Equestria Edit

A country populated mostly by three pony races: Pegasus, Unicorn and Normal Type Pony.

Canterlot Edit

The capital of Equestria and where its monarchy congregates.

  • Culture: Home to a generally snooty and upper-class populace. Mostly composed of unicorns.
  • Laws: ???

Ponyville Edit

A rural town run by Mayor Mare (or her assistants). Some time after Mayor Mare's term was put up for re-election, the Mayor-ship was eventually given to Cloudchaser.

  • Culture: ???
  • Laws: ???

Hoofington Edit

A city that was built up under the guidance of Sunset Shimmer and Chitania. By making use of mind-controlled mafia goons for funds and muscle, as well as offering undesirables from different species a legitimate new lease on life with various infrastructure jobs, Sunset Shimmer and Co. built this city up under the banner of a company called EVO. As such, Hoofington is composed of various creatures, from ponies to dragons and griffons. Following a surprise attack by the A-Team on Sunset Shimmer and Co., Hoofington was destroyed under orders of Spike by Pennydrop glassing the city with Fawntaine weaponry.

Harmony City Edit

Introduced in Thread 244 by Applejack. Following the destruction of Hoofington and the battle against a piece of God, the leaders of various Equestrian nations are arguing over what to do with the refugees of Hoofington. The refugees plead their case and ask to be allowed to rebuild their home where Hoofington once stood. Following Applejack's lead with her support of this, the leaders of the Griffons, Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs, Saddle Arabians, Yaks, Morlocks, Dragons, and [whoever else was there] pledge their support to send supplies and rebuild the city as the newly dubbed Harmony City.

As of now the city is basically open-borders.

Notable ThingsEdit

  • ???

Griffon Lands Edit

A country populated mostly by different breeds of Griffons (or Gryphons if you want to be fancy).

Griffonstone Edit

A pretty rundown kingdom that used to be prosperous under the rule of King Grover. The griffons there used to be a greedy bunch that hoarded bits, but King Grover united them with an object called the Idol of Boreas. Under the rule of its fourteenth King, Guto, the Idol was lost after an Arimaspi stole it and fell from a cliff, resulting in the loss of Griffon morale and the eventual degradation the kingdom.

  • Culture: Most of the griffons there are pennypinchers and generally grumpy.
  • Laws: Singing is banned.

Locations from a Holdover Conversation Edit

Frozen North (which is apparently a country, they had a rep for that diplomatic summit thing back in the Chitania arc)

Crystal Empire,


Gryphon Kingdoms

Aeryie (a giant mountain that Idris said was the brithplace of the griffons ad where the griffons prayed to their gods for deliverance)

Marebbean (specifically Barkbados, Tortoiga, Puerto Caballo, and some unnamed Colonies)

The Dromeday Sultanate (Camel Slaver Empire)

Shetland (Scotland)

Hackney (Shitty England Stand-In)