Quicksilver Sash and Steam Gauge are two stallions who are part of the guard since shortly after the Changeling Invasion, having been drafted after the shortage in the Day Guard became apparent to Princess Applejack.

They are a comedic due with wildly differing personalities who, despite the odds, stick together.

Quicksilver Sash Edit

He is the very effeminate half of the pair. Not smart, but not dumb, he can lack common sense at times, and tends to be quite motivated when his mind is set. As somepony who goes through the effort of putting on eyeliner, make-up, polishing his hooves, taking care of his mane and generally having a very feminine build, he is often confused for a mare. He enjoy compliments but is insecure enough about his metrosexuality that any comments about his good lucks are responded to with insistence of him being a stallion and him supposedly not enjoying the attention.

These are blatant lies, of course, but he isn't vain or prissy enough to bask in it.

Basic look:
Quicksilver Sash
Leaf-green coat. Baby-blue eyes. Tangerine mane. Cutie mark is a pencil drawing a musical note onto a piece of paper. Unicorn.

Steam Gauge Edit

Being the manlier half of the pair, Steam Gauge is what you would envision your typical neighbourhood bro to be like. He's ambitious, athletic, and rather smart. He enjoys sports, drinking, and generally, is the brash, loud and direct counterpart to Quicksilver Sash. He likes to tease the other stallion for his girly looks, but respects his image and isn't ashamed about taking advantage of the other's need for affirmation.

Such as having one hell of a blast by making Quicksilver wear a maid costume and serve him. His sexuality is in question by a number of the guard.

Basic look:

Golden-brown coat. Jade-green eyes. Russet-brown mane. Cutie mark is a track circuit. Earth Pony.

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