"Fun fact, I get smarter when I drink coffee. More fun fact, even if I was braindead I'd be better than you."

The Queen of the Changelings, and current ruler of the last Changeling hive standing. She returned to Canterlot and hoped to find an easy target in Fluttershy, planning to take her out and resume the conquest. Things... did not go according to plan, due in part to a certain reality warper who was having none of that. Soundly defeated, she was locked up in the ballroom in Canterlot Castle.

But Applejack showed her mercy, and her hive was spared. They currently reside in that very same ballroom, while she spends her time over in the Crystal Empire with her once foe but current unwanted reciever of her affection, Shining Armor. She's made friends since her arrival, but it's possible her plans are merely on hold...

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