Poindexter, full name Poindexter Myron Gizmo, is a male Earth pony. He has an off-white coat, dark brown mane and tail, blue eyes, and a cutie markof a robot.

He is shown to be one of Shining Armor's friends during their time at Canterlot Academy, along with 8-bit and Gaffer. He is referred to as "Poindexter" in the story, and appears with brown eyes. He and his friends help Shining Armor win the heart of Princess Cadance by putting on an elaborate musical display at the Fall Formal parade and dressing up like a mare to distract Buck Withers during the championship polo game.

Part of the group with 8-Bit and Gaffer, he has managed to stay amicable the longest with Shining Armor, while the other two started to dislike him more and more over time for his success. He has shown a romantic interest in The Maneiac and is starting to act on his feelings as of late, to the chagrin of Queen Chrysalis.

Under various threats of physical harm she has forbidden him to 'change' or 'corrupt' her with his base urges. He, in turn feels Maneiac is being sheltered and will never know the world unless somepony shows it to her. Sadly, Shining Armor disagrees on this notion and, in a recent development, has probably lost his last male friend due to him trying to appease both him and Chrysalis.