I know what you're thinking, but no, it is not the bug horse on the right, it's the other shape changing disguised creature.

A tiny crystal Golem that once was the experimental result of King Sombra, but now hangs around with her new keeper, 32.


At the startEdit

A long time ago, Sombra dabbled in creating crystal monsters. One of his first results was this little number, later named Q. After destroying the bigger ones, Sombra granted the tiny one to Applejack 2 to keep as a pet. Feeling that the imprisoned changeling 32 needed some company, she asked Q to stay with him, and there it has remained.


Q assisted in fighting the plushies as they attacked the castle.


Back with 32 after running for her life, returned by the very irate Queen Chrysalis in a rare act of mercy.



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