Prince Siegfried is the irresponsible, youngest son of Gryphonia's royal family. He loves to party, he enjoys the leisurely life and mingling with commoners. His methods may seem unorthodox and until recently, was the least likely contender to the throne due to his habit to sleep around a lot. Among them a zebra prostitute from Manehatten, whom he vehemently denies having any relations with.

He has some hidden talents in subterfuge and knows how to be deceitful. His trick is being so amicable and nonthreatening, few suspect he means ill. In a way, he is able to laugh off any kind of suspicions about him. He seems to be really close to his Father Idris, whom he calls "Papa", but not really with his mother Gwen.

He has exhibited a fairly advanced grasp of a swashbuckling fighting style.

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