Real names of "Glimmer" and a thus far unrevealed massively long name, the mismatched pair of Male changeling and Female bat-pony and newest proud parents of what may be the first ever changeling born to consenting parents, they now have to deal with the normal struggles of parenthood and the added problems associated with the species gap.

Story Edit

At the start Edit

What was supposed to just be a random date setup only in order to further Chrysalis's plan of getting a certain 'bill' passed ended up with some very unintended consequences.

During said date, the pair of male changeling and female bat-pony decided to just skip the formalities, 'get what they actually came here for' and just leave. That that was supposed to be the end of it.

But during the Gala arc, it was revealed that she had taken a little something more away from their meeting. She was pregnant. After a bit of a freakout and a brawl breaking out, they decided they were going to raise the kid together.

It's been a nightmare, and a dream, ever since.

Currently Edit

Little Babyling has entered into the world! And he is driving her poor dad insane with worry.

Trivia Edit

  • They, along with Actarius, were the only ones of the members of four dates to spin out of that side thing.
  • Dadling, along with 29 and 77, are hinted at knowing 56's real backstory.