"But how else am I supposed to fight someone I can't realistically beat?"

Hardworking and hard on himself as ever, Spike's resume in these stories runs an even longer list than the canon show. He cooks, cleans, helps with paperwork, makes deliveries, runs the A-team and is defacto leader of the Gunclub, trains with 77, 42, and Pinkie Pie, has taken up smithing to compensate for the lose of Twilight as a provider of arms for the A-team, runs DnD games, assists Twilight in her lab, and there's at least a few more and he always wants to do even more.

Despite these incredible accomplishments for his incredibly young age, Spike is quite hard on himself for still being unable to win a match or decisively resolve major crisis, despite the reassurances of friends (though they help stave off his angst for awhile).


  • Spike's primary gun, Charity, is based on the Smith & Wesson 500 revolver, but has been modified considerably.
  • Spike's second gun (though rarely used), is Crackerjack I, based on the Ion Laser from Bioshock 2's Minerva's Den DLC. This version though uses powercells from Blueblood's robot army and seems far more effective at destroying machines (and possibly heavy armor) than organics. It is also out of power and Twilight has declined modifying
  • Spike's third and secondary gun, Crackerjack II, was given to him by Big Macintosh and is a Russian TP-82, a type of shotgun used by Soviet Cosmonauts for survival after landing in the Russian wilderness
  • He's been through a lot over the course of the threads, want to hear it summed up in rap form? Now you can!