Here is a list of characters of the Princess Applejack posts.

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Griffons Edit

  • Gilda: Ex-Friend of Rainbow Dash and initially introduced as appointed by the Queen of the Griffons to serve as a liaison between Griffons and Ponies. Has a gruff personality and likes to call people dweebs. First mentioned in Thread 2
  • Clawthroat: A General of the Griffon Kingdom. Sometimes plays Hyperspace Hyperwars with Shining Armor using a Slurgenoid army. First mentioned in Thread 2.

Crystal Couriers (Love Scouts) Edit

Formed during Thread 225. These hapless ponies were forced by Cadence (in a fit of madness) to join her as Scouts of Love that would spread PLATONIC love and calm throughout the Crystal Empire after the sudden destruction of the moon. The group is composed of several "Captains" that are named after planets and (presumably) an unspecified amount of grunts,. The Captains wear masks and they all wear pink outfits. Cadence is the leader and goes by the name Princess Mi Amore Cadenza de Venus.

  • Sunburst: A bespectacled, unicorn male that helped deliver Flurry Heart, giving him an in to be her babysitter of sorts. As a Crystal Courier, his corresponding planet is Earth and, as opposed to his fellow Captains, he officially operates as the Royal Scribe and the only change to his outfit is that he wears a mask. He's bad at casting magic, but good at formulating spells. Bit of a nerd. Was mentored in alchemy by a pegasus named Tiempo.
  • Tiempo: A cloak and top hat wearing pegasus male that was dragged into helping deliver Flurry Heart. As a Crystal Courier, his corresponding planet is Mars and his wings are supposedly constricted from moving properly due to Cadence changing his cloak's material(?). An alchemist that moonlights as a magician. Speaks Spanish and is a bit of a lech. Apparently mentored Sunburst some time ago.
  • Neptune: A crystal pegasus male guard that dragged several ponies into the Crystal Castle in hopes of finding someone who could deliver Flurry Heart, one of these ponies being Sunburst. His real name is unknown at this point. He appears to be enthusiastic about the Crystal Couriers as a franchise since he leads talks about rebranding and potential toylines. Seems like a smart guy.
  • Jupiter: A crystal male unicorn that spends most of his screen time being drunk. His real name is unknown at this point. He's pretty jovial and is surprisingly competent when playing the guitar while drunk. Not so much at singing. Neptune seems to know him if only because he's a drunkard.
  • Saturn: A crystal(?) male pony of unmentioned race. His real name is unknown at this point. Described as a pretty boy. Seems to be a smooth talker.
  • Uranus: A crystal(?) male pegasus. His real name is unknown at this point. Seems to be a bit of a rough, but well-meaning guy. Spitfire designated him as a forward scout to check out what was happening in Hoofington.
  • Pluto: A crystal(?) male pony of unmentioned race. His real name is unknown at this point. Runs an ice cream stand and seems to know Neptune. A bit of a grouch.

Alongside the Couriers exists a group called the Stars. And the Moons. The former are dressed a bit more risque than the Couriers, while the latter are dressed cutely.

  • AJ42 (Star Fighter): She tries to talk Cadence out her madness, but gets put into her magical outfit along with Spitfire and AJ18. She doesn't mind very much and kinda likes the outfits as well Cadence giving her attention and calling her Star Fighter.
  • AJ18 (Star Healer): She gets dragged along for the ride.
  • Spitfire (Star Maker): Yeah, she doesn't get the name either and Cadence doesn't bother explaining it. She seems to be good at making paper-start cut-outs, though, so there's that. She wasn't keen on the outfits at first, but learned that trying to remove them without magic was impossible.
  • AJ-Two (Moon): After waking from a nightmare with Flurry, she takes the newborn to Cadence in hopes that she can calm Flurry down. Thinking it irresponsible to leave her children behind, she magics them up in outfits and makes them Moon and Mini-Moon before bringing them along. Two's hair is done up in twin-ponytails.
  • Flurry Heart (Mini-Moon): Her hair was done up in a pink wig similar to the hairstyle of Chibi-Usagi. She was not pleased by the sight when she saw her reflection, but completely forgot it when she looked away.

General Side Characters Edit

  • Raven: A bespectacled, unicorn mare that serves as Princess Celestia's secretary. First mentioned in Thread 2.
    • Suggested that Applejack should let the Changelings be delegated to different caregivers and inhabit the Crystal Empire to foster inter-species relationships. Turned out to be Chrysalis in disguise, with the real Raven being tied upT2.

  • Flash Sentry: A pegasus stallion, Ex-Royal Guard of Canterlot that occasionally served as a guard in the Crystal Empire. Was turned into a cyborg by Twilight and has since been working against Equestria under various employers. First mentioned in Thread 3.
    • Jokingly mentioned by Shining Armor as a choice for Captain of the Crystal Empire GuardT3.

  • Cheerilee: A Earth pony mare and Everyone's favorite Ponyville teacher. Even demons love her. First mentioned in Thread 3.
    • Applejack meets her for the first time following her ascension and discovers that Cheerilee is, disturbingly, haunted by hallucinations(?) of demons.T3.

Others Edit

  • Moose Lee: First mentioned in Thread 2.
  • Aunt Orange and Uncle Orange: Relatives of Applejack. High society earth ponies.