Fizzle the juvenile dragon was basically the butt of every joke among his circle of friends and often accused of being gay.

One day Garble's gang, which happened to included Fizzle, decided to start trouble in Canterlot in they wake of Chitania's attack. For this purpose they somehow convinced an elder dragon to assist them. Spike came onto the scene and kicked the elder dragon as ass with ease thanks to his weapon, Charity. Witnessing this, Fizzle decided he wanted to possess a gun of his own – which was later based off the one Charles Bronson uses in the movie Death Wish – then signed up for the experimental infusions under Fawntine Industries and was assigned to work with then cyberized Flash Sentry. The two snuck into Partyland and basically became part of the group that fought off the unnamed Chaos at the climax of the Partyland arc.


Fizzle is a bit on the gaunt side, his scales dull and sickly white, and he may be developing other deformities due to the unhealthy Infusion administrated to him by Fawntaine Industries. In other words: Prototype meets BioShock Splicer.


He is intended as a shadow archetype to Spike, who seeks power to help others. Meanwhile, Fizzle wants power for his own gain and to take control over his life.

Equipment Edit

Fizzle posesses an 8-inch .475 Wildey Magnum