Shining And Two

No matter what species there is, there's always one universal constant. Dads are the best.

Shining Armor
is the spouse of Princess Cadence and thus a Prince.  He held the former position of Captain of the Canterot Royal Guard.  The guard has gained considerable skill since (read:  because of) his departure.  At one point a sad sack contemplating suicide, he has since built confidence by being beaten senseless by Applejack 42, a family by adopting Applejack 2, and a circle of friends by welcoming Chrysalis, Celestia, and other such royalty into his life.

His face holds rare earth magnets capable of attracting all vomit in a five mile radius.

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His wife and enternal love of his life, he remains totally devoted to her despite some unintended neglectful tendancies on her part. She's not always the most attentive, or the most helpful in running the Empire, but he has enough love in his heart for her to overpower Celestia herself, and that will likely never change.


His Little Sister Best Friend Forever through and through. She was firecely protective of him during his more neglected days, and he returns the feeling in kind. He'd do anything for his little sister, even if she is driving him crazy.


Back in his guard days, the pair were the very best of friends, sharing little notes of encouragment and always being there for each other when they were down. But with the seperation caused by his moving to the Crystal Empire, coupled with the immense stress and neglect they were both feeling, a rift formed between them. Their relationship became almost hostile, with his side bitter that she would not allow him to become an Alicorn and finding enjoyment in his pain, and her side hurt that he would cut off their once strong friendship and try to use their relationship like that while showing up her own Kingdom with his rising star of an Empire. For a while, they were nearly enemies. Since then, they've come to understand one another once again, and are back to being the closest of friends. She often joins with him and Chrysalis in some hairbrained scheme to blow off stress, to his reluctanct acceptance.

Applejack 2:Edit

When she stumbled into his life, she was simply a changeling on a mission to find a wayward soldier. But through a strange twist of fate, she came to enjoy his company, and wanted to spend more time with him. Desperate for attention, he relented. Slowly, he chipped away at the false persona she had thrown up around herself in order to survive being in the more rambunctious and hostile Hive, and underneath discovered a wide eyed innocent who needed someone to look out for her. That someone, he decided, was himself. Soon, she had joined his family as his newly adopted daughter, and the pair have never been happier. At least until she has to go back to Kindergarten, in which case he needs a minute to stop crying.

AJ 18Edit

She had been sent over to his home with one goal, seduce him to gain enough love to strike back against Canterlot. Needless to say, as devoted as he was to Cadence, this was never going to work. Still, on a whim one day she decided to help with the paperwork, and since then he has gained an invaluble ally in the never ending tide of insanity that is his out of date and insane Empire. He might not want her in the way she wants, but he'd never trade her for the world.

AJ 42Edit

The solider that made his life hell for a while. Between her destruction of his most treasured possessions, her constant humiliation of him every time he tried to challenge her to a fight, and her not so hidden desire to help her Queen conqure hsi Empire, the pair hated each other as much as could be. But with a simple show of faith on Shining Armor's part, their feelings snowballed out of control. Now, they are trusted friends who has the other's back no matter what dangers may come, be they robot armies or giant balls of marshmallow, and she has risen to unofficially be the head of his army. Does he know about her deep crush on him? Surely not! She hides it so well.


Likely the sole reason he decided to finally kick it into gear and start leading his Empire, her more hostile and seemingly petty nature hid a desire for him to see that he was neglecting his duties, and that was not going to fly with her. While calling them best friends would be a stretch, the two are likley the most sane of their respective lands, and can always count on the other to help out when things go down.

Queen ChrysalisEdit

Their relationship is, to put it mildly, an odd one. At the start, she was every bit as uncaring, if not outright spiteful, towards him. She had no love in her heart for that stallion, and she was more than happy to make this known as she cheered on 42 while the Changeling beat him over and over. But in a random act of desperation to keep Equestria ahead of the Crystal Empire economically, Celestia asked the Queen to head down to the crystal land and, essentially, annoy him. Having nothing better to do, she accepted. She messed up his paperwork, she made it hard for him to sleep, she did everything in her power to make his life a pain. But it didn't quite end there. Event after event, story after story, the two gradually began to understand one another. The horrible monster Shining Armor thought he knew surprised him in ways he never expected, and now, the two could easily be called friends. Likewise, what Chrysalis was sure she knew about him was broken away, and now she is none-too-subtle about her desire to relive those wild nights from before the wedding. He is the only one she has ever come to trust, and he does his very best to earn that trust, even if it means denying his sister all of the weird, but useless, Changeling powers she so loves to tell him. They've faced a lot of problems together, from a robot invasion to a giant Changeling Queen, and it's not looking like they're going to come to a close anytime soon. Truthfully, they wouldn't have it any other way.

Trivia Edit

  • Hey, want to hear his experiences and relationships summed up in rap form? Guess what? We've got that covered!
  • One of the first running gags was that Shining Armor would use a plushie with red hair to fool his wife. She never noticed until she had a 'who do I shoot!?' moment. Fortunately, she picked the right one.

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