her way.



·      42 is not worried about the fight with Maud... but she subtly hints that if she breaks anything of Shining's, she's caving the earth ponies face in. Subtle for her, at least.

·      Chrysalis continues helping Fluttershy get a hold on her powers, and laments that soon, FS won't need her anymore...

·      Chitania misses 13, and is experimenting on herself.

·      Celestia, swamped from the paperwork, seeks out aide... but then decides to just abduct Shiny.

·      Sunset is doing better, but still wants to set the lings on fire.

·      Chrysalis goes into disguise to walk around with ponies and play some pranks, laments how easy it would be to take a place over so she wouldn't have to build her own land, but accepts she wouldn't do that anymore.

·      Big Mac comes looking for AB... in a dress..

·      Luna decides it's time to take 29's training to the next level, consumes him in darkness and puts him in a sensory deprivation area.

·      So it's off to a great start.

·      Quicksilver fails to get out of his debts.

·      Haymaker doesn't want to join in facepunch, for fear he'll set off an international incident.

·      Buttercup buys a gun. This can only end well.

·      Finally, the battle between Maud and Shiny begins!

·      There is punching! There is bubbles! There is getting bounced up and down and Boulder making a shocking appearance! BUT-

·      Shiny eventually wins.

·      And then it's revealed Maud only wanted to 'test his might' because she really wanted to hit him because he hit her little sisters back at PL.

·      It was a treat.

·      While AJ was watching, the lings tried to juggle molotov cocktails. Why? Because they want someone like JJ and Acty.

·      On that note, JJ somehow knows. Acty is not his coltfriend.

·      Oh, and Sunset isn't a virgin... take that as you will.

·      42 thinks they should've gone in the magic room so Shiny could kill her.


·      Luna catches Blueblood napping on PJ, PJ makes a break for it and ends up eating a squirrel... don't ask.

·      Spitfire and SA wonder if the earth ponies are just lying in wait.

·      It's revealed that 13's bad luck isn't quite as luck based as we've been lead to believe...

·      There are costs for ridiculously good mind magics when you are a drone, it seems.

·      Spike and the Gunclub wonder where to go to eat, hijinks ensue.

·      41 is failing at memorizing, of course.

·      Applejack is doing so well, she moves on to phase two of her plan... split up.

·      This will end well.

·      Two set something on fire. It was a giant monster... this was best case scenario.

·      Maud joins for dinner, discussions about bigger castles are had.

·      AB and SL almost get eaten by a egalitarian based bear and tiger group.

·      Until Winona stabs them with a sword.

·      ...this got weird fast.

·      Chrysalis is worried because Twilight is almost done with her experiment to let them use the orb.

·      18 wants a ton of kids.

·      SA, after a tired day, curls up in Celestia's bed as revenge for all those times she did it to him.

·      It's adorable.


·      Fluttershy starts investigating Everfree when she realizes none of the non-carinvores are around, and the herbivores are wandering free without fear. As much as she likes this, she realizes it's a bad sign. None of the monsters are around.

·      Her investiagation takes her into the forest, where she's ambushed by one of said monsters, who chases her for a while.

·      Cornered by a mountain, she finds out it was a giant timberwolf. Who she then informs that, well... she wasn' running because she was scared of IT.

·      She was scared of herself.


·      It doesn't listen, and gets a chaos level beatdown as a result.

·      At the end, she can clearly see it's been abused and experimented on, and despite it being a timberwolf, it's not healed instantly like it should.

·      ...also it's fucking talking and it's name is Bubbles... that's a red flag or two.

·      Even after it admits it was just trying to scare her off, not hurt her, she is angry that someone had hurt it, she demands that it show her what it was protecting.

·      Hell hath no fury like a pacifist near a wounded animal.

·      Also meanwhile, PD arrives in the Gryphon Kingdom, and it seems the show is about to start...

·      OOCO, Spike and Chrysalis continue their trek down into the catacombs, hating each other all the way. When Spike gets a little too smug, Chrysalis lets out a screech to attract more monster, and Spike... pulls out a goddamn grenade launcher.

·      In a cave.

·      Meaning if Chrysalis didn't go all out, they'd be dead.

·      Oh Spike!




·      OOCO, Spike and Chrysalis are trapped underneath the rocks. Spike thinks there's a way out, but there's only one problem... water.

·      Chrysalis doesn't do water, because she will fucking sink.

·      Cadence and Rarity are sad at their jobs.

·      Quicksilver apparently has a crush on Screwloose... weird. Sunset is a little miffed.

·      SA finally just asks Cadence if it's okay if he and 18 go out on a date without her, as she can't make it. Outwardly, she's fine with it, and he learns to stop double-questioning her and just trust in her.

·      18 is elated, only one problem. It's ten in the morning, and the date isn't till the night.

·      She's slowly going insane.

·      Spitfire still hates Dash, despite 42's efforts.

·      The lings have a rave with the guards

·      Trixie is still trying to learn demon magic from Cheerilee, it is not going well.

·      Two should not be allowed to touch stuff in Twilight's lab.

·      There is a weirdly long debate as to the merits of each in the film series, Hoof Hold My Heart.

·      Rarity ends up hospitalized and Chrysalis is the voice of reason. Things that are real are questioned.

·      Dash looks at an old picture of the WB's and wonders if they were always terrible, or if something went wrong. She questions if there wa still good in them, and if she could have brought it out if she only tried harder. She realizes for all her abilities, she hasn't really inspired anyone to do better or reach better heights, just knocked them down.

·      She comes to the conclusion she's not a very good captain after all.

·      Later, she receives a note to come to Canterlot Square. To her surprise, she finds a mess of reporters... and Spitfire.

·      Her questions what this could mean are answered when Fleetfoot comes down, Soarin' in tow. To everyone's surprise, Fleetfoot comes clean about her drug selling.

·      She admits fault, that Spitfire had nothing to do with it, and pledges to give up her surprising fortune to get those who had used her stuff back in the air. By doing this, even though she can't be arrested as the drug used was merely imported and there are no regulations for it in Equestria, she loses all her records, essentially wiping her out of anything with the WB's totally.

·      After the reporters leave, Dash asks why. Spitfire reveals that the thing she had told her to do earlier was this, and if she did it, she could join Spitfire's team. With this, Dash realizes that all the wealth and all that didn't mean as much to Fleetfoot as simply being able to fly again.

·      Fleetfoot tells Soarin' to go with Dash, as she knew about the offer, and moves to go with Spitfire, who admits she's going to run her ragged as revenge for how she herself was treated.

·      Understanding her for the first time, Dash stops her, and, shockingly, offers Fleetfoot a chance to come back to the Wonderbolts.

·      At first, Fleetfoot tries to say she'll still go with Spitfire out of loyalty, but Spitty rebukes her and tells her if there's a better offer than scrubbing the toilets, take it. Then she leaves.

·      Tearfully, Fleetfoot says she'll be five minutes early, and can look to the sky and dream again.

·      Gambling might have a job!

·      At the Kingsmoot, Pennydrop makes her grand entrance, breaking tradition and the sacred ground as she lands her airship.

·      She ignores the Seer after blasting the other kings, walks right up to Gwen, and reveals Lavan is on the way.

·      She calls out the Seer, telling her that her gods were merely using their citizens as puppets for some test, uncaring if they get sacrificed like they did against Chitania. She makes her case to let her and her company handle it.

·      She declares she stands with Gwen's family, and nobody else, so if they kick her off the throne, she will not use her machines to help them.


·      After some strange force overtakes her, the Seer reluctantly allows this. She declares that if Pennydrop can manage to stop Lavan from killing anyone or wrecking anything, Gwen's rule is assured. If not, she is to be cast out.

·      Pennydrop Vs Lavan for the fate of the gryphons has begun!

·      The changelings arrive at Ponyville, to no fanfare. MM didn't even bring out the banner, because AJ said to understate it, and forgot just how understatey they can get.

·      Thus, AJ becomes the element of asshole.

·      Celestia and Luna haven't seen Jetset, and wonder if that's how it's supposed to be.

·      SP wants to know who 41's old Queen was, since 41 doesn't know. Apparently, only Chrysalis will know, but he doesn't want to ask her, she's scary.

·      Acty loves blindjokes

·      AJ realizes she forgot to put guards in Ponyville again

·      Luna tries to force-teach 29 lessons. After he outdoes her, he gets a liiittttle too big headed, so she gets pissed and decides she needs to take it up a notch.

·      A lot of notches.

·      A Changeling eats one of AJs apples. She makes him regret it.

·      By making him an apple.

·      Seven comes home to his base with Buttercup, who now has her gun. He also comes home to a special surprise, Fluttershy!

·      Who is PISSED!

·      A battle ensues, which mostly consists of Fluttershy using unbelievable chaos powers against someone in no way capable of defending himself against it. This also escalates thanks to Fluttershy telling BC she needs to load her chaingun.

·      At the end of the fight, she learns it wasn't Seven who scarred Bubbles, the Timberwolf from earlier, and realizes she went too far. Still, she demands to know what is going on, and Seven is going to have to show her.

·      Chitania signs the Librarain's kid's comic. Moms gotta stick together.

·      42 does not believe Cadence used to be a babysitter.

·      OOCO Pinkie starts her own show where she crashes parties!


·      AB, SL and SB meet back up again at a cafe. Sweetie Belle is dropped off out of the Caribou's cart, and she looks... normal?

·      She claims he has a shower in there to clean her off, since she got sticky, and that she's stuffed so full she can't walk straight, and he also let her keep his fancy pillow.

·      ...Applebloom and Scootaloo do not question this any further.

·      Movie night gets weird fast.

·      Finally, Chrysalis heads down to PV to check on her lings, and notices that they're actually mingling pretty well. She muses that, at this rate, her lings could be absorbed into Equestrian society pretty easily.

·      Reluctantly, she praises Applejack, but has one more thing...

·      She brings up the hypothetical scenario of if Chitania regained the ability to have a hive. In this case, would it make her efforts harder? Make ponies more afraid?

·      She gets the answer of 'yes' pretty quickly, but AJ admits she wouldn't stop it. She remains oblivious to the fact Chrysalis is talking about her own plans to make more Queens.

·      Chrysalis praises her again, and leaves, wondering how much more time she has left to decide...




·      Big Mac and Granny, after getting spooked by the changeling still being an apple, confront AJ about not visiting them.

·      That's when AJ learns that Applebloom has not, in fact, been at the farm. She panics, naturally, but after she remembers she was supposed to go camping this week, reasons that Applebloom is just moping in her room back in Canterlot since she cancelled so aburptly, and feels bad about leaving her behind.

·      Speaking of Applebloom, she and the other two come across a spooky house in the middle of nowhere during a thunderstorm. Naturally, they decide hypothermia death is probably preferable to going inside.

·      Until the house drops a bowl of candy for them, of course, in which case Sweetie is now all for this shit.

·      After she's snapped up, they feel that leaving Sweetie to die is more preferable than going inside, but it seems Winona has a moral compass. They all get locked in.

·      29 faces more trials that Luna hopes will teach him lessons. Unfortunately, all they do is confuse and make him annoyed, since he can't follow her string of specific logic, which makes her angry and annoyed.

·      Also, 29 kills a chipmunk in one such 'test', thinking its an illusion... it uh... it probably wasn't...

·      GambLing doesn't know if gambling is illegal... if that makes any sense...

·      Dinner at the CE house with special guest, Stormy Flare!

·      Mane-Iac cheers Chrysalis up.

·      LD is worried about Fleetfoot and Soarin' being back on.


·      Fluttershy finally learns what Seven is doing. It turns out, he's using changeling mind-magic to stimulate parts of the brain of predators in order to give them sentience to understand the concept of 'love' better, hoping to turn them into a farmable resource so that they do not need to drain ponies anymore. He tried with smaller animals like rabbits or the like, but couldn't manage, predators are all that work. We learn he managed this because Bubbles, the Timberwolf, had been experimented on previously for this exact same thing, and that allowed him to move forwards.

·      However, it currently isn't working as planned, he's putting in more love to make them think and advance then he is getting back, which is why he is so frequently sickly.

·      Now, Fluttershy is faced with a dilemma. He is clearly upsetting the natural order and giving minds to things not meant to have them, but he is not hurting them or the like. He asks her if she wants him to shut it down and make it go back to normal, and she flees.

·      She goes to the moon, where she meets none other than discord. During an argument, it's revealed one issue she has with this is that he's changing someone who can't give consent and granting them abilities they may not even want... just like herself.

·      Discord is still bitter because he thought he was helping when that happened, so he doesn't see why everyone is always on his case about that. He brings up a planet to prove the point that chaos is just plain better than order, and that Twilight certainly brought chaos into Fluttershy's life as well.

·      Fluttershy comes to a realization that some chaos IS good, but when it came all at once, she couldn't handle it.

·      Discord admits that he was just trying to help, and she consoles him. Together, they both come to a realization

·      At last, she understands what she needs to do, at least partially, and thinks she needs to go talk to someone.


·      SA and 18 go off on their date, AND... nothing is going wrong. Nothing. Everything is fine.

·      Eighteen is going crazy waiting for the earth shattering kaboom.

·      Applejack is putting the changeling to work down at Ponyville in hillarious ways.

·      Twilight is almost done with her orb-reader thing, and thinks Chrysalis is going to be just so happy about it!

·      OOCO event, Chrysalis and Spike are still under Canterlot, and Chrysalis does not want a gun.

·      AJ has a tender moment with Big Mac

·      Chitania goes down to Ponyville, gets lost.

·      Cadence, without telling anyone, cancelled her plans for the night that prevented her from going out with Shining and 18 because it hit her that she doesn't know if 18 is in disguise, and if two Cadences get seen the jig might be up. She muses that she's been feeling more and more useless lately, and the idea that this could take away her one good thing, that she beings happiness to her subjects, by making them wonder if it's even her helping them is too much.

·      Chrysalis sneaks up on her, and Cadence reacts reasonably... by shooting and then biting her.

·      However, with some prodding, eventually Cadence starts to spill about some fears she's been having..

·      Back at the Gryphon Kingdom, Pennydrop begins her final plans! Just before Lavan can reach the kingdom, she reveals what she's been building this whole time, METAL DEER HAWK... which is odd because it's a giant mechanical gryphon...

·      She engages Lavan in battle, why slyly implying that there was nothing else interesting for him to see. She pulls out all the stops and weapons, none of which manages to actually damage Lavan, but during the course of a desperate act they find out Lavan really fears rainbows for some reason.

·      After a long, drawn out battle, she forces Lavan out of the kingdom with one final, explosive attack, which also doesn't hurt him. However, he understands that's all she had, and decides he's seen everything interesting here and decides to leave.


·      Gwen is overcome with joy to the point of tears that they protected her subjects, and as one the other kings hail the forever more king and queen of Af Gryphonia!

·      Beside them, Pennydrop can't help but feel like it's actually her she's cheering for...

·      Unknown to the royals, they weren't the only ones there. Several airships, hidden from each other too, carrying the dignitaries and royals of others in the world, including Saddle Arabia and the Yaks or what have you, watched the battle, and ask if they want to sign on.

·      Needless to say, they all do, and thus Fawntaine Futuristics gains a lot more customers, and Pennydrop's power... grows.

·      The world is changing.

·      And all the while, Applejack is having fun.




·      18 and SA's date isn't going wrong.

·      PD is partying with Gwen and Idris.

·      Vekir comes up to them, and mentions her current quest. Sensing an opportunity to get under Canterlot, PD offers to help Vekir get more signatures.

·      Actarius still does not get 32's innuendo.

·      Applebloom and Scootaloo are quickly captured in Spider web, the walls of the house explode in, other things happen, they end up on a roller coaster through tunnels of horrors, annnnd-

·      It turns out it was all fake, just a haunted house that was supposed to be out of commission but they activated. Sweetie Belle has been hanging out with the guy in charge of it.

·      Everyone laughs it off, and has a good time, content there were no ghosts.

· least until the house vanished when they left it, so it was totally ghosts. Or aliens, probably.

·      Applejack thinks everythings going too well with the changelings, so of course something bad happens.

·      Chitania shows up with 13 on her back, since the latter apparently wants to visit the others.

·      Ponyville reacts by running for their lives, of course.

·      This is the grave she chose.

·      Chitania, of course, will not leave.

·      7 reveals to Buttercup he has a plan in case Fluttershy makes the wrong choice.

·      But it proves not to be needed, Fluttershy says she'll let him keep going, but explains that he threw off the balance of Everfree by removing all predators, there needs to be at least some for balance and he must send some back.

·      Seven has a better idea.

·      That better idea is finding a lab where they run unethical/illegal tests on animals, and just freeing them. Fluttershy is for this idea.

·      Chrysalis listens to Cadence rant about feeling unneeded and that she feels selfish for wishing things would go wrong if she wasn't there, but can't offer her any help on feeling better, not knowing how to approach this, and dealing with her own problems.

·      So, she offers to set stuff on fire... that works.


·      They spend the rest of the day blowing up the barren wasteland around the Empire.

·      Pinkie throw a pie in Chitania's face, this works in making her too numb with shock to even get mad.

·      Pommel tries to make Chitania leave his princess alone... it doesn't work.

·      Twilight goes to the Empire to find Chrysalis and tell her the good news that the device is done, but she has already left. She finds 42 instead, and the two are now waiting for her to return.

·      Nothing is going wrong on 18's and SA's date.

·      DT is looking for Twilight to do more Twience stuff, but Twi is already gone. A little put off by being left behind with barely a note, she stomps off, only to be confronted by a well dressed delivery man who gives her a note from Pennydrop.

·      The Nightgard captain at last reveals herself to 56! It turns out she was that super expensive instructor 29 paid for. She says she's considering letting 56 try out for the lunar guard, if he can find the common room!

·      She also needs to hire better effects crews.

·      Dash and Gilda got drunk preparing for drills.

·      Suckerpunch realizes that Chitania would know about 41's mom, and being crazy decides to ask her.

·      Surprisingly, it works. She does know, and will tell her. One problem, 41 doesn't know her moms name, or her real name, or even her power, so Chitania has no way of knowing.

·      So, Chitty tosses her into the air and guesses off the scream... this works.

·      After learning that her mom was Titania, Chitania's rival and frequent giant-monster-brawl partner, 41 is a little... weird, and goes off to sulk a bit.

·      AJ, Pinkie and Chitania get into a banjo duel... yes, you read that right. Those three get into a banjo duel.

·      12 might be a sociopath.


·      The teaching lesson with 29 and Luna breaks down as more and more she contrives situations to teach him, but he never sees it as she does.


·      He continues to belittle and mock her attempts, angry due to her continually putting him down and forcing him into these situations.

·      Eventually, it gets to her, and she realizes none of this is working.

·      In a bit of sadness and despair at failing yet again as a teacher, she goes off, leaving 29 alone.

·      He begins to be haunted be strange shadows, showing him horrible events like everyone leaving him behind. He gets angry at her, demanding to know why she would show him these things.

·      It turns out, she didn't.

·      ...Tantabus did.

·      In her sadness, she felt guilty for what she had done again, and accidentally let it out.

·      The being starts to more directly attack him, battering him in a bout of bug related slapstick, all the while Luna can't bring herself to defend him.

·      He remains strong for a while, but eventually Tantabus gets to him, and uses it's influence to make him wonder if anyone ever actually liked him at all. Luna listens to his words, noticing quite a lot of similarities over his guilt at being part of the invasion and her own as Nightmare Moon. Draining him, Tantabus is almost ready to leave.

·      Seeing her student in peril and the being about to escape at last breaks Luna out of her funk, and she rushes to defend him, trying to convince him Tantabus's influence is a lie and he isn't hated. He doesn't believe her.

·      So, she brings in backup, in the form of the ghost kids. They help 29 out of his state, and break Tantabus's influence long enough that Luna can do battle with it, and at last put her guilt behind her and reabsorb Tantabus.

·      With this behind her, she feels like at last she can teach him a lesson.

·      That lesson? Give him exactly what he wants.


·      An gorgeous Empress who wants his 'services', a life of luxury with her, and no tricks. He is given exactly what he wants.

·      Just one hiccup, he'll have to quit his job with Mayor Mare, and leave Ponyville and everyone in it behind, including 56, as travel would be long and costly, and hard to do with his 'job'.

·      Given everything he wants but realizing he has to give up everything to get it tears him apart inside, as he had believed for so long this isn't merely what he wanted, but what he deserved.

·      When Luna returns him to Ponyville to hand in his letter of resignation, seeing MM, Zecora and Trixie worried about him is the last push he needs.

·      He burns up the letter, and laments that he just woke up from a dream.

·      The dream was nice... but reality is better.

·      Luna, at last, taught her very first lesson.

·      ..And nothing is going wrong on 18's and SA's date- no, wait, Cadence just walked into a liquor store.

·      Shit.




·      The residents of Ponyville continue to be terrified of Chitania's presence, even if she is occasionally helpful with rabbits. Because she hates rabbits, not because she wants to be helpful.

·      Also, Chitania can't play electric guitar.

·      Mr and Mrs Cake's business is saved by a proud Celestia

·      There's a mob outside Mayor Mare's office that want Chitania gone. Racist comments are made. They eventually are gotten rid of via bribery of wine, cheese snacks and guessing which lotus sister is which.

·      MM and 29's attempts to be rid of Chitania to meet these requests are, sadly, met with failure.

·      Celestia learns about Fluttershy's recent 'activities', and is not pleased.

·      Everyone has their eyes on Chitania, which means the other changelings are free to wander about and get into raves.

·      Yes, raves.

·      88 is now hitting on Actarius. He still doesn't notice.

·      10 is off to Stalliongrad!

·      Pinkie throws Chitania a welcome musical.

·      41, still reeling from her previous discovery of her parentage, is moping in the woods. In there, she is confronted by the mysteriously absent until this point 13.

·      She laments to the unluckyling how lacking she is in comparison to someone who could face Chitania, and that Titania's legacy is the dead last soldier.

·      They have a talk, wherein 13 lays down what she thinks of 41's focusing on her mom and moping about. It is not a good thing.

·      She insists the need to remain strong for her hive, and to be happy that they lucked into a Queen who will accept her despite being a female. 41 shoots back that at least she still has her mom, and 13 gets irate when 41 calls her a princess, declaring she is NOT an heir anymore, she is a hivemember of Chrysalis's. She loves her mom, she will never leave her mom again, but she is an heir no longer.

·      41 is confused that she doesn't want to be a Queen. 13 brushes this off.


·      13 points out that her mother was never really a winner, and 41 needs to be better. This, at last, convinces 41 she needs to be more.

·      OOCO, Spike and Chrysalis stumble into a monster nest with a fanged, tentacled monstrosity. Because of course they do.

·      A short battle leaves them trapped, with only one way out. Spike is the distraction, and Chrysalis runs for the exit.

·      But when she gets there, Spike is trapped and about to be eaten since his mega-laser won't go off. Seeing only one chance, she uses the last of her love-stores and shoots it's base, allowing Spike to shoot the thing and kill it.

·      Afterwards, she fall unconscious, completely drained.

·      AJ and Zecora rhyme-off and brohoof. Just because

·      Spitfire is now tormenting Dash.

·      56 can smell plots... don't ask.

·      Dadling will wreck a wall to kill a single spider, as he should.

·      7 consoles a worried Buttercup, who is still afraid she will be forced to go back to 'normal'

·      Applejack goes to visit the farm, spending some time in her old room and reminiscing on how she thought her life would be and the fact she had to leave it so suddenly, she couldn't even grab anything. She finds it covered in dust and old.

·      After a bit of thinking, she decides that maybe a bit of work down there would help out somewhat.

·      She's gonna need another desk.

·      Two can't sleep, because she's starting to worry what might happen if another kid comes into the picture.

·      Still, Sombra calms her down.

·      Sunset wonders what a human Chitania would be like.

·      77 visits Aj to tell her about his proposal, and Chitania keeps annoying him.

·      Speaking of, Trixie annoys said megabug right back, so... that's a thing.

·      The CMC are race traitors, according to a zebra.

·      Don't ask.

·      29 goes up to check on 56, who is still looking for the common room. He is at first angry, thinking that 56 gave up on his promise to train hard again, but when he finds out he might actually get into the Nightgaurd he gets a little... worried.


·      56 is in such a rush, he doesn't even have time to hear about the events with Luna, and rushes off without saying goodbye. Leaving behind a sad, yet proud, 29.

·      But someone is watching all of this...

·      No matter how much AJ and Chitania say nothing is going wrong, nothing is going wrong.


·      18 and SA confront 'Cadence' in the wine shop, and make a stunning discovery! It's not Cadence at all!

·      It's Rarity!

·      ...Yes, that Rarity. She and Twilight have been working on illusion spells that will let them pretend to be each other in case they need to be in two places at once, and she decided to test it out when Cadence left the Empire to get a feel for what the populace feels about Cadence. She wasn't worried about being seen with her, as if Cadence returned she would be able to detect it and find a safe place to drop the disguise, leaving none the wiser.

·      Though 18 and SA are upset, they can't have her drop her disguise. So, they all decide to head back to the castle.

·      ..and that's when Chrysalis teleports in from the snow outside to get herself some alcohol, and guess who she has with her?

·      Cadence! Who is now looking at not-Cadence!

·      In front of the Crystal Empire!

·      That's when everything goes wrong.

·      Cadence's first idea is to tell Chrysalis to 'do something'. Chrysalis, and everyone else, thinks she means 'the thing'

·      The brain thing.

·      She didn't mean that, but too late! Rarity is now in righteous indination mode at the idea Cadence might have been considering brainwashing her subjects to hide her secret.

·      Anger is had on both sides, which almost gets out of control when Cadence thinks it's 18 posing as her.

·      Thankfully, 18 is there to clear it up... and she is accidentally now looking like Cadence.

·      Damn changeling powers.


·      Three Caddy's confuse the Crystal Ponies something terrible.

·      More aruging is had, with Cadence insisting she's the real Cadence. Nobody is sure, but a Crystal Pony has an idea!

·      Because this morning, the REAL princess helped him file paperwork and figure out zoning regulations! Surely only the REAL princess would know what and where that was!

·      Thus Cadence shuts up real fast.

·      Things go from bad to worse when he realizes that EIGHTEEN is the real princess! How?

·      She still has the gum he stuck in her hair, that has been hidden because it's the same color as said hair. Nobody else noticed.

·      Eighteen immediately tries to spin this, and almost has the CE convinced, but Rarity is having none of that!

·      She makes 18 drop the disguise, and then reveals herself! Now all of them know that it wasn't Cadence who did that!

·      Cadence panics a bit and tells Chrysalis to bail, so she does, bringing everyone with her.

·      Then comes a whole lot of yelling at an unrepentant Rarity.

·      Rarity explains she chose Cadence for a reason. After the events with Buttercup she realized that the public has a terribly skewed perceptions of royals, and she needed to know how bad. Since she knows how much, or rather how little, Cadence does, she needed to see if there was any indication anyone thought she didn't do EVERYTHING herself. There was not.

·      So, when Cadence tried to rehide the secret, Rarity was having none of that. She wanted to give credit to who deserved it, 18.

·      Who is also threatening to murder her, and meaning it, if this ends up with the CP thinking she's infiltrating the CE and gets her kicked out, which Rarity had not considered.

·      Before the strangling can begin, Chrysalis tosses her down into the pen that Sunset used to be held in so she can't fuck everything up anymore, then she says she has a plan to get things back to 'normal'.

·      But, to everyone's surprise, Cadence says no, they're not going to do that.


·      Chrysalis tries to insist, but Shining says they can manage if she just wants to come clean. After some debate, Chrysalis still thinks her plan is right, but will go along with everyone else. Cadence decides not to cover it up.

·      After Twilight and 42 arrive an get brought up to speed, she says why. She doesn't have a plan, she just isn't bringing anyone else down with her. The others realize this might end with her gone, and Chrysalis agrees that if she goes, then her and the changelings sure as hell aren't staying.

·      All alone, Cadence goes off to face the music, with the CE crew, and a very sleepy 2, left to wait.

·      She goes off to face her destiny, and all of the others just have to.. believe.




·      Cadence, despite her wishes not to, is at last forced to speak to all the citizens of the CE about what she's been doing. She admits everything, from how little she's done, to how much 18 has done, all the while insisting that she hasn't been replaced or mind controlled. She admits, to everyone's horror, that she doesn't know how any of this works.

·      She pleads with them not to lose hope or trust, but it seems not to be working. They start talking and seem to be leaning towards kicking her out, and the changelings with her.

·      Until, out of nowhere yet again, Rarity shows up!

·      She tells the crowd she didn't reveal this so they wouldn't believe in Cadence, but to show that they weren't gods, or special, or anything like that. They're regular ponies, who struggle sometimes and need help. She admits that she did it the wrong way, but her intentions were real.

·      She points out that, despite their fears, their lives have been getting better and they've been in more comfort than ever before.

·      Eventually, her words get through to them, and the ponies decide not to impeach her or retaliate.

·      But the trust is gone.

·      Resolved, Cadence decides right then that if they needed her to be more... she was going to be more.

·      During this, Chrysalis insists she doesn't want to go anywhere that Cadence and Shining aren't.

·      Afterwards, while debating over what it is they need to do, they all realize that, right now, they don't need to do anything as nobody has made any requests, and acting in preparation for windfall or the like would be an accidental admission of guilt.

·      So, they can't do anything but wait.

·      Celestia then shows up, happy because she has a lava cake big enough to ride... and of course, now has all that ruined.

·      This is why she is never happy.

·      Rarity isn't sorry for what she did, and Twilight isn't mad at her.


·      Cadence puts Two back to bed, and explains to her what happened. When Two says she's a good princess, Cadence resolves to prove her right.

·      42 speaks to Chrysalis, revealing that she knows Rarity was right, but she still wants to hit her.

·      After she leaves, Chrysalis is confronted by Shining to make sure she's not doing anything for revenge. She's not, but she is looking at the orb and saying she's going to protect her lings...

·      Chitania almost gets called for jury duty.

·      Actarius is still oblivious to 32 and 88.

·      29, still moping from his interaction with 56, meets up with 32, who points out that the real reason he is sad is because he did too good of a job as a 'cousin'. 56, despite being a scatterbrained ninny, somehow found purpose and guidance thanks to him, and now 29 is worried he won't be needed anymore.

·      32 has a long talk with him, eventually putting those fears to rest, all the while hitting on 29, and 29 heads back to Ponyville.

·      Back in Ponyville, Sunset and him meet up, and find they have a mutual love of the fine arts, a rare thing.

·      A budding friendship begins. A friendship wherein Sunset asks him to look like a human, just cause.

·      Spitfire is driving Dash crazy, as she says to AJ.

·      Some of the changelings get a little tipsy thanks to Treehugger.

·      7's experiments continues with Fluttershy's help.

·      the CMC come across an old guard who has been fighting 'droids' for years. Instead of being crazy, he's actually fighting golems and has just been calling them the wrong name... yay?

·      Back in Canterlot, Fuzzy and Buzz accidentally are the first ones to break the news of what happened in the CE. Things... do not go well.


·      Canterlot is freaking out.

·      Then Ponyville is freaking out.

·      Then a Wonderbolt tells AJ, while freaking out.

·      Then AJ muttering 'fuck' to herself.

·      Then The Wonderbolts are dealing with Canterlot freaking out, while dealing with their own suspicions

·      And Luna has no idea what's going on.

·      Then AJ stops saying 'fuck' and starts freaking out

·      Then 29 points out that Ponyville is going to freak out.

·      Then the Wonderbolts get worse all while wondering what it would be like if DASH had to get help like that

·      Then Spitfire is freaking out despite the CE not freaking out

·      Then a mob goes up to eh changeling embassy while freaking out and freaking out Actarius

·      Then Screwloose is not freaking out, just finding it impressive a changeling ran a country

·      Then Pommel and the guards are freaking out and Pommel wants the guards to guard the changelings from those freaking out.

·      Then Spike wakes up and sees the freaking out

·      Then Discord is enjoying the freaking out

·      Then the CE changelings are noticing the freaking out and bro-hoofing

·      And, finally, AJ's freakout reaches max freakout and she snaps.

·      It's going to be a long day....

·      OOCO Chrysalis wakes up, and an irritated due to love drain Spike brings her to the Morlock village, where they find the graves of the old changelings who were sent down there. She has the bodies dug up and burned, despite Spike's protests, in order to preserve their changeling tradition, and then they reclaim the banner. Afterwards, Spike reveals that he had already been in contact with the others and gotten hold of some supplies, including a love-harness. Using this, they head back to the surface.




·      The Crystal Ponies are lamenting their lost trust, in strange ways in some cases.

·      Spike using a gun does not calm down anyone. Nor are his debate skills up to par, as he is ran over.

·      Also, his manners need work, as was silently told to him by private... FUCK!

·      But no fear, for an old friend is here to help! DIAMOND TIARA has arrived! And she has a giant set of power armor!

·      Because heavy artillery just plain wasn't enough.

·      She then abducts him to go tell Silver Spoon, because deep down she is still DT.

·      42 speaks to the CE guards, saying that she understands if they wish her to take a sabbatical or feel betrayed... forgetting that they all have known this whole time.

·      Sunset and Chitania talk about the current situation, with the former musing about how she almost caused this exact scenario, and the latter musing that she doesn't care what happens to the rest of the lings anymore.

·      One of the temps from Partyland return to talk to 18. She describes how she used to think Cadence was beyond reproach, even going so far as to join a fanclub, after that day. To the point that she quit her field, thinking she just couldn't match up to a princess like that.

·      Learning 18 was 'just' a changeling has changed her ideas slightly, and she now wants a job.

·      Everyone in the CE Crew is sad, so Chrysalis cheers them up with tapdancing... yes, tapdancing.

·      Daw finds a sword in Pommels study. OOCO it's revealed to be a gift for her that she wants to enhance.

·      Pinkie tries to cheer dash up. It works.

·      Jugglejack wants to be in with Actarius, but a mob is blocking the way. There's only one thing to do..


·      Yes, he makes it in. No, nobody is sure how he gets inside a sealed building. His explanation? "Fucking holes". That's it.


·      32 starts to feel better, so of course ponies mob him. And 88 won't let him in.

·      Over in Apploosa, they hear news of the reveal!... And do not give a FUCK.

·      Cause 55 wanted them to eat a big old meal with the buffalo as friends, and they're eating a big old meal with the buffalo as friends, and anyone who thinks he's trying to infiltrate anything is right stupid.

·      AJ is lamenting the loss of all her hard work, Chitania meanwhile rubs it in that she saw it coming.

·      Aj snaps, chews her out and punches her. Yes, punches her. Then she tells her to fuck off so she can fix things.

·      After the requisite punch back, Chitania does indeed leave to go get her daughter, and AJ vows to prove her wrong.

·      PJ and Blueblood are sticking together.

·      When Ponyville is ready to chuck out 29, it's up to Trixie to distract them! With a show!

·      When that fails spectacularly, she switches tactics. As in, she starts hurting herself... a lot.

·      It works.

·      OOCO Spitfire tricks Dash into eating her underwear.

·      Applejack panics just a bit more, and granny tries to calm her down to no avail.

·      Luna tries to tell Canterlot to calm down, feels bad instead.

·      Cadence is trying her hardest now.

·      Pommel and Haymaker talk about how this is bothering them just as much as the regular ponies, but they have a job to do anyway.

·      Applebloom, Sweetie Bell and Scootlaoo are now in a massive war featuring pretty much every hooved animal except ponies in a grand battle against living golems.

·      ...Yep.

·      Winona is there too, and tells them to stay back while she fights them off with her sword.

·      There is communication error, and now the CMC are charging supergolems in a war... yep.


·      42 tires to cheer up 18. Succeeds.

·      Chrysalis tries to cheer up Shining by messing up his papers. Succeeds.

·      Gwne and Idris head off to the CE after learning about 18's deal, and they are ticked.

·      Meanwhile, Vekir got drunk and is now in a barrel heading off to... somewhere.

·      Chrysalis realizes the world is changing, things are no longer going uphill as they had been, and she needs to change with it.

·      Chitania notices that things are happening like they did before. Only this time, she's ready for it.

·      The Wonderbolts are now suspicious about each other.

·      Big Mac needed to check to make sure AJ was AJ.

·      Spitfire is assured she's not getting fired.

·      Celestia and Luna see the mob seeking answers, but realize the truth might do more harm.

·      Applejack is totally lost on how to deal with the mob surrounding the changelings, she doesn't know what to do at all.

·      And, finally... Pennydrop has arrived in Canterlot.

·      OOCO, Spike and Chrysalis make it out of the cave, and learn that this was all a big trick to get them to be nice to each other. They are, understandably, ticked. They leave, deciding to go to Pony Joes, and then have a talk. Afterwards Spike talks with AJ and Celestia about his problems, and they help him along. Finally, Spike decided to be more optimistic, and shoots his mirror... don't ask.




·      Chitania goes over to retrieve 13 so she can leave, but her daughter is unwilling to leave her hive behind. Reluctantly, Chitania takes 41 with them and decides to go collect the others.

·      32 makes it inside the embassy, where he's greeted by JJ, Acty and a 88, the last of whom is still making blindjokes. They decide to hole up and wait for this to pass by playing monopony, the fools.

·      But they get an unexpected guest! No, really, really unexpected. It's Lavan.

·      Lavan comes in and wants to play.

·      Then he wants to know about changelings.

·      Poor bastards.

·      Shining Armor, after having a moment where he is forced to go over 18's work to see which ones were Cadences, decides to look on the bright side of life!

·      Long story short, everyone tells him to get out of their places of work... don't ask.

·      The Crystal Ponies don't know who they go to for outside investigations.

·      Trixie runs out of things to hurt herself with, but that's okay! Because everyone got bored and left a while ago... yep...

·      29 laments that he's going to have to bunk with Zecora at this rate.

·      Tonight was a bad night for Batmom/Dadling roleplay night.

·      Soarin' proves he's not a changeling by whinnying

·      2's teacher needs help.

·      7 and Fluttershy discuss how he gets his love, and it's revealed Buttercup knows what sex is, which makes sense, but still

·      Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootlaoo accidentally turn an already giant war into something worse by activating a super robot.

·      The fillydelphia mayor is happy.

·      10 infiltrates Stalliongrad!

·      Dash finishes reading the crowd control handbook, but everyone except Bulk left.

·      Twilight asks Rarity if this is what she was hoping for, Rarity bluffs and says she knows it was right.

·      DT can't use any of her cool new toys.

·      Jetset finishes his training, even if he didn't quite get what he wanted, and goes off to go help with Canterlot

·      Arana ran up to Canterlot to help Blueblood


·      Up in Canterlot, while Coltsly is selling so much she can swim in bit and having ethical dilemmas, Pennydrop lands and takes control!

·      She subtly influences the mob, playing on their need to seem high class, to turn them into a more focused force who go off to demand certain answers out of Celestia, the answers they want.

·      Celestia sees them coming, and immediately recognizes something is off. She orders all her guards to stand down so as not to give any impression of oppression, and goes off to meet them herself.

·      She engages in some talks with the mob, carefully thinning the herd so she can determine who is the leader of it all.

·      Through this, she's able to narrow it down to one pony to invite in and discuss these 'requests'.

·      "Miss Pennydrop, would you like to come in for some tea?"

·      ~I would be delighted.~

·      Celestia Vs Pennydrop is go.

·      Back in ponyville, some of them don't even know why they're mobbing, but they're mobbing.

·      Applejack has no idea what to do. Every option seems like a bad one, one that will either end with her exposed and none of her hometown trusting her ever again, the changelings being banished, or even worse. Sunset wants to know what AJ wants, and a desperate AJ asks her what to do. When Sunset cannot answer her, she becomes enrages and demands that Sunny go help watch the lings. Bitterly, Sunset points out that when she left, the thing that hurt the worst wasn't that Celestia hid stuff, it's that she didn't think she could handle it, as right as she turned out to be it still hurt.

·      AJ keeps panicking, keeps trying to think of ways to both protect her hometown and keep her promise to Chrysalis, but can't manage anything while the mob gets worse.

·      She waits too long, and someone else steps up instead...

·      Chitania

·      Chitania mocks the mob when they try to stop her and/or declare that this is proof of an invasion, taunting them by asking what they would do if this was an invasion, since none of them could actually fight her.


·      Eventually, she orders the changelings to come with her, demanding it so they can be taken home. This finally makes AJ snap into action to protect them, but she finds her determination wavering when 13 steps forth and says this was her idea, and that she just wants to get them to safety since Applejack isn't doing anything. She doesn't want to, but if she has to she'll mind control the mob and make them move.

·      The mob agrees to them leaving and says to get rid of the changelings, but Applejack realizes if they get kicked out now, there's no hope of them ever coming back and being accepted.

·      Pommel asks for orders.

·      Sunset asks for her to say something.

·      Chitania demands she do something.

·      Ponyville tells her to do something.

·      The changelings tell her to do something.

·      Then she snaps.

·      Applejack lets out a SHUTTTT UPPPPPPP, goes off into a massive rant wherin she details that all of them are idiots and for various ways, goes into how she didn't even want to be a princess, rants that every choice she makes is wrong and makes everyone hates her, and rants that nothing she does with the changelings works.

·      She declares that since none of her ideas is right, they can decide, and flys off, leaving behind confused and unsure remains.

·      She lands in Everfree, the only option she had left thanks to avoiding her family and Canterlot, and aimlessly wanders until she reaches the old castle.

·      Desperate for something, she heads towards it, figuring that since it had all the answers before, maybe it has one last miracle in there...

·      OOCO, Spike works on his weapons with hilarious results.




·      Lavan is slowly driving everyone insane by asking about changelings. Or just by being there. Or accidentally being nice that one time!

·      18 wants to know if Chrysalis has a plan in case something goes wrong. She does. This, inexplicably, makes 18 feel better.

·      In Ponyville, things are... not going well.

·      With AJ gone, Chitania and 13 makes a move to take the lings. Initially, Pommel and Sunset tries to out talk her, but this utterly fails. After they ask the lings and get from them that they want safety, it looks like they're about to leave.

·      Until Sunset has a brilliant idea, and points out that 29 still isn't there! Despite his nature, 13 does want to protect the entire hive, and that includes getting him to safety. Unable to go off herself, or send her mother, 13 is out of options when Sunset offers to get him herself, even though she knows this is just to stall.

·      13 says she has one hour to 'find' him before she just sends Chitania after him, and Sunset runs off.

·      Cue a whole lot of awkward small talk from Pommel and Chitania.

·      Also, Chitania is not a fan of Monopony, to put it mildly.

·      Spike and DT have a bit of an... issue.

·      Shinings attempt to hang out with 2 does not go well when Gwendolyn's airship arrives.

·      Cadence, however, is too caught up in trying to be a better royal to go do the diplomacy thing. The thing she's really good at.

·      She sends Shining instead. This is not a good idea.

·      Instead, Gwendolyn bursts in, sends Idris out of the room and starts screaming her head off and insulting Shining for making her trade with a changeling.

·      Then, out of the blue, Chrysalis appears, and asks if that would really be such a bad thing. Since she's been considering staking it out on her own, she outright asks if they ever did if Gwen would ally with them like she did the CE.


·      To her dismay, Gwen vehemently says no, outright comparing Chrysalis to Chitania at her worst and openly declaring she will never ally with changelings.

·      When Shining, a little angry to say the least, asks her what she wants to achieve, she replies she wants every changeling out of the Empire's castle, now and forever, or else she's cutting off trade.

·      Shining absolutely loses his cookies, screaming right back and getting so angry he splits his table in two. He tells her off and orders her to get out of the Empire, and that's that.

·      Chrysalis leaves this abrasive, heading straight for the portal as soon as they're gone while pondering that this would be the case with everyone when she strikes it out on her own. She starts to get into very harsh thoughts, when Shining stops her just before she leaves to Canterlot.

·      He pleads with her to stop, outright begging her not to make the situation worse. Because while he can mitigate the Gwen thing, if she makes it worse, if it gets bad in Canterlot, then he might not be able to do anything. His people might ask her to go, and, as he puts it.

·      "I don't want you to go."

·      Chrysalis is touched by this, calms down immensely, but insists she has to go to Canterlot. But before she does, she promises she won't make the situation worse. All she asks is that he believe her.

·      He believes her.

·      Screwloose knows about Pennydrop entering the castle... somehow.

·      Pennydrop does indeed go in, and a back and forth with Celly ensues when Celly sees through her almost instantly after Pennydrop states she doesn't want to helm the investigation herself. Despite this, Pennydrop plays it off, makes her demands for the investigations and barring all the changelings and changeling associates from the castle, and keeps up with Celestia's verbal sparring. Outright challenging her in one instance, which Celestia doesn't take her up on.


·      But, sadly, Pennydrop gets the upper hand when she says she's going to go out there and tell everyone she agreed to everything, since if Celestia suddenly backed down after that it would look suspicious.

·      Outside, Pennydrop's plan goes off, for a bit. At least until a certain someone steps up.

·      Fancypants takes the reigns! He declares he'll be heading up the investigation, and Pennydrop is forced to agree, despite her wanting someone a little more paranoid. Fancy declares he won't hold back, but Celestia isn't worried.

·      The mob is dispersed and clear, leaving only Pennydrop and Celestia, who shoot barbs at each other one last time, with Pennydrop wishing her a happy vacation.

·      ...Well, the beaches are nice that time of year...

·      29 tries sneaking. Gets Mission Impossible instead... yep.

·      The CMC fail to stop that thing they did, and A strange new challenger appears!

·      7 meets up with his last beast-thing, Blossom, who is quite a lot smarter than the others and tailing... something.


·      Applejack is in Everfree Castle, going over the events that transpired and what brought her here.

·      She has a hallucinatory conversation with Celestia, just like old times.

·      She thinks back to her parents and if they would be proud of her.

·      She questions what brought her to lie in the first place, and for so long

·      And, finally, in desperation, she turns to the Tree of Harmony, the thing that helped her out so long ago, to maybe have an answer to solve this situation.

·      One problem.

·      It's not talking to her.

·      ...Because it's a tree.

·      Didn't think this through all the way.




·      Jetset on his way back to Canterlot meets up with a most unexpected guest. None other than 56, booty lover himself!

·      Jetset, his phasing powers still quite unstable, tries to escape him to no avail, and while being caught he hears from someone else who he would rather not see. Someone most... 'Professional'

·      Lavan continues his quest to make everyone crazy!

·      After they throw a paper airplane into her eye, Chitty and the others have had enough of 41's and SP's shit, and tie them up.

·      29 is worried about 56

·      SA lays the bad news on Cadence about their trading partners, while Cadence assures him he probably did all he could.

·      Lucky brings up to Chitania that she should be getting paid for her comic.

·      Also, Chitty never wondered if she can shrink down.

·      Chrysalis is determined not to make things any worse.

·      Celestia fills everyone in that they will be having some time off. They all wonder what they're going to do in their time off.

·      Luna doesn't know, but she's taking her bed.

·      Idris, on his way home, discovers that his two eldest children have stowed away on the airship, leaving Siegfried behind to be harassed by Handydog

·      Many jokes ensue about them creeping out him and Gwen.

·      DT blows up Celestia's front lawn with her landing, prompting the princess to blow the thing up.

·      DT's attemtps to put it back together go poorly, and long story short Spike becomes a bomb.

·      The CMC make the giant golem situation worse. Yes... worse.

·      Spitfire assures Shiny if they ever get kicked out and she gets elected, she'll let him live in her house. Clearly, Shiny is appreciative.

·      7 finds out about the goings on. Finds it unfortunate.

·      Sunset finds 29 and crew, stuffs them in a shack to wait out AJ's return.



·      Applejack speaks with the tree, pleads and begs it to give her a means to fix everything in her desperation. She asks, and asks, and asks, but it doesn't answer.

·      Because it's a tree.

·      Eventually it gets too much, and Applejack bucks it.

·      That's right, she bucks the Tree of Harmony. She bucks it.

·      And it drops an apple. A red, slightly off color, glowing apple.

·      Before she can even process how crazy that is, someone speaks to her!

·      "Where... are my... changelings.."

·      It seems Chrysalis has found her.

·      Despite her pleas and attempts to explain, Chrysalis nearly hits her, until Applejack says one particular thing

·      "It's not that bad!" and with that, Chrysalis stops.

·      She just stops, seemingly no longer caring. When asked why she's not angry, the Queen says she is still really angry, but it's not that bad so she shouldn't make a deal out of it.

·      After some testing, Applejack puts together that the apples magic is to make anyone who hears her words believe them to be the absolute truth, even though the apple doesn't change reality itself. Anything she says, Chrysalis will just outright believe and never question.

·      She discovers this by telling her that she's not the greatest Queen. Bit harsh.

·      Instantly, Applejack's mind is going, and she says to herself that at last she can fix Equestria! She reasons that with this, she can make all of Ponyville, nay, all the world know the truth that the changelings just want peace, and they'll believe it. She even reasons she can make them believe pretty much anything, including telling the changelings that all they want is peace.


·      But the Apple can only make you believe it, not change who you are, so Chrysalis snaps back into thinking of all the things she needs to do to become the greatest Queen, which Applejack shoots down every one with her truth apple. Despite this, she never stops.

·      When Chrysalis finally asks her what she does need to do in order to be the best Queen, Applejack has to think about that, realizing all the good she can make Chrysalis do if she just focuses her. She ponders, and thinks, wondering just exactly how to make the Queen do what she wants.

·      But when Chrysalis pushes her too far, she realizes that the thing she needs to do is make Chrysalis change, and the only way to do that is to stop her from having someone to run back to.

·      She needs to get rid of her enabler.

·      So, she tells Chrysalis if she wants to be the best Queen, she has to move out of the Crystal Empire.

·      "Fuck you"

·      It seems that the Apple stopped working, or something to that measure, as Chrysalis brushes off this 'truth'. Applejack stops paying attention to her, now focusing on how to make the Apple work again, and what it's limits might be.

·      Chrysalis tries talking to her, but she won't answer. When she gets annoyed with this and reaches for the apple, Applejack snaps, desperate to keep anyone from taking her apple again.

·      And by that, I mean she punches Chrysalis with everything she has.

·      "That was very stupid."

·      Things have gotten really crazy.




·      Screwloose and 12 celebrate their two week anniversary. It's... weird.

·      SA and 42 talk about Cadence's progress, and SA reminisces about when she was younger, wilder, more full of energy.

·      42 wants him to go on.

·      He will not.

·      LD is put in charge of the Wonderbolts while Dash is on leave.

·      Quicksilver likes comic Chitty better.

·      29, still in the shed, notices Sunset is rather cold. She fills them in on her state, he fills her in on dead orphans.

·      Luna is curious as to what is happening in Ponyville, but is calm when Celestia tells her that Ponyville is more accepting. Still, she heads off to check on something.

·      That something, coincidentally, is Chitanias home. Only, she's not there, it's just Sweet Note behind a bunch of security. SN tells her Chitty will be back in five minutes, but Luna doesn't wish to wait that long. Instead, she's more focused on the disrespect SN gives her thanks to her authority problems.

·      Derpy gives Chitty jury duty via paper airplane. Chitty claims she can't read. Nobody argues her.

·      42 realizes she hasn't punched anybody in a while, and decides to fight Mane-Iac, because.

·      Daw finally gets her confirmation that there are pony pods. And they are cool.

·      The CMC discover a possible tactic to stop the golem, pulling out the spears! But before they can, a Zebra named Zebrata beats them to it. A zebra with a terrible secret... SHE IS HALF DONKEY.

·      Yeah, nobody cares

·      Then she gets zapped because a shield is protecting the spears.

·      Neat.

·      Back in ponyville, time runs out, and Chitania sets out to find 29, Pommel right on her tail.

·      29 hears her coming and welcomes death.

·      OOCO, Spike continues to test Twilight's flying apparatus with hillarious results that end with him in pain.

·      He reveals that he's only doing it to spend more time with her, which is adorable.



·      Applejack regrets hitting her, but knows she had to do it in order to save Equestria.

·      But when Chrysalis advances on her, all bets are out the window, and she goes full defensive. To the point when lassos and bucking rocks at her don't work, she turns to another means of attack.

·      In desperation, AJ uses magic, getting in a devastating blow to Chrysalis' stomach before shooting her against a wall.

·      Thanks to this moment, she manages to learn via winging it how to manipulate rocks and dirt, and eventually even 'call' to roots and vines in the ground in devastating earth based attacks.

·      When just relying on magic doesn't work and she gets cornered, she uses something else, flight. She's unsteady, she can't fly very well, but with Chrysalis on her tail she figures out how to go fast!

·      Thus begins an aerial battle, with AJ using her skills together for the very first time!

·      Despite the massive struggle and devastation, she's no match for Chrysalis one on one. She's forced down after a terrible blow, and it looks like Chrysalis is going to take the apple.

·      At the last second, Applejack tells her she can't take that apple, and to her surprise Chrysalis doesn't! It seems the Apple is working again!

·      After a quick shot to get her away, the tides completely turned. Aj uses the truth powers to devastating effects, forcing Chrysalis to miss every shot, ram into walls, all while she batters her with spells and attacks big and small!

·      Eventually, she even takes away Chrysalis's ability to fight back, when she tells her that her magic will set off a methane leak, and her wings will pop off if she tries to fly, which Chrysalis accepts as truth.

·      After a furious beatdown, Chrysalis can just barely stand, and AJ puts the final nail in the coffin'.

·      "It's pointless to keep fighting. You want to give up."

·      "...It's true."


·      It looks for a second like Chrysalis might quit, might give up, but instead... she charges her!

·      Even without her wings or magic, she fights on as Applejack unleashes magic like she's never done before, roots and vines and stones and even a giant hammer made of root and stone beating the Changeling blue, but she never gives up.

·      Never, until somehow, some way, she catches Applejack at a weak moment, and steals the apple.

·      Only, after all the attacks, Chrysalis does not even have the strength to shoot the apple and destroy it.

·      Angry at her, Applejack makes a chilling demand to the downed changeling.

·      "Chrysalis... either you give me that apple right now..."

·      "Or Ah'm gonna kill you."

·      It's almost over.




·      Luna is offended by what Sweet Note said, but drops it when she sees Celestia packing a swimsuit while talking about going to the Empire. That seems more important. So she goes off to confront Shining about this.

·      To her dismay, the portal to the Empire is closed. Still at least she gets to see Celestia with her hoof stuck in a pickle jar.

·      Discord talks to Twilight about just snapping his fingers and giving Spike wings. He refuses, for chaos reasons

·      But it seems Twilight has a solution, a mutagen of some kind, but she won't use if for way more obvious reasons.

·      Chitania, while using her changeling detection abilities to search for 29, finds a changeling alright, just not the one she was looking for.

·      77 is not amused, it's the middle of the damn night.

·      Also, he missed all of that, because he is a heavy sleeper.

·      Chitania brings him to a less than enthused 13 before setting out again.

·      Red is happy everyone else is leaving, but convinces primrose to stay.

·      42 and SA spar and talk about the populance being worried. Along the way, 32 mentions that if SA were being mind controlled like they fear, she'd punch Chrysalis.

·      Twilight tries to cheer up Rarity to little effect.

·      Dadling cheers up an upset Batmom, who is being kicked out during the investigation, with promises of beach sex.

·      Chitania can't divine 29, likely due to Sunset, so she picks another method to find him, turning into a bloodhound to sniff him out.

·      Yes, she still has terrible stupid colors.

·      Cadence still won't pay attention to Shining.

·      Fluttershy leaves 7, promising to tell Chrysalis he's alive.

·      Lavan agrees to go fix 88's eyes, but he needs to take her somewhere else to do it.

·      Chitania finds 29, but is blinded by Trixie's lights.

·      A chase ensues throughout Ponyville, with Pommel and Sunset trying to stop Chitania in her Titan form from catching 29, to little avail. They can't phase her, and Sunset can't drain her.


·      But it all proves pointless, as she accidentally herds him into the mob. Or not accidentally. Just mobs are involved.

·      Fluttershy meets back up with Twilight and Rarity, and hears what happened.

·      The CMC's adventures come to a close! After a long, hard, fierce fought battle, theyyyyy... completely fail to pull out the spears and stop the golem before it prepares it's earth destroying attack.

·      But thankfull, they don't have to! Because none other than the greatest their of them all VEKIR is there to save the day and run off!

·      The Golem collapses, and the day is saved!... And it turns out the CMC have been going the wrong way this whole time.

·      Because of course they have.

·      Oh, and Vekir runs off with the legendary spears, because of course she does.

·      Finders keepers.

·      Jetset has a... phasing accident involving a branch, let's just say.


·      Applejack's threat of killing her carry's over, even if she didn't think she actually could do it. She knows how bad it sounds, but also accepts there is a bigger picture to this than just the Queen.

·      This comes to Chrysalis's dismay. She had been hoping that Applejack would snap out of being crazy without the Apple. Even as Applejack continues to threaten her, she knows what she has to do now.

·      Which, to AJ's horror is stick the apple in her mouth to bite it, but she stops from biting down when Applejack screams in horror and declares to Chrysalis that she just destroyed Equestria.

·      Despite her thoughts, she asks Applejack to continue. AJ tries to be vague about it and tells Chrysalis just to trust her, but she won't no matter what is said. She tries enough she becomes angry, and in a fit of that anger she lets it slip that the changelings aren't safe.

·      Chrysalis puts together what the Apple can do soon after that.


·      While initially horrified she was mind controlled, Chrysalis eventually begins to think of all she could do with a magic that lets anything she say be taken as absolute fact. Her dreams grow bigger and bigger, until she has thoughts of a world as she envisions it.

·      But, when she gets to Shining Armor, something happens.

·      The thought of using it on him, or any of the CE, honestly seems to disturb the Queen, to affect her so much that she loses focus for just a second, and loosens her grip on the Apple long enough for Applejack to strike it out of her mouth.

·      "Ah' believe this is mine"

·      With that settled, she drags Chrysalis into the cave with the Tree of Harmony to keep her safe while she goes to 'save Equestria'. But Chrysalis won't stay down, unwilling to let Applejack use the apple on Shining.

·      When Aj argues her, Chrysalis says there has to be another way.

·      Applejack is enraged by this, asking her why she always has to take the hard road when it clearly doesn't why. Why not take the easy road that would fix it once, fix it forever for sure, instead of the slow way that keeps getting sent back to square one all the time?

·      More to the point, Applejack brings up that all of this, the suspicion and fear, is because of Chrysalis. Without the invasion, this wouldn't even be an issue.

·      She does not deny that, instead accepts that it's her fault. Still, Chrysalis can't give up, because Shining believed in her when she said she would not make it worse. When Applejack asks why that's so important, Chrysalis claims she can never understand.

·      The argument rages, but eventually Chrysalis declares that if she wants to leave, she had to knock her out by hitting her in the head. She grabs on and will not let go otherwise.

·      AJ says that every second she holds her, the changelings are in danger, but she won't let go.

·      We don't see what happens, but AJ later walks to Ponyville, alone, still thinking she needs to use the Apple to make everyone understand.


·      She comes to the town to find them in the middle of accusing Twenty Nine of being an infiltrator and forcing him with the others despite his protests.

·      Seeing such a familiar place with such familiar ponies acting so teribly wrong strikes a chord in her, hitting her deeply when she realizes that all that fear, all of it, was her fault, and it was her fault because they can't believe in her anymore.

·      She eventually speaks up just before the changelings can leave, asking them to stay just long enough for her to say her piece.

·      She talks to the town about how much it meant to her when she was the dependable one, when she was someone they could always count on no matter what. When she became a princess, she was always afraid of changing, and at some point, she must have.

·      She admits she knew about the thing with 18, and didn't care. It was working, taking some of the burden off and making her life easier. That was all she ended up caring about, getting it done so she could move on because otherwise it seemed like the work would never stop.

·      She admits her fears about the changelings, and her disgust at herself for waiting so long to help fix their reputation.

·      And, finally, she admits that if they don't believe in her, this isn't going to work. Being a princess is built on them trusting her, that's why they pay taxes and the like. If they don't, then she needs to call it quits.

·      And, throughout all of it, she never uses her words in a way that could set off the Apple.

·      Finally, she asks, if they can believe in her.

·      Some do.

·      Some don't.

·      There is no one belief.

·      ...and that is fine.

·      Afterwards she asks the changelings if they can forgive her for abandoning her, if they still think she can help them or should she just give up.

·      Some still believe in her, some don't. There is no one thought.

·      And that is just fine.

·      But, they do concede that maybe they should just wait until the Queen says something. They can give her that much, at least.


·      She didn't fix everything in an instant, it's not all done.

·      But Applejack has won.

·      She's planted her seeds, and she's going to help them grow.

·      Afterwards, she meets up with Chrysalis, who is revealed to have dragged herself clear from Everfree.

·      They talk, and Applejack reveals that all through it, she wanted to just stop and use the Apple, to get it over with and be done. She reveals the temptation was so strong, and it still is now. Finally, she asks if that's what it's like for Chrysalis.

·      Chrysalis responds "...Yes. Every Day."

·      They both conceded they need to get rid of the Apple, only Applejack accepts she can't do it. It's too tempting, and she wants to use it still even now.

·      Chrysalis understands, and Applejack asks her how she gave it up.

·      The Queen admits she couldn't... not alone.

·      They burn the apple away, Applejack giving the Queen magic to do so, and Aj prepares to leave.

·      But Chrysalis stops her, and reveals that inside of the Apple had been strange seeds. Ones that were glowing like the Apple was, but seemed less... malevolent.

·      AJ aks her why she revealed this, and Chrysalis said it might just be best sometimes to be a little... 'honest'.

·      When she gets them, a strange 'something' passes by AJ's vision.

·      Thanks are had, and the princess tells Chrysalis that Shining was right to believe in her.

·      They shake hooves and it seems like something has changed.

·      Aj sets off to get the changelings to the Empire, but Chrysalis is going to just fly home, leaving the lings in her care. Before she leaves, however, she has to point out that Applejack's armor is a little late for Nightmare Night.

·      That's right, she was wearing the armor the whole time.

·      They both laugh, and set off on their ways. AJ to get the Armor off and get the lings home, and Chrysalis...

·      To the place where everybody knows her name.

·      The hard part isn't over, Applejack knows it, it's going to be a long road...

·      But she won't walk it alone.




·      AJ, despite her efforts from many, cannot get her armor all the way off, and decides to live with it.

·      Refusing to let that get her down, she resolves that, instead, she's going to be a better princess! To try harder than ever before, to be the mare she was always meant to be! She was going to march up to Canterlot, and-

·      CRASH

·      ...And learn from Dash that, in fact, that's not happening.

·      And then she must scream.

·      Meanwhile, SA questions what could have happened to the unconscious Chrysalis, getting zero helpful answers from anyone.

·      41 and SP lament they missed the lucha show.

·      13 walks in when Chitania hires a certain mailmare to fly to Canterlot to go tell Sweet Note to get on the train that will take them to the Empire. She learns this is because Chitania isn't willing to leave her even for a moment, and the two bond over it.

·      Chrysalis wakes up and is immediately questioned by Shining Armor. She continually asserts she didn't make it worse, but Shining cannot care about any of that. He openly admits that he never cared about it for them, but because he was worried something was going to happen to her. Again and again, he questions Chrysalis who hurt her, but Chrysalis merely dodges the question and blows him off, acting as flippant as ever.

·      Still, eventually she convinces him everything is okay, and he admits he doesn't need to make her promise not to mess anything up intentionally anymore, he trusts her now.

·      Later, 42 asks if she requires an assassination.

·      32's embassy is being shut down, so JJ convinces him to go to the Empire to show he's okay, never knowing that Chrysalis sent a spy to go make sure of that already.

·      Quicksilver is not cleared of his debt. In fact, he somehow makes it way worse.

·      Lavan takes 88 on a wild adventure! While trying to fix her eyes in a desolate wasteland, they literally pop right out of her head and roll off...He's not very good at this.


·      Blind and reliant on Lavan to direct her, she gets into all sorts of strange situations when Lavan's magic makes it grow giant mushrooms everywhere the eyeballs land.

·      She bounces around and eventually ends up underground, where she meets up with a strange mole... who is talking.

·      This is gonna be a weird ride.

·      56 learns from Harshwhinny that the Lunar Guard captains name is Mourning Mist... yes, you read that right.

·      Yes, she is a complete fruitcase.

·      AJ feels sorry for herself for about half a second before Dash knocks her out of it by pointing out that she went full Rarity.

·      Sweet Note is so happy she's going to the Empire that she is literally swinging on Chitania's horn.

·      She is literally doing that, swinging on her horn.

·      Also she is super catty with 32.

·      2 tries to keep Cadence company, but can't sit still.

·      Twilight lost the keys to her tanks.

·      Mane-Iac is mad that Chrysalis was in a battle and didn't invite her.

·      Pommel wonders if he should say something to a sad 29, 77 tells him not to bother, as he'll only make it worse.

·      Celestia bursts in while Shiny is lamenting what a terrible day he had, ready for fun and excitement!

·      Then he has to tell her about Chrysalis.

·      She is not happy.

·      Pennydrop sends Flash and Fizzle on an assignment to go force the mare who's seeing 7 to break up with him.

·      LD tries to be intimidating, Bulk makes this hard.

·      The others, not including AJ, wonder what to do with their free time, and Pinkie insists they go have fun.

·      Even though Celestia tries to chew out Chrysalis, the bug queen laughs her off and won't tell her what happened. She gets up despite Celesita's protests, and says she's going to meet the lings when they arrive.

·      Shining is less than thrilled about this, and tries to take her back to be via force, but she convinces him not to.


·      MM is wallowing in the pity of not being a good mayor.

·      Then Trixie jinxes it and now MM is being investigated since, you know, her situation is eerily similar to the CE's one.

·      She cries harder while Zecora stangles Trixie.

·      Rarity and Spike talk about their relationship, and Spike admits he never really moved past her, and Rarity admits she wishes things had been different before resolving to go talk to AJ.

·      The Crystal Ponies are worried about 18 or the royals being influenced in some way, but don't want to look like dicks by kicking out the guys who keep saving them to find the answers.

·      So, they hatch a plan...




·      AJ considers trying to use her magic some more, but keeps getting interrupted.

·      88 continues her wild trek, following the mole Clay into a weird underground city, where he takes her to meet the mysterious 'Birdie', who oversees it all.

·      But when the group arrives in the stalactite that houses her, they find that unlike what you would expect, she's not a bird at all! She's a pony!

·      More specifically, CANARY GEM! She's the one who 88 replaced when she awoke after being taken over, and Canary is none to happy about it, attempting to kill her with a trap door!

·      ...But 88 can fly.

·      So, instead, a fierce battle begins between the two while Lavan and Clay look on! Their anger keeping them going while Raging on!

·      And on... and on... and on... and on... and- we'll come back to that one later.

·      Two notices all the Crystal Ponies marching and bugs Cadence about it.

·      56 continues his time with Jetset while making his way to the castle, noticing it looks quite weird from here.

·      But, before they can make it, they are confronted! By none other than... A CHANGELING...Just a changeling infiltrator, not named yet.

·      They say they're going to take 56 to the Empire, but he's having none of that! He kicks that ling right between the legs... and it turns out it's a mare.

·      Even Jetset calls Bullshit.

·      A battle begins with 56 struggling not to be caught so he may reach the castle and find the Common Room, but just when all seems lost, he is saved by none other than the Nightgard Captain herself with a dynamic kick! Mourning Star!... Who's real name is Potsticker, but she felt that was not befitting a night gaurd.

·      She brings Jetset and Harshwhinny up to date with the goings on, and then realizes she's made a terrible mistake when she finds out the changeling she just beaned in the head wasn't an invader...

·      And is pissed.


·      SA helps Chrysalis make it to the train station to meet the others, and all watch with bated breath for them to arrive! Chrysalis's eyes go narrow, and she hungers for-


·      ...It turns out Shining forgot to turn off the shield for Twenty Nine, and terrible things have happened.

·      After that mess, AJ and Chrysalis confront each other, and bicker like AJ was her roomate and she brought back a scratched CD, instead of foes. The others are not complaining.

·      Chrsysalis asks her to take the changelings back to the Stadium, as she's not up to talking to them right now because of rockpunchrealted reasons, and AJ agrees, both leaving amicably.

·      While doing so, AJ is confronted by the changeling with the potted plant, who asks her if this is the end, since there's no room in the Empire for his plant with all the land taken. AJ assures him, and insists if there's no land here, he'll have to set out and find it, wherever he can to let his plant grow.

·      And she's gonna help him.

·      Back at the train, Pommel, 32 and 77 are helping the now slightly depressed 29, who will not blink. He just won't.

·      In helping him, they have him run over by rampaging ponies, dropped in front of a train, and then face down in a fountain.

·      They are not good at this.

·      But Sweet Note is having fun with Chitania and 13 and having a ball in the Empire, that's nice.

·      While walking away with Chrysalis, Shining is confronted by his entire populace, who all have something to say.

·      And that is that it's a very special, totally not made up holiday! Yep! This absolutely real and in no way made up so they can have Shining and co out of the castle holiday is how the CE ponies show their royals how good a job they're doing by sending them all on a trip, and if they did a good job they go to a nice place! That makes sense!


·      This holiday that is SO REAL means all the upper CE government get the time off, so everyone has to go! Everyone! Including Chrysalis who they are including to show they consider her one of them and totally for zero other reasons! It's so real!

·      Having no choice, Shining humors them, and decides to take the time off, thinking they just need some time to assure themselves their royals can be trusted.

·      It takes some convincing, but he gets Cadence and Chrysalis to agree to go, with the others including Celestia needing no argument.

·      Pinkie seemingly gets impatient as one by one the main six arrive to get on the train, but it always turns out to be something else.

·      Until the end, that is, when it turns out she was being impatient. Huh.

·      Long story short, she got a hearshy kiss, and now it she and the other four traveled to the Empire on Centitrain and picked AJ up... yep.

·      Fancry begins his investigations! First off hiring some assistants. Such as a Mrs and Mr Hackaway.

·      Who are totally not 12 and Screwloose.

·      He is then called down to the cells, where he is spoken to by Flim and Flam, who try to pitch their sorting machine to speed up his search. It's good in theory, not so much when they realize they can't get it out of the cell

·      Their breakdown realizing is interrupted when a certain someone is found in the castle, someone who scrams "SPIDER NOISES!" a lot.

·      Arana and Blueblood are questioned, and it's determined they're officially POI thanks to where Arana lives and what she's capable of.

·      So, despite the fact they're terrified with her, she's rooming with flim and flam!

·      32 tells Chrysalis all about the new ally he's made!... And the fact he let Lavan take 88 to restore her sight.

·      When 77 goes to tell Chrysalis he's okay, she is using him like a basketball, and 77 is not mad.


·      BUT! 32 convinces them both to give Lavan a chance, and if she does not return, Chrysalis can punish him however she wishes, but if he does, Chrysalis has to provide a cake... that 77 and Chrysalis has to make.

·      Nobody remembers Actarius, except 41 and SP... who punch him.

·      Applejack does not question it when the other main five and Spike arrive, and have her bags all packed and ready for a trip.

·      She just gets on the fucking Centitrain.

·      Chrysalis tells the changelings not to fuck up.

·      After finishing packing, Shining, Cadence, Two Chrysalis, 18, 42, Spitfire, Sombra and Mane-Iac all head out to the train station!... Two gets a hold of the controls.

·      This isn't going to end well.

·      But, left behind, all the changelings and Crystal ponies aren't sure what to do at first, giving each other a stare down for a little bit as they assess the other.

·      Then they realize their royals are gone.

·      And decide to party.

·'s gonna be fun.




·      Applejack never had to do paperwork to update her status when she became a princess... yep...

·      On the first stop, Spike gets everyone snacks... it goes really poorly.

·      88 continues her wild journey, battling her old persona Canary Gem, and coming to the conclusion that because of what she did, her family never got any closure or a proper burial.

·      So, in exchange for helping her, Canary wants her to go and get her body and tell them everything, and then pay them bits. Lots of bits.

·      Things get weirder when she is sent back on the journey and learns that, of all things, changelings are awaiting her on her next stop!

·      Only, when she meets facsimiles of 32 and 50, her old hivemate, she learns they're not quite the same.

·      Mostly the fact they are very tiny is a red flag.

·      the Main Six and Spike arrive at the destination Pinkie was bringing them to at last! Behold! A beach!... A great big, empty beach, with nothing on it but a tiny little shack.

·      Before they can protest, Pinkie sends Centitrain away, and they have no way of knowing which way civilization was or where they are. But that's okay, because they have each other!

·      They don't have their bags, or anything they brought, but they have each other!

·      And the all have to sleep in the same room, because the shack only has one, with Pinkie on the top looking out for seawolves... which are a thing.

·      A thing that attract seabears, which are a worse thing, apparently.

·      So, they all have to sleep cuddled together on the ground with no sleeping bags.

·      Spike is finding it very hard to keep it in...

·      It's going to be a long trip.

·      Back at the Empire, a crystal pony wants Chitty's autograph on her comic book, but laments that Chitania acts too much like Titania. Try to wrap your head around that one.

·      Pommel and Sunset are not happy when they find out they got left behind.


·      Having had enough of this, and 29's(perhaps justified) moping, 32 says they need to go on a trip of their own! Him, Pommel, Daw, 77, and 29, and of course their friends, to Puerto Burro, a tourist trap. Reluctantly, or not at all but disregarded in 29's case, they agree, and Daw heads off to Ponyille to invite Cheerliee and MM's crew!

·      Meanwhile, the CE crew arrive at their place and find it's actually freaking amazing. A massive beachside villa filled with all sorts of amenities and cool things, even a theater. Without question, they all rush to go have fun with it.

·      All except for one, Cadence. Who remains on the train, focused on her task of learning.

·      Forty Two is tasked with getting her out, but rather than do the social situation, she instead opts to rip the room out of the train and carry it.

·      Speaking of rooms, everyone picks theirs! Cadence is first, running into the office the Villa has and locking/barricading the door after literally slamming it in Shiny's face. Then Chrysalis picks a room, and Celestia, and Eighteen, and Forty Two, and Spitfire, and Two, leaving only one room for Shining and Sombra.

·      Sombra reveals his hidden secret, mouthsand, and steals the last room.

·      Looks like Shiny's sleeping on the floor this vacation...

·      But no matter, because Two wants to see the fishies! By... flying over them.

·      Celestia is forced to be the one to bring her back in, when Shining can't, because... yeah.

·      When daylight comes for the Main Six, Pinkie has created a giant sandcastle, and wishes to have all know of her amazing land which she now controls.

·      Needless to say, war is on, and the greatest battles for ponies begin, with many a waterballoon or squirtgun releated scuffle to follow in between naming problems.

·      Back in Canterlot, Lingmare who looks like a dude has lost her cookies.

·      A back and forth ensues with the Nightguard capatin, until she breaks down at last and grabs hold of her with magic.

·      BUT! The NGC has brought backup!


·      BUT! The Ling knows she beat up most of them(and may have slept with one of their wives) anyway!

·      BUT! Another changeling arrives and points out the first changeling is being stupid. He reasons with 56, pointing out if he goes to the castle he'll be arrested, and guard's can't have criminal records, so 56 decides to wait on his search for the common room, thanking Jetset and Harshwhinny and promising the NGC he'll return to this exact spot so it's not cheating.

·      And the changeling... has herself a little cry.

·      In Ponyville, Daw arrives to tell 29's friends and 77's fiance about the trip! And she totally knows about who those are despite never meeting them!... right?

·      She does not. They didn't tell her. Whoops.

·      However, it does not take long before she gets the information, and after a terrifying visit to the school she finds out MM and crew are already on a train heading to the CE! She chases their train down, and taps on the window... and then Trixie shoots her.

·      Then when she comes back Zecora judo flips her

·      Then MM just tosses icecream into her eyes.

·      Then the whole mess gets cleared up and they all agree to go on a vacation... because that's how that works.

·      Spike is about to go fishing with his gun, when up from the depths! Thirty stories tall! It's Nicezilla!... Who would rather Spike didn't shoot her babies.

·      Spike, wisely, agrees, and she gives him a soycube.

·      Do not ask how Nicezilla gets soycubes in the ocean.

·      The changelings do not know why they are on a fucking beach...

·      Sunset hangs out with chitania, it gets awkward

·      Applejack cannot into magic.

·      Cadence is really struggling with her studies, only managing two forms after several hours and a lot of inner turmoil, as she very much wants to go out and have fun...

·      The CMC may have gotten into illegal pitfighting..

·      Applejack discovers she has a candy bar, and with only pickled vegetables to eat besides... there are gunshots, let's just say.


·      Chitania is not happy when she learns that she is banned from the library from Pommel, making it very clear if this is not lifted, she will have no reason not to attack.

·      Pommel actually stands up to her, saying he's faced scarier, notably Brahmos.

·      She laughs him off, but he points out the real reason why she's not going to attack, and it's because if she did, the CE would help in the fight. If they helped, then Chrysalis would want the Hive to help out her allies. If they helped, and Chitania killed a single changeling... 13 wouldn't forgive her and hate her forever.

·      He says Brahmos wasn't scarier because of what he could do, but because unlike her, he would have done it already, and not cared. He's not worried, because when push comes to shove, she won't attack if it means 13 might hate her.

·      Later, Pommel finds Sweet Note, and shockingly they both realize they come from Baltimare.

·      Only difference is, SN comes from the... less sunny side. Pommel, on the other hoof, doesn't even believe her when she says how bad her place was, thinking that Baltimare didn't have anything anywhere near that bad, and no chance were the guard as bad as she says, he never saw anything like that, and it couldn't have had anything to do with him not going to those parts.

·      Still, when he leaves, he has some doubts...


·      77, while preparing for the trip to Puerto Burro, stumbles across something very... odd in the train.

·      Cheese sandwhich.

·      He is there, he has been there the whole time, he keeps missing the stop to Canterlot...

·      He decides to go along when he learns Pinkie isn't there.

·      Meanwhile with the CE crew, weird things are happening in the villa...

·      And with the Main Six, the battle comes to a close after a long day's work, and they decide to rest for the evening as the sun sets.

·      Which is when the shack collapses from all the damage, of course, leaving them nowhere to sleep.

·      They may have gone a bit too far.

·      This is only the beginning...






·      88 sets off with mini-77, mini-32 and Lavan on an adventure down a stream! Surprisingly, she does not freak out in the water.

·      It's not long before they stumble across their targets, the Morlocks! Only, things are a little different here. For instance, Vekir is now as tall as Celestia is... so that's a thing.

·      OOCO anniversary stories.

·      Applejack has a crisis of conscious following her... uh... 'event' with the apple, but a dream visit with Celly puts that all to rest!

·      She wakes up hung over as all hell thanks to the rum they found, and her and Dash return back to the hatch to find that in her sleep, Fluttershy summoned exactly 62 giant crabs.

·      Mane-Iac tried to cook... it uh... it did not go well.

·      Cadence continues to work her ass off to better herself, and remains away from the work outside.

·      A discussion on what is healthy for a changeling yields shocking results.

·      Chitania is harassed by a super edgy pony.

·      Fluttershy feels bad about the crabs, but AJ cheers her up.

·      Fancy discovers many shocking things about the castle. Such as, for instance, Coco's story. He's not sure if this counts in his investigation or not...

·      He also learns about the killer robot, who he sends down with Flim and Flam, Blueblood, Arana and the Morlocks. It's getting crowded down there.

·      Fuzzy and Buzz take calls

·      Chrysalis and 18 hate the ocean, but surprisingly not each other.

·      Fluttershy almost gets a hold of the crabs, just one little problem.

·      That problem is a big crab, who escapes, and makes it's way to the CE crew, who it turns out are on the same beach! Of course, Two names it Pinchy and tries to befriend it, despite it being a giant monster crab.

·      This is something that Pinkie finds out or herself when she goes looking for the crab. Upon discovering the others, she... freaks out.

·      Just a little.


·      In that she tears off back, panicks, and shoves everyone inside of the mystery door in her bunker. Which, as it turns out... was hiding a bomb.

·      A really, really big bomb.

·      Pinkie has no explanation for that one.

·      Still, she forces everyone to stay inside, making up bullshit reasons why, for as long as she can. Eventually, though, it gets to her, and she starts to break down.

·      She admits she just wanted it to be like it was in the old days, just them, no big events or princess duties or captain of the WB stuff or whatever, just them, having fun. No adventure, no giant monsters, no Chrysalis, no nothing, just them.

·      She points out they haven't been doing it all together like they did in the past, they handle so much of this solo now, and get caught up in stuff without getting any help, and it's terrible.

·      She realizes it was stupid, but a part of her just wanted to stay there, away from it all, forever. Just them, being the friends they always were, together.

·      One by one, they admit that yeah, they haven't been as together as they were before. However, she was wrong about them doing it alone.

·      They bring up how, even when they were apart, they were never really alone, because a part of their friends was always with them. They could keep fighting only because they knew that someone who cared about them wanted them to fight on.

·      The muse what would happen if they really did decide to leave, how they could, they deserved it. They mused that, if they wanted to, they could just leave it all behind.

·      One by one they realized they would... if the others left. Because they couldn't do it if they weren't together.

·      Which is why they admit, they have to stay, and keep making the world better. But they're going to do it like they should have... together.

·      After...maybe a bit more vacation.


·      Speaking of vacation, Pommel, Daw, 32, the other five guards, 29 and crew, 41, Acty and JJ and Sunset all head off to Puerto Burro!

·      Their reception is uh... both expected, and unexpected.


·      Turns out they've never seen a changeling before, how about that.

·      This looks like the end for the CMC and Vekir! All of them, sans Sweetie Belle, dangling over a pit of acid does not look good! Especially as that crime boss has had enough, since it took an hour to get them up there.

·      But all is not lost! At the last second, the stallion Sweetie went off with bursts in, guns blazing, and saves the day!

·      It turns out Sweetie showed him the magic of friendship or... something... and he has seen the light!

·      ...The CMC and Vekir decide to get the heck out of Detrot, but only after Winona gets one last bite in the nads to the boss.

·      A pity, as Siegfried and Watchdog JUST miss them.

·      Filthy Rich is the one heading the Ponyville investigation, which Luna discovers but doesn't realize she did.

·      Flash and Fizzle make it to their targets house! Only they're not home. So they decide to wait... and wait... and wait... it's going to be a while.

·      When the rest of the crabs attack, Shining and Celestia have a way to solve the problem. A hose.

·      A hose that spits fire. All of them have the time of their lives as they burn up every single crab.

·      Except Pinchy, obviously.

·      But no time for that, as another surprise has arrived! The main six and Spike show up at the CE villa, and there is much hugs and rejoicing, or glaring, whichever.

·      They decide to hang out, but once the CE leave the main six get an awful, wonderful thought.

·      The prank war has begun.





·      The prank war has begun with everyone calling dibs!

·      Absolutely none of these dibs take.

·      A certain someone finds himself in Puerto Burro. Needless to say, Snake Eyes could not have picked a worse time, as 32 is quick to inform him. He's gonna get messed up.

·      29 tries moping, absolutely nobody lets him mope.

·      He gets dragged around, poked by the locals, face scraped off by Trixie, but it's no use. Even the Ghost Kids won't leave him alone. Sooner or later, he ends up on a boat with the other four when they lure him aboard.

·      No, he can't swim. He realizes this shortly. This is the worst.

·      Quicksilver tries to gamble, Lucky stops him.

·      Fancy is about to blow a gasket learning all of the goings on of the castle. Everything from DT's involvement in the A-team, to how the guards have been overseen, or rather not overseen, to how much the Princesses spend on Cake make him wonder if he's in over his head.

·      Two puts flame stickers on the side of Pinchy. This makes him fast.

·      Chitty muses that nobody is around to stop 'a threat' if someone tried to wreck Canterlot or the CE. 13 hits her with a newspaper.

·      But no time for pondering, for an old foe from Chitania's past returns for battle!

·      Yes, of course! OCTAVIA emerges for a battle! A Cello battle!

·      Because they had that contest one time in Partyland and Octavia cannot let shit go.

·      This somehow ends up with a several hour concert between the two and Sweet Note and Vinyl getting into a fight, because of course it did.

·      DnD with everyone! Aj tries advanced seduction on Shining's character and Spike is having none of that.

·      56 is still in Canterlot and anxious, because he wants to get back to looking. Originally he wanted to go back to 29, but then when he realized it would look like him giving up he reconsidered, too stricken by the idea of making him sad at another failure.

·      AJ and Chrysalis talk about the seeds, they reveal that neither has spoken to the others about what happened.


·      But Shining put it together anyway, and confronts Aj, but he doesn't go too hard on her due to their history.

·      Shining tries to have a nice dinner with everyone.

·      It devolves into a chaotic food fight in seconds.

·      Thus begins the war in earnest, with both sides going nuts.

·      It only stalls when Shining mentions who is going to clean up the place.

·      Of course, the only one who stays and doesn't bail is 42, because she is bro bug.

·      All the while, Cadence is keeping on.

·      32 discovers Q and Reggie!

·      The CMC's train is stopped by a dragon! Turns out, they're searching for Chitania for revenge.

·      Scootaloo saves the day with Jive.

·      Pinkie and Mane-Iac want to hang out more.

·      There is a war of leadership among the main six. It ends with horn envy.

·      Nobody in the CE crew try, they just do their own thing.

·      Pommel meeting Cheerilee is weird.

·      88 continues on her wild ride! Traveling with Tall Vekir to eventually meet mini versions of the Main Six and Chrysalis, all of whom are greatly flanderized due to 88 not having much of an impression of them, or thinking badly of them in Chrysalis's case.

·      She is eventually directed to the 'mushroom bug', which as it turns out is a version of herself that was regrown from her eyeballs.

·      Instead of a battle, they merely talk, and Nu88 reveals she can have her eyes back... at a cost.

·      She will have to remember every single thing that the Cordyceps did. All the sights of what it saw in it's Hivemind state will come back to her. Every kid who attacked his parents, every loved one turned against the other, she'll see it.

·      Eventually, 88 takes the deal, deciding for herself that she can just make good memories to push them away.

·      Thus, she can finally see again-


·      And realizes what she's been wandering in and with who all this time. She takes it... well?

·      Then she ends up back in Puerto Burro, and 32 is happy.


·      Back with the others, Chrysalis hatches several prank schemes, and all of them backfire in her face.

·      Chrysalis is seen outside Caddy's door. Shining thinks she's worried about Cadence, in reality Chrysalis just wants to mess up her papers.

·      MM and Pommel talk. It's awkward.

·      Cheese gets no party.

·      AJ tries to have breakfast with SA and crew, causes him to lose his mind when she doesn't like blueberries.

·      Actarius tries to have fun with JJ, but this gets complicated when he discovers... his parents. His mom in a thong causes screaming.

·      Do not fucking touch Centitrain's bags.

·      The changeling growing the plant is waiting for AJ to come back.

·      Aj wants to know how to make Bubbleshields. SA is just happy someone wants to know.

·      Suckerpunch, with much reluctance, asks his Auntie Aftershock for a favor. What favor? We don't know.

·      Finally breaking, Fancy asks how any of this is okay, the guard asks back why he doesn't wear pants... that settles that.

·      The CE ponies haven't really been doing much investigating...

·      Shining and Spike have a heart to heart about relationships.

·      The chaos reaches a fever pitch in an all out prank war, with both sides going so crazy even Pinkie needs a break!

·      She goes down to the hatch, gets herself a drink...

·      And realizes that the bomb is gone.

·      "FUUUUUUU




·      Suckerpunch asks for more time off... while on vaction..

·      42 and Spike engage in diversionary tactic, Spike wins.... kinda?

·      Fleur goes to check on Fancy, finds him curled up under his desk after getting a first hoof account of all of Equestria's ills.

·      They then proceed to go mess around with everything, because of course. It also turns out that when Fancy puts a helmet on his head, Fluer can't recognize him, prompting Fancy to wonder about cloning.

·      The prank war gets crazier, with both sides going back and forth, but mostly managing to hurt themselves. Chrysalis especially.

·      Twilight needs to make sorry cake for Shiny.

·      Cadence, tired and drained due to lack of food, thinks she finished her paperwork, and goes out to celebrate.

·      Octavia's and Chitania's battle still has not ended, with so much time passed both are on the edge. When Chitania makes Octy trip up thanks to calling SN food, Chitania is the winner!

·      And then Octavia smashed her cello into Chitty's head.

·      Chitty then begins chasing Octavia, and nobody can stop her.

·      Snake Eyes prepares to leave, thinking that 32 is closing in, it turns out 32 really was just being friendly, and he stops him on his way out. SN's is almost in the clear, until Reggie recognizes him.

·      Then 32 gets very, very mad.

·      Then begins one wild ass chase, which brings in Daw, 77, Pommel and Sunset as they go after Snake Eyes as he goes all over Puerto Burro and eventually ends up in the water.

·      Eventually, after an... odd interlude when Rat and Crew arrive and Lavan's magic wears off, causing them to fall on 32's head before he tosses them to Canterlot, only to have them tossed back, Snake Eyes is caught!... And he is playing the lying game to try to get out of this.

·      29 is relaxing on the boat eventually with the others, having put aside his fear. When he asks for one of then to oil him up so he tans right, and don't ask why he's tanning chitin, Trixie steps up to the plate!


·      Long story short, he ends up in the water. Longer story short, there's a bunch of ghost children down there. Longest story short, he goes full cold determination, drives the boat to the shore at reckless speeds and nearly crashes when he arrives, and then disguises himself as a random pony, and tells the other three to stay put.

·      They don't.

·      Lucky spots 29 going crazy and 32 trying to burn down the ocean, flips a bit, ends up going off to deal with the 29 thing and takes Quicksilver, SG and Suckerpunch with him.

·      Mane-Iac and Fluttershy want to hang out.

·      Cadence collapses looking for food.

·      Fuzzy and the Buzz get a weird call

·      Screwloose makes it to the Gunclub room, recognizes Blueblood's gun... somehow.

·      SA senses Cadence needs him and floats off. Chrysalis has no idea what just happened.

·      88 finally can go home! But learns she can't take any mini-changelings with her, they can't leave the valley. She promises to return, and her and lavan leave.

·      And then said valley is stumbled upon by none other than... Diamond and Party Favor... from Glimmers village. Huh.

·      SA comes across the office, and Cadence's work. To his dismay, he finds that without food, Cadence became a little... off the longer she worked. To the point where she was drawing kitties at the end. Yes, Kitties.

·      PJ, who had been hiding until now, notices Jetset having trouble down below, and goes off to say hi.

·      Cadence dreams everyone is telling her she did a good job.

·      The CMC's train is out of control because Vekir knocked out the conductor, and about to crash at a fork in the road. While Winona wants to do a completely improbable and stupid move to escape, instead Sweetie offers they just let the train run out of steam and not add any more to it. They go with option B, and end up somewhere they don't recognize.

·      Applejack, looking for a snack, stumbles across Cadence knocked out. While she just wants to get her food and go, she accidentally wakes Cadence up.


·      Trapped, her and Cadence begin to talk, and soon they're having a heart to heart about their failings as Princesses. Cadence on her paperwork front, and Applejack on her magic front. They both wonder why the other took to what they were lacking so readily, and wonder if maybe they just can't improve on them.

·      Even so, after revealing that for once she doesn't have an answer to it, Applejack says that regardless, she can't give up learning. Not because she needs to or it's vital, but because all her friends think she can, and she doesn't want to let them down. She leaves after telling Cadence she believes in her too, and Cadence has to decide if she wants to keep trying.

·      She does, when she goes back to the office. Shining soon finds her, and he's not going anywhere.

·      Twilight and Spike try to get 42 drunk, it backfires.

·      Flash and Fizzle are still waiting, talks get... weird.


·      Pinkie get crazy in her search for the bomb. Really, really crazy.

·      But soon, crazy pays off, and she stumbles across... something.

·      Despite her knowing it's crazy, she decides to handle it herself.

·      Long story short, she could not handle it herself.

·      Out of fucking nowhere, a giant spider-crab the size of a building attacks the Villa and everyone there, and he's carrying Pinkie Pie!

·      The crab can talk too, and summons the various denizens of the ocean to rise up and take the surface world.

·      Thus, the battle is on! A war wages between the main seven sans Pinkie and Fluttershy with every one of the CE crew sand SA and Cadence, and the creatures of the ocean... except Pinchy, he decided to stuck with Two, because wibbles.

·      It's a total curbstomp for the ocean army, who can't even scratch the protagonists and their various teamup moves.

·      All the while, Pinkie gets a little sad this means they're probably gonna go home. But a pep talk from Two eventually gets her out of her funk.


·      The crab's plans falling apart makes him go drastic. We're talking whalebombs and sand sharks drastic.

·      Neither of these work.

·      So the crab threatens Pinkie, who manages to hit him in the eye with hot butter thanks to cute changeling delivery service, and is free.

·      Then, he decides he's going to detonate the bomb, which might work!


·      Kaiju battle goes on, with Applejack joining into the fray at one point, and the crab is defeated when Centitrain remembers that Electric Types are super effective against Water Types.

·      Broken and defeated, the crab shuffles off into the water... but he has one last trick up it's Pincer!

·      It summons a giant tsunami that will rain devastation upon the land! Destroy everything! Wreck the coast for generations to come! He will-

·      "That's enough"

·      And now it's all gone.

·      The answers why everything, bodies included, all vanished become pretty apparent when they all spot Fluttershy down at the shore, and sure enough, it turns out it was Discord! Just causing a little bit of chaos. Because he does that.

·      Still, it looks like everything's fine... until they notice the bomb is active. And Discord can't poof it away because Fluttershy overdid turning off his powers.

·      Everyone panics, and after a failed attempt where she makes the bomb BIGGER, Flutteshy sends the bomb off!

·      Toooo Pinkie's Aunt's old hatch, where it blows up the rum... and everything. And then launches the shack into the villa, which it destroyed.

·      Finally, they get around to asking Centitrain why it showed up, and she spits a note in AJ's face.

·      It turns out.. it's time to go home, and everyone is sad. They have to leave...

·      But mayyyybe after one last wild party.

·      The beach arc... is over.




·      Snake eyes almost wrangles his way out of being caught. Almost. Then he slips up.

·      Hey, it's his first time, he's new to this.

·      The guards worry that the princess ran off.

·      Fancy wonders if Appleoosa is nice this time of year.

·      It actually is, as the Sheriff proves when he laughs off someone asking if they investigated the changeling over there.

·      Pennydrop is happy it's all back.

·      Filthy Rich finishes his investigation, and pays off a guard to keep quiet about what he did.

·      JJ juggles in the shower... it's weird.

·      10 continues her infiltration of Stalliongrad.

·      88 plots to get nieces and nephews, because she is still a little crazy.

·      Cadence is happy she managed to fight temptation, even if she lost spending time with everyone. Still, she's happy. So happy, that she requests that Shining and her go on their 'own' train.

·      This is now Shinings favorite vacation.

·      Pinkie misses her shack

·      Arana isn't allowed to stay in AJ's office until she gets an okay, so she has to sleep with Blueblood... not like how it sounds.

·      Q secured evidence. That evidence? A shitload of bits.

·      After many chases, Chitania finally has Octavia cornered, and it looks like she's going to start smashing. Except then out of nowhere, 13 chimes in! And starts yelling her head off at her mother for being so quick to anger.

·      A tense scene unfolds where 13 demands she stop, and Chitania tells her to never talk to her like that again, before leaving both on sour terms, and saying they will talk later.

·      Sweet Note asks if she needs to bury a body.

·      2, sadly, cannot bring Pinchy with her, for he is a giant crab, and they live in an icy tundra with no salt water anywhere.

·      Tearful goodbyes are had, for both of them.


·      29 finally crashes his boat and arrives where he had been seemingly mindlessly charging, and it turns out he was heading towards a seemingly barren shack that had a hidden passage to it. He disguises himself as a pony and tells the other three to stay up top.

·      They don't.

·      After fighting his way through far too many guards, 29 eventually finds what he is looking for, which as it turns out is a bunch of kidnapped children!

·      Reluctantly, they follow him, but unfortunately are still children and thus annoying.

·      He also gets lost, because ghost kids are silly.

·      Finally, he seems to reach the end... only to be stopped by, of all things, a camel. Yes, a camel. They can talk, you racist.

·      Said camel sicks his guards on him, but they are defeated in a flash of light!

·      Yes, they have been saved by the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE! And now the final battle can begin!

·      Pennydrop is informed by her scientist that it's not possible to do a changeling infusion. Instead, they're beginning work on the 'synthesis project'.

·      Luna finally found Celestia!... Just when the trip is over.

·      Rarity wants to talk to Cadence, but seeing the look she's giving Shiny, she thinks the better of it.

·      The CMC and Vekir get lost in a forest, and encounter a strange pony in a nice suit... so of course Sweetie Belle immediately rushes off to go see them.

·      The CE crew, Celestia and Twi talk about why Shiny and Cadence got a train all to themselves.

·      They all hop on to Centitrain to head out! Only, there is a clash of who gets to drive, and battles are had.

·      Long story short, Rarity is conked on the head and talking funny.

·      Also, biting Applejack's ass, because she wants apples.

·      This also sets off a chain reaction that ends with everyone except Twilight and Spike biting said ass. Yes, everyone includes Centitrain.

·      Celestia is with the CE crew instead of Centitrain. Why? Because she wants to race said Centitrain, obviously.


·      Despite the race, both parties stop at a fast food chain called Haydee's Burgers... that serves everything except burgers. Everything.

·      Taking Two to a fast food place was a mistake.

·      The Ponyville residents hear the Mayor is coming back, and must shut down all the illegal shit they've been doing, which is a lot.

·      Also, demons decide to put off taking over the world when they hear Cheerilee shall return.

·      Celestia laughs when CE train pulls ahead of Centitrain, and it looks like victory is assured!...Then Centitrain turns, but they don't.

·      Because Centitrain is going to Canterlot.

·      They are not.

·      This JUST hits Celestia.

·      She makes a dive for it before she remembers she can fly, and eventually catches up. Only when she lands does she remember she forgot something.

·      That something is Luna.

·      ...this is not Celly's day.

·      But, eventually they made it home! Back to Canterlot!

·      There is only one person waiting for them when they do. Fancy Pants is waiting on the edge of the train station.

·      They expect all charges to be dropped and the investigation to be over... right?

·      "Miss Rainbow Dash? I have some... questions."

·      Shit.




·      The morlocks being on Rats ship prove to be a problem. The solution? Rocket them into a train to send them home.

·      This, somehow, works.

·      The CE crew come back to find the citizens partied too hard.

·      Celestia runs from Luna, runs into Lavan, then decides that running is the best option.

·      Dash is worried about her investigation. A little too worried.

·      Pennydrop, on the other hoof, is laughing her ass off.

·      Jetset at first decides to guard AJ's desk until she returns, but then ends up phasing through it, and ending up in the kitchen. Harshwhinny gives no fucks.

·      13 is pissed the stadium isn't clean yet.

·      The rest of the CE crew arrive and disembark, but the citizens are so embarrassed they don't notice Shiny and Cadence aren't with them.

·      Said pair sneak back in later, and resolve to have 18 put showers on the train, because reasons.

·      AJ forgot about Sunset again.

·      29 is thankful that Trixie followed, and MM and Zecora with her. He's less thankful when the Camel brings in a literal mob to take them all down in that hanger.

·      But all is not lost, because from behind the Camel came the royal guard!... All five of them!

·      Thus, the battle is on, between the Camel's thugs and the soldiers. They're doing pretty well, and a shocking discovery is made!


·      After a long battle, during which Zecora and 29 joins in, with the latter going to town with his favored weapon of 'pipe', it looks like the heroes have won!

·      But it's not over yet, the Camel has one last trick up his sleeve, a giant stone dragon with the body of a lion!

·      The final battle is on!

·      32 is weird.

·      18 culls the Paperwork monster back from whence it came

·      Vinyl is happy Octy isn't beaten to a pulp, even if she shows it weird. She thinks Octavia should apologize, the concert pony disagrees.

·      42 and Spitfire find some of their number passed out, so they get those soldiers back on track.


·      LD is smug because no matter how this Dash thing comes out, she wins. Gilda is worried.

·      Gwen hears of the news thanks to PD's agent, and sets off to confront Dash. On the airship enroute, Pennydrop pays her a visit, and gives her a new Gryphon mech.

·      Snake Eyes has inspiration on how to get out of this.

·      Fluer is worried that Fancy might be putting himself in danger, resolves to burn the castle down if they try anything on him.

·      Sunset and 77 talk about what they lost, and what they would give to get it back.

·      Cadence gets to work on real paperwork.

·      Chrysalis starts to mess with the Orb out of desperation

·      Fancy finally interviews Dash about all that she's done. During it, he goes over all her events, from her promotion right to now, and points out how suspicious some of it is. At the end, he makes a vague comment about if there would be any reason talking about this would be dangerous, and Dash realizes he's implying he'll back off if threatened. She takes the high road though, which pleases him, and takes down all of her explanations for why this isn't what it looks like. This will be sent off to be judged, as Fancy only investigates, not pass judgement.

·      Rarity and Cooc reunite!

·      Spike talks to Silver Spoon, who mentions DT is missing.

·      Daw and Sunset find Snake Eyes dyes that he uses to impersonate ponies.

·      Valentines day stories with all of the CE crew, 29 and co, Acty and JJ, Luna and 56, 55 and Ingrid, and of course Applejack and Spike

·      The CMC and Vekir are looking for Sweetie Belle, but are instead attacked and knocked out by a mysterious pony in a suit with no face.

·      Twilight decides to investigate why ponies can grab things

·      Spike knows someone has been in the Gunclub room, and goes off to find them. He also accidentally trips and shoots himself.

·      And finally, Fuzy and the Buzz break the news about Dash to all of Canterlot!




·      AJ and Celly talk about the dragon migration, and that it's a bit of a missed opportunity.

·      Cadence gets ice cream

·      Discord bugs Fluttershy

·      Chrysalis can cook an egg, so long as there's no fire... somehow.

·      10, still infiltrating, discovers the room Trender is being kept in!

·      Trender's friend who he works with has lost hope, but he hasn't. A well timed explosive proves him right

·      13 got the lings to clean up the stadium.

·      Spike isn't helping the castle staff.

·      Aj and Arana reunite, with the latter talking about how she can't go back to the office until AJ gives the okay, but that's okay because she's sleeping with Blueblood and showing him what her legs can do!

·      AJ speeds up getting that fixed.

·      Screwloose shoots herself in the throat... somehow.

·      Lavan finds the robot containing his brother, but ignores it.

·      SA and 18 are encouraging Cadence.

·      Chitania misses Mr Popcorn, and Discord calls her out for not going and fighting Lavan like he told her to. She acts strange about this.

·      42 is silly with teleports

·      Ordering a pizza in the CE causes chaos

·      As does Chrysalis attempting to make Dash a hero.

·      88 has bad memories about the Cordy incident, and has nightmares.

·      Lavan finds her in one and muses about his own past.

·      Timewarp discussions are had

·      SA is stalking Spike and taking notes on his lovelife for... reasons.

·      Gwen and PD, bored when refueling the airship, try smalltalk. It doesn't work. Instead, they settle on boardgames.

·      This spirals into full on sleepover antics.

·      Pommel and crew finally arrive home with the prisoner!

·      They only now realize they left behind Cheese and Cheerilee.

·      7 has had a productive week.

·      The Blowjob Bill is still a law, and Celly will never let it leave. Applejack gets cake for this from a very happy user of said law.

·      The CMC and Vekir wake up in a strange room, and come up with a disguise plan to get out! It proves pointelss as alarms start blaring and something terrible happens outside.


·      Chrysalis still can't swim.

·      Two's play is less entertaining then the CE crew trying to watch it.

·      The battle between the guards and the Camel's dragon-lion golem rages on! It's not going well for them, and they're being beat within an inch of their lives.

·      With them being battered and the children terrified, Trixie steps up to the plate! She lets out everything she has in a dazzling display, but it fails, and she is struck in a devastating blow.

·      Likewise, when 29 tries to defend the children, he is attacked as well in a blow that breaks his chitin and nearly takes him down. He manages to get back up, and puts himself between the children and the Camel again. The claw comes up to kill him...

·      And is stopped, by a chain. Lucky Strikes holds on, giving a speech about how much they have to do every day, and that they're not decoration. In return, he is whipped around and battered like a cat on a string.

·      He is joined by the other four guards in turn, each one wrapping the thing in chains until it is held down, albeit temporarily. Realizing they won't last long, the guards plead for the other to run.

·      They realize that even if they did, they wouldn't make it out, they simply can't hold him long enough. So, instead, 29 proposes a risky move to Zecora, who is reluctant due to the fact this will likely kill him in his weakened state. She agrees when Mayor Mare forces the matter, even if she doesn't want to.

·      Soon enough, Zecora assembles a makeshift childs cornpopper toy out of the scrap, marks it with her magic symbols, and gives it to 29. The changeling gives his final words to the others, sure this will be his end, and tells the guard to hold on.

·      They do, and the light that has not been seen since he used it to move Chitania's gaze returns, and it threatens to consume him!


·      But he's not alone this time. The other three join in, holding on with him, and focusing the blast. They channel the power of the ghostkids, and let loose a blast that blows a solid, clean hole in the golem! Afterwards, they go down, not breathing.

·      But it's not over! The Camel survived, and his golem did too! Albeit with a giant hole in it. He prepares to finish what he started, but the chains wrapped around him rip his golem to shreds, and he's left without.

·      The guard emerge from the smoke, and finish him off, with Lucky jamming a bar of soap in his mouth for cursing in front of the children.

·      Lucky takes charge, ordering everyone to secure all the prisoners, and get help, and checks on the ponyville crew... they're alive!

·      It's finally over, and the kids are returned back to their parents.

·      Afterwards, everyone reflects on what happened, feeling the pain of what occurred, but feeling accomplished too.

·      Though he complained, Pommel's tune quickly changes when a newspaper comes in and tells him what happened.

·      The Ponyville 4 wake up, and after some talking to each other and reflecting on their survival, the three mares make a stunning discovery when they realize the kids in their room aren't quite alive!

·      "Welcome to the club."

·      Back at Canterlot, Applejack sees the airship in the distance, taking it's sweet time to make it to her. She stares on determined, ready to fight when it arrives. Just as soon as it gets here...

·      Which will eventually be after Pennydrop and Gwen get the silly string and chocolate out of their coats, as their party got slightly out of control.

·      "...what the buck is takin' them so long!?"

·      She's going to be waiting a while.




·      Chrysalis messes up everyone's papers.

·      Aj calls a princess meeting before Gwen arrives, it solves nothing.

·      The Ghostbusters wake up, and revel in the fact they can talk to ghosts. After confirming their previous enslaver is going to be locked up forever, the ghost kids pass on peacefully.

·      And by that I mean they blind them all.

·      Afterwards, they get visited by the very alive kids.

·      The changelings talk of musical tastes, it gets weird.

·      OnO gets sad...

·      Things get heated at Stalliongrad, with everyone outside the compound panicking when they stumble across random explosions. In their search, they find one of their robots hiding in wake.

·      BZZT! SUCKERS! It's not their robots at all! It's BLUEBLOODBOT!

·      Inside the compound, the guards put the prisoners in front of the only entrance, hoping to use them to absorb the bulletfire, because they suck.

·      But what they weren't expecting was a shot from behind! Changeling disguise is OP, and Ten takes out all of them without hurting a single prisoner. Chipper as a schoolgirl, she tells Trender they're going home!

·      Gwen comes down out of her airship, and meets only Celly and AJ for talks, a powerplay on Celly's part. When she departs, they notice she has a metal gryphon right there with her, and she insists on bringing it. Reluctantly, they agree and go off to talk.

·      A back and forth debate occurs, with things getting more and more heated about the recent reveal. In the end, thanks to some poorly chosen words from Applejack, who just could not keep her mouth shut, Gwendolyn lays down a decree. Either they fire Rainbow Dash from the Wonderbolts, or ties between Equestria and the Gryphons are cut.

·      Celly gives her a D- for that one.

·      Changelings find out pies are not viable weapons.

·      Lucky and the other guards, plus 41, load up the Ghostbusters onto the train and decide to head home, with the latter and Cheerilee heading towards ponyville.


·      Oh, and Cheese is coming, and he's not taking no for an answer.

·      41 gives a report on the goings on of what happened to a oblivious 42. She freaks out a little.

·      Ponyville tries to pretend to be normal.

·      2 and Sombra do standup.

·      Fluttershy looks for Seven, but he's not with the animals. Also, her powers are sparking up, and for some reason she can hear Discord, but can't see him...

·      Celestia helps Jetset fix his phasing problem.

·      Chitania waits for 13 to show up so they can talk, but 13 never comes. Instead she leaves Sweet Note all alone, stating she has somewhere to be.

·      Mayor Mare didn't ask who was investigating her or even watched who went into her office. She blames this on 29.

·      32 drops off Snake eyes, and only right then learns what happened to the other guard and the ghostbusters

·      JJ and Acty notices that 88 has eyes, puns ensue.

·      Chrysalis blows her own mind with a cookie bowl.

·      MM rants about a lack of proper medical facilities in Ponyville, then realizes she could have gotten them built and feels silly.

·      Dadling and Batmom come back home. Apparently some crazy shit went down.

·      Cheerilee gets a warm welcome home.

·      The CMC escape their cell, but find themselves in a facility fighting weird creatures with guns a faceless pony gives to them. Vekir is having fun.

·      The Nurses close up Screwloose's neckwound, and are not happy that they had to.

·      32 and 77 find out Lavan is back and 88 can see.

·      32 is now very, very, very happy.

·      SA notices that they're low on lager, and alcohol in general. 18 points out they normally got that from the gryphons...

·      AJ assembles the other EOH sans Dash to talk about how to get themselves out of this mess with Gwen, leaving Dash out of it because AJ feels like it's her mess

·      The answers they get are decent, but not overly helpful, and mostly crazy.

·      Pommel salutes the sideguard who arrive home, and says he's proud of them.

·      Mayor Mare is mad ghost powers don't let her fly..


·      Luna is unhelpful with her opinions.

·      Spitfire feels like laughing and she doesn't know why.

·      Sunset tries to talk to the Main Six, mostly AJ or Twilight, but gets turned away by the guard as they keep talking.

·      Still, Arana hugs her, so it's not all bad.

·      At least until she breaks into Twilight's lab yet again, knowing full well there's no way to cover up the fact she was there, and as a result learns that Twilight has made zero progress on her 'condition' and that AJ hasn't even looked into it.

·      Feeling like she has no other options, she takes up a certain 'offer' made not that long ago...

·      "Fix me, please."

·      Spike is a dick to Haymaker when the latter calls Aj best princess.

·      Pennydrop learns from a scientist they may have a way to recreate the Subspace magic room...

·      Chrysalis tries to not talk creepy.

·      When they hear Aj is coming, Pennydrop and Gwen muse about how this is all going to go down... then have trouble getting out of the hot tub, because it is cold.

·      AJ comes back for round 2 of the debate, firing off a bunch of reasons Gwen should back off from her demands to the gryphon. Sadly, they all fail, and Gwendolyn gives off a final warning that either she abides by it, or the gryphons cut off ties.

·      Angry, Applejack leaves, and Gwen muses to a hidden Pennydrop that she was right. The gryphon asks if she wants to accompony her back to her kingdom, but Pennydrop merely tells her not to leave yet., because the real fun has not yet begun.

·      Get a good seat and some popcorn, the real show is about to start




·      Sunset joins up with Chitania, who takes her back to hotel room in order to work on the thing to 'fix' her.

·      Confusingly, Chitania spends most of her time writing something on a chalkboard over and over, and trying to do something with rocks in a bowl. Every single time, she fails at whatever it is she's trying to do, and grows angry.

·      Even so, she does not give up. Moved by this, Sunset let her continue

·      Watchdog and Siegfried try to procure a hot air balloon. When an embarrassing moment from Siegfried's past comes back to haunt him, he dons and disguise and repeats "Omelette Du Fromage!", pretending that's all he can say.

·      With this, he brings terror to the land.

·      PD and Gwen nearly burn their airship down making popcorn.

·      MM's office is destroyed, and yet nobody even remembers she was being investigated.

·      Aj gives everyone the bad news. They talk about Batmare.

·      Chitania continues to try to achieve whatever it is she's trying to do, but it's getting to her. Slowly but surely, she's breaking more and more, and she's running out of rocks, and Sunset is getting impatient. All the while, Chitania is lamenting that magic is so hard to do.

·      Two is a tower. It is cute.

·      32, after a drunken talk with Actarius, decides to go bury the hatchet.

·      Yes, all while drunk.

·      Success! He manages to do pretty good with Chrysalis and 18, and even manages to get on 'neutral' terms with 42!'

·      Not so much Shining Armor, who he keeps blarghing all over.

·      88 is quite happy she has her sight back, and keeps hitting on Actarius. He doesn't get it.

·      77 is sleeping on the couch.

·      Aj laments that she has to tell Dash the bad news.

·      Cadence and 18 hug, it intensifies.

·      Jetset, talking with Raven, realizes he can't teleport anymore.

·      Lucky gets to brag about his day.

·      Spike trys cloths from another store, Rarity is betrayed.

·      Chrysalis should pay attention while snowboarding.

·      Sweet Note talks to 13, and convinces her to go see her mom.


·      Fluttershy finds Dash relaxing on a cloud, and they start talking about said clouds. How they look nice, but ultimately are very fleeting. It looks big, but it only takes five minutes to be made, and is gone just as fast. She compares her Wonderbolt tenure to this.

·      But Fluttershy points out clouds also bring the rain, and without it, how will anything grow?

·      Two hugs Chrysalis so she doesn't do anything stupid.

·      It backfires when Shiny wants a hug.

·      MM wants to know what being a ghostbuster means, and it turns out to mostly be listening to crazy kids.

·      The CMC make it through the waves of monsters, even if Vekir refuses to fire a shot because she's saving her bullets, and stumble across... a tickle-me-sweetie belle doll?

·      AB is just done.

·      Chrysalis uses a placebo 'mind control' to help the Crystal Pegasi fly in formation, gets a kiss from Shiny.

·      AJ finds Dash walking through the halls, and her heart breaks when she tries to give the news. But, strangely, Dash isn't at all bothered. If anything, she's... cocky?

·      It turns out, she's got a plan.

·      Yes, it is crazy.

·      Yes, AJ is totally onboard.

·      And yes, so is everyone else.

·      13 and SN can't find Chitty, because changeling.

·      Daw ismad they didn't get to fight the golem.

·      Actarius has to drag his boss back. 88 makes fun of him.

·      Twilight makes a new beer. Because.

·      At last, Sunset has had enough of Chitania's failing, and demands she show her what it is she's trying to do, despite Chitania's insistence that she knows what she is doing, magic is just hard for her.

·      When asked why she won't just reveal it, Chitania admits that, thanks to Sunset's body having changeling magic, she is worried that Sunset will merely do the procedure she plans herself, and the the Queen will not get what she agreed to give.


·      Sunset loses her mind, furious that Chitania would do that, that she would hold back just because she thought Sunset would backstab her. In a breakdown, she claims she would give, or do, anything Chitania wanted if it meant she could just be alive again, as that's all she cares about. If she can do that, she'll do whatever Chitania wants, regardless if it's her directly that does it.

·      Reluctantly, Chitania shows her the Queen's Power she is trying to use.

·      When finished, Sunset is taken aback by how easy it is, to which Chitania bitterly points out that magic has always been very difficult for her, a concept Sunset-a prodigy-struggles to grasp. Chitania reveals that she knows a great many other Queen's abilities, but can't use any of them despite training to do so. When asked if they will go to waste, Chitania laments that she was going to pass them on to her daughter, so she could be what Chitty could not.

·      But that doesn't matter anymore. Afterwards, both reflect on how they left behind other worlds, and cannot go back to them anymore. Chitty with the life she had with the Queens, and Sunset's human world.

·      Still, Sunset points out the technique will not be enough, to which Chitania replies that 'the power of Necrophorus is only the beginning'.

·      Resolved, Sunset acknowledges there's no going back now.

·      Zecora and 29 think about how everything changed, and how they will have to help Mayor Mare adjust. Then they get high.

·      56 at last finds the rec room! Oh happy day, it's all over!

·      But, out of nowhere, he's suddenly hit with a newspaper in the head. Upon reading it, he finds the story of 29s clash with the Camel kidnapper and the subsequent injuries he sustained. But, to his horror, the newspaper has been clipped to not show what happened afterwards, only implying he was badly injured and moved to Ponyville for treatment.


·      All of a sudden, he is torn, no longer sure what to do. He doesn't want to give up and leave, but he has to know if his cousin is okay. He's sure 29 is fine, and knows he will be mad at him for quitting, but at the same time if he does need help, there's no changelings in ponyville to give him some love, he might need him.

·      He's ready to break down, knowing if he leaves the Nightguard captain will call him a quitter and he'll never get the training or get to spend time with moons. At the same time, he realizes just how much 29 did for him, and not just saving him back in the day. He finally understands just what he had to go through for him.

·      After a debate, he can't take it anymore, and runs off to go see his cousin.

·      After he is gone a voice in the shadows declare 'he has passed his first test'.

·      10 gets Trender out of the warehouse, but they are nearly attacked by robots.

·      BZZT!

·      They're not worried.

·      SA/Cadence/18 decide to go on another date night.

·      A ghost kid points out Trixie is doing nothing.

·      Two misses Pinchy

·      And finally, Dash, at last reveals her plan.

·      She calls an assembly and admits all her faults to Cantrerlot, and Equestria. Admits that it wasn't AJ's fault this happened, but that she herself couldn't handle it, and she didn't let AJ know. She cared more about the dream than if she could pull it off.

·      She finally admits she hasn't been the very best they deserve, and is stepping down.

·      ...buuuuuutttt..

·      Rather than leave it at that, she points out they deserve only the best, and nobody is sure who that is right now. So, they're going to prove it.

·      She declares that in one month's time, every single Wonderbolt, present and no longer a WB, get a chance to take the captains chair. She announces an event that will test all aspects of being a captain, and it's winner take all!

·      For one month, Lightning Dust is in charge. At the end, they'll be put to the test, and the real best captain will be chosen!

·      It's winner take all, and it is ON!




·      Lavan continues his chats with the various pets of Equestria, it gets weird.

·      42 may have a problem... she's addicted to teleporting!

·      Everyone confronts her on this, but she insists it's not an issue.

·      PJ hits Haymaker and finds out about the events in Puerto Burro

·      Celestia learns about Stalliongrad and she needs some rum cake to stall the headache

·      Twilight and Pommel confront Snake Eyes, but won't make a deal with him

·      Cadence teaches Two the wonders of a blender

·      Chrysalis finds Spike on the way to cheer up Applejack, and decides to mess with him a bit, noticing that despite them being in a relationship, things between the two are pretty bland.

·      On the way to Aj, Spike is stopped by 88, who decides she wants to be a detective! She needs AJ's permission, but Spike convinces her to wait until he's done first.

·      Gwen learns about the infamous 'bill' Aj signed, and loses her mind laughing.

·      29 meets with Luna again, who pretends not to know about the events abroad, and instead goes back to teaching. Teaching him to dodge, that is. He needs work.

·      Idris and Cheese talk, and he reveals he liked Partyland despite it almost killing him.

·      The Nightgard captain makes the other nightgaurds fold Wonton wrappers... because.

·      Dash starts to catch on to Pinkie's weirdness, and gets mindwiped for her troubles.

·      Shining realizes why everyone likes horror movies

·      Gwen and PD get drunk

·      Luna shows no mercy in Mahjong

·      007 has a chat with a bartender about the difference between animals and sapience

·      Then he goes home with the scientist lady, and the pair make an interesting discovery. A discovery who bring out flame claws and chainsaws.

·      Flash and Fizzle are back.

·      Idris's captain flees, and he doesn't seem to mind.

·      Trixie thinks Luna will be more interested in her now that she has ghostsight. She's not. She IS more interested in Zecora, though!


·      Chrysalis, SA and Cadence are bored, so they go set stuff on fire.

·      This ends badly for Shining

·      32 wants no part in the commotion outside.

·      Applebloom still doesn't care, even when a reality warping monster is outside the cafeteria

·      Lavan gets trapped with Angel Bunny

·      Jetset finds a morose Spike, and tells him that Spike might have to take over for him until he gets his teleporting back.


·      Sunset keeps thinking about what Chitania said, that there was chaos inside of her, and realizes why everything went so wrong. She vows to get Discord, whatever it takes, but is stopped from doing anything rash by Chitania, who forces her down so they can continue.

·      After Chitania explains the procedure, Sunset has an odd request for her. She asks that if something goes wrong, that Chitty not just hide the body and forget about it, even though it would be in her best interest and she has no reason not to hide her involvement.