This is what she looks like when she interviews ponies in their dreams... nobody questions it.

The Premier Party Pony of the world over! This Ponka-tastic party animal has expanded quite a bit since her Ponyville days. Always happy for a party, sure! But more than that she's invested in all sorts of other Entertainment ventures, such as the massive floating, yes, floating amusement part, Partyland!

... That one didn't go so well.

But never one to stay down, she kept going and now has her own Party Pony Productions, dedicated to bringing media based fun and joy to the citizens of Equestria and the world over! Will her budding empire bloom into a magical party unlike any other? Only one way to find out!

Main StoryEdit


Late Night Pinkie PieEdit

Along the way, she got her very own Non-Canon side story, with hundreds of stories within it! Late at night, while everyone is asleep, she pulls them in from her dreams and interviews friends, family and foes! There's big laughs, fights and even arcs, yes, arcs in this, because Pinkie doesn't do this halfway!

Just because everyone's asleep, doesn't mean she has to quit! The party never stops with Pinkie Pie!

Check out the visual novel test, hopefully the start of something bigger to come!