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It's supposed to be as pink as Cadance's bony ass.

The Juggernaut was the most deadly, advanced piece of technology Equestria has seen up to this point. Based on an Imperial Juggernaut miniature from the in-universe Tabletop game Hyperspace Hyperwars and engineered by the then Science-crazy princess Twilight Sparkle this bi-pedal behemoth of a walking tank was meant to protect whoever piloted it at whatever cost.

Also, it's supposed to be pink. For historical correctness, if Sombra is to be believed.

Created in the wake of Spike being wounded by Prince Blueblood's assassination attempt on Princess Applejack, Twilight originally intended for the little dragon to ride it as a means of 'absolute protection'. After he insisted to recover in peace Twilight instead gave it to her older brother, Shining Armor, thus leaving it to his and the Crystal Empire's jurisdiction to use.

It rarely experienced use, except for its final battle. Shining Armor battled Chitania during the Titan's attack on Canterlot, sacrificing the Juggernaut by ramming her and setting the magical core to blow up right in her face. Neither it or any derivatives have been seen since.

Thank Faust for small blessings.

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"Behold! I call it the Fafnir. I was inspired by the Imperial Juggernauts of Hyperspace Hyper Wars! It's made from advanced, alchemically synthesized carbon weave and ceramic composites with a reactive armor overlay, self-evolving alloy core, and a arcano-dynamic deflection barrier! It has a grip strength powerful enough to crush diamonds, can move faster than Luna's butt in freefall, armed with rockets, high-caliber assault cannons, and a shoulder-mounted particle beam! Also comes with air-conditioning, genuine, Corinthian, heated, leather seating, AM/FM/XM radio, MP3/CD player, and ergonomic, lite-touch control scheme and intuitive systems interfacing."

-Twilight Sparkle, resident crazy scientist

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Trivia Edit

  • Its outward appearance seems to be based on the Warhammer 40k Space Marine Dreadnought.
  • Twilight originally dubbed it 'Fafnir', but that name never saw use beyond its original post.
  • Most of the description Twilight gave during it's unveiling turned out to be a bunch of nonsense gibberish that either was impossible, didn't work as intended or ran out of power randomly to keep the power scale in the story even. All bets were of against Queen Chitania, of course.
  • Its power source was simply explained as being a 'Magical Core'. It can be assumed that all it did was store a lot of magic in it.