Don't cry no more, little soldier. Don't cry no more...

Changeling 77 is a changeling with a troubled past and a heart of gold.  After surviving the horrors of the tunnels below Canterlot, his dedication to the hive as a merciless warrior only intensified.  The only thing that gives him pause is the knowledge that if he dies in service to his Queen, he may never get to see his lovely Ms. Cheerilee again...

Unlike the others, was NOT present during the naming, so he does not have Applejack in his name. His name came from a suggestion by 88. Originally, he was going to go with 7 because it is a lucky number, but she suggested he double it up.


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The two are broken brothers. 77 desperately wants 32 to give up his anger and move on from the tragedy they shared in the tunnels, but 32 will accept none of that and wants Chrysalis to pay for her "crimes" of neglect and see the changeling race determine their own future. Not long after 32's second incarceration, he renounced 77 as his brother, hurting both massively.


77 and Cheerilee met during the Gala arc and quickly hit it off. The pair seem magnetically drawn to one another due to their shared understanding of the horrors which lurk within shadows and the mutual comfort they bring to their scarred psyches.

Diamond TiaraEdit

Diamond Tiara first met 77 when she was attempting to spy on the changelings to find a weakness. 77 then appeared in her hotel room and stayed with her till dawn enlightening her on the actual fragility of changelings, terrifying yet apparently fascinating her. The two have a strange (second) father-daughter relationship and 77 affectionately calls her "Poppet".


How he remained loyal to Chrysalis throughout it all, even the Queen herself could not say. But he remains, as stalwart a servant as he ever was, and still devoted to his hive. That said, his loyalty is not a one way street. For all her faults, the Queen does care about him, and honestly regret the things she accidentally put him through. She is as concerned with his safety as he is with his hives, to the point where when he considered returning to the caves, she told him quite forcefully and in no uncertain terms she would not allow it. They have an odd relationship, but with the exception of 42 there's probably nobody she feels more concerned about.


  • 77 has been mentioned as being based on shellshocked Vietnam veterans
  • 77's bone knife originally belonged to 88 who gave it to him before surrendering to her misery, before that 88 herself had taken it from the morlocks.