32 Clean

He puts on a clean face when he wants to look good...


But underneath it all, there's something else waiting.

Changeling 32 is one of the band of changelings sent beneath Canterlot to punish them for eating Chrysalis' cake.  Surviving for a time with the Morlocks who existed down there, he has since surfaced and is vehemently opposed to Chrysalis' rule.  After wasting away in the dungeons of Canterlot after attempted regicide, he eventually made it back out into the world and became a friend with 29, before said changeling ended dragging him into the dreams of dead crystal ponies.

It makes sense.


+Thread 257+ Edit

[1] "Zhetri thul! I have muchly questions!" Changeling 32's fine with answering them, but Rekulk says he's doing it wrong by acting calm and that he needs to act as if he's about to die. 32 asks why and Rekulk tells him because he "witnessed princess Sisslesstia do it many a time, it must be customary!" 32 points out that that's probably just her, but Rekulk insists and just thinks he did it wrong. Rekulk clears his throat and says the golden words "Ah've gotta question-" A distant gunshot is heard, so he figures he did it right.


Chrysalis - Not so bad.

77 - Friends again!

Pommel - Best Friend/Mourned Fallen/Best friend again!

29 - Surprisingly close.

Spike - Hate

Diamond Tiara - Hate

42 - Not so much hate.


High Roller - Annoyed by/Unwitting Victim of

Reggie - Pet/Friend

Q - Pet/Friend

Trivia Edit

  • Morlocks call him Zhetri tul.