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Alterjack's Vines: Magic plant constructs she placed around Applejack's office to keep anyone from getting in while she worked. They are magically patterned with apple-shaped interlocking hexagonal patterns.

  • Explosive Spores: In tandem with her vine constructs in Thread 175, Alterjack setup spores to disperse at a certain point of contact. The spores have a paralysis effect as unwillingly demonstrated by Rainbow Dash.
  • Rosebush Anti-Telekinesis Trap: When Twilight tries to use telekinesis to free Rainbow Dash, these spring up to stop her.
  • Ignition Trap: When Fluttershy attempts to use her chaos magic, something flashes in her eyes and blinds her. It's described as "ignition powered in the walls" that is designed to disrupt chaos magic usage by bliding the user, but I'm not sure exactly what it is. As in, whether it's fuel or a device that just lets off a bright flash. The context seems to lean towards the latter. Fluttershy mentions seeing 'colors' after being doused with it.
  • Descriptions:
    • Rarity: "Oh! Right! It's right there, there, there and oh that sneaky little minx, there! Simple hexagonal creation, interlocking with a slight gap between each connecting shape, I'd say a tenth of an inch?"
    • Twilight: "Aha! That must mean it's a latent triggering summon, akin to a spellbook that's meant to go off when it's opened and curse it's owner. Very clever, and no doubt she wove in simple seeds into the plaster to hide them until they attack."
    • Applejack: "And it's all apple shaped!"
    • Twilight: "Oh no! No no no! Ignition powered in the walls!? How could we have been so blind to miss that! We should have known she would've had a counter to a chaos user!"

Giantizing Magic: Chitania's special ability. Allows her to get bigger.

  • "A bunch of others can if I tell them how. It’s apparently super fucking easy since it took that bitch just learning about it to know how to do it perfectly. I’m pretty sure that Chrysalis could do it too in half a second if I just told her how." - Chitania, Thread 257

Gems, Stones, Minerals, and Materials Edit

Hemp: Lyra makes a pair of pants out of this in Thread 175. Changeling 77 tells her it's illegal for some reason.

Chemicals Edit

Mustard Gas: Golden Harvest accidentally makes this by mixing ammonia and bleach in Thread 175.

Weapons Edit

Charity: Spike's magic gun. Made by Rarity

  • Long-range Two-Way Communication: Those that know its magical frequency can contact Spike. A hidden symbol activated by a press of his thumb allows the communication line to be opened up. It's attuned to make a sound specifically in response to the magic of Rarity, Twilight, and Applejack.

Machines Edit

Peacetrotters: Robots.

Partybot: A robot created by Diamond Tiara and Pinkie Pie. This iteration of the Partybot line had something which Pinkie pointed out as looking like a penis attached. Diamond Tiara vehemently insists it's not and that it's there as a ballast/stabilizer. A ballast that can vibrate. Appears in Thread 256. It is mentioned again in Thread 258 as now being the Adult Partybot since Diamond Tiara wouldn't let its "front tail" be removed.

Partybot Five Thousand:: Another robot created by Diamond Tiara. She brags to Spike about how impotent he is in comparison to it and that he'll never make anyone as happy as it can. He just asks her why she built it, which leaves her at a loss for words for a moment before angrily blaming AJ56 for some reason. Appears in Thread 257.

Partybot Two Thousand: A robot created by Diamond Tiara and Pinkie Pie to do party stuff. It knows how to jiggle, but when commanded to do so, it goes into an existential crisis. Pinkie Pie blames that on the fact that it was given night-vision goggles. That flaw is eventually ironed out and it later jiggles without problem. Appears in Thread 258.

Stiltmaster: A device created by Sunset and 13. Makes the user slightly taller than Chitania. Appears OOCO in Thread 257

Drink-serving-bot: A robot created by Diamond Tiara and Pinkie Pie. It's built for stability and just serves drinks. It also knows how to jiggle. First appears in Thread 260.

Items Edit

  • Potsticker's Mirror: A mirror apparently used to contact Potsticker. It's activated after sayin "Mourning Star" three times and results in a flashy entrance for the mare.
    • Descriptions:
      • The mirror exploded into a sea of glittering shards that never quite reached Jetset’s face, flash-freezing in the air like hovering crystals. And then the fragments began spinning, faster and faster, circling Jetset as if to shield him from view. An ominous yellow eye opened up in every single shard and they froze, fixating on Jetset who stared back, his gaze shifting from shard to shard.
      • He watched as the pieces then slammed themselves back into the frame they had burst from, each shard fitting perfectly into place to form a single, dilated pupil. It blinked—only to reveal a hoof slowly pushing itself through the surface.
      • Rooted to the spot, Jetset watched in silence as an entire pony crawled out of the mirror before him, their hooves touching down with a hollow clop and their wings unfurling in a grand flourish.
  • Thermal Stockings: Recently created by Rarity in Thread 174. She mentions wanting to pass them out to all of the homeless ponies after the party is over. Twilight stopped her from making the stockings full-body because they were overly designed and 'unstable'.
  • Inspiration Manifestation: A magical artifact made of stone and shaped like a book that is capable of bringing the ideas of its user to life. It was originally located in the Castle of the Two Sisters. As of Thread 260 it has been revealed that Foaling wrote it and penned a Volume 2 version.
  • Celestia's Rubber Ducky: A rubber ducky that seems able to cause random explosions when Celestia calls upon it, but it might have more to do with Pinkie Pie and Diamond Tiara's shenanigans. Appears in Thread 257.

Drinks Edit

  • A list of drinks mentioned in a description in Thread 175: *From a distance, she could make out gin, whiskey, mead, vodka, Zap Apple Cider Special, wine, beer ale, Ouzo, Tequila..*
  • THUNDERCOLT ® Energy Drink: A brand of drink Luna sponsors in dreams. Mentioned in Thread 173.
  • Spiders Bite: A cocktail drink served at the Titan's Lounge. Mentioned by Chitania in Thread 174.
  • Moonshine: In Thread 175, Changeling 77 tels Berry Punch that Princess Luna legalized it.

Food Edit

  • Twizzlers: In Thread 175 Blueblood and Potatojack were tied up in iron strong twizzlers.

Games Edit

  • Hyperspace Hyperwars: A futuristic board game played by several characters.
    • Notable Objects: Bolter rounds, Hoofstrike pattern boltgun, Termarenator Armor, Slurgenoids
  • Monopony

References Edit

  • Flacore (FLACOOOOOORRRRE!): Probably a reference to Falcor of The Neverending Story. Yelled by Changeling 13 and Sunset Shimmer in Thread 175, the latter asks how the former knows that reference.
  • Boarat = Borat
  • Cloperella = Cinderella
  • Fawkes = Guy Fawkes
  • Handydog: A reference to the Handyman creatures from Bioshock Infinite.
  • Stellar Battles: A series that serves as a reference to Star Wars.
  • Locations
    • Mareiana Trench => Marianas Trench
    • Applewood => Hollywood
  • Songs
    • Smile Bomb (a theme song for the "Yu Yu Hakusho" anime) is mentioned by Pinkie Pie.

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