One of Shining Armor's friends at Canterlot Academy. His cutie mark is an 8-sided die and he has a two-color coat. He, in conjunction with 8-Bit and Poindexter, helped Shining Armor hook up with Cadance. They have grown apart over time, only occasionally meeting to play their Pen&Paper roleplay game called 'Oubliettes&Ogres', a play on the popular 'Dungeons&Dragons'.

Over time, he and 8-Bit has come to dislike his far more successful friend Shining Armor, who married, has adopted a child and become the Emperor of the Crystal Empire after being the Captain of Celestia's Royal Guard for a long time. His self-loathing and his inability to understand why Shining has become so successful in life while he basically remained the same he was all these years ago has lead to a venomous hatred of his former friend.