Here is a list of characters of the Princess Applejack posts.

Main characters Edit

Antagonists Edit

Royal Guards Edit

Griffons Edit

  • Gilda: Ex-Friend of Rainbow Dash and initially introduced as appointed by the Queen of the Griffons to serve as a liaison between Griffons and Ponies. Has a gruff personality and likes to call people dweebs. First mentioned in Thread 2
  • Clawthroat: A General of the Griffon Kingdom. Sometimes plays Hyperspace Hyperwars with Shining Armor using a Slurgenoid army. First mentioned in Thread 2.

Side Characters Edit

  • Raven: A bespectacled, unicorn mare that serves as Princess Celestia's secretary. First mentioned in Thread 2.
    • Suggested that Applejack should let the Changelings be delegated to different caregivers and inhabit the Crystal Empire to foster inter-species relationships. Turned out to be Chrysalis in disguise, with the real Raven being tied upT2.

  • Flash Sentry: A pegasus stallion, Ex-Royal Guard of Canterlot that occasionally served as a guard in the Crystal Empire. Was turned into a cyborg by Twilight and has since been working against Equestria under various employers. First mentioned in Thread 3.
    • Jokingly mentioned by Shining Armor as a choice for Captain of the Crystal Empire GuardT3.

  • Cheerilee: A Earth pony mare and Everyone's favorite Ponyville teacher. Even demons love her. First mentioned in Thread 3.
    • Applejack meets her for the first time following her ascension and discovers that Cheerilee is, disturbingly, haunted by hallucinations(?) of demons.T3.

Others Edit

  • Moose Lee: First mentioned in Thread 2.
  • Aunt Orange and Uncle Orange: Relatives of Applejack. High society earth ponies.