(Work in progress) Will pretty up later

ummm... The Equestria Heartland (Equestria basically)... uh... Blasted Lands, The Moon, Gryff Empire, Partyland area... I haven't really kept track for all of Pommel Anons stuff... oh and I think that place S-Anon mentioned with the Diamond dogs.

Like yeah, Frozen North (which is apparently a country, they had a rep for that diplomatic summit thing back in the Chitania arc), Crystal Empire, and possibly the Northernmost reaches of Stalliongrad and Gryphon Kingdoms, depending on how the geography works out.


want to show gryphons clinging to life on Aeryie -that bigass mountain 

Idris said was their species' birthplace- praying to their gods for deliverance.

Pommel Anon here Ones I've mentioned: >Marebbean (specifically Barkbados, Tortoiga, Puerto Caballo, and some unnamed Colonies) >The Dromeday Sultanate (Camel Slaver Empire) >Shetland (Scotland) >Hackney (Shitty England Stand-In) >Mexicolt

Ones I remember from elsewhere: >Neighgeria >Neighpon >Chineigh >Germaneigh/Germaney >Rhinopolis

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